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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Face has something special in mind for Hannibal

Warning: Graphic M/M consensual sex

Note 1: Inspired in part by the writings of Jullian Gray. My thanks for her suggestions.

Note 2: Shave-tail: Army slang for a newly-commissioned lieutenant.

Note 3: My first graphic slash. Please be gentle. <g>

Disclaimer: As much as I’d like to claim Hannibal and Face, they are, in fact, the creations of Stephen J. Cannell



Templeton Smith let himself into the empty house. His husband, John, had been away on business for nearly three weeks, and was due home that night.

He gasped slightly as his shirt grazed the tender spots on his chest, and he hugged himself until the intensity of it faded. He’d received the wounds shortly after John had left, but had taken care not to mention them during their nightly phone conversations. Besides, they didn’t really hurt anymore unless he accidentally bumped them too hard.

He busied himself unpacking the groceries he’d brought in, and began his dinner preparations. John had often teased him about his lack of culinary skills, but he’d been practicing, and tonight he was pulling out all the stops: his husband’s favorite meal and dessert, plus wines to complement each course. John would be so proud of him!

He had finished cleaning up the kitchen and was checking to see if he’d missed anything when the phone rang. He paused to count the rings: there were only three. Templeton smiled; it was their own private code, simple but effective. In this instance, it meant that John had arrived safely at the airport in Los Angeles and would shortly be on his way home.

Templeton knew he had just enough time to get cleaned up himself. He showered quickly, being very careful as he washed his chest. After he dried himself off, he dressed in a loose, white silk pirate shirt and the tight black leather pants he’d purchased for a case some years before. He checked his appearance in the full-length mirror, then headed back to the kitchen to put the final touches on the meal.

He’d just put the small chateaubriand in the oven when he heard a car pulling into the driveway. Apprehensively, he went to the living room, turning on the stereo at a low volume and adjusting the lights to give a soft glow. As he stood in the shadows, he could hear the car doors slam, the garage door close, and footsteps approaching the front door. He was on tenterhooks by the time he heard John’s key in the lock.

He held his breath as the door opened to reveal the man he’d loved since Viet Nam.

John Smith sighed as he carried his suitcases into the house. He was tired and achy from the long flight, and so glad to be home. Shutting the door, he looked around the darkened living room, a puzzled frown on his face.

Tem…?’ he called softly, alert for danger. Even now, there were past enemies to consider.

Welcome home, Hannibal!’ The soft voice accompanied the vision that stepped into the light.

Hannibal took in the sight, then crossed the room quickly, sweeping his lover into his arms. He heard the smaller man gasp, but put it down to the fierce, possessive kiss they were sharing.

When the kiss finally ended, Hannibal held the breathless young man at arm’s length, his eyes drinking in his lover’s beauty, set off so well by the sexy outfit he was wearing.

Damn, kid! you’re at sight for sore eyes!,’ he murmured as he stroked the honey-blonde hair.

So’re you, Colonel,’ Face responded dreamily. ‘But,’ he added, suddenly businesslike, ‘dinner’s in the oven, so you’ve got just enough time to take a quick shower before it’s ready.’

I can think of something I’d rather eat instead,’ Hannibal said, a smile playing across his lips as he dodged a good-natured swat, ‘but I take it I’m going to have to take a rain-check.’

Too right,’ Face told him cheekily. ‘Now get going, Colonel!’


Dinner had been an unqualified success. Hannibal had complimented Face on his budding gastronomic abilities, causing the young man to flush with happiness. Now, with the table cleared and the dishwasher humming, they retired to the living room to enjoy a quiet evening in each other’s company.

Hannibal was lounging on the couch, enjoying a cigar, when Face approached with a snifter of brandy for him. They shared a deep, lingering kiss before the younger man took his usual place on the couch, his head on his lover’s lap, enjoying the feel of Hannibal’s fingers in his hair. Soft music from the stereo flowed around them.

There was a long-standing agreement between them that business trips were never discussed on the first night home, so they spent the time in companionable silence as Hannibal savored both the brandy and his young husband’s presence. He brushed his fingers across the young man’s cheek, then traced the strong jaw. As he caressed his lover’s mouth, he felt the soft lips part, capturing his finger in the warm mouth and sucking on it briefly before letting it slip out again. Hannibal moaned softly at the twitch in his groin.

Setting the snifter on the coffee table and the cigar in the ashtray, he contemplated the young man lying next to him.

The angelic face and slim, muscular body had captivated him from the moment he had first laid eyes on the teen-aged shave-tail. Fate had brought them together, forging an unbreakable bond in the crucible called war. Even when their own government had turned against their Team, they had fought to keep their dream of a life together. Now, the running was over, and there was only one thing that could separate them.

He absently stroked the young man’s chest, and was startled by a sharp intake of breath.

Tem…?’ he asked sharply, a lifetime of concern contained in that one syllable. ‘Are you all right, kid?’

I’m fine, Hannibal. I’ve never felt better.’

Hannibal raised an eyebrow doubtfully. ‘You wouldn’t be lying to me now, would you, Lieutenant?’ He was all too aware of Face’s penchant for downplaying serious injuries, even when his life was at stake.

No, Colonel; I’m not lying,’ Face answered, smiling. Hannibal looked deeply into the blue-grey eyes, and was reassured by the frank openness of the younger man’s gaze. The warmth of his smile was genuine, not the ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth’ smile of the con artist.

Okay, kid,’ he whispered, relaxing. ‘I just wanted to be sure. You mean the world to me, Tem.’

And you to me,’ Face murmured in return.

Hannibal shifted so that he could kiss Face, his tongue forcing its way past the younger man’s lips to take possession of his mouth. At the same time, he slid his hand down to caress the young blonde‘s genitals through the butter-soft leather. Face moaned deeply and arched his hips against the touch. It crossed Hannibal’s mind that his lover was more than usually aroused, until he remembered the forced celibacy of the past few weeks.

H-Hannibal…please!’ Face whimpered desperately, ‘I need you! Oh, God! I need you!’ Swiftly, Hannibal gathered the young man into his arms and carried him to the bedroom.

Pulling the bedclothes aside, he laid Face on the bed. He stripped off, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor, before climbing onto the bed and kneeling to the younger man’s left. He would take his time unwrapping his lover’s body, something he always enjoyed.

He leaned forward, cupping his lover’s face in his hand and placing a gentle kiss on the soft lips before letting his hands trail down his throat, out past his shoulders, then down his sides, coming to rest on his hips. He pressed a kiss on his lieutenant’s stomach as he caressed the firm buttocks, ending by stroking the insides of his thighs, all the while studiously avoiding the bulge that strained to escape the confining leather. Finally, he grasped the slim hips and bent to place a sensuous kiss on his lover’s sex.

Face gasped and bucked, writhing beneath the sweet torture. He felt Hannibal’s hand go to the waistband of his pants, unhooking them, then drawing the zipper down ever so slowly.

Please, John!‘ Face begged, almost screaming in frustration.

Easy, baby…easy…’ Hannibal murmured as he drew both pants and underwear down his lover’s long legs, then tossed them with his own discarded clothing. His eyes widened when he saw Face’s erection; he’d never seen his lover so hard. No wonder he was whimpering!

He couldn’t stand to see Face suffering at the best of times, and he knew the kid was in agony now. Quickly, he bent and took the younger man’s penis in his mouth. He felt Face’s hands grip his hair tightly as he arched his hips, driving himself deep into the older man’s throat. In a matter of minutes Face was crying out for release, causing the colonel to increase his ministrations of his lover’s body.

H-Hannibal-l-l-l!’ he moaned as the suction on his penis drove him over the edge. His orgasm exploded in Hannibal’s mouth, and the colonel swallowed it all before letting the flaccid organ slip from between his lips.

Hannibal looked up, his gaze raking Face’s body, and he saw that he was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, the silk shirt clinging to his torso. Reaching up, he brushed the sweat-dampened hair from his eyes before giving him a gentle kiss. Moving back to sit on his heels, he looked into the blue-grey eyes.

You okay, kid?’ he asked gently. Face nodded. ‘You’re sure?’

Um-hmmm,’ came the contented whisper. Then he grinned wickedly. ‘Your turn, Colonel…’

You bet your sweet ass, Lieutenant!’ Hannibal grinned back. Taking the bottle of lubricant from the night-stand, he carefully prepared both of them for the loving assault to follow.

Kneeling between his husband’s legs, he pulled the younger man onto his thighs until his own erection met his lover’s anus. He pressed gently, but insistently, until he felt himself slide into his lieutenant’s body. With a few gentle thrusts, he was buried to the hilt. He took a deep breath, reveling in the sweet intimacy.

Hannibal couldn’t wait any longer; he had to see the rest of his husband’s body. Gently pulling Face into a sitting position, he carefully peeled off the damp silk shirt and tossed it aside before easing him back down.

It was only then that he noticed a glint of metal where there shouldn’t have been any. He stared long and hard at the steel rings that pierced Face’s nipples.

Face felt Hannibal’s body stiffen in anger, and heard his worried snarl.

Who did this to you, Tem?! Tell me, baby!’

Hannibal saw the fear that sprang into his lover’s eyes, and the way he caught his lower lip between his teeth.

Face reached up and gently touched the silver-white hair of the man he loved so much.

N-no one did this to me, John,’ he whispered gently. ‘I did this for you…for us…because I belong to you…and only you…body and soul.

You always said that you love the way my body responds to your touch. I only wanted to enhance the experience…for both of us…’ He looked away sadly, fearing he had disappointed the only person who had ever truly loved him. ‘I…I can always…take them out…if you don’t like it,’ he whispered.

Hannibal placed a gentle hand under Face’s cheek and turned his head to meet his gaze. Seeing his lover’s tear-bright eyes, he relented. He’d always been overprotective where his lieutenant was concerned.

Well, let’s just say that I reserve judgment, okay?’ He shook his head in amazement. ‘You put yourself through that kind of pain for me?’ he asked as he slowly circled one nipple with his finger.

Face grinned up at him, relieved. ‘Hey,’ he said, ‘compared to some things I’ve been through, this was a piece of cake!’ He smiled shyly. ‘Please, Hannibal,’ he murmured, giving assent to his lover’s unspoken question.

Hannibal gathered Face into his arms. He took a nipple into this mouth, circling and flicking the ring with his tongue. Face’s reaction was instantaneous, arching helplessly against Hannibal as the electric sensation coursed through his body, a shuddering gasp torn from his throat..

As his tongue teased the silver-ringed nipple, Hannibal wondered how gold ones would look against his lover’s tanned skin. The exotic thought made him begin to move in and out of the younger man’s body, alternately slow and fast, until he couldn’t control his desire anymore.

Somewhere on the edge of perception, he realized that Face was right. Ever since the lieutenant had learned to trust him, his lover had always been very responsive during their love-making, but now there was certain wildness to it that hadn’t been there before. And he found that he liked it.

He thrust hard one last time, shuddered, and emptied himself deep inside his lover’s body, a joyful sob escaping his lips. His orgasm was the most intense he’d ever experienced.

As their breathing eased, Hannibal moved to lie beside Face, pulling the younger man into the security of his embrace, then drew the sheets up to cover them both.

Love you, Hannibal,’ Face murmured dreamily, snuggling closer. His head was on the older man’s shoulder, and one arm across his chest, while Hannibal‘s right arm encircled his waist.

I love you, too, baby,’ Hannibal whispered in reply. He kissed the tousled hair. ‘Uh…Tem?’

Hmmmmm…?’ came the drowsy mumble.

Why didn’t you tell me?’

Face opened one eye to gaze up at his husband.

I wanted it to be a surprise.’

It certainly was that, kid!’ Hannibal chuckled. ‘It certainly was that!’


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