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By Charon


Rating: VERY NC-17

Disclaimer: They aren't mine. If they were, I probably wouldn't do this. No Copyright infringement intended.

Warnings: Mentions of Sexual kidnapping, Depravity, Allusions To Childhood Sexual Abuse, and GRAPHIC (I can't believe I'm Posting This) Descriptions of M/M Sexual Consensual (I think that's how it's spelled, gotta' get the dictionary. Yup, that's it) Relations.

Authors Notes: Face seems to be more babyish and insecure than he normally would and does in most of my stories, but please remember he's just come out of a totally traumatizing situation and is entering another.... kind of like the author. :-D

Summary: Uh . . .Bad Thing happens, Hannibal helps Face Deal and Learn Because Face Asks.




Hannibal sighed and looked at Face as he sat, huddled against

the back seat of the van, wearing only a pair of tight, black leather

pants, and Hannibal's coat. Stockwell had talked Face into going

into a mission by himself with other agents, who had completely

screwed their end of the deal and had allowed Face to be taken by the

serial killing bastards who haunted the gay bars and preyed only on

Government workers.


            Needless to say, when Hannibal and the other two had found

out about it, they were pissed. They were pissed at Stockwell for

shaming Face into taking the assignment, they were pissed at the

agents who had let Face be captured, and they were pissed at Face for

doing it, especially as they knew how deeply rooted his fear of being

used by men ran. Face had never said anything, but the others could

tell, by Face's reaction to being raped in the Vietcong prison camp,

that it hadn't been the first time that had happened, and considering

how young he was, they knew it had to have happened several times

when he was a child. However, Face had never spoken to them about it

directly, and there were no records on him other than the sketchy

orphanage records and the times he'd been in prison during the

military. All his juvenile records would have been searched and

destroyed when he'd turned twenty-one, but they had mysteriously

disappeared shortly before he'd joined the army.


            So, Hannibal, B.A., and Murdock had taken matters into their

own hands and shaken down whatever informer they could find until

they got what they needed, and had then raided the farm on the

outskirts of Washington. Each room they searched sickened them more

and more, and every time they ran across someone, they asked him for

information, then knocked him out whether he had some or not. They

finally found Face in an anteroom, drugged into immobility, strung up

on some kind of contraption that forced his hands apart, over his

head, and his legs apart, wearing only the leather pants. They'd put

a collar around Face's neck, and the two men that surrounded him were

taking turns yanking on it as their hands explored Face's body and

their mouth's his.


            When they had met those of the guys, Face's eyes had not only

radiated terror and shame, but also a gratitude and relief that was

humbling to a certain degree. No one said anything as they

dispatched the two men around Face, then Murdock and B.A. released

him form the restraints and he fell into Hannibal's hands. The

Colonel felt the icy coldness of Face's skin and took off his own

coat and, as one would have dressed a child and just as gently, put

it around Face.


            B.A. picked the paralyzed lieutenant up and cradled him as

Murdock tenderly tucked Face's hands into the sleeves of the jacket

so his arms wouldn't flop around as he was carried out of the

hellhole. The four men entered the van and Hannibal called Stockwell

to pick up the garbage as B.A. set Face in his accustomed seat and

made sure he wouldn't fall out. Without a word, B.A. pulled out of

the driveway and Hannibal glanced back at Face, then looked over at

B.A. "Find us a hotel for tonight. If I see Stockwell, I'm going to

kill him."


            "Stand in line." Murdock almost spit as he reached over and

lightly touched Face's hand, which had twitched, and they knew the

drug was wearing off.


            "Yeah." B.A. snarled, and turned off the highway.


            A small, hoarse, thready noise that sounded suspiciously like

a sob left Face. "I'm...sorry." He whispered and Hannibal turned.

He looked at the sunken eyes, the almost marble-like person, and saw

the minute tremors that shook the lieutenant, and knew the time was

wrong for lectures, as Face gasped another breath. "Screwed . . .



            "It wasn't your fault. It was the idiots with you. You did

what you were supposed to do, they didn't. They didn't do enough

preliminary work and were surprised by the number of people involved

in the deal. They were off chasing a decoy while you were bein'





            "So, you want to tell us why you took this assignment?"

Hannibal tried to keep his voice casual, but everyone knew it was

anything but.


            "Stockwell . . . showed pictures . . . of victims." Face

forced his frozen mouth to move. "Horrible." A visible tremor

passed through his body. "Keep . . . keep from happening to anyone

else." The other three glanced at one another. They really should

have known. Face's heart was always in the wrong place at the wrong

time, and a lot of the times, his head followed.


            "Are you all right? Do you need a doctor?" Hannibal hated to

ask the question, but it needed to be asked.


            "Phys . . . physically I'm okay. The drug is wearing off and

they . . . they didn't get a chance to do much more than . . . than

what you saw." Another tremor passed through his body and Murdock

gripped his arm. Face smiled appreciatively at him, though wanly,

then sighed, his voice exhausted. "They . . . they gambled for . . .

for me." His voice dropped and he looked away. "I . . . I heard

them. The . . . the two you saw won . . . won first d . . . dibs."


            "And mentally?" Murdock felt the pulse speed up under his



            "L . . . little shaky right now." Face admitted. "Need

shower. Long shower. Sleep. Forget . . ." His breath quickened and

he pulled away from Murdock and almost curled into a

ball. "Good . . . good at forgetting." He whispered at the others

and the others didn't know if he'd realized he'd spoken the last

words out loud. Silence reigned in the van and B.A. pulled up to a

hotel. Murdock, B.A., and Hannibal looked between one another, then

Hannibal sighed.


            "Make it two rooms tonight - Murdock and B.A. in one, I'll

keep the lieutenant with me in the other." Hannibal decided and the

other two nodded and Murdock and B.A. went to book the rooms as

Hannibal helped Face out of the van. Face stood, but leaned heavily

on Hannibal. The other two returned with the keys and with almost

reverently whispered 'goodnights', they went to their separate

rooms. B.A. and Murdock looked at Hannibal as he helped Face into

the room, and knew the Colonel was going to have a difficult night.


            Hannibal settled Face in a chair and then turned on the

shower. Face stiffly shrugged off the jacket, took the bag the

others had prepared for him, and without a word, stepped into the

bathroom. Hannibal took off his shoes and leaned back on the other

bed. Half of an hour later, he was almost asleep when Face stepped

out of the bathroom clean and clean shaven, his hair tousled from

only being towel-dried, and a small hotel towel wrapped around his

lean hips.


            "He's still so young." Hannibal thought as he cracked his

eyes and watched Face as he slowly walked over to the other bed.

However, he was taken completely by surprise as Face sat on the floor

between the beds, leaned his torso against Hannibal's bed, rested

his chin on his hands, then stared at Hannibal contemplatively.


            "Face?" Hannibal was uncomfortable under his friend's mute

scrutiny, sat up and frowned at the younger man's strange and

distinctly uncharacteristic actions.


            "If . . . if I tell you something, will you promise not to be

mad?" Face asked, his voice suddenly low and unsure. Hannibal

blinked, not certain he liked the weird turn things had taken.


            "I can't promise that." He finally said, and Face nodded.


            "Then, can you promise not to yell? At least not so they'll

hear you?" He indicated the wall that separated them from B.A. and

Murdock, and Hannibal sighed and steeled himself for whatever the

lieutenant was going to say.


            "I think I can promise that." Hannibal agreed, and Face

nervously plucked at the cheap, flowered bedspread.


            "I know something." Face swallowed, obviously nervous. "You

know I know a lot of things about people, right? A lot of things

about a lot of people. Things I shouldn't, but I do?" Hannibal

nodded, and Face swallowed. "I . . . I kind of lied about why . . .

why I took the assignment."


            "Oh?" Hannibal's voice was even and Face bit his lip,

obviously nervous.


            "I . . . I did take the assignment because of the pictures of

the victims, but . . . but that wasn't the only reason. I was

selfish. I . . . I wanted to save only one . . . one person."


            "What are you talking about, Lt.?" Hannibal could feel the

anger build below the surface, and Face looked away.


            "I know, Colonel." He whispered. "I . . . I know about you

and . . . and other guys. I . . . I've known for a long time."


            Hannibal's heart froze in his chest. "What are you talking

about, Lieutenant?" Hannibal again demanded and Face sighed.


            "I accidentally saw you once. You were with another guy.

Since then, I just know. You get a certain look . . ." Face's voice

wound down and he looked at his hands. "No one else knows. I

swear. I haven't told anyone - ever. Just you now. I'd never have

ever said anything . . ."


            "So why did you?" Hannibal didn't mean for his voice to

sound so cold and angry, but Face recoiled as if Hannibal had struck



            "May . . . maybe this wasn't a good idea . . ." His hands

fluttered along the bedspread and he started to move away, but

Hannibal shook his head.


            "You've started, you may as well finish."


            "I was scared." Face whispered his admission and he looked

down at his hands. "They . . . they were going to . . . I knew what

they were going to do, and I haven't had it happen in so long, and I

was scared." Hannibal watched Face's mask fall away from his eyes

and tears pooled in the blue depths. "I tried not to be." He

trembled almost violently and Hannibal, not knowing what else to do,

caught the shaking hands in his strong ones as he provided an anchor

for Face's tumbling, crashing emotions.


            "I never told you it wasn't okay to be afraid, Face. I always

said it was what you did with that fear that was the important thing."


            "But, Hannibal! I couldn't do anything at all! I was

totally helpless, and they tied me onto that . . . that thing! Then

they injected me with that drug and all my muscles just collapsed.

My mind was clear as crystal, but I couldn't make my body do

anything. They kissed me and touched me and I had to let it

happen." The tears finally fell and Hannibal's heart broke. "Just

like I always had to let it happen. And it always hurt . . . hurts

so bad." The tears ran unchecked down his cheeks. "I'm so tired of

being afraid, Hannibal. Of the pain. Of being made to do what I

don't want to do. Of not having any control over what . . . what

they do to me."


            "But it's all right to be afraid of those things. It's okay

to be afraid of pain and being forced into things." Hannibal was

desperate to make Face understand that if nothing else.


            "But you aren't afraid." Face looked up at Hannibal, his

pale cheeks stained with the tears that still ran down them. "You

aren't afraid. You let them do what they want to you. You let them

make you do to them what they want, and yet go on with life without

being afraid."


            "What?" Hannibal was thoroughly confused.


            "I saw you. You were on your knees. The guy in your mouth.

You let him touch you and kiss you . . ."


            "You can't possibly be that naive, Face." Hannibal let

Face's hands go and stood up. "You know damn well that if it didn't

feel good, I wouldn't do it. How many people would really be gay if

it hurt - if it all hurt - all the time?" Hannibal desperately wanted a

cigar. The conversation he was having with the Lieutenant was one

he'd never have contemplated ever having with a team member,

and to say he was uncomfortable with it would have been a drastic

understatement. His sex life had never come under scrutiny before,

and he had thought he'd fixed it so that it never would.


            "It . . . it . . . they . . . always hurt me." Face's voice was

low as he bowed his head as he made his confession. A confession

that he'd never made to anyone before, or indeed, ever spoken about

before. "I . . . I couldn't ever open my mouth enough and they'd

beat me because of my teeth." He covered his face with his

hands. "I couldn't ever do anything right and they'd get so mad.

Hannibal, please, I don't want to be afraid anymore. I want to be

able to do everything right. I can please a woman, Hannibal. I

learned that easily enough. I thought . . . I thought if I asked,

you could show me how to do things so they'd not hurt me and then I

wouldn't have to be afraid, ever again." He drew his knees up to his

chest, locked his arms around his legs, and rocked back and forth.

Hannibal knew that for the first time, he saw the real Face. The one

that hid behind the clothes, the smooth mannerisms and the bright



            "What?" Hannibal stalled for time to get his head together.

He'd had one hell of a jolt when Face had offered himself, and he

didn't quite know what to think. "Are you serious? You want me

to . . . to . . ." He couldn't finish and Face looked up.


            "Teach me not to be afraid. Please, Hannibal, teach me to be

able to please a man. You're the only one I trust who can. "


            "Maybe that's true, but I could also mess you up for life."

Hannibal could not believe the turn the conversation had taken, or

how it had gotten so far out of his control.


            Face gave a bitter laugh. "I'm already pretty messed up,

Hannibal. The only difference between Murdock and me is that I hide

it better." He bit his bottom lip. "Please, Colonel. I . . . I

just want to make things easier the next time . . ." He swallowed.


            "Maybe there won't be a next time." Hannibal stated and Face

shook his head.


            "The missions, Colonel. We all know better. Yes, some of them

are easy, a lot are laughable and would make a good television show,

but the others - the ones we don't laugh at . . . can't talk about

because we'll all run off a cliff screaming - there's always going to

be those missions. And more since we now work for Stockwell. Not

that I'm complaining, Hannibal. I'm not. But we know there's going

to be more missions that may go bad . . . real bad. But . . . but

I've decided if . . . if I can learn to please m . . . m . . . men,

then that's one more thing in our favor. One more thing I can do

that can benefit the team. One more thing I can use to help us

escape. But I can't do that if I'm afraid. I can't do that if I

don't know what to do." He looked away and bit his lip. "But . . .

maybe . . . maybe you don't want me. Maybe I'm not the k . . . kind

you're attract . . . attracted to. I . . . I mean, I know I'm not

big or strong. I'm kind of pale. And on the skinny side . . ."


            Hannibal stared at Face and couldn't believe what he'd

heard. Face actually wondered if he were attractive enough, and had

listed off the very things that made him attractive to those that had

so obviously hurt him, and in his own words, messed him up. However,

Face wasn't through shocking Hannibal quite yet. "Maybe . . . maybe

I should have just gone away and found . . . found a teacher on my

own. I . . . I had lots of teachers for . . . for everything else.

There . . . there must be someone else out there who will - can -

show me what I need to know."


            Hannibal's stomach clenched and his chest tightened in fear

at Face's words. He knew what elements were out there. He himself

had been out there long enough to know what to avoid, but Face would

be out there cold. Face may have been in his forties, but he was a

babe in the woods when it came to certain types of people, and was so

obvious about it that he'd be easy prey for the kinds of creatures

who made the people he'd been kidnapped by look normal in

comparison. The fact that Face looked much younger than his age

would only play against him and would definitely NOT protect him.

Hannibal threw himself to his knees and grabbed Face's wrists in a

grip of iron.

            "Face, damn it! If I ever hear of you doing something that

stupid, I will personally kick your ass from Langley to Los Angeles,

do you hear me!?" He stared directly into Face's odd, young/old eyes

until the younger man blinked.


            "But I have to learn." He whispered. "I have to stop being

afraid. If you don't show me, Hannibal, then someone will have to."

Tears pooled in his eyes again. "Please, Hannibal. Help me."


            Hannibal knew that Face was determined, one way or the other,

to get the practical knowledge he sought, and once he'd made up his

mind to do something, nothing could dissuade him. Hannibal knew this

because on more than one occasion, the entire group had tried. "All

right!" His voice was sharp and angry and he released Face's wrists,

his own emotions in turmoil. If the truth were to be known, he had

thought about Face and had wondered what it'd be like to bed the

younger man, but had never thought he'd actually have the opportunity

to do it. His curiosity warred with a sudden desire which warred

with his long-term association in his mind that thought of Face as

maybe a son.


            However, Face wasn't his son and never would be. Especially

after the conversation they'd had, and what they'd do about it.

Their relationship would change forever, and Hannibal didn't know if

it would be for better or for worse. A team at odds was not a team

and was a potential threat to safety for all of the members involved,

on future missions. However, Face had offered the only other option

he would accept, and it was Hannibal or else. There was no way he

was going to turn Face over to the kinds of people - and worse - that

they had just rescued him from.

            "Get off the floor and on the bed!" He ordered far more

sharply than he'd intended, his inner turmoil giving vent in his tone

and Face almost jumped to the bed and lost the towel in the process.

He dove to pick it up, then froze, his wide, panicked, fully exposed

blue eyes on Hannibal. Hannibal watched him for a moment and took in

the lost look of fear and panic on his face and the minute tremors

that passed over his body, then turned away and ran his hands over

his face as he calmed his emotions. Face had enough emotions of his

own to deal with - he didn't need Hannibal's too.


            When Hannibal turned back around, he was calm. "You said

you trusted me . . ."


            "Do." Face's voice was a strangled whisper.


            "You're afraid of me." Face opened his mouth in an obvious

attempt at a denial, but finally just nodded his head.


            "Y . . . you're a man." He finally said and Hannibal nodded

then sat on the bed next to the distraught man.


            Slowly, so as not to startle the lieutenant, Hannibal reached

up and took Face's chin in a gentle hand. "You trust me as Hannibal,

but not as a man, right?"


            Face nodded as Hannibal smiled. "Then let me be with you as

Hannibal, okay? The lessons, if you still want them, can be later."


            "You . . . you'll teach me?" Face tilted his head.


            "I care for you, Face and I won't let you do anything that

can or will hurt you. I'd want to kill anyone who hurts you for any

reason. You and the others. You know this, right?"




            "If it keeps you safe from suffering what you did tonight,

then I will do as you have asked, even if it's against my better

judgment. But, you have to know that I won't do anything to hurt

you, that you don't want, or that scares you."


            "It . . . it all scares me."


            "Does my touching your face scare you?"




            "Does my being beside you scare you?"




            "Then, when I do something that does scare you, let me know,

okay? I want you to be as comfortable with Hannibal the man as you

are with Hannibal the Colonel, okay? I want you to know that I may

be doing the motions, but you are the one in control here. I want

you to understand that. Do you?"


            "I . . . I'm in control. If . . . if I get scared, I . . . I can stop you."


            "That's right." Hannibal gently ran his hand up Face's cheek

and around the back of his ear. "Will you help me get undressed? I

know you've seen me in the camps and in showers and things, but I

want you to see me as a man."


            "O . . . okay." Face blinked and Hannibal sat patiently as

Face nervously touched the soft material of Hannibal's black

turtleneck sweater. He traced the lines down the older man's chest

to the hem, and Hannibal swallowed as the gentle touch awakened what

was left of his desire. Face's fingers wound themselves in the

bottom of the sweater and gingerly slipped it upward, the tips of his

fingers fluttering over Hannibal's flesh. Hannibal couldn't stop the

quick intake of breath, and Face looked at him.


            "It's all right. No fault in your clothing removal technique."

He smiled as a hesitant, shy smile curled Face's lips upward and

continued to divest Hannibal of his shirt. Briefly Hannibal

wondered about his still somewhat fit, but aging physique, but

forgot about it as Face's long fingers explored his arms, shoulders

and chest. Hannibal couldn't help but close his eyes as the

talented digits wound their way down his goose-bumped flesh, and

he smiled and opened his eyes.


            "That was nice." Hannibal said and Face blushed.


            "It . . . it works on women, and I . . . I like it too."

Face said, as Hannibal stood up, the bulge of his erection obvious,

and Face looked at it hesitantly, then at the buttons of the suddenly

tight jeans.


            "Whatever you want to do." Hannibal's smile was soft and

Face gingerly reached up and opened the denim button. Slowly, he

drew the zipper down and reached for the waistband. Hannibal covered

Face's hands with his own and together they drew the jeans down, to

the floor, where Hannibal stepped out of them. Slowly, Hannibal sat

on the bed and presented his sock-covered feet to Face, who couldn't

stop the nervous giggle as he pulled them off Hannibal's feet.

Hannibal was left only in his boxers and he lay beside Face who lay

down a moment later, their bodies barely touching. Hannibal raised

himself to one elbow and traced a hand over the golden hair and down

the cheek, then ran a finger over his lips.


            "You okay?" He asked, his voice soft, and Face blinked, then

nodded. Slowly, he reached up and touched Hannibal's face and ran

his fingers over the older man's lips.


            "They're soft." He said, his voice surprised.


            "Not everything on a man is hard." Hannibal grinned and was

rewarded with another surprised chuckle.


            "I . . . I didn't know they could be soft."


            "Yours are soft." Hannibal again traced his thumb over Face's

lips and they parted slightly. "There's a difference between rape and

passion, Face. Even among men. Do you want me to kiss your

face? To show you what I mean?"


            "Yes." Face's answer was a whisper and his eyes never left

Hannibal's. The older man lowered his head and gently lay a light

kiss on the man's tear-stained cheek and tasted the residual salt.

He left light kisses on Face's closed eyes, both cheeks, his nose,

and then Face's chin and of his own accord, the younger man tilted

his head down until their lips met. Hannibal fought the urge to lean

into the kiss as Face tentatively opened his own lips further.

Hannibal let the tip of his tongue lightly skim the softness of

Face's lips, then he probed the inner softness as Face's mouth was

opened to him. His tongue studied Face's mouth and their tongues

finally met as their lips sealed over one another. Face pressed

upward into Hannibal's mouth and Hannibal met the sudden demand. A

low moan left Face, and seemed to surprise him as much as it pleased

Hannibal, who broke off the kiss and gazed down at the slightly

panting lieutenant.


            "That's passion Face." He said and Face's eyes looked down

at his own erection as if he had never seen it before. "And that's



            "You?" Face flushed and Hannibal nodded, then bent down for

another taste of Face's mouth which he surrendered willingly.

Hannibal trailed his mouth down Face's chin to the softness of his

neck and Face tilted his head back. Hannibal nipped at the flesh and

Face couldn't stop the soft sigh of pleasure that left him.


            Hannibal brought his hand up Face's side and then onto his

chest where he ran it over the shower fresh skin. With practiced

hands he stimulated Face's stiffened nipples, then let his tongue

join in the pleasure torture. Face arched under Hannibal's hands and

clenched the sheets beneath him, as Hannibal's mouth slid lower and



            An inarticulate gasp that might have been Hannibal's name

exploded from Face as Hannibal's mouth passed over his hard shaft,

and then took him in. Face wrapped one hand in the blankets, while

the other clutched the corner of the pillow as his eyes closed

tightly and his mouth opened as heaving, gasping breaths left him

every time Hannibal moved his tongue and his mouth. Face's hips

arched upward of their own accord and tremors passed through his body

as he tried to process the completely foreign idea that not only was

a man pleasing him so fully, but it was his own Commanding Officer.


            Slowly Hannibal pulled away, and Face's eyes opened.

Hannibal smiled at the look of wonder, rapture and trust with which

the blue eyes literally shone. "And that is why I was down on my

knees. That was what he felt and I felt later."


            "But . . . but there's . . . there's more." Face looked down

at Hannibal's boxers.


            "Yes, but I'm not sure you're ready for that."




            "A little at first, but if it's done right, it goes away."


            "I trust you." Face said and Hannibal smiled. He reached

into the pocket of his coat and pulled out a tube of lubrication.

Face's eyes flickered to it as he blinked.


            "It's lubrication, Face." Hannibal knew he had to explain

what he was doing and why. "It's also part of the difference between

passion and rape. It makes things easier too."


            Face blinked. "I trust you, Hannibal." He said again and

Hannibal gently rolled the younger man over. Their blue eyes met for

a moment and Hannibal ran his hands over Face's shoulders and down

his back. His fingers kneaded Face's taut muscles as the men had

often done for each other before after particularly difficult

assignments, and Hannibal knew the familiarity would go a long way to

relax the man beside him.


            And he was right. A sigh left the blond man and Hannibal

felt the lieutenant literally sink down into the mattress almost a

full inch as he worked out the tension. Slowly, the tension-

relieving massage became caresses of gentle persuasion. Hannibal

straddled Face's legs and slid his hands over the small of Face's

back, then his hips, and over the firm buttocks. He leaned over and

kissed the back of Face's neck. A low moan left the man beneath him

and Hannibal let his tongue glide over the soft curves and over the

still visible scars that marked the otherwise flawless man. Face

shivered and Hannibal looked up only to see the long fingers of

Face's hands as they knotted themselves into the corners of the

pillow. A low whimper of disappointment sounded from Face, and

Hannibal bent back over and let his tongue and lips gently suck on

the tender flesh at the base of Face's spine.


            His lips trailed downward and his fingers gently opened Face

to him. Face gasped as Hannibal's tongue found the sensitive opening

and he raised his hips to give Hannibal more access. Hannibal

continued his ministrations until Face panted heavily beneath him,

and Hannibal knew the time was right. He spread the lubrication over

his fingers and gently inserted one finger inside. Face inhaled and

turned his head. Hannibal smiled and moved the finger around and

Face's eyes closed as his mouth opened. Another finger slid inside

as Face almost jerked upward as a cry was forced from his body.


            "Does that hurt?" Hannibal's voice was quiet and Face shook

his head.


            "No." He gasped and tremored as Hannibal continued to

stretch and prepare him. "Oh Hannibal!" Face moaned and yet another

finger entered and Face again cried out and pressed himself backward.

"Please, Hannibal." He gasped. "Whatever you're going to

do - do it NOW!"


            Hannibal withdrew the fingers, closed his eyes as he stroked

himself with the slick gel, then looked down at the trembling

lieutenant. He gripped Face's hips in his hands and introduced the

very tip of himself to the opening his fingers had prepared for him.

Face raised himself to his hands and Hannibal pressed forward.


            Face threw his head backward as his hands clutched at the

pillow as his eyes squeezed shut and a cry of surprised pleasure left

him, along with Hannibal's name. Just as excited by Face's pleasure

as he was with his own, Hannibal set up a rhythm that Face matched.

Hannibal reached around and with his still slick hand, took Face's

hardness and continued the rhythm there as well.


            Face couldn't keep the cry inside him as he collapsed to his

elbows and Hannibal angled himself and hit THE spot deep inside.

Face bit into the pillow and Hannibal rode him into a frenzy.


            Suddenly Face froze, his heated scream muffled by the pillow

as his entire body jerked helplessly in a shuddering, searing

orgasm. Hannibal was caught as Face's muscles clenched around him

and a moment later, he too froze and was shaken by the force of his

own orgasm.


            Only moments later, but what to them seemed like an hour, the

two men collapsed to their sides. Face turned his head and looked

back at Hannibal, as sweat glistened on his face and his eyes were

lit by the light of shared passion, and he sighed, the only sound he

could make at that moment.


            "Think you can learn to do that, lieutenant?" Hannibal's

voice was slightly teasing and light with humor and Face chuckled.


            "I'll need practice." He smiled and Hannibal's stomach

fluttered at the absolute seductiveness in the tone and in the half-

closed eyelids. "Lots and lots of practice."


            "I think that can be arranged." Hannibal pulled the younger

man close to him and they lay that way for a few moments until Face's

breathing deepened and sleep overtook him. Hannibal forced his

languid body to retrieve the towel and did a small clean-up job, then

dropped it back to the floor. He sighed and draped his arm over the

lean body and drifted into an exhausted, yet thoroughly contented





            B.A. And Murdock looked at the wall, then each other, and

smiled. The sounds they had heard through the wall were not the ones

they'd expected to hear, but which maybe had been too long in

arriving. The two men smiled at each other, and Murdock snuggled

closer into the strong, capable arms of the bigger man.

            That night, the entire A-Team slept safe, sound, and secure.





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