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Title: He Was Action

He Was Action

By Charon


Rating: NC-17

Dates Written: August 29th, 2001 - August 31st, 2001

Disclaimer: They Aren't Mine, But If They Were, This Would Be Fun. Thanks To Stephen Cannell For Letting Me Borrow Them And Play (oh brother bad pun on that one) With Them A Bit.

Warnings: Graphic Description of Female/Hannibal

Summary: Hannibal Bargains For Information

Comments: Sure, Why Not?




I sit at my table in the back of the bar and look around slowly, as I watch what small part of the crowd here is actually Caucasian, and I have to smile. Unlike most Westernized people, I like Casablanca's more seedy connection to her rather . . . checkered past, and I know just where to plant myself so I can see the others who, like me, want to experience her true life, rather than the clean, sterile, tour brochure version.

But who am I? Well, you may certainly ask. And I will laugh at you.


What do you care who I am? It's not like you'll ever get to know me . . . unless you run with the Hyenas who live on my side of the Pretty Picture. But I guess, if you have to call me something, you can call me the Information Broker.

Oh no. I don't sell information like you would traditionally expect, although a few modest Dirhams have crossed my palm a few times, but really, don't you agree that the Barter system works much better? Don't have to pay taxes on it and you certainly don't draw any undue attention with flaunted wealth.


What am I doing? Oh, I'm waiting for something to happen. No, I realize it doesn't sound like much, but you see, that's what I do. It's how I get my information. Watch. Drink a little. Grease someone else's throat, let them grease mine a bit. Then listen.


What do you mean, what do I hear? I hear everything. You see, I'm female, and I'm harmless, so people talk to me. Well, basically, I'm harmless. It's the 44, the Derringer, and the Butterfly knife that's not so harmless. Of course, the Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do doesn't hurt either.


Well, of course I've got stories to tell. My fave is one that happened a short while ago.


I was sitting here, as usual, and the door opened and in walked three of the best looking, but strangest men you ever saw.


Oh sure, of course I'll talk about 'em. It's not like they're here anymore and can be found. These guys won't be found unless they want to be found. Heck, I don't even think they're in the country any more, after all, it's been three days.


Anyway, as I was saying, the first one in the door was one of the biggest men I'd ever seen. Now big and black after all isn't all that much of a big shocker. After all, this is Morocco. But this guy was REALLY BIG, and all muscle, with a Mandinka. Now that's not something you see every day here, and he wore this necklace with a diamond in it as big as my fist. I swear it was, but I can tell ya' there wasn't nobody here who was gonna' take it away from him. After him another man entered, almost danced in actually, and he was a bundle of energy with brown hair and brown eyes, and a leather jacket. But that was when HE came in.


HE was action just waiting to happen. He was older, white, and had eyes as clear blue as water in a rich man's swimming pool. His hair was the color of the full moon over the desert, and his carriage was erect, smug almost, like he knew who he was and what he had been put on this planet for.


Well, if he hadn't known, I certainly did, and would have been more than happy to show him.


The three of them entered and let their eyes adjust to the darkness and the smoke, then Brown Eyes walked up to the bartender. I grinned as I saw the Big Guy as he hovered over Brown Eyes worriedly, while the Silver fox swept the joint with his eyes and memorized each and every face he saw. I knew that no one in the place'd mess with any of 'em, 'cause they were ready for it if anyone did.


The bartender pointed at my corner and I straightened, then pulled Mr. 44 where I had easy access. I can usually read people straight, and these guys were on the level, but a woman can't be too careful, ya' know?


Brown Eyes nodded, returned to his friends, and they walked over to me. I get the same look from everyone who comes over to me. It's disbelief at first and then patronization, and sure enough, there it was. Even the Silver Fox looked at me that way, but then I expected it and it doesn't bug me so much anymore.


Evening." I grinned. "What can I do for you?"


"Um . . ." Brown Eyes seemed a little lost for words, and I laughed.


"Not quite what you expected, huh?" I asked and enjoyed the lost look on all of their faces. "But let me guess. You want information and heard about the Broker. Well, she's me, Gents. Tell you what, why don't you sit I hate looking up and we'll talk."


Reluctantly they sat, and Silver Fox took the seat next to me. I grinned as he pulled out a cigar and looked relaxed, but I could tell that every nerve he had was wide awake and on the alert.


"Look, Miss . . ." He waited for a name and I shrugged.


"Whatever you want to call me's fine. I don't stand on formalities. So tell me, what'cha' need from me?"


"What about your money? They told us you charged." Brown Eyes looked startled and I grinned.


"I never talk about fees until after I hear the request. Besides, I've got an idea what I want already. So, what's this about?" I leaned forward, and brushed my hand over Silver Fox's leg, and he started, then looked down and I winked up at him.


"We need some information." Silver said, and I nodded, then ran a lazy finger over the seam of his jeans, and he squirmed.

Man, he squirmed good.


"You said that already. Maybe I've got it now, maybe I don't, but I'm sure I can find it." I shrugged.


"We're looking for a guy named Alvin." Brown Eyes scowled and I answered it with one of my own.


"Connor Alvin." I hissed his name as if it were a curse, and it was. "Scum sucking Algae Eater I'd call him, but I'd insult the Algae Eaters. Even a cockroach is higher on the evolutionary scale than he is. Buys and sells people like they were some sort of cheap ass desert crawler rather than human beings."


"We need to find him." Silver's voice was calm, but his whole body was tense.


"You looking to buy or sell?" I asked, and the eyes went steel.


"We ain't lookin' for nothin' like that." The Big Guy finally spoke, and anger and restrained rage shot from every pore and I knew Alvin's days were seriously numbered.


"Except to kill." I nodded in satisfaction. "Good. Alvin doesn't deserve to live anyway. But, just out of curiosity, mind you, what you want to kill him for?"


"He took something of mine, and I want it back." Silver Fox suddenly went cold and I nodded.


"I know where he is now, and I know how to find him, but there's a little matter of my fee . . ."


"You can have anything!" Brown eyes looked desperate and I held up a finger.


"Ah. Ah. Ah. You haven't heard it yet, Brown eyes. You may want to chill on that."


"He's right. Anythin' ya' want, ya' can have it." The Big Guy snarled, and I looked at Silver.


"Anything?" I asked, and he nodded.


"Anything." He confirmed, and I knew that whatever Alvin had taken was mighty important to him.


"Well, let's see." My eyes strayed to the necklace around the Big guy's neck, and he reached for it and I shook my head, then looked at Brown Eyes jacket. He blinked and went to remove it, but again I shook my head, then smiled at the man that I knew was their leader. "Well, let me put it this way, Silver Fox." I licked my lips. "I got a room in the back with mosquito netting over a brass bed that's just begging to be used. What say you and me go spend some together." I squeezed his thigh, and he almost jumped, but only someone who knew him, or someone who had been practically sitting in his lap would have known it.


"I've got something else on my mind right now." He scowled at me, and I nodded.


"So I see, but I've got the information you want and whatever Alvin took must be pretty important to you to come all the way out here just on rumors that someone here on this side of town might know something. And I know what's rumor and what's real, as well as how to tell the difference." He stared icicles at me, but I knew what I wanted, and no amount of icy blue stare was going to put me off. "Surely the information's worth your time. Trust me, Silver Fox. Alvin isn't going anywhere." I breathed on his neck, and the other two men looked at him, and obviously left the decision in his hands, and would go along with whatever he decided to do, which included beat footing it outta' the place.


"Then let's get this over with." Ha all but snarled and I stood, tossed my hair over my shoulders, and led him around the bar to the back, where my apartment was. We walked in silence up a rickety staircase, I opened the door, and it was in a stony silence we entered.


"Not exactly an auspicious beginning here, Silver." I told him, and his blue eyes blazed.


"I'm not used to being negotiated for. Especially when one of my . . . when something I care for's been taken from my by force. I don't like it, and I want to get it back, and preferably without wasting any more time." He frowned, and I nodded.


"Power's out of your hands and there's a loss of control for you." I shrugged, then looked at him. "But tell me, this . . . item . . . means a lot to you, yeah?"




"Is it a female part of a couple with you as the second half?"


He looked startled, then snorted surprised laughter. "No. But its mine. It might as well be a part of me."


"Ah. I see. A child then. Boy, Alvin kidnapped the wrong person's kid THIS time." I commented idly as I poured us both drinks.


"He's not my son." Silver denied and I raised my eyebrows.


"Hmm. Not a spouse, not a child, not female, and yet you're willing to prostitute yourself for him. You're not . . ." I paused and held up a limp wrist then wiggled it, and he scowled deeply.


"No, I'm not." He answered shortly, and I raised my eyebrows.


"Not judging, man, not judging. Just calculating. Hmm. Pretty loyal friend he's got."


"He's a loyal friend to me as well and he doesn't deserve what's happened . . . going to happen." Silver Fox suddenly looked sick, and he leaned backward against the bar and covered his eyes. "Not after what he's already been through."


"Look, Silver, a lot of people come through here and give me sob stories. They hope because I'm a female I'll soften up. I don't soften, and this is my business, giving out information in exchange for things I want. I want you Silver, but the timing's up to you." I walked up to him, and hopped on a stool, which put me even with his head. "Connor Alvin has a boat coming into the port at midnight. I can't guarantee your friend is with it, but I can guarantee you that Alvin'll be there."


Silver's eyes lit like it was New Years in New York, and he reached out and grabbed me to him. He crushed his lips against mine, and I swear sparks flew from the open-mouthed passion in that kiss. I wanted him, and he was willing to give me everything right then and there for this friend of his, and I took it.


I ran my hands across his chest and over his arms, and slid his coat to the floor. His hands entwined themselves into my hair and he kissed my eyes, my cheeks, and my lips once again. Moans rent the air, and I lifted his turtleneck over his head and dropped it to the floor on top of his coat.


He ran his lips down over my chin, down my throat, and I leaned back against the bar as his tongue burned a hot path down my chest. He slid the tasseled zipper of my robe off my arm and his tongue slid flawlessly to the curve of my breasts. I couldn't stop the gasp of pure pleasure that left me as his tongue swirled its way around them, and finally a cry was torn from me as his mouth closed over the pleasure-stiffened nipple. While his mouth had been busy, his other hand hadn't exactly been idle, and brought my other breast to the same pointed pleasure as the first.


I caressed his own chest and his moans and groans of unabashed pleasure only turned me on further and my hands got bolder. I ran my hands down to the waistband of his pants and slowly undid them. He threw his head back as I kissed my way down his body. My hands freed him from the confines of his pants, and he cried out loudly and gripped my hair in his hands as I pleasured him with my own heated tongue.


I knew it wasn't going to be a slow, seductive session, and was excited all the more by that knowledge. Suddenly, he gave out a loud groan, reached down and picked me up, then carried me over to the bedroom . . . not an easy task as his pants were around his ankles by the time we made it to the bed. He all but threw me down, and then dropped on top of me. The zipper was almost yanked down and the top of the robe was pulled all the way off my arms, as the bottom was shoved up around my hips. I arched backward and drove my head into the pillows as his hand found its way between my thighs.


I writhed and cried out as his hand and fingers continued to explore, and the underwear didn't last long. He yanked me down until I was fully under him and he straddled me as he held my legs open, and then he was there. Man, when I said he was action waiting to happen, he WAS! He grasped my hips in his hands, and the next thing I knew I'd gripped his shoulders and he'd covered my mouth with his. I shrieked with pleasure as he penetrated roughly into me with both his tongue and himself, and then established control, which I gladly relinquished, along with a good portion of my sanity. He drove himself into me, and I rose to meet each and every downward thrust of his.


I wrapped my body around his and the only sounds that could be heard were the bed as it banged fast and hard against the wall and my cries as he filled me roughly, but MOST pleasurably, time and again with himself. Then his groans and rapid gasps of pleasure joined the cacophony, and with the one small part of my brain that still functioned properly, I knew the people in the bar downstairs were getting quite a vocal show. However, neither of us really cared, and I felt the heat as it built in my body, then ecstasy slammed through me like a lightning bolt, and every nerve I had was centered on the man over me, as I bucked beneath him and screamed out my climax as my nails dug into his back.


A moment later, he buried his head in the juncture of my shoulder and neck, and a loud roar left him as he gripped my hips with fingers that I knew would leave bruises, and liquid warmth shot into me between my violently shaking thighs. Without a sound, he collapsed on me a moment later, and we both panted breathlessly for a moment.


"Oh yeah." I said when I could talk again. "That was well worth the price of admission. Ship's name is The Wave Slave." I saw the look on his face and shook my head. "I didn't name her, don't blame me." Silver rolled over and I handed him a towel I kept by the bedside and he cleaned himself up, then it landed on me. I didn't bother with the cleaning I'd shower after he left. I just covered myself with it, then watched as he stood, somewhat unsteadily, and went after his discarded clothing.


"I just hope it was worth the information." He threw back at me, then left.


I have to raise my eyebrows for a moment.


What do you mean what did I do? I let him go. I had what I wanted and he got what he wanted. Worked out for everyone. The three men left, and Alvin was dead three days later.


Oh. You knew that. Well, why'd you ask. Oh. I see. Alvin's partner, huh? And uh-oh, you've got a gun and are going to pay someone back for his death. No, I'm not scared.


Yeah, sure, babe. I heard you. I'm not deaf. You're going to shoot me and make me pay for giving out the info on Alvin. Whatever. You may want to turn around . . . you know, you're not one of the brighter specimens, are you?


Thanks Silver. Yeah, I told him you'd left. Dumb id'jit actually believed me. They always do. Poster Boy For California up to leavin' yet? No? Want to go back to my room? Maybe do a repeat performance of three days ago?


Yeah, me too.



Le Finis!


He Was Action by Charon



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