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Title: The Story

The Story
by Charon

Rated: PG-13

Fandom: The A-Team and Battlestar Galactica
Style: Slash
Pairing: Face/Murdock and mention of Starbuck/Apollo
Disclaimer: Not mine, no one is, and if they were, they'd take off in disgust. And I'm sooooo not making any money off this piece of flotsam, which is probably a good thing, as anyone who paid me would want their money back, doubled!
Plot Summary: Face Tells Murdock A Story
Warnings: Slash, but no sex except for a kiss, some language, and a badly written story.
Author's notes: I am one of those people who are of the very FIRM opinion that Battlestar Galactica: 1980 was a horrible, unwarranted delusion, and have written it as such. There are a couple of things that I have put in from my own mind, such as the Slash relationship between Starbuck and Apollo, and the DNA thing. Other than that, I've kept as close to the BSG show as possible.




Murdock watched out the window of the compound as Face lay in the grass of the back lawn and looked up at the stars. Face never said anything to the others, but it was more and more clear, to Murdock at any rate, that something was wrong, and he sighed.

Hannibal had told him to let things go, to let Face be, but Murdock knew that a contemplative Face was often one who brooded, and when Face brooded, he had a tendency to lose track of things. Murdock didn't want to lose Face to whatever was in his mind, or whatever he saw in the stars, and he knew that if anyone could pull whatever was bothering Face out of him, then he could. He steeled himself for rejection, and slowly opened the glass doors, quietly walked over to Face, and looked silently up at the stars as well.

"Contemplating the mysteries of the Universe?" He finally asked, and Face sighed, then looked up at his friend.

"I'm going to be forty yarns old, Murdock..." Face began, and Murdock raised an eyebrow.

"Yarns?" He asked, and Face sighed, then shook his head.

"Y-a-h-r-n-s." He spelled. "Not y-a-r-n-s, but forget I said that. I meant years. I'm going to be forty years old, Murdock. Or as near forty as anyone can tell... here at least." He closed his eyes and swallowed, then briefly looked at Murdock, then looked away. "Murdock, I've got a question for you." He suddenly said, and Murdock raised his eyebrow.

"Shoot, buddy." He answered.

"This may sound crazy..." He forewarned, and Murdock grinned.

"Look who you're talking to, Face. Nothing short of you saying you're an alien from Outer Space would sound crazy."

"Oh." Face blinked, rolled onto his side, then looked at his friend contemplatively for a minute. "Okay, fair enough, I suppose, but after you answer my question, would you allow me to tell you a story?"

"Uh... sure, Face." Murdock knew that it was definitely the WEIRDEST conversation he'd ever had with Face, but at least his best friend had finally opened up to him... more or less.

A moment later, Face spoke again, and Murdock, who'd thought life held absolutely NO more shocks for him, suddenly realized he was wrong. "If I went after a man, what would you think?"

"Went after a man, Face?" Murdock's voice cracked at the end, but he was proud that he was able to keep it steady for as long as he had. "Went after him... how?"

"As a Life Partner. As in 'I'd want to spend the rest of my life in his life and in his bed'."

"A... are you saying... uh... you've suddenly turned gay, there, Face?" Murdock was distinctly uncomfortable, but he was the one who had started the conversation... after all, Hannibal HAD said to let Face be, and he cleared his throat as Face turned looked once more up at the stars.

"Not suddenly, no." Face sighed. "Besides, being gay implies that one doesn't like sex with the opposite gender, and that's not true at all." He half-smiled. "But, what I am saying is that I've found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I know for a fact that the thought of being with another male isn't going to put him off, because I know that he's been with other men."

"Uh..." Murdock swallowed, and wondered WHO Face was talking about, because it sure as hell couldn't have been him... could it? He'd been so careful... he'd thought. But then, Face knew a lot of things about people that he never told, or let on that he knew. He tilted his head and gazed down at the very handsome man who lay in the grass, and quirked his lips. Face couldn't possibly have meant him. After all, why would someone who looked like Face, and could have had anyone he wanted, go for him anyway. Not that he'd never entertained the idea of sleeping with Face. A rush of lust passed through him as he pictured Face and him in a wanton lover's clinch, their bodies entwined and sweaty, as their voices sounded their ecstasy. He inhaled, slowly, then exhaled as he forced the image down. He shook his head. For Face to have wanted something permanent, and from ANYONE was a shock in and of itself, but with a man? It was something that Murdock was going to HAVE to think about, and he knew there was no easy answer he could give Face.

"Do you want to hear the story, Murdock? Before you answer the question? I... I guess I did kind of blindside you with that." Face asked, and the pilot forced himself to look at the younger man as his mind was forced to suddenly shift gears.

"Uh... sure, Face. But, does the story have anything to do with the question?"

"A little bit. Sort of. But it'll also give you a chance to think about the answer a bit, give you a little breathing space to recover from the shock. It's also a science fiction story, Murdock, and I know how much you like those. It's also got two main characters... two men who are pilots as a matter of fact... pilots in a military of sorts even."

"Really?" Murdock was intrigued, despite himself.

"Yup. One man's name is Captain Apollo. He never really had a last name... people don't in this story. They just have first names. Anyway, he is the son of this other man, Commander Adama, who will be very important to this story in a few. Now, to give you an idea of what these men look like, well, Captain Apollo is slightly shorter than I am, Caucasian, with the softest mane of dark-brown hair you've ever seen, and is an amazing pilot... one of the best as a matter of fact. He isn't exactly muscular, kind of on the skinny side you could say, but he is VERY attractive. The other main character in this story is about my height and my coloring, though he wore his hair much longer than mine." Face smiled. "In fact, if I ever wore my hair this long, Hannibal would hold me down and shave my head himself."

"I think I've got the picture." Murdock told him. "What's the blond guy's name?"

"Lieutenant Starbuck."

"Like the coffee place?"

"It was his name LONG before that coffee chain came around." Face frowned, and Murdock knew that for some reason, he was sensitive to that issue.

"Okay. And whose son is he?"

"At this point in our story, he's no one's son. He's an orphan. His family was assumed to have been killed in an attack on his planet by the bad guys, more like the bad robots in our story, and they're called the Cylons."

"Cylons?" Murdock asked, and Face nodded.

"They are a race of... beings... you could say, who are more machine than anything organic, though they did start out organic. They hate Humans in all forms, and for millennia they had been trying to destroy all the Humans that existed on these twelve planets in this one solar system. The problem was, they were doing a really good job of it, though the Humans put up a REALLY good fight. However, there was this one human named Baltar who finally negotiated a peace treaty between the Humans and the Cylons. Everyone thought this was an amazing thing to do, and the entire alliance of the twelve planets were celebrating the unprecedented peace treaty. The military was told to stand down, and they were suddenly to welcome their enemies as if they were long lost friends."

"Sounds dangerous. Not to mention too good to be true." Murdock said quietly, and didn't mention the throb of pain in Face's voice, though he felt as if he had suddenly become one with the people who always found themselves in the Twilight Zone.

"That's what Commander Adama thought too. So, you see, he had a lot of his best Colonial Warriors, for that's what these pilots were called, stay aboard this massive space battleship, or Battlestar, called the Galactica, and they had to forego the celebrations. Although Starbuck, something of a decent Con-man and well-known gambler and womanizer, did manage to sneak away to ask this one woman, Athena, Adama's daughter, to marry him." Face sighed, and Murdock looked confused.

"I thought you said he and Apollo were together."

"That comes later. Right now they're only best friends."

"Oh. Sorry."

"No problem. Anyway, to make a long story short, she realized Starbuck could never settle down, said no, and then all hell broke loose. The Peace Treaty turned out to be false, and every living Human Being was a sitting duck target. The Warriors all jumped to their ships, and defended the planets as best they could, but it did little more than buy the Humans time to regroup and get in whatever transport they could, and flee their planets. The millions of people on those twelve planets were reduced to mere thousands, and were all squashed together in something like 200 ships, that ranged everything from freighters to massive Luxury cruisers. The only Battlestar that was left, or so they'd thought at the time, was the Galactica, as Adama had disobeyed orders, and kept it back from the planets. In fact, there was a patrol that Starbuck was supposed to go on, but Apollo's little brother wanted to go on what would possibly be his last patrol as a Warrior, and Starbuck wanted to go party. You see, Starbuck was still young, and somewhat foolish, as well as being tired of fighting, so like most of the foolish people, he chose to believe the treaty was the real thing."

Face stopped talking, and swallowed, hard, and Murdock ached to put his hand on his friend's obviously suffering shoulders, though why Face should have cared what happened to people in a story was beyond the pilot, but it was a discrepancy he wasn't going to mention. "And then what happened?" He asked after a couple of minutes had passed, and Face sighed.

"Zac was killed, and because of that, we had foreknowledge of the Cylon's treachery."

"We?" Murdock couldn't help but ask, and Face turned away.

"I've had a long time to think about this story, Murdock. I've placed myself in the Starbuck role for obvious reasons."

"I see." Was all Murdock said, and Face was silent. "So, Zac was killed. That couldn't have made Adama, Apollo, or Athena very happy with Starbuck." He commented, and Face sighed.

"They didn't blame him. In fact, Apollo was out on patrol with his brother, and Zac's ship was disabled, so he had no choice but to leave him out there. You see, Apollo had to come back and warn Adama and the others about the treachery."

"But, then, how did you..." Murdock almost choked, as he realized what he'd said, and cleared his throat. "I mean. How did Adama and his people escape? Where could they go? Especially if the Cylons were so powerful."

"They fled. They had no choice." Face shrugged. "There was nothing left for them any more. The Cylons completely decimated each and every one of the planets. Everyone thought they were just going to run forever, to hide in space, always just a step ahead of the Cylons. Everyone thought that way, except for Commander Adama." Face smiled, and Murdock could call it nothing less than a smile of adoration, if not pride. "You see, Commander Adama was something of an unorthodox military man. He was VERY well read, and VERY smart." He smiled sadly. "Kind of like Hannibal, in an old-fashioned way. You see, as closely as their civilization resembled this one, there were some fundamental differences, like they were polytheistic, and rather mystical in their beliefs. Well, that was Commander Adama in a nutshell. He had actually read all the old fables, all the old myths, and all the old religious rhetoric... only he called it all 'History', and believed in almost every word. He told everyone in what amounted to little more than a rag tag fleet of Human refugees, of this group of Humans that, thousands of years before, had gone off on their own and founded this other planet. A 'thirteenth' planet, he said it was called, but he wasn't sure where it was, only what it was called. Anyway, he said that he had an idea of where it might be located from the readings he'd done, and that we..." Face cleared his throat. "They... the people, were heading for it. He figured that the people of the 'Lost' planet could help them fight against the Cylons."

"And did they ever find it?" Murdock couldn't help but ask, and Face smiled, though sadly.

"There were a LOT of problems, complications, and other adventures, not the least of which was that Starbuck and Apollo, though they had started as best friends, after Apollo's wife was killed, they became lovers and were eventually Sealed."


"Married." Face supplied, and Murdock looked surprised.

"Same sex marriages were legal?"

"Remember, Murdock, you're talking about a People who could travel through space as easily as one can walk across the street, here. On most of the planets, same sex things were as normal as anything else. In fact, on a couple of the planets, if you didn't go with the same sex, then that meant you were sexual deviants in THAT manner. The Capricans, who were from the most powerful planet in the alliance, called Caprica, and where Adama and most of the others were from, had no problems with it." Face rolled his eyes. "But, there WERE some people from a couple of the other planets, who had major objections, and they were pretty powerful, so they threw a fit and got the Council of the Twelve involved, and it was a big mess for a while."

"Council of the Twelve?"

"The Ruling Council for the Planetary Alliance." Face grimaced and then snorted derisively. "They were the most useless bunch of over-rated, over-fed, over-inflated windbags you've ever seen in your life. Good grief were they stupid." He shook his head. "They were the ones who got the people into the mess they were in, in the first place, and though they didn't know anything about the military, they thought they did, and wouldn't listen to anyone else. They were at constant odds with Adama, and fought him on almost every decision he made. They hardly ever listened to him or the Colonial Warriors, even though THEY were the ones who were putting their lives on the line every moment of almost any given day."

"That seems to be a Universal Law about Politicians." Murdock smirked, then blinked as he tilted his head. "But you said that Starbuck and Apollo were Sealed?" The grin that lit Face's aspect was almost humbling in its joy, and Murdock said nothing else as he didn't want it to go away, and he fought to remember that it WAS only a story.

"Yeah. They did. And it wasn't exactly the media circus it'd promised to be, because by then, it was more than clear to everyone that most of the people didn't really care. You see, there were a hell of a lot more important things to worry about... like feeding, clothing, and having enough water to give to the people, and, of course, had to deal with the frequent attacks by the Cylons and Baltar, who had sworn to hunt down and kill Adama and any and all people left."

"I see." Murdock nodded again. "But you never answered my question. Did they ever find the thirteenth planet?"

"Well, there were a couple of things that happened that you need to know about before I can answer that." Face's voice hitched in his throat, and Murdock finally put his arm around Face' shoulder. To say he was VERY surprised when Face leaned INTO his offered comfort, was an understatement, but as he had often wondered what holding Face in a way that was more romantic than necessary, was like, he didn't let go, nor did he tense, as he didn't want Face to pull away.

"What things?" He asked.

"Well, Starbuck got into this fight with a Cylon Raider, and his Colonial Viper crashed on this planet, but he managed to take the Raider with him. The planet was totally devoid of any people or any thing, and so he wouldn't go nuts, believe it or not, he rebuilt the Cylon..."

"What!?" Murdock's eyes went wide, and Face grinned.

"Well, he did make it so it would take care of him, and after he built the Cylon, he tried to rebuild his Viper." Face shook his head, and exhaled slowly. "But then, the strangest thing happened though. A woman came out of nowhere..."

A woman comes out of nowhere on a deserted planet?" Murdock was startled, and Face nodded.

"I told you it was strange. But the strangeness doesn't end there. Not only did she come out of nowhere, it turned out that she was pregnant. With Starbuck's help, she had the baby, and it was shortly after that, Starbuck found out that there were more Cylons on the way to the planet, in search of the one that crashed. To save her and the baby, Starbuck placed them in what had been his escape vehicle, and they took off."

"Leaving Starbuck stranded? He sacrificed himself to save them?" Murdock's mouth fell open, and his heart leapt into his throat as his stomach clenched into knots at the huge sacrifice the man had made, and Face nodded.

"Yeah. But meanwhile, Starbuck, who had always had this mega lucky streak, had somehow he'd made the Cylon he'd rebuilt his friend. So, when the other Cylons came to look for him, as they went to kill Starbuck, the other Cylon saved his life, but lost his."

"Wow." It wasn't the greatest response, but it was the only one Murdock could think of, and then he swallowed. "So... did Starbuck ever get back to the Galactica?"

"Yes, he did. But, you see, he'd actually been injured when he'd crashed on the planet, and though he thought that yahrns... years, I mean, had passed, before he was rescued, it was only a few hours, and that all that had happened, including the fact that an odd genius child had helped Adama lead the Galactica, and find the thirteenth planet, had all been a fever-induced, delirious hallucination" He shook his head and grinned ruefully. "You can only BEGIN to imagine his relief at that fact when he woke up. You can also only begin to imagine the kind of reunion he had with Apollo." Face leaned his head on Murdock's shoulder and gripped the other man's hand tightly as he squeezed his eyes closed. His voice choked off, and trembled as he cleared his throat. "But even luck as strong as Starbuck's had to run out sometime, Murdock, and Apollo was killed."

"Oh man, Face, I'm so sorry." Murdock whispered, and brushed his hand over Face's cheek, and was so caught up in the story he didn't bother to take back his affectionate gestures.

"It took a long while, but Starbuck eventually recovered from the loss, but he swore he'd never love another man as long as he lived. He continued on as the womanizer he was. However, during all this, the doctors on the Galactica had experimented with DNA cloning."

"And they cloned Apollo and he and Starbuck lived happily ever after?" Murdock wished with all his heart that had actually happened and Face sighed, then looked up at him, and his smile was soft.

"That's got to be one of the reasons I really like you, Murdock. You've got a never-ending source of optimism. But no, they couldn't clone Apollo because there wasn't anything left of him TO clone. Once a Cylon disintegrates you, you stay disintegrated. However, Starbuck's DNA, on the other hand, WAS cloneable, and as he was one of the best pilots they had, needless to say, they asked for some of his DNA to clone him."

"What did he say?" Murdock's eyes widened, and Face smiled.

"He agreed. But you see, cloning on the Galactica was a very difficult process, and all they could clone was the DNA. In order to grow a new Starbuck, they needed to implant the DNA into a woman, and then impregnate her. The minute the sperm of the other man met the egg, and created a fetus, Starbuck's DNA would bond with that, cancel out the fetus' DNA, and the result of that bonding would create a new person... a new Starbuck in that case. So, they placed the DNA into a woman, readied her to be impregnated, but then had to stop the project, and rather suddenly at that."


"They found the thirteenth planet."

"They did!? That's wonderful!" Murdock grinned, and Face sighed. "That's not wonderful?" Murdock asked, and Face shook his head.

"There was a problem that no one had considered."

"What was that?" Murdock asked, and Face nodded.

"The planet wasn't like they thought it was going to be, AT ALL. It was backward, it was young, and the humans on it weren't exactly prepared for alien 'visitors' so to speak. When the Galactica tried to send representatives to it, they were shot down, killed outright, or held as prisoners and experimented on by the governments they'd tried to engage help from. And I tell you, it was a MAJOR disappointment to the people who had searched so long and hard to find the planet."

"I can imagine it would be." Murdock told him. "So, what did they do?"

"There wasn't a whole lot they could do. If they didn't want a repeat of the twelve planets decimation, they knew they had to move on. However, they also knew that if they merely left, then the Cylons would know there were other Humans around, and they'd massacre them all just for the sport. So, what Colonel Tigh..."


"Sorry, Colonel Tigh was Adama's second-in-command. When Adama died, he took over..."

"If Adama was so important to everybody, why didn't they just clone him?" Murdock asked, confused.

"Remember, I said he was Old Fashioned, and he thought that playing one of the gods was completely wrong. He didn't care if others decided it was what they wanted, but it wasn't right for him, and the people closest to him respected him for that. I tell you, Murdock, Adama was from one of the oldest, most powerful families ON Caprica, and yet, he'd accepted Starbuck, a nameless orphan, into his family and had allowed him to be Sealed to his son, the male heir to the family. He begged Starbuck not to let them take his DNA and force him to be 'reborn'. It was the hardest thing Starbuck had ever done, but he protected the man like he HADN'T been able to protect either of his sons, and both he and Athena were with him right up to the moment he died. Together, they were able to give him the respect he wanted, AND were able to get his body to the disintegrator before that stupid Council could do a thing about it." A long sigh left Face, and he shifted against Murdock's side.

"And what about this Colonel Tigh? What did he do to save the backward planet?"

"Well, with some inside knowledge that Starbuck and a man named Cree had derived from being reluctant 'guests' at one time or another aboard a Cylon Basestar, they were able to penetrate the Basestar that belonged to Baltar, destroy it, kill him, and through several skewed communiques supposedly from the Cylons, convinced the main Cylon fleet that they hadn't found the planet, nor had they found any other Humans. Then they all moved on with no one and nothing the wiser."

"The Cylons moved on, or the other Humans moved on?" Murdock asked, confused.

"The latter. But when the other humans moved on, so did the Cylons."

"And what happened to Starbuck?"

"The original moved on with the fleet."

"The original?" Murdock's voice was hushed, and he was almost literally on the edge of his seat.

"Remember the woman that had been given Starbuck's DNA to sort of hold onto until she was impregnated?" Murdock nodded, and Face continued. "Well, there was an idea among some of the people that if they settled on the new planet, they could get positions of power and bring the new planet into the technological age that the other planets had enjoyed, so they could all fight the Cylons. So the woman, along with hundreds of other people, snuck off the Refugee ships and landed on the planet, then scattered to the four winds. With their superior and extremely advanced technical knowledge, the planet's codes and other things were so simple, and even backward, it was mere toddler's play to fix their places into the various societies and get lost among the billions of other inhabitants."

"Wow." Murdock stared in open fascination at Face's aspect. "So, what happened to that plan?"

"As far as I know, it would still be going on. However..." Face smiled. "For some, I don't think it worked out QUITE the way they'd planned it to."

"Ah. And the Starbuck clone? What happened to him?"

"Well, the woman was impregnated by one of her people, the DNA was given a host, the man married the woman, and then abandoned both her and the baby... way too strangely, exactly like Starbuck's real father had done. He came back after a while as a fully entrenched Terran, claimed the clone as his son, then died. What he'd also done was left a diary in which he'd included a special code that when the clone read it, Starbuck's original memories would be unlocked from the DNA code. And before you tell me that's impossible, remember that these people were VERY advanced, and that it was mere child's play for them to encode and decode DNA... which even our own scientists haven't been able to do yet."

Murdock was silent for a moment and let his mind work over what he'd just heard. Face was as still as a rock, and barely breathed as he thought.

Murdock knew that whatever he said at that moment would decide if they had any kind of a future at all, as he realized who it was that Face wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He looked down at the slightly pale aspect that gazed steadfastly up at the stars, and smiled. Suddenly, he realized that he DID want a future with the man he held against him, and he knew that there was only one way he could ensure it.

So, if he had to suspend his disbelief, and believe in desperate Humans searching for a home through Space being pursued by a mass of homicidal robots, and that Face was a PRODUCT of that desperation, then that was JUST what he'd do. After all, as Luigi Mario had said in the Super Mario Brothers movie, 'Nothing is impossible. Improbable and Unlikely, but NOT Impossible.'

"So." Murdock's voice was quiet. "Now that he knows who he is, the Starbuck clone keeps watching the sky and waiting for his people to come back?" He hugged Face more tightly against him and stroked the man's hair. "I'm not sure I like that story."

"Too unbelievable?" Face asked, and Murdock shook his head.

"No. It's not that at all. Besides, if there's anyone in this world who can believe in the fantastic, it's me. I just feel really badly for the clone. I feel very sad for him, actually. I mean, now that he knows who he is, he must be very sad without his people. He must be very lonely as a matter of fact."

"He is, Murdock." Face's answer was almost a sob, and Murdock tilted Face's head up, and he looked into the man's eyes, as Face swallowed. "But, what about my question of earlier, Murdock? Do you have an answer for me?"

"Well, actually, I've got a question for you, first."

"Yes?" Face's blue eyes widened, and fear filled every rigid muscle in his body.

"Well, this other guy, the one in the story. That Captain Apollo. You say he had dark hair, was one of the best pilots in the military, and was kind of skinny. Well, he sounds like someone I know."

"Does he?" Face asked as he reached up and ran a hand through Murdock's thinning hair.

"Yeah. And because of that, I've got to ask if this person wants to spend the rest of his life with the still hypothetical man because of who the man IS, or because of the person he reminds the first person OF?"

Face sighed. "I'm afraid I actually understood that. And the answer to that is, because of who he is, of course. But now, you have to answer one more question." He swallowed and looked down at the ground, then pulled out of Murdock's embrace and wrapped his arms around his chest as if he were cold. "Do you think the other man would want to even begin to entertain the idea of a permanent kind of relationship with the person IF the original man WASN'T the original, but in a Con-man sort of way, a mere copy of someone else, and who doesn't REALLY know who he is, and never really has, but who wants to find out?"

"If I were the person such a special kind of man wanted, then I'd have to say yes, I'd at least entertain the idea."

"Then, Murdock, did you ever think of loving me? I mean, as a Lover. Not just as a brother-in-arms or as a best friend?" Face finally dropped the pretense, and asked the question straight out.

"I've thought of sleeping with you, but never loving you. I mean, heck, Face, I never thought you could ever love ME. And not just because of your blatant heterosexuality." The pilot answered honestly, and Face nodded.

"I see." Face nodded, then smiled sadly. "But, Murdock, even if you don't love me, and though I personally have never slept with a man, I know how. I know that I could please you."

"And I you. But would that be enough for you, Face?"

"It always has been so far." Face shrugged. "And after what you know about me from past experience, I suppose I can't really expect anything more."

Murdock shook his head as he realized that it wouldn't be enough for him. "I don't want just that, Face. If we're going to go into a relationship, then I want it to head somewhere."

"Me too, but I can wait, Murdock. I've got the patience for it to happen, but if it never does, that's okay too. I... I guess I just don't want to have to be alone any more." He smiled softly and laid his head in Murdock's lap. Murdock looked up at the stars as he slowly stroked his fingers through the silk that was Face's hair, and smiled.

Life sure took some funny turns when one wasn't looking, and if there was anyone at all who could adjust to sudden, and weird changes, it was Murdock.

"Face, that's the one thing I can guarantee. You won't ever be alone again." He said quietly, and looked down, then promptly drowned in the ocean blue eyes that reflected the starlight, as well as himself, and he sighed as he realized that he was already more than half-way in love with the man. "However, there's a couple of conditions I'd like to attach to this relationship thing..." He smiled, as Face's eyes lowered, and once again, fear made him go rigid in Murdock's lap. Murdock slowly stroked the blond bangs and realized that he had a LOT of work to do to make Face believe that he could, indeed, love him the way he so obviously needed to be loved.


"First, I want you to kiss me, right here and right now, and then you have to promise me you'll tell me more stories about Apollo, Starbuck, and the Galactica."

A huge grin lit Face's aspect, and he sat up until his mouth was level with Murdock's, and for the first time since they'd started talking, Face's voice was strong and confident... much more like himself. "Are you sure about that, Murdock? I mean, I have to warn you. I've got a lifetime of their stories in my head... and I've got a lifetime of kisses too." Murdock grinned back, and bent over the man that was to be his lover, then stopped as their lips were only a fraction of an inch apart.

"Good." He whispered. "'Cause I'll hold you to that." He moved forward, and pressed his lips gently against Face's, even as a shooting star flew across the sky as if it blessed them, and Face smiled, then surrendered himself completely to the man he loved without question.




The Story by Charon



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