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Free Room and Board

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rating: PG

Summary: Murdock gets a look at Face's latest borrowed accommodation.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, I don't make any money from this.


Free Room and Board

"Wow," Murdock said, as he walked into Face's current apartment. "Just wow."


"Wipe your feet," Face told him. "In fact, take your shoes off."


"A white carpet is just stupid." But Murdock took off his shoes and his socks for good measure. His feet sank deep into the thick pile of the carpet. "I feel like a flea walking around on a long haired dog!"


What a place. The white carpet was dotted with pink rugs. Pictures in gold frames of startling ostentation hung on the pink walls. Chandeliers dripping with crystal hung from the ceiling. A huge white concert grand piano stood in front of floor to ceiling windows with pink gauzy drapes.


Murdock stared at the piano for a while, then walked over to a spindly-legged table, that held a white telephone, with gilt detailing.  He picked up the phone, said, "What? Okay, I'll tell him," He turned to Face. "It's Liberace calling. He wants his décor back."


"I'll admit, it's a little over the top."


Murdock hung up the phone and sprawled onto one of the pink leather sofas. "Ya think?"


"It belongs to a fashion designer. He's in Milan for two weeks."


"How can someone be a designer and have no taste whatsoever?" Murdock asked, flicking a cigarette lighter made of gold, cast in a square chunk of white marble. He put it back down on the coffee table, also white marble. "How can you stand it?"


"Because it's free, it's got a refrigerator the size of a bank vault, and Murdock… it has a hot tub. It has a hot tub that has to be seen to be believed."


Murdock grinned. His hat flew across the room. His jacket ended up draped around a statue of an athletic young man who'd mislaid his clothes. A second later his T-shirt hit the floor.


"Last one in's a rotten egg."



Free Room And Board by Junkfoodmonkey



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