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Title: For The Birds

For The Birds
Author: LttleDvl

Rating: G
Fandom: A-Team
Pairing: Murdock/Face (non-slashy)
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, I just like to romp them through my own personal playground. ; )
Summary: Face must hate having to room with Murdock all the time...
Word count: 565

"Hey, Faceman!"

Face groaned and dumped a pillow over his head in response.

"Come on, man! Ya gotta check this one out! It's a Chiriqui Yellowthroat. It only lives in some parts of Costa Rica and Panama. Now may be yur only chance ta see it! I tell ya Face, I'm sure glad Hannibal decided to take this job down here. Gets me tha chance to see birds that I otherwise wouldn't be. Ain't that great!"

"Yah," came the muffled reply. "Just super."

Without warning, the pillow was yanked away. Face groaned and squinted his eyes shut against the piercing beams of sunlight that seemed determined to bore their way into his brain.

"Faaaaace." Murdock sing-songed at him. "You can't stay lyin' about in bed all day. We's got work ta do! Might as well git up."

"Murdock." Face dared to crack one eye open, glaring for all he was worth while using just one eye. "It's not even full dawn yet. You've been up all night bird watching." He popped his other eye open and sat up slightly in the bed. "Look, I can appreciate your new hobby. Really, I can. But could you please spare me the running commentary? And the sample bird calls? I can hear them well enough on my own, thanks."

"But I'm jus' tryin' to educate you on the aviarial populace of Central America. Help further your cultural acumen. There are so many rare and unusual species down here."

And there was a rare and unusual species of a different sort leaning over the bed looking down at Face. He groaned once more. "I appreciate that, Murdock. But honestly? Sleep is my main concern right now. If I'm lucky, I can get a few more hours in before..."

A loud banging on the door cut him off mid-sentence.

Murdock bounded up and pulled the door open. He stood up straighter and nodded slightly. "Mornin' Colonel."

"Morning Murdock." Hannibal peered around him to spy Face still lying in the bed. "Well. Nice to see at least one of you is up."

"Up?" Face grumbled. "He never even went to bed! He's been up all night watching birds. Keeping me up all night in the process."

"No rest for the weary, Lieutenant." Hannibal smirked. "Besides, everyone needs a hobby."

"That's exactly whut mah therapist said! A 'relaxing, peaceful hobby'. Been plenty relaxin' so far." Murdock grinned dementedly, rocking slightly on his heels.

Face frowned. "Except that it's supposed to be a 'quiet hobby'. Not warbling out the encyclopedic descriptions of every bird that gets spotted!"

"Warblers!" Murdock spun and waggled a finger in Face's direction. "See? I told you; that Yellowthroat out there is just that! A warbler! A classification of bird that..."

"Murdock." Hannibal cut in "That's fascinating. But now we have work to do." He glanced back at the bed once more. "Do me a favor. Pull Face outta bed and then you guys meet me and BA outside in 15."

"You got it, Colonel." Murdock gave a sharp salute.

Face flopped back down and groaned as soon as Hannibal departed.

"None of that, Faceman. You heard the Colonel. Up and at 'em!"

Murdock snapped the blinds wide open, making Face wince as full sunlight attacked him. "Damn therapists," he muttered. Next visit to the VA, Face was going to find out who Murdock's therapist was. And shoot them.

A/N: The Chiriqui Yellowthroat. Jus' in case yur intrest'd. ;p


For The Birds by LttleDvl



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