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Title: Coming Together

Coming Together

by Charon


Rating: NC-17

Style: Slash

Disclaimer: None of the members of The A-Team belong to me (dammit).

Stephen J. Cannell owns them, but I get to borrow them (hee hee). Not

that he'd want them back after I get done with them (ha ha).

Warnings: Major male/male sex (i.e. Face/Murdock)

Summary: What can happen when Face and Murdock are on the run and


Comments: Yes to all comments, as long as they're nicely phrased and

if they have nothing to do with the warning. Please remember I do not

have regular Internet access and more than likely will not be able to

respond to any comments quickly.





Part 1


"Murdock." Face's voice as low and he swallowed nervously.

"I think we may have ducked unto the wrong kind of place."


Murdock looked around and had to agree with Face's

assessment, but it had been the first place they'd seen that had been

open on the whole block, and they'd needed to get away from the

people who had been chasing them so they could report back to

Hannibal. However, as they looked around what was obviously a lobby

of some sort, at the mostly men who kissed and groped at various

other body parts on each other, Murdock had to wonder if it had,

indeed, been a smart move on their part. He looked around for exits,

but there didn't seem to be any, other than the front door, and that

was out due to the goons that had pursued them in the first place.


"We'd better do something soon." Face swallowed. "We're

starting to draw attention." He drew Murdock into a short line of

people that waited in front of a window behind which an old man sat

and buzzed people through a door as people handed him money, and Face

pulled out his wallet.


"Uh . . . are you sure you want to see what's beyond that

door, there, Face?" Murdock asked reluctantly and eyed the others

nervously as they passed into who knew what . . . or where.


"No." Face answered honestly. "But I know what's out the

front door, and sooner or later those guys are going to figure out

where we went, and come after us. We need to get back to Hannibal

with the report, and we can't do that if we're caught. Besides there

may be a back way out of here or we can go through a window or

something." They arrived for their turn at the window, and the old

man looked at Face and Murdock, then grinned as Face clenched

Murdock's arm tightly.


"Oh, how sweet." The old man grinned toothlessly. "What a

pretty couple you make. And newbies too, from the looks o' ya'." He

chuckled, and Face choked even as he flashed a nervous, shy smile.


"Uh . . . . yeah." He answered, and Murdock grinned.


"You wouldn't believe how new." He said, then grimaced as

Face stepped on his foot.


"Well, for you, then, we have a special. You can have the

Hawaii Room for three hours and only a hundred and fifty dollars.

You'll find everything you need in the nightstand, and don't worry,

it's all new and unused." He grinned wider. "We like to pride

ourselves on being a full service hotel for the Alternative

Lifestyle, despite the rather . . . dreary location."


"Ah . . . I see." Face swallowed. "Uh . . . thank you." He

blinked, then handed the money over to the old man, who buzzed the

door open just as the main door of the hotel opened. Two very large,

very angry men entered the hotel and Face and Murdock casually walked

through the buzzed open door, and it closed behind them.


They looked at one another as male sounds of sexual and

carnal exultation sounded around them and Face swallowed nervously as

they both saw that the only exit was a fire door attached to an alarm

that Face knew he didn't have time to disarm before the goons talked

to the old man and found out where he and Murdock had

gone. "Uh . . . maybe there's a window we can go out of." He

suggested, and Murdock nodded. They read the signs on the doors

until they found the 'Hawaii Room' and Face opened the door.


The two men looked around in shock, but before they could say

anything about the loud patterned curtains and bedspread, the grass

skirts that surrounded the tables, or the coconuts that had been used

to decorate the room, they heard the outer door as it opened, and

they rushed to the window of the room. They pushed the curtain

aside, but found that the window under it was barely big enough for a

child to fit through.


"Look for the rooms with no sound!" They heard the one goon

as he called to the other. "Those guys ain't going ta' be screwing

each other!" Face bit his lip and looked over at Murdock and moved

before he could change his mind.


"Sorry about this." Face murmured, and before the pilot

could move, Face pulled the startled man's coat off, then almost

ripped the t-shirt from over his head. "But, welcome to the

wonderful world of what can happen when a Con-man's world goes belly

up and you need to improvise so as not to get killed. Get your pants

and shorts off and get into the bed." Face removed his own clothing

and draped it over a nearby chair, then joined his shocked, and

naked, friend under the covers.


"Now wh . . . uh . . . Face? Wha . . . what are you doing?"

Murdock asked as Face rolled over on top of him.


"Making things believable. Unless you'd rather be killed by

our large friends out there." Face answered as he looked into the

deeply shocked brown eyes. "Now, moan."




"Moan. Groan. Make like you're enjoying this."


"En . . . enjoying?" Murdock asked and stared hard at Face,

as his eyes went round. "I . . . I'm having a dream, aren't I?" He

suddenly asked, then nodded. "That's it. I'm not here, I'm not

really naked, my best friend is not naked on top of me, and we're not

in a gay hotel being hunted by people who are going to kill us if we

don't do . . . stuff . . . that men don't normally do together."


"Oh crap. Murdock, now is NOT the time to go to pieces on

me." Face opened the nightstand, pulled some things out of the

drawer, then sighed. "Murdock, you've never really ever been with me

when a Con has gone so far wrong that the only way to get out of it

alive is to do something you'd not normally do. That's why I'm the

Con and you're the pilot. I told Hannibal it was a lousy plan."

Face opened a bottle of something, then sniffed it and wrinkled his

nose. "Great. Coconut. I really hate coconuts." He shook his head

and his familiar whine grounded Murdock and brought him back from the

brink of wherever it was he'd started to go as Face continued. "I

told him it was a bad idea to bring you, just in case the plan and

the Con went sour, which I just KNEW it would, but did he listen to

me? No. Just like he never listens to me. Now you have to suffer

because of it and I'm really, really sorry about this, Murdock." He

rubbed his hands together, slithered under the blankets, and Murdock

gasped as Face's slippery hands unexpectedly slid over Murdock's limp

shaft. "Make some noise, damn it, Murdock!" Face ordered as he

stroked the man. "Our lives depend on this!"


"Face! What the fu . . ." Murdock started, but then gasped

and surged upward as something warm and wet suddenly surrounded his

semi-aroused shaft. He shivered and gripped the blankets in his

fists. "What . . . what?" He tried to form semi-coherent words as

he realized that Face was somewhere under the covers with his mouth

wrapped around Murdock's rapidly hardening penis. With a jolt, he

also realized that his shock and horror were at immediate odds with

the bolts of electric pleasure that unexpectedly shot through him at

warp speed.


He writhed as he felt Face's wet tongue as it slid along the

length of him and Face's gentle, sensitive fingers brushed over the

hairs that covered his sack, and Murdock couldn't keep the moan of

pure sexual arousal inside of him. He had always been vocal about

everything and in sex he was no different. Moans, gasps, cries,

and whimpers left him as Face's mouth did things to him that made him

experience and enjoy feelings and emotions that he'd never before

known that he'd actually be able to appreciate . . . ever.


"Hey! You can't be opening doors like that!" The old man

who had taken their money suddenly shouted up the hall. "I'll call

the cops if you keep this up! I can understand Marsialli wanting

them, but you can't just come busting in here like this, and I

ain't 'fraid a' you, or Marsialli! I already told you, no one like

the two guys you lookin' for came in here either!"


"Oh shit." Face suddenly cursed. "They're looking. I'm

going to kill Hannibal for this, Murdock." Face said as he slid out

from under the covers, and Murdock's breath heaved in his chest.


"Yeah. Right. Kill Hannibal." Murdock swallowed and his

head flopped back to the pillow and barely registered movement as

Face again reached over to the nightstand and pulled a tube from

it. "You're going to need to go back into the VA after this. I just

know it." Face's voice was thick with regret, and he sighed. "I'm

really, really sorry abut this, Murdock. I had no idea things would

go down this badly. I never wanted this for you."


"What . . . what are you going to do?" Murdock's voice

dropped to a whisper and his eyes opened wide as he trembled beneath

Face, who gently stroked the brown hair back from his face.


"If they're looking, they're going to need to see what

they're looking for." Face swallowed. "And there's no way to be

able to fake what they're looking for. I . . . I never wanted you to

learn this stuff about me . . . from me. Things that I've learned to

do in my life to survive." Face's voice shook, and Murdock swallowed.


"Y . . . you're talking about screwing men, aren't you,

Face?" Face looked down and his eyes closed in shame as he nodded.

Suddenly, Murdock's eyes opened wide in shock. "Oh my . . . you're

going to fuck me!?" Murdock's eyes opened wide, and Face nodded.


"I have to." He whispered, and his eyes gleamed suspiciously

wetly. "They're looking, Murdock, and we . . . we have nowhere to

run, and you know they'll kill us if they find us again. I . . . I

can make it good for you . . . I promise you that, but I'm so, so

sorry this had to happen." His lips trembled, and he swallowed

hard. "If . . . if it helps, go on and think of this as a nightmare,

Murdock. It's just a horrible nightmare that you're going to wake up

from and everything'll be nice and uncomplicated. Just like it was



"Nothing with you Face, is ever uncomplicated." Murdock

sighed, and gazed at his friend, then smiled brightly, if not

particularly bravely. "And if that mouth of yours was faking things,

and if I'm in a nightmare, then I hope I'll never wake up."




Part 2


Murdock's humor was rewarded with a smile, and unconsciously,

Face dropped a light kiss on Murdock's lips, and kissed his way back

down the body under the covers. Murdock's body arched upward as

Face's mouth took him again as they heard startled yelps from down

the hallway as a door opened and two people were rousted. All

thoughts of their pursuers were immediately lost to Murdock as Face's

hands slickly glided around his hips and massaged his bottom. He

clutched the pillow at either side of his head and ground his head

into softness of the pillow as a loud groan of satisfaction left his

open mouth. Even as he did so, though, he couldn't help but wonder

about himself. He wondered what was in him that responded so readily

and willingly and with such heated desire as his best friend, his

best MALE friend, stimulated him nearly to the point of mindlessness.


Suddenly, as Face drew his mouth upward, Murdock felt

something warm and slick as it entered his center, and he instantly

froze. Face thrust his tongue into the sensitive hollow between the

head and the top of the fully hardened shaft, and the pilot shuddered

and cried out, even as what he knew to be a finger probed and

stretched him. Face pumped his mouth down and up over the rigid

member and Murdock couldn't stop himself as he raised his hips and

thrust himself into Face's willing mouth. In response, he felt

another finger as it entered him and joined the first. He gasped at

the unfamiliar, but extraordinarily and amazingly gratifying feelings

that the fingers drew from him, and another cry left him as he

squirmed on Face's fingers.


Murdock knew that he should have been disgusted. He knew

that he should have protested. He knew that he should have done all

of the things that the majority of straight men normally did when

they were confronted with male on male sex. At the same time though,

he knew that he actually liked the things that Face did to him. He

also liked the feelings that Face brought out in him. He hadn't ever

known that he had places on him that could be brought to the kind of

pleasure that Face gave him, and he'd liked learning that as well.

He also had to admit to himself that, sexually, he actually liked

being with Face. After all, Face CERTAINLY hadn't hurt him any.


With a start, he realized that three fingers had been placed

inside of him, and that he hadn't felt it when it'd happened which

was a definite testament to Face's skill in the art of sex. Murdock

knew without shame that he was glad that he was on the receiving end

of it. He cried out as he pushed against the fingers that possessed

him, and as of that moment, totally abandoned all of Society's Norms

he'd ever subscribed to in the areas of male on male sex. Hell, he'd

already thrown off most of what he'd been taught had been normal

anyway, and he decided that one more Norm that went down screaming in

a twisted wreck of blazing flames of lust for his best friend was not

really any big deal.


"Please!" He impetuously begged. "Oh man, F . . ." He

stopped just short of using Face's nickname, as he didn't want to tip

off the guys that searched for them, and frantically searched his

mind for something to call Face. He quickly settled on something,

and called Face a name that he'd never used before, but which was

oddly appropriate, and appealed to him immensely. "Please, Tem!" He

cried out. "Now! I'm ready, Tem! I swear!"


"M . . . my name." Face looked down at the man under him,

and he stared at him, even as his voice shook. "You . . . you used

my name. I . . . that sounds so good, Murdock." His eyes once again

gleamed, and Murdock honestly thought that Face would cry as he

looked down at him. However, Face shook his head almost viciously

and the moment passed. "But . . . but Murdock, you have to roll over

now . . ." Face whispered his instructions, but Murdock frantically

shook his head.


"Want. See. You." The pilot panted.


"It . . . it'll hurt . . ." Face said, and Murdock frowned.


"See. You." Murdock repeated and Face shakily withdrew his

fingers from his friend. Murdock whimpered at the loss and his body

quivered in anticipation as Face slid the covers off their bodies.

Face slathered himself with the gel, applied more to Murdock's ready

center, and then glanced at the pilot's sweaty, excited, waiting

face. Face checked for hesitancy or any last minute change of mind

on Murdock's part, but saw none. Murdock moved his hips and murmured

impatiently, and slowly, Face introduced himself to the prepared

center, then pushed forward as Murdock pushed down. Murdock hadn't

been prepared for the shock of the sudden pain he felt as Face

penetrated into him, and he froze as Face stopped any and all



"I'm sorry. Oh Murdock, I'm so sorry." Face apologized

profusely, and held himself immobile as Murdock took a deep breath.


"'S'okay." He assured Face, then snickered as he realized

that technically, his best friend had just taken his virginity. He

relaxed and adjusted to the fullness inside him, then shifted his

hips as he realized that Face wasn't moving. "Oh gods, Tem." He

pleaded. "Don't stop now. Please, not now." He panted through

clenched teeth as he clutched at the bedding.


"O . . . okay, Murdock." Face answered, and was unable to

ignore the plea, especially after Murdock had used his name, which

had unintentionally doubled Face's emotional response to him. Face

pushed further into Murdock, then slid out again, and Murdock thrust

his hips forward. A moan was almost torn from Face's throat and he

closed his eyes as pleasure rocketed through him. Murdock raised his

head slightly, watched Face's reaction, and experimentally tightened

his muscles around Face, as the blond moved into him again. Face

threw his head back and Murdock couldn't remember the last time he'd

seen anything quite as arousing as Face as he knelt over him with his

head thrown back in rapture . . . a rapture that Murdock knew that

he, as untrained in male sex as he was, had provided. He thrust

upward AND tightened himself around Face, and the blond arched

backward with a jerk and a loud outcry. His hips thrust forward, and

Murdock's lower torso rose to meet him.

"Tem." Murdock panted and held his arms up. "Can't. Touch.

You. Up. There." Face's body trembled as he looked down at Murdock,

then at the open arms. Slowly, as if he were afraid, Face lowered

himself into the arms that tenderly folded around him.


Murdock shivered as his erection was trapped between their

bodies, and the sweat they were both covered in, made it slick. Face

shifted his position slightly and thrust hard into Murdock, which hit

an inner pleasure center that Murdock hadn't even known had been

there. He opened his mouth to yell, but the yell was captured, and

swallowed, by Face's lips and tongue. Murdock, lost in the

unexpected ecstasy of Face's thrust, barely noticed that his and

Face's tongues had met. Face noticed however, and with a gasp of

horror, drew his head back. He'd forgotten, briefly, that it was

Murdock under him. It was his straight, best friend he was taking

for the only reason of saving their lives, and not some experienced

stranger that he'd picked up to fill the night and his empty bed with

a temporary lover who offered an even more temporary comfort.


Murdock opened his eyes and felt Face as he pulled away from

him, and he watched as fear replaced the wonderfully glazed look of

blue-eyed passion that his friend had worn. "Face . . ." He

whispered and entwined his hands in the sunshine blond hair. "Tem.

Don't be afraid for me . . . or of me. I promise you, I'm not

afraid. I trust you. Now, you have to trust you." He pulled Face's

head back down to his and a moan of surrender passed into his mouth

from Face's as their tongues found and explored each other and their

lips sealed the open-mouthed kiss of mutual desire.




Part 3


Face finally gave in to the fire that consumed him and he

pounded into Murdock, who met him thrust for thrust, kiss for kiss,

and touch for touch. The two men barely registered the heavy thumps

of the bed as it slammed repeatedly into the wall, or the loud

squeaks of the springs as they sang of the union that went on above

them. The only thing their own cries, moans, and gasps of pleasure

did, was to make them want more of the same from each other.


"Oh yeah, Tem! Ye-ess!" Murdock arched into Face and

roughly clutched his friend's shaking body to him as he suddenly

soared off into the heavens on rockets of pure ecstasy. He howled as

his body quaked and then exploded into a shuddering zenith of sexual



Face, unprepared for the overwhelming intensity of Murdock's

orgasm, was caught completely by surprise as Murdock's body seized

around his own. He gripped Murdock's shoulders and he answered

Murdock's climax as his whole body convulsed over Murdock's. His

loud wail of satiation was only slightly muffled as he pressed his

face into the juncture between Murdock's neck and shoulder. He

collapsed over Murdock as the shuddering after effects of his own

orgasm passed through his body, and Murdock wrapped his arms around



Very gently and carefully, Face pulled out of Murdock, and

both men lay silently together as they recovered their breathing as

well as their equilibrium. Absently, Murdock scratched at an

annoying itch on his shoulder and frowned when his hand came away

damp. He looked at Face's head as it lay cradled on his shoulder and

he was startled to see that tears ran silently down Face's cheeks

from under his closed lids.


"Face?' He whispered. "What's wrong?"


"You weren't ever supposed to know." Face couldn't look at

the friend whose body he'd just taken. "You never showed any

inclination toward men, and you were a virgin. You . . . you should

have been with someone better than I, in better circumstances, and

certainly in a better place."


"Uh . . . Face. I never showed any inclination toward men

because honestly, the thought never occurred to me that there'd ever

be a time when I would actually be inclined to have, or want, a man.

And need I remind you that most people are virgins who do things for

the first time. And, Face . . . Tem, if there's someone out there

better than you, then I'm a dead man . . ."


"That's not what I meant . . ." Face told him and Murdock



"I know exactly what you meant, and I'm ignoring it because

if I responded, we'd be here beyond our allotted three hours . . ."


"Uh . . . we could probably leave now." Face

swallowed. "I . . . I haven't heard anything . . . of . . . of

course, I wasn't really listening either." Face's aspect went

scarlet, and Murdock frowned.


"They probably were convinced we weren't us, Face. From the

way the bed was hitting the wall, I'd say we convinced at least three

of our neighbors, plus the next building, that it wasn't us

Marsialli's men were looking for. But you aren't going to get away

with changing the subject. Face . . . Tem, there's nothing wrong

with you . . ."


"Yes there is! Damn it, Murdock, you deserve MORE than just

some whore!" Face exclaimed and pulled himself out of the bed and

put several feet of space between them. "Don't you understand

that!? It should have been special! The first time should always be

special!" Face trembled and he looked away. "It should be

special." He repeated, and Murdock sat up, then wrapped his arms

around his legs.


"Face." He frowned and Face looked away. "Tem, listen to

me, okay. I've never, never, NEVER thought of you as a whore, and I

sure as hell never thought you did." Murdock was shocked, and he

stared at his friend. "No one on the team thinks of you that way,

especially since we know what you've gone through . . . and now that

I know more than I ever did before about you, I'd absolutely NEVER,

EVER think of you that way, and I really wish YOU wouldn't either.

And, for your information, Tem, for my first time, it WAS special.

And, unless you don't want to touch me again, it's going to be my

first, and last, time. I don't know what you think, but Face,

there's no other man I'd ever trust to be like that with me

again . . . in fact, if it had been anyone but you, I'd NEVER have

let them touch me the way I let you. I mean, you and me, we've been

through so much together, and we've done so much together that what

we just did seems right to me, I guess. Maybe it was the next

logical step to take in our friendship, maybe it was a fluke of the

universe, or maybe it was just someone's idea of a huge cosmic

joke . . . hell, Tem, I don't know what it was . . . I don't pretend

to know what it was. All I DO know is that it seemed to be the most

right thing to do at the time." He tilted his head at Face, and

gazed seriously at him. "But now, well Tem, I've got a question for

you that I think needs to be answered, and needs to be answered

before we go anywhere else with this . . . whatever it is."


"What?" Face's voice was strangled and he nervously ran a

hand through his hair, then grimaced as he realized he'd very likely

just spread gel and other stuff through the blond mass.


"This wasn't just sex for you, was it." Murdock asked,

though he hadn't phrased the question as a question, and every other

thought was blown from Face's mind as he stared at the man on the bed.


"What . . . what do you mean?" He stammered, and Murdock



"Damn it, Face!" He almost exploded. "I may be, or may have

been, crazy, but I've never been stupid. I know damned well when I'm

just being fucked, and I know equally as well when I'm being Made

Love to, and with a capital 'M' and a capital 'L'. I know for a FACT

that you would have NEVER made move one on me if we hadn't been

pushed in here by Marsialli's goons. Hell, I might have thought

you'd set the whole thing up here just to seduce me, IF you hadn't

cried at the end of the session, and IF I didn't know that you

certainly had better taste in seduction places than this! I've known

you long enough to know that if this had just been another sex thing

for you, you'd've just jumped up, taken a shower, and we'd've been

out of here by now, and more-than-likely, this little episode would

never have been mentioned again. That's NOT what happened though,

Tem." Murdock sighed as he realized that the more he used Face's

name, the better he liked it, and he certainly didn't miss Face's

reaction to it every time Murdock used it. "You cried, you stayed,

and damn it, a blind man could see that you're afraid right now, even

as we're talking." His voice softened as he took in Face's white

aspect. "I need to know the truth, Face, and I want it

straight . . ." He grimaced and shook his head ruefully. "Er . . .

you know what I mean. Just tell me, Face. Do you love me?" He

watched as Face's eyes flickered around the room, then frowned as

Face opened his mouth. "And I don't mean just as a friend or as a

brother, Tem. I MEAN, do you love me as in 'I want to spend the rest

of my life making you happy and I'll never let you out of my bed or

my heart' type love."




Part 4


Face's mouth moved, though nothing exited, and he crossed

his arms over his chest and gripped his shoulders tightly. "Yes. I

do." He finally whispered, as his voice tremored. "I love you,

Murdock. I . . . I have for years." Face couldn't have stopped the

tears that fell down his face if he'd tried, which he did. He'd

finally spoken the words out loud that he'd only ever said to himself

in his heart, and at that moment he was more miserable than he could

ever remember being. He knew that even if Murdock said nothing and

they never had sex again, that the words Face's words would

always be between them, and that their easy friendship would never be

the same. Face's head fell forward and he looked at the floor,

unable to bear Murdock's gaze on him any longer as he waited for the

negative judgement that he was sure would come.


Murdock quietly regarded Face as he contemplated his best

friend's answer. It had been a shock to hear it, although he had

known what the answer had been, but that didn't make it any less of a

jolt. Face had never done or said anything to have made Murdock ever

think, not for a moment, that the younger man loved him in any way

other than as a brother-in-arms or as a best friend, but Murdock felt

that somehow he still should have known. Murdock knew that at that

moment, he wielded a lot of power over Face, as well as controlled

what would happen between them in the future, and he was slightly

awed by the thought. He knew that if he told Face that he didn't,

wouldn't and couldn't accept Face as anything more than a friend,

Face would understand that and they'd move on, the night and the

words catalogued, as Face had suggested earlier, merely as a bad

dream. However, Murdock knew that if they did that, then Face would

never touch him again, and Murdock certainly didn't want that. He

knew that if he told Face that he loved him, more-than-likely, Face

wouldn't believe him, but he'd go with it because it was what he

wanted to hear. Murdock knew that Face would give him anything and

everything the pilot wanted whenever he wanted it, no matter how Face

had to get it. However, Murdock also knew that if he were ever to

break off the relationship with Face, the rather sensitive blond

would be devastated and would never recover from Murdock's rejection

the same way that he'd never really recovered from anyone else's

rejection, intended or not. Murdock knew for a fact he didn't want

THAT either.


Slowly, he climbed from the bed and padded across the wood

floor until he stood directly in front of Face. He placed three

fingers under Face's chin and gently raised his head until their eyes

met. "Tem." His voice was low, and gentle, and he used Face's real

name to make the impact on the man more solid and real. "You know I

can't make any promises, right?"


"Yes." Face whispered and tried to drop his head again, but

Murdock wouldn't allow it, and he continued in the same tone.


"This is all brand new to me, Tem, and I just don't mean the

mind-blowing, earth-shattering, body-numbing sex." Murdock

continued, and Face raised his eyebrows, then blushed scarlet with

pleasure at Murdock's blatant praise.


"I . . . I'm glad you liked it." He stammered. "I . . . I'm

just sorry it was rushed."


"Face, if you had gone any slower, I would have exploded, and

you'd've had to clean up the mess." He pointed to his stomach and

chest. "As it is, I really need a shower, and I wouldn't mind if you

were there with me. But . . ." He frowned. "You're trying to

change the subject again, and what I have to say it too important to

allow you to do that." Murdock frowned and shook his head. "Anyway,

as I was saying, this is all new to me. The thought of loving, or

even being able to love, another man hadn't ever occurred to me

before, and I don't know whether or not I can do it. However, I CAN

say, and with complete honesty, that I can't picture myself with

anyone else in my life right now as a lover, physically or otherwise,

than you. Tem, this is a perfectly serious question here, and I need

an honest, serious answer." He looked directly into Face's

eyes. "Would you be willing to date me? Would you be willing to

teach me how to love a man, specifically you, I hope, physically and



"Date you?" Face stared at Murdock, and stars danced in his

eyes as a bright, real smile actually, and literally, burst across

the blond man's face. Murdock sighed and basked in the warmth of the

smile as Face gazed at him with nothing less than adoration. "As in

candles, dinners, and dancing? That kind of dating?"


"And as in baseball games, bowling, and go-cart racing."

Murdock nodded, and Face blinked.


"Uh . . . okay.' Face agreed, but then bit his lip. "But

what about Hannibal and B.A.?"


"What? You want to date them too?" Murdock looked at Face,

and his brown eyes gleamed with humor as Face looked startled, then

laughed, and shook his head. "Oh. I see." Murdock nodded

thoughtfully. "You want to bring them WITH us on our dates."


"No!" Face exclaimed. "Murdock, you goof! I mean, what

about them? What do we tell them . . . about us, I mean. Sooner or

later they're going to know that something's up."


"Well, I certainly hope something's up. I'd be awfully

disappointed if it weren't." Murdock pouted, and Face sighed.


"Oh. You'll know when 'things' are definitely 'up'." Face's

voice dropped and he ran the very tip of his tongue across his

slightly swollen lips. Murdock's body reacted immediately to the

sheer seductiveness in Face's body and his tone, and his low moan

garnered the same and equally immediate response from Face's body.

Murdock pressed himself against the blond and trailed a finger down

Face's cheek as he ran his other hand across the lips that had known

his. Murdock smiled triumphantly as the Seducer became the Seduced,

and Face's eyelashes fluttered closed. A soft sigh left him as

Murdock placed his lips over Face's and it was a long, drawn out, and

very tender kiss that they shared. It was a kiss of promise more

than it was of passion, and Murdock felt the exact moment that Face

surrendered to him emotionally as well as physically, and Face all

but melted into Murdock's arms.


"I wouldn't worry about Hannibal and B.A.." Murdock finally

whispered, and Face blinked, then forced himself to focus on the fact

that Murdock had actually spoken. "Like you said, sooner or later

they're going to notice, and we'll all deal with it then."


"You're right, Murdock." Face smiled and Murdock led him

into the bathroom, then turned on the shower. "We probably shouldn't

borrow trouble." He added as he stepped into the warm water, and

rolled his shoulders as it played over his tired body.


"Yeah. It finds us enough on its own." Murdock laughed,

then joined Face in the shower where, amidst many long, drawn out

kisses and exploratory touches, they cleaned each other up. There

was ten minutes left of their three hours when they walked out of the

back, and the old man grinned.


"Usually I have to kick the newbies out of the rooms." He

said, and Face blushed, then the older man frowned. "And say, sorry

about that disturbance of earlier. Hope you didn't mind me shoutin'

out there."


"Not at all." Murdock grinned. "I just thank you for

trusting us enough to let us hide out here . . . among other things."


"I read the papers." The older man smiled. "I knew who ya'

are, and I knowed 'nough ta' trust ya'." He winked as Face went

pale. "Ah, don't worry there, kid. I ain't gonna' tell on ya'.

What ya' do is yo' own business. But ya' better get goin' as ya'

probably got people to see, and places to go."


"Uh . . . yeah, actually, we do. Come on, Murdock, we still

need to go make that report, and Hannibal's going to kill us for

being so late without reporting in. Our grace time's almost up."

Face pulled Murdock out of the hotel, and was out the door just as

Murdock turned back around, winked at the proprietor, then

mouthed 'thank you'.


A moment later, both he and Face were gone and the old man

grinned as a big, black man that both Face and Murdock knew VERY well

stepped from around a nearby corner. He watched as the older man

pulled a rubber mask from his face and took a pair of false gums from

his mouth, and revealed yet another face that Murdock and Face were

VERY familiar with.


"Ya' think it worked, Hannibal?" B.A. asked, and Hannibal's

pale blue eyes twinkled merrily as he pulled a cigar from his coat



"If that love-struck look on Face's face, the fact that

Murdock didn't exactly seem upset, and the bed whamming against the

wall with the force of a jackhammer's anything to go by, then yeah, I

think it did." Hannibal's grin widened, and he laughed.


"Good." B.A. said decisively. "Faceman's been moonin' after

that crazy foo' for too long." He commented as he and Hannibal left

the hotel. " Ya' think they know it was you that set 'em up?"


"I think Murdock figured it out, but at this point, I don't

think Face could care. Once, or more appropriately, if, his feet

ever get back on solid ground, he'll figure it out as well, but we'll

just have to wait and see what happens. Remind me to give your

friends a bonus. Nice work on their parts, B.A.. They chased them

into the hotel right on time." Hannibal grinned at his bigger

companion as they climbed into the van and B.A. started it up. "Ya'

know . . ." He sat back and puffed contentedly on his cigar. "There

are just some times when it's just so much more satisfying than

others to say I love it when a plan comes together."


"And this is one o' them." B.A. threw in, and Hannibal



"Oh yeah. This is DEFINITELY one of those times, B.A.

DEFINITELY one of those times."


B.A. gave his Colonel a rare grin, then roared off into the

night in order to make up time so they could make it back to the

compound before Face and Murdock did.


The End!?



Coming Together by Charon



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