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Could You

by Calliope Muse (Charon)


Rating: PG-13

Date Written: December 14th, 1998

Disclaimer: *SIGH* Not mine. Never Were. Never will be, drat it all. My cat would weigh a heck of a lot more if I got paid for anything I do writing wise, so like all of my fanfic (and other writing, come to think about it) this so does not fall into the I-Got-Any-Money-For-This category.

Warnings: Vague references to abuse and/or violence

Summary: How do you summarize a poem? Uh . . . Face's reflections on self-conscious thoughts to the team about violence and their reactions to him? I guess that'll work...

Comments: Sure Enough! Public, Private, and Comment Card . . . however, keep in mind Poetry is very personal stuff, and if you tell me how to write a poem, I will ignore you. After all, that's what I did all through high school and my one college Poetry Interpretation Class.

Author's Notes: I never thought I'd write a poem that could be used for Face, but this one seems VERY appropriate, especially based on most of the fanfic out there about him . . .


Could You


If I cried,

could you taste the fear?


If I lied,

would you lend an ear?


Sorrow darkens what light can't show,

and if a smile hides the pain, how would you know?


If I scream,

would you my Soul redeem?


If I tell,

would you curse me to Hell?


Sorrow harkens what the laughter can't hide,

and, if this be true, how could you care if I died?




Could You -- Poem by Charon



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