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Friendship Renewed

Friendship Renewed
by Charon


Rating: NC-17
Fandom: A-Team/Highlander:Raven
Style: Slash
Pairing: Face/Nick Wolfe
Warning: Sincerely graphically described gorgeous males having incredible sex with a small touch of kink. Oh yes, and the 'F' word is used . . . (Hey, I didn't say it, they do)
Date Written: November 5th, 2001 - November 6th, 2001
Disclaimer: Characters Owned And Operated By Cannell and Rysher/Davis . . . oh, but if they were mine, the things they'd do . . . the fun they'd have . . .
Episode Spoilers: No episodes, but there is a spoiler for a story of mine that doesn't need to be read to get the gist of what's happened to Face...
Summary: Face is an Immortal and meets an old friend in Paris . . .
Comments: I live for comments, you all know that by now. :-D
Although, if you say my writing style doesn't suit your idea of the characters, I'll look at you funny . . . not that you'll see it over the 'net, but rest assured that's what will happen. ;-) And then I'll wonder why you didn't just hit the back space key or the delete key, or print out the story, and then rip, shred, or burn it . . .
Author's Notes: Again, this story takes place after one that, as of this posting, I haven't finished yet, where it explains how Face got to be an Immortal.

Addendum to Author's Notes: Pardon the French words if they're wrong. I only passed French with a low end 'C', and have naught but a French phrasebook to show that I even took it in college.



"S'only me, Amanda." Nick called as he entered the apartment and looked over at Tem, who in a literal former life bore the explicable nickname, Face. "Well, me and Tem at any rate. It was too late to take him back to his hotel."

The two men entered, and Amanda looked up from where she knelt behind the bar and picked at the bottles. She was about to stand as she looked into the mirror behind the bar and gazed at the handsome, blond man with beautiful blue eyes, as he took off his coat.

"Nick, are you sure I should be here? We could have gone to my hotel . . ."

"We're safe here, Tem." Nick assured him. "And once Amanda goes to sleep, we're assured of complete privacy, as she doesn't usually wake until noon." He gazed at the blond man, and a slow smile crossed his face, as Amanda frowned and started to stand, but Nick's next words froze her in her tracks. "Damn, Tem. Even after all these years, you're still beautiful."

"Death hasn't exactly been unkind to you either." Tem smiled. "And you still have the most beautiful eyes, Nick. As warm as blue velvet and still as inviting."

"I bet you're skin is still as smooth as satin, isn't it, Tem?"

"Want to find out?" Tem asked, his voice low, and seductive, and Nick licked his lips, then moved forward, as if drawn to the blond man by a magnet. Amanda's mouth fell open and she stared as Nick nodded, and slowly ran his hands under the hem of Tem's turtleneck. The blond groaned and wrapped his hands in Nick's ebony hair, then bent his head and his lips descended toward Nick's.

Amanda thought seriously that Nick would back away, or break off, and tell her he'd known she was watching, and it was all a joke, but he didn't. He closed his lids over his blue eyes and his mouth opened, as the very tip of Tem's tongue played over the dark pink lines of his lips. A low moan left both of the men, and the tip of Nick's tongue met Tem's, then accepted it completely. They sealed the deep, wanton, obviously sexually-driven kiss with their mouths, and quiet, twin moans of male enjoyment filled the apartment.

Amanda continued to stare in fascinated shock as the man she shared her apartment, her past, and her knowledge with, and whom she thought she knew inside and out, opened the other man's pants with a grace and expertise which showed that he was familiar with the action. Slowly, as gasps left Tem's mouth, Nick raised the blond's turtleneck and kissed his way down the smooth chest and abdomen, until his tongue teased the hairs at the man's pelvis. His tongue made lazy circles around Tem's hardened shaft, and the blond threw his head back and opened his mouth as his breath left him in heavy pants. Nick closed his mouth over the shaft, and Amanda's mouth dropped open as he sucked on the man with obvious enjoyment.

She hadn't even known he was even remotely inclined to swing the way he was, and she swallowed, as he obviously expertly manipulated Tem's rigid member. She ran her eyes down Nick's body, and saw that his jeans were just as tented as his friend's had been before he'd opened them. She watched as Nick pumped his mouth over his friend, and then he slowly licked it from the base to the head along the sensitive vein on the bottom.

Tem, as if he couldn't stand up any longer, bent backward over the couch, and his nails dug into the upholstery as his legs shuddered, but still Nick didn't stop. The blond arched into Nick's mouth, and bit his lips as he fought to keep his moans, groans, and pants quiet, if not completely silence them.

"Nick . . ." Tem gasped as he tried to push the man's head away. "Nick, stop. I'm gonna' . . . I can't stop . . ." His hips bucked, and Nick grinned, but didn't stop his ministrations. In fact, if anything, he only worked harder on his friend, and managed to suck him all in, then almost spit him out, then immediately drew him in again. Tem shuddered violently, and Nick grinned up at him.

"I can still take it, Tem. It's all right. Give it to me." Nick told him, and Amanda stared, even as she bit her lip to keep her own arousal from giving her away. There was no way that she had ever suspected that Nick was a swallower, a fact which he demonstrated ably as Tem arched upward and bit back the loud cry that was almost forced from his body, and Nick took him all.

"Bedroom, Nick." Tem panted when he could speak, and he looked down at the dark-haired man at his feet. "Want you."

Nick stood and led Tem to his bedroom and closed the door, though it didn't latch and stayed open a crack. Amanda absolutely couldn't resist and she quietly crawled to the door and looked in.

Nick and Tem were deep into another soul-wrenching kiss, and Tem's hands raised Nick's turtleneck over his head and dropped it to the floor, then drew his lips down over the arched neck, and opened Nick's pants as expertly as his own were opened. Soon, both men were completely naked and pressed tightly together. Tem's hands moved over Nick's skin as if they had a life of their own, and he clasped both of them around Nick's tattooed bottom, then squeezed gently. Nick arched against his lover and his head dropped back as he panted almost wildly. Tem maneuvered Nick to the bed, and pushed him onto it.

Without breaking contact, the two men slipped onto the covers, and Tem kissed his way down the muscled body. Amanda couldn't believe the man on the bed was Nick Wolfe, even as he thrust his hips upward, into his friend's mouth as the man wrapped his mouth around Nick's hard shaft. His eyes never left Nick's body as the ebony haired man writhed on the bed and his hands clenched into the bedcovers. Moans and groans left his open mouth, and his head ground into the pillow as Tem applied himself to Nick's pleasure. Nick arched his back as his breath left him in fast pants.

"Tem . . ." He gasped and squeezed his eyes closed as the pleasure of Tem's mouth filled him. "Tem, please... fuck me. Fuck me now." Amanda licked her lips and swallowed as she watched as Tem's lax member almost jumped to attention, and his breath was almost as fast as Nick's.

"You sure?" He asked, and Nick groaned and his body shuddered.

"Not going . . . to kill us." He gasped, and Tem chuckled, then nodded, and took the bottle of massage oil that Nick had on his nightstand. He dripped it onto his hands, then slid his fingers, one by one, into Nick's waiting body, until there were three of them inside his friend . . . his lover. Nick bucked upward as he was prepared for coupling, and he almost sobbed with carnal want, and the force of his need. "Been so long . . . Tem." Nick panted. "Please. In me . . . in me now!"

The blond grinned and sat back and removed his fingers. Nick mourned the loss, and Tem knelt over him.

"Roll over." He ordered, and Nick almost groaned as he did as he was told. "Gods, Nick, you are still so beautiful." Tem told the ebony haired man as he lay full length over the man's back, kissed the back of Nick's neck as the darker man groaned. He started to reach around to touch Tem, but the blond grabbed his hands and pressed them to the covers. "You already touched, Wolfe." He growled into the hollow of Nick's shoulder blades. "It's my turn." He slowly ran his tongue down the salty plane of Nick's back and felt the vertebrae as they arched under him. His erect member pressed against Nick's bottom, and the ex-policeman trembled as his muscles clenched. He cried out into the pillow as Tem sucked on the sensitive flesh at the base of his spine.

"Teeeeem . . ." Nick almost whined, and Tem grinned, then placed his hands on Nick's hips and pulled him back toward him. Nick knelt on his hands and knees before Tem, and the blond slathered himself with the oil.

"You asked for it, Wolfe." He whispered, and introduced himself to the prepared center. Amanda slowly let her breath out her mouth as she squirmed slightly to relieve the warmth between her thighs and very quietly widened the crack in the door until she saw all of the two men as Tem suddenly pushed into Nick. He gasped and Tem stopped all movement as Nick adjusted to him.

"Oh yeah." He sighed after a moment. "It's been so long and you are still so good. Please, Tem, don't stop." He pushed backward, and Tem moved back slightly.

"No you don't, Wolfe." Tem suddenly hissed. "This is my show." Amanda almost drooled as her mouth opened and her nipples ached as Nick, who was always so aggressive and so in control, bowed his head in the classic submissive pose.

"I'm sorry, Tem." He apologized, and Tem stroked his hair.

"Good boy. I'll reward you for your obedience." He promised and moved into Nick once again. Amanda watched as Nick wound his hands in the blankets and kept himself still as Tem pumped himself in and out of Nick. Nick shivered in his self-imposed restraints, and suddenly, he threw his head back as Tem shifted and pounded into Nick. Cries and gasps of abandonment left the usually calm and quiet Nick, and Tem gripped one of his hips in his hand, then reached up and grabbed the back of Nick's head by his hair and pulled his head back. "Gonna' come for me?" Tem asked, and Nick moaned as Tem shoved deeply into him again. "You ARE going to come for me, Wolfe, right?" Tem snarled, and Nick whimpered as he tried to nod. "No, you gotta' tell me. What are you going to do for me, Wolfe?"

"Tem..." Nick panted as sweat rolled from his face and body. "I'm gonna' come for you. I... I can feel it..."

"Good boy." With the hand that held onto Nick's hip, he reached around to Nick's front and clasped the hard shaft in his hand, even as he pumped the man from behind. Nick couldn't have held the cry of ecstasy inside of him were he even able to try, and it rang through the bedroom as Tem pumped him from behind as well as on his member.

Tem yanked on the handful of Nick's hair he held, and Amanda almost groaned as Nick came off his hands onto his knees. He was pressed full-length against Tem, and was helpless to do anything as the blond took him both from behind and from the front.

"Don't stop. Please, Tem. Oh please, don't stop." Nick actually begged, and Tem moved his hand faster as Nick's body trembled helplessly and he gripped Tem's hips in his hands. "I'm coming, Tem!" He cried out. "Oh gods, I'm coming!" He threw his head back and Tem shoved his tongue into Nick's mouth at the same time he pulled on Nick's shaft and shoved himself hard into Nick's backside.

Nick fairly screamed into Tem's mouth and his back arched almost into a perfect 'C', even as his entire body shuddered violently. Amanda almost climaxed herself as she watched - and heard - his explosive orgasm. A moment later, Tem released Nick's shaft, then wrapped his arms around the darker man's waist and chest, and clenched him to him. His grip bruised the other man's body as he literally froze solid. His own cry was swallowed by Nick's mouth, and Nick gripped Tem back, as both men shivered, and were caught in the aftermath of both of their violent orgasms.

"Oh man, Tem." Nick panted as they got both their breath and their equilibrium back, and Tem slowly pulled out of Nick. "You're the only man that's ever been able to make me scream." He sighed. "I just hope we didn't wake Amanda. I'm not sure her knowing about me . . . us . . . would be a good thing."

"Why?" Tem asked breathlessly. "Afraid she'll be shocked?"

"No." Nick shook his head. "She's done so much and experienced so much, I'm sure this kind of thing won't shock her, but more than likely she'd just laugh." He shifted around on the bed and they cleaned themselves up with the edges of the coverlet. Absently, Nick removed it from the bed and threw it on the floor as he and Tem climbed under the blankets. Tem laid his head on the dark-haired man's chest, and Nick continued with a sigh as he languidly stroked his hand through the blond silk that was Tem's hair. "You know how she is with norms and all. She'd just be amused at the fact that I felt I had to keep this from her because of how this society feels about man to man sex." Amanda wanted to reassure him she'd never laugh at him, but didn't want to embarrass him by letting him know she'd watched the entire proceeding, and she watched as Tem kissed Nick's lips, even as his eyes drooped with weariness.

"You know, Nick, Connor taught me that there's virtually no way you can predict what Immortals will do or won't do, especially when they're as old as Amanda. You should talk to her. I think maybe she'll surprise you."

Nick chuckled as he faded into sleep. "Amanda's done nothing BUT surprise me over the years." He answered, and Tem sighed.

"That's the way she is." He yawned. "But since it worries you, once I rest for half an hour, I'll just crawl off to the couch and pretend I've had too much to drink."

"Thank . . ." Nick sighed, and a moment later was asleep. His friend Face followed him quickly, and Amanda stood, then tiptoed to her room, even as she wracked her brain for a way to put Nick at ease with his secret, and be able to keep his pride intact at the same time.


Nick sighed and rolled over and found that he held a strong form, who stirred, and opened his blue eyes and smiled into Nick's face. Nick gasped as he looked over at the bedside clock and saw that it read eleven A.M.. Panic replaced the lazy look of remembered satiation, and Tem sat up with a jerk, even as Nick almost flew into a sitting position.

"Oh man, Nick." Tem whispered. "I'm so sorry. I only meant to sleep for half an hour . . ."

"I . . ." Nick started, then looked over at the door and paled as he saw that it was open a crack. However, just inside the door, was a breakfast tray. It was laden with strawberries, a pitcher of cream, some croissants, butter and jam, a silver pot of coffee, two very expensive and antique china cups, matching plates and bowls, and what had to be real silver silverware. A note was propped against the coffee pot, and Nick swallowed, rose, then went over to the tray. Gingerly, as if afraid that it would explode, he bent over, picked up the note, and read it silently, then sighed.

"Everything okay?" Tem asked, and Nick shook his head, bewildered.

"Remember what you said last night about Immortals as old as Amanda being unpredictable?" Tem nodded, and Nick smiled. "Well, listen to this. Bonne matin my Darlings. I awoke this morning and saw that the bedroom door was open. I thought you were awake, Nick, and poked my head in to invite you to breakfast. However, it seems as if you already had company. You both appeared quite comfortable, if the smile on both of your faces was any indication, and I simply didn't have the heart to disturb you. I have gone to ask Duncan out instead, and do not plan on being back any time soon. I have, however, left you a little breakfast to enjoy at your leisure with your lovely friend. Bonne appetite, ma chers. Ever yours, Amanda."

"Well, she knows about you . . . us . . . now." Tem said, and Nick nodded.

"And she's making it seem as if seeing me sleeping with a man is the most natural thing in the world to her." Nick marveled. "She's even provided us with one hell of a breakfast . . . and used her best china and silverware to serve it on. I'm assuming that means she approves."

"So bring it over here and we'll do it justice. After all, we don't want to disappoint her." Tem grinned and Nick picked up the tray and carried it over to the bed, then started to crawl under the covers, but Tem stopped him, and his voice dropped low as his eyelashes dipped seductively over his eyes. "Feed me, Wolfe."

Nick dropped his eyes and nodded. "Yes, Tem." He fixed a plate of croissants and a bowl of strawberries and cream, then poured a cup of coffee. He put the tray on the table beside his bed, and picked up a strawberry. He held it over Tem's mouth, and the blond took the whole thing into his mouth and sucked on Nick's fingers. A slow groan left Nick as Tem slowly slid his mouth from around the fingers, and repeated the action.

"Feed me from your mouth." Face ordered, and Nick's breathing sped up, and he licked his lips as he placed a strawberry between his lips and leaned over until he reached Tem. The strawberry dripped cream down Nick's chin, and Tem caught the drips with his tongue. He took half of the strawberry from Nick's mouth and lightly kissed the lips as they trembled. They both swallowed their half of the berry, and then Face leaned over and placed the food back on the tray and pushed Nick onto his back as he threw himself onto the unresisting body. He dove back in for another taste of Nick's strawberry-flavored mouth, and the man arched under him, and Tem felt a hardness that answered his own. "You're a slut, Wolfe." Face told him, and Nick shivered.

"Punish me for it, Tem." He whispered, and Tem grinned, and the two men spent most of the early afternoon in bed, and it took several hours for them to finish breakfast.



Friendship Renewed by Charon



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