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TITLE: A Matter Of Trust

A Matter Of Trust

by Charon



STYLE:  Slash

DISCLAIMER:  They SOOOO are not mine.  Just borrowing them from Mr. Cannell (thank you, sir, I promise I'll return them when I'm done). I seriously have not made any money off this at all, and more's the pity, but oh well.

WARNINGS:  This is SOOOO majorly NC-17!  GRAPHIC descriptions of male/male (B.A./Face) sex. Oh, there's language, too... bad language.

SPOILERS:  Small one for Rina's epi, and there's another one but I can't remember what it is right now but it isn't a biggie.

SUMMARY:  A Nutcase decides to play with our heroes.

COMMENTS:  With comment card and as long as they have nothing to do with the warnings already mentioned, and if you think it sucks, I've had a really bad month and if you criticize me harshly, please note that I probably will cry and you'll feel bad, so if you can't say anything nice, please do Charon a HUGE favor and don't say anything at all.  Charon will love you eternally! :-D

AUTHOR's NOTES:   If you have the 800 x 600 pixel A-Team wallpaper thing, do not read this story and look at it immediately afterward. It's a little embarrassing... at least it was for me...hee hee hee. :-D




Part 1


            B.A. opened his eyes and promptly wished that he hadn't as he saw that he was in a cell and chained by his wrists, waist, and ankles to the wall.  As his aching head and blurry eyes slowly cleared and allowed him to adjust to the dimness of the cell, he looked around and his heart and stomach both leapt into his throat as he saw Face and his condition.  The younger man lay completely naked, his hands handcuffed to the headrail of a large cot, while his legs were spread-eagled on the bare mattress, and his ankles were shackled to the footrail.  A deep bruise spread along the side of his face to his neck and B.A. saw that even though Face's eyes were closed, he was awake.


            "Faceman?" He asked, his voice rough from the effects of being knocked unconscious and the worry about why his friend was naked on a cot, and he was fully dressed, but for his jewelry that, prior to the mission, he had removed for silence and to lend credence to the scam.   Face's eyes opened and he slowly turned his head, as if it too ached, over to B.A..  The blue eyes that could at once entice and mock with equal verbosity, though he never spoke a word, opened, and B.A. frowned as he saw that only dullness and a haunted fear was reflected back at him, and though the lips smiled, they were devoid of any humor.


            "You're awake."  Face blinked and B.A.'s frown deepened as the normally vibrant timbre of Face's voice was as hollow and as empty as his eyes.  "Welcome back to the land of the living.  As you can probably guess, if you don't remember, the scam didn't work."


            B.A. nodded.  He did remember, but it hadn't been the Faceman's fault.  It hadn't been anyone's fault, really – just bad timing.  No one knew that the person that Face had been sent in to impersonate had gotten out of jail only hours before B.A. and Face had been sent into enemy territory, and it certainly couldn't have been foreseen.


            "You did yo' best."  B.A. gave a rare word of praise, and Face's smile was merely a ghost of the normal brilliant one that B.A. so liked to see.  He may not have always approved of Face's scamming, but Face himself was okay.  B.A. ran his eyes over Face's body and had to admire what he saw, though he knew that it being naked always meant trouble – at least for Face – and that meant for him as well.  He tested the chains, the joints, and the connections to the wall and found they were all solid and not one weakness could be found.


            "Looked pretty solid from my point of view." Face said almost conversationally.  "Nice to see I haven't lost my eye for details as I've aged."


            B.A. frowned and wanted to tell Face what he thought of his age and him always worrying about it, but the timing wasn't right, if it ever would be, and he scowled.  "What's goin' on, Faceman?  Why we here and why . . ."  B.A. forced his voice to remain steady and not be filled with the dread he actually felt, and forged on.  "Why ain't ya' got any clothes on?"


            "Oh."  Face turned his head away and looked up at the ceiling, where B.A. had already noted the placement of one of three cameras in the cell, as well as two small vents at the top of the cell.  He'd also seen the speaker in the wall and knew that the chances of there being a microphone or microphones in the room were a foregone conclusion.  "You noticed that."  Face's voice went flat and reflected no emotion at all, and B.A. knew that meant that the man was scared, and his rage grew.  If Face were frightened as badly as he so obviously was to someone who knew him, there could be only one reason.  B.A. forced himself to listen to what Face said rather than try and fight his way from the chains, but with each word, he only grew more and more angry.  "Remember the briefing, B.A.?" Face asked and B.A. almost growled with impatience.  However, he knew that Face questioned him not only to put off having to tell him what was going on, but to see if B.A. had been injured after he'd lost consciousness.


            "Yeah, I 'member."  He confirmed.  "Stockwell said this guy we was after was a Nutcase."


            "Leave it up to Stockwell to so aptly name someone."  Face's voice dropped.  "He's going to fuck me, B.A."  That was all Face said, but the black man blew.  He'd known what they were going to do, but to hear it was too much for him as Face went on.  "He's going to make you watch."


            "I'll kill 'im!" B.A. howled and threw himself forward, then to the sides.  The chains bit into his skin and tore pieces away, but he didn't care.  He wanted to rip the whole damned wall down and carry Face – bed and all – out of wherever they were.


            "B.A.!  Stop!" Face's panicked voice broke into his angry haze.  "B.A.!  You'll hurt yourself!  We can't get out of here, B.A.!  There's cameras and microphones all over the place!  B.A.!  "Calm down!  This won't help the situation, you, OR me!  Sergeant, damn it!"  Face finally barked out in the military tone of authority he so seldom used.  "Stand fucking down!"


            Face had known what effect his words would have on the bigger man as he'd informed him of what the Nutcase intended to do, but the actual extent of B.A.'s fight for freedom scared him.  B.A.'d been like someone possessed, and Face didn't understand it.  He'd always admired the bigger black man for his depth of feeling for all things, particularly children, but Face hadn't known that B.A. cared about him quite so much.  Truth to tell, Face had always thought that B.A. hadn't really liked him all that much – merely tolerated him as a necessary evil to the team's safety and freedom.  Face was merely a means to an end, and whatever the fickle bitch called Fate handed to him, was a way of evening the score for his schemes and scams.


            Face knew that he'd had to calm B.A. down some way, and the military bark that Hannibal used to calm a raging B.A. always worked for the older man, so in hope, Face finally resorted to it.  He was relieved to see that it worked for him as well, though maybe not as quickly as Hannibal's bark.  He watched as B.A. slowly regained control of his awesome, and deadly, body, and Face finally sighed in relief.


            "B.A.." Face finally said, and the bigger man looked over at him.  "Hannibal gave us a time.  When it passes and he doesn't hear from us, he'll know that something went wrong.  And you know he won't stop searching until he finds us.  We both have to be alive when he does.  One of us is going to have to able to form whole sentences that don't dissolve into gibberish when he does, okay?"


            B.A. listened to Face's calm words, and he listened to Face's eyes and his tone.  Face, though he hadn't given up, had given up coming out of the experience mentally intact, and B.A. knew why.  Face remembered the prison camp they'd been held in, and B.A. remembered the screams that Face had been unable to hold back as their guards had repeatedly raped 'the pretty American boy' in addition to the other tortures they'd visited on his person.  Face'd barely made it through the camp with his mind able to function, and it was a testament to the strength of his character that he'd recovered as quickly as he had.  Of course, it may have been because he'd seen Murdock's mind as it had started to falter, and had appointed himself the Crazy Fools Guardian.  Whatever the reason for Face's recovery, B.A. had nothing but admiration for the man whose orders he followed, and calmed down.


            "Very good."  A male voice said outside the cell door, then the door opened, and the Nutcase who'd captured them entered.  He wore a long, velvet-collared, velvet flocked, satin robe and grinned as he gloated over his prisoners.  "Thank you both for that wonderful show earlier."  He grinned at B.A., and the bigger man snarled.  Face's hands fluttered in the cuffs and B.A. read the hand signals the team had developed in the jungle, and had never forgotten.  'Keep your head.'  Face had signaled, and B.A. forced himself, if not to actually calm down, then to at least  hide his rage and keep it at bay for when he'd finally be able to release it so that it'd do some good.


            B.A. watched as the man stood at the foot of Face's cot and raked his eyes over the younger man's body.  B.A.'s blood boiled as the man's face was lit only with the light of pure, undisguised lust, and Face's eyes turned into black holes of uncontrolled despair and fear as his pupils dilated.  B.A. watched as minute tremors passed over Face's body, and he jerked as the Nutcase stroked his fingers over Face's shackled ankle, the shackle itself, and then Face's shin. Slowly he walked around Face and gently traced the bruise down Face's cheek to his chest, and Face's tremors increased.  B.A. figured that if Face's breaths were any quicker and shallower, he'd pass out from oxygen deprivation . . . or fear . . . whichever happened first.


            "You are so beautiful." The Nutcase grinned.  "I am so going to enjoy this."


            "I'm not." Face tried to joke, but it was a pathetic squeak and the Nutcase's grin widened as Face's body shook visibly.


            "You're afraid of me."  The Nutcase almost drooled and ran both hands over Face's arms, face, and chest.  As desperately as Face wanted to deny his fear, he knew that he couldn't as his body betrayed his fight for, and loss of, control.  "I like that you're afraid of me. I like that a lot." The Nutcase moved his hands lower and Face tried to form the word 'no,' but no words left his frozen throat, and all he was capable of doing was shaking his head back and forth in silent denial.


            The Nutcase's hand covered him, long fingers stroked him, and a door opened in Face's mind . . . a door he'd long thought closed.  The cell was suddenly eerily familiar and the sounds of pain and those in pain filled his ears as well as the mocking laughter of Vietcong soldiers as they stood over him.  A moment later, he actually saw those same soldiers and felt their hands on him as they held him down, opened his body to theirs, and forced themselves into every orifice he had.


            Remembered pain and panic took control of his mind as any and all pride he'd had flew out of his body and his mind.  He babbled in badly mangled Vietnamese for them to let him go or for them to kill him, but they only laughed at him.  He yanked against the chains and the hands that held him down, but his struggles only increased the soldiers' lust.


            "What the hell?!" The Nutcase demanded loudly as Face struggled to free himself and a string of gibberish suddenly left his mouth.  Face's body surged upward and the Nutcase jumped away.  His robe was flung open and a tube of lubricating gel dropped out of his pocket and rolled over the edge of the bed, and then hit the floor.


            "Git away from him!" B.A. yelled angrily.  "He's goin' inta' a flashback!"  He could have told the Nutcase that would have happened.  Face rarely ever had flashbacks, but when he did, they almost always were because some idiot bad guy had put his hands where they weren't supposed to go . . . at least, Face figured they weren't supposed to go there.  The Nutcase had actually been lucky that Face was chained down, or he would have instantly been a dead man.  Face in a flashback was only Lieutenant Peck, Green Beret, and he protected himself as he'd been trained to – with deadly force.


            Suddenly, Face screamed, and the horrible man-shriek chilled the blood of everyone who heard it.  The guard flung the cell door open and Face threw himself violently to the side and the cot almost turned over.  "You okay?" The wide-eyed guard demanded, even as Face screamed again.


            "THAT has got to stop!" The Nutcase scowled and went to cover Face's mouth, but Face went after him with the only weapon he had, his teeth.  Skin was torn from Face's wrists and ankles as he flung himself at the hands that tormented him in his flashback, and B.A. couldn't stand it any longer.  It had been excruciating on him as he'd been forced to listen as Face had screamed in Vietnam, but to actually have to watch and see how hard Face had struggled against the invading soldiers despite the fact that it'd never worked, was far too hard on his gentle soul.


            "Let me go!" He demanded and yanked on the chains.  "Let me go!  I can bring him out o' this!" Which wasn't necessarily true.  He'd only ever watched Hannibal as he'd brought Face out of the hell and the nightmares in his own mind.  B.A. had never had to do it by himself, but he knew that if the younger man's struggles weren't stopped, he would seriously hurt himself.  "I can stop it!" B.A. insisted.  "But ya' got ta' let me go ta' him!"


            Face let out another scream, and the Nutcase scowled.  "If you try anything to escape . . ." He snarled as the guard tossed him the keys.  "I'll kill you both!"  Face screamed a fifth time and threw himself off the bed.  He didn't make it, of course, and the metal from the handcuffs and shackles bit into his skin.


            "I'm gonna' kill YOU if he's hurt anymore!" B.A. promised and Face arched upward against his bonds as the Nutcase desperately unlocked B.A..  Before B.A. completely disentangled himself from the chains that bound him, and with the fear of the bigger man and the curiosity of the insane in him, the Nutcase ran from the room as the guard re-locked the door behind him.  He dashed into his camera room, threw on all three cameras and the microphones, then eagerly leaned forward in his chair.


            B.A. finally loosened himself from the chains, dropped to his knees, and slowly crawled over to Face. "Faceman." He kept his voice low and used the same tone on Face that he'd used on the small children at his Youth Center.  "Faceman.  They gone now, man.  Ya' can stop fightin' 'em."  B.A. continued speaking as he crawled over to the bed and kept his body and voice lower than Face's field of vision.  "Ya' did real good, Lieutenant.  They gone now."  He used Hannibal's words and suddenly, Face froze.


            "H . . . Hannibal?" He whispered, and lay still but for the horrible and violent trembling of his body.


            "Hannibal can't come." B.A. quickly improvised as he knew there was no way that he could pretend to be Hannibal.  "It's me. Sergeant Baracus."


            "B.A.?" Face's voice shook as hard as his body and he finally turned his head and looked at B.A., but the bigger man knew that Face wasn't seeing him as he looked, but as how he'd appeared fifteen years before.


            "Wh . . . where's Hannibal?" Face's eyes widened and filled with fear and horror.  "What'd they do to him?  Oh gods, please don't let them hurt him like . . . like me.  He's so strong.  It'd kill him . . . "  Tears ran down Face's cheeks and he shivered.


            "Yo' strong too . . . " B.A. started, but Face shook his head.


            "No . . . no I'm not.  C . . . couldn't fight them . . . couldn't stop them." He squeezed his eyes shut and the tears continued to roll down his cheeks.  Gingerly, B.A. took off his shirt and wiped the sweat that chilled Face from his chest, then placed gentle fingers on the younger man's cheeks and wiped the tears away.


            "None o' us could stop nothin'."  He told Face and Face turned his head into the comfort of B.A.'s large hand.  "Not you, not me, not Hannibal, and not the crazy man.  We all did what we could, but you know none o' it was any a' our fault."


            "Not . . . fault?"  Face's lips trembled and he opened his eyes and looked into B.A.'s face.


            "No, Faceman.  You did yo' best and ain't none o' us could have asked fo' any more from you.  Ain't never asked for mo' than that from ya'."


            "It hurt . . . " Face blinked.  "I . . ." He blinked rapidly, then shook his head as if to clear it, then groaned, and his head fell back to the mattress as he inhaled deeply.  B.A. knew, with a heartfelt sigh of relief, that Face was back in the current world and again, he gently wiped the thin sheen of perspiration from the pale skin.


            "You back now?" B.A. asked, but only to fill the sudden silence.


            "Oh shit." Face moaned.  "I feel sick.  What . . . what happened?"


            "You flashbacked."  B.A. told him gently and Face squeezed his eyes shut as B.A. ripped strips from his shirt and tied them around Face's injured wrists.  "He let me loose ta' bring you out of it."


            "B.A. . . ." Face swallowed.  "Did . . .did he?"


            "No.  I think your screamin' hurt his ears."


            "Hope I made them bleed." Face snarled.


            "I woulda' gone after him after he let me loose . . ."


            "Bad idea.  Cameras and microphones."  Face's eyes swept the room.  "We're monitored and you'd have been stopped.  More than likely fatally.  Han . . . Hannibal wouldn't like me very much if I got you killed."


            B.A. frowned but refrained from pointing out that it would have been his own decision to fight, and that Hannibal would have known that and not blamed Face.  However, B.A. knew that Face would have blamed himself, and that had been more than half the reason that B.A. HADN'T gone after the Nutcase.  The other half of the reason had been that there was no way that B.A. could have left Face in the Nutcase's hands alone and unprotected . . . or uncomforted.  He turned his attention to binding the wounds on Face's ankles, and Face sighed as the big hands that pounded mercilessly on bad guys, ever-so-gently soothed his own pain.



Part 2


The Nutcase watched the entire proceedings and listened to the verbal exchanges with a distinctly unhealthy interest.  He noticed that as B.A. cared for the blond he'd called Face, there was no fear, no shaking, and MOST importantly, no screaming.  The Nutcase's mouth parted and his breathing quickened as B.A. leaned over Face's body and the sienna of his skin shone like a shadow against the ghostly paleness of his companion.  The Nutcase licked his lips as the big, brown hands trailed over the white face and wiped away tears and sweat.


            Blue eyes looked trustingly up into brown as the brown fingers passed over the softness of pink lips.  The Nutcase almost panted as his arousal let itself be felt.  He stroked himself as B.A. had removed his shirt, and his well-defined muscles rippled under the dark shin.  The Nutcase groaned as B.A. ran the shirt over the smooth white chest that he had so recently touched, and a wide grin, sickly in its twisted joy, slowly spread over his face and he realized what he wanted to see.


            He switched on the microphone and both men stiffened as they recognized the sound.  Face couldn't stop the tremors that shook his body, and B.A. rested his hand on his friend's stomach, then sat beside him protectively.  The tremors calmed and Face inhaled, then swallowed, and the Nutcase licked his lips.


            "I've watched you."  The Nutcase's hated voice came pleasantly to them from the speaker, and they looked at each other, then back to the speaker as he continued.  "And I have to tell you that I'm most impressed.  I've also had the most wonderful idea."  He actually giggled and B.A. felt the muscles in Face's stomach as they clenched tightly.  Absently, B.A. massaged the taut muscles, and they relaxed under his gentle touch.


            "Idea?" Face asked, his tone strained, and the Nutcase nodded.


            "Yes.  You see, since I can't seem to touch you without your freaking out, and your big friend can, I'm going to let him touch you for me!"


            "What?" Face's eyes went round and his mouth fell open as B.A. jumped up.


            "You better not be sayin' what I think you are, sucka', 'cause I'll pound ya'!"  He snarled into the camera across from him and curled his hands into fists.


            "B.A..." Face swallowed.  "Calm down.  He can't possibly mean . . . mean what it sounds like he means." He looked into the camera over him.  "Just what ARE you saying?"


            "But that's exactly what I DO mean.  Right now, in you two, I have before me, one living Yin/Yang . . . you know, big/little, brawn/brain, strong/weak,  and I absolutely LOVE what I'm seeing and what it's doing for me, and I want to see more of it.  In fact, I want to see a big mostly- free black man fuck the shit out of a little chained up white man."  He actually giggled, and both Face and B.A. looked disgusted and more than a little sickened as he continued and they could almost hear him drool.  "I want to see the slave become the master."


            "I ain't never been no one's slave!" B.A. howled in absolute rage at the man, the situation, and his own helplessness.


            "And I've never been anyone's master." Face shot back as his lips curled back from his teeth in loathing at the mere thought.


            "Whatever."  The Nutcase merely shook his head and dismissed their protests.  "I know what I want, and you, my fine ebony god, are going to give it to me . . . him, actually."  He giggled again and Face paled, his brief flash of anger gone in his shock.


            "No." He whispered and fear gripped his heart.  "No."


            "Ain't gonna' do nothin' ta' ya', Faceman."  B.A. assured him, then looked at the camera again.  "Ya' hear me, sucka?!  I ain't gonna' let YOU do nothin ta' him neither!"


            "You don't have a choice."  The Nutcase's tone was angry, but he suddenly laughed.  "Actually, now that I think of it, you DO have a choice, TWO of them actually.  I direct your attention to the vents at the top of the walls, which I know you've already seen."  He waited as Face and B.A.'s eyes automatically went to them, then he continued.  "You see, those are gas vents, which I can use to simply gas you into unconsciousness, re-chain you to the wall, and send in my people – I think four would be a nice number to start with – and release them all on your pretty friend after you've both woken up again.  You see, from here in my monitor room, I can simply turn the sound off, and I won't hear his screams, or your howls.  I'll still get off and you'll be forced to watch – again – and maybe I'll let you pick up what's left of him before I kill you both after your precious Colonel comes to rescue you."  He giggled and licked his lips.  "And your second choice is that you, and you alone, can do him and make it as easy on him as possible. After all, a blind man can see that you care about him and don't want him harmed.  If you need instructions, I'll be MORE than happy to provide them for you . . ."


            "Don't need no instructions from you!  I know what to do!" B.A. was so enraged that he forgot to watch his words, and he knew that he'd just revealed something about himself that he'd never wanted anyone on the team to know – ever.


            The Nutcase laughed as Face's eyes went wide.  "Well, THIS just keeps getting better and better."  He laughed and actually clapped his hands in delight.  "I'll even be generous here and give you gentlemen time to talk this obviously new development over.  You have fifteen minutes."  The microphone clicked off, and Face blinked at B.A..


            "You . . ." Face swallowed and B.A. looked away.


            "I was taught what ta' do when I was a kid."  B.A. scowled, and Face's lips trembled.


            "I . . . I never knew.  I'm sorry, B.A." Face's voice was thick with compassion.  "I . . . I was molested, too."  He whispered, and B.A. nodded.


            "I could tell."  B.A. nodded.  "Ya' like some o' my kids.  Ya' got messed up and then Vietnam happened.  I know ya' ain't never got no help . . ."


            "There wasn't anyone."  Face swallowed.  "But . . . but you did?"


            "I had my mama." B.A. answered and Face smiled.


            "I'm so glad."  His eyes flickered to the camera, then he looked back at B.A.  "But, B.A., I'd never ask you to . . . to compromise yourself . . . your beliefs for me.  You know I'd never expect that.  No one would."


            "They goin' ta hurt ya' . . ." B.A. reminded him, and Face blinked as his lips tightened.


            "I know, B.A.  I . . . I got through it once . . ." Face's voice shook and tremors passed over his body.  "I . . . I'll get through again.  May . . ." He grinned, but it was sickly at best and beads of perspiration ran down his forehead.  "Maybe I'll get... get Murdock's old room at the V.A..  Doctor Richter's been wanting to take a crack . . . crack at me for years."


            "Ain't gonna' happen, Faceman."  B.A.'s voice was low, and he ran his gentle fingers down Face's forehead as he wiped away the sweat.


            "B.A., please don't do anything foolish.  We know there's no way out of here right now.  We just have to wait for Hannibal to get us.  I don't care how many traps that Nutcase lays for him, you and I both know he'll escape all of them and rescue us.  PLEASE don't get killed.  Not for me.  Not you of all people."


            "I ain't gonna' get myself killed, and if I did, you just as good a person ta' die for as Hannibal and that Crazy Foo' and don't think ya' aren't.  I don't like it when ya' put yo'self down like that."  B.A. looked directly into Face's haunted eyes, and his voice dropped so that only Face would be able to hear him, had anyone else been listening.  "I heard ya' screamin' in the camp and there weren't nothin' I could do ta' stop it.  I swore then that there weren't no one ever goin' ta' make ya' scream like that again if I could stop it . . ."


            "But you can't stop it.  Not without getting killed."  Face's voice dropped just as low as B.A.'s and the bigger man sighed.


            "Ya' ain't listenin'." He grumbled.  "I told ya' I was taught how ta' be with a man . . ."


            "But you were abused . . ."


            "YOU said I was abused.  I ain't never told no one this on the team, Faceman, but I been with men . . . and willingly."  Face's eyes opened wide as the implications of what B.A. had actually meant hit him, and his gaze flickered over B.A.'s form.


            "You mean you . . . you're . . . " Face blinked and tilted his head.  "Are you bi . . . or something?"


            "More o' the 'or something'." B.A. answered and he watched as Face assimilated the information.


            "So . . . you're gay." Face finally said and B.A. couldn't look at his friend for fear of the condemnation he'd been sure he'd see in the blue eyes that could mock as easily as other people's voices could, but Face nodded.  "Okay.  If that's what you are... but with your size . . . the muscles and all . . . your attitude . . . the public one at any rate . . . no one would ever have guessed."


            "Bein' gay in Chicago's a LOT different from bein' gay in California." B.A. told him as he looked at Face, who again nodded.


            "I can understand that one."  Face looked at him curiously.  "But what I don't understand, is what this has to do with me."


            "Faceman, I just told ya' my deepest secret."  B.A. forced himself to be patient as he realized that Face really hadn't had any idea of B.A.'s true sexual orientation, and that he had absolutely no inkling, no fraction of an idea at all, about some of B.A.'s more private thoughts . . . fantasies . . . about the blond man.  "I trusted ya' enough ta' think ya' wouldn't think less o' me."


            "I don't."  Face was fast to assure him.  "And you can trust me not to tell Hannibal or Murdock, if that's what you're worried about."


            B.A. wanted to shake the man, but shook his head instead.  "And I 'preciate that, but that ain't what I'm talkin' 'bout.  Look, Faceman.  This guy's called ya' pretty, an' he's right, but ya' know that.  What ya' don't know is that as a man, I al'ays admired ya' too."  Face's eyebrows jumped into his hairline as his mouth fell open in extreme surprise and no small amount of

shock, but B.A. continued before Face could interrupt.  "But, I al'ays knew what ya' went through, and not just in the camp, and after the camp, I protected ya' so ya' never went through it again.  Ain't no one touched you since the camps . . . but they tried."


            "They . . . I don't under . . ." Suddenly his eyes flew open.  "Oh my . . . the prison.  You claimed me in prison, but you never did anything.  No one challenged . . . " Face watched as B.A.'s eyes focused on the wall just behind Face's head, and his eyes closed briefly and Face swallowed.  "Oh my god, B.A. . . . all those fights . . ."


            "I didn't only fight for ya'.  I did other things too."  B.A. looked down as Face paled as the implications of what B.A. had done for him in prison hit him, and he shivered.


            "I'm so sorry, B.A..  I . . . I never knew."  Face whispered, and B.A. lightly stroked the blond's bangs.


            "I ain't tellin' ya' all this ta' make ya' feel guilty, Faceman.  I'm just tellin' ya' so you'll know that I've protected ya', and that you can count on me ta' always protect ya'.  I need ya' ta' trust me to protect ya' one mo' time."


            "H . . . how, B.A.?" Face's voice dropped to a whisper and B.A. gently cupped his fingers around Face's chin.


            "Th' only way I can right now.  By doing the one thing I've only ever thought about and would never have done.  By makin' love ta' ya'."  Face stared into B.A.'s eyes and couldn't stop the tears that formed or his lips as they trembled.  "I promise ya' I won't hurt ya'.  Not like they would at any rate, and I can even make it real nice for ya' . . . but ya' gotta' trust me."


            Face knew that, despite his bulk, and his growl, and his scowl, B.A. was really a very gentle man with a very large heart that the bulk, scowl, and growl protected.  Face also realized that when B.A.'d shared his deepest secret with Face, he'd entrusted him with the ability to be able to hurt him very badly, and the depth of B.A.'s trust and the lengths he was willing to go for Face both scared, and fascinated the Con-man.  No one had ever really cared enough about him, beyond the team, to place themselves consistently in danger for him, and the one member Face'd thought didn't like him at all, had sacrificed not only his blood, but his body for him as well.


            Face felt an odd flutter in the pit of his stomach as he looked into the face of the man that, though he'd often threatened to pound Face, and had lifted him up by the lapels a few times, he'd never actually hurt him.  And yet, sex with a man had never been painless . . . at least for him.  He wasn't naive enough to think that willing sex between men couldn't ever be enjoyable – after all, he'd known men who liked it as well as several gay couples who were perfectly satisfied – literally and figuratively -- and very enthusiastic, about their sex lives.  Face had, of course, been propositioned, but he'd never thought seriously about being an active participant in it . . . but it was B.A. . . .


            He knew B.A., or at least, Face thought he had.  He shook his head and mentally shrugged.  Just because B.A. preferred men to women, that certainly didn't make him any less of a fierce fighter, team member, electronic or mechanical genius, or any of the things he had been before Face had found out about him.  In fact, Face knew that the only reason he'd found out about B.A. in the first place had been because the big man hadn't seen any other way to at least try and save Face from what they both knew he might never recover from mentally when, and he had no doubt it would happen if B.A. didn't 'be' with him, the Nutcase turned his goons loose on Face.


            He looked into B.A.'s eyes and saw only kindness, compassion, courage, and honesty, and Face did something he'd never before done to anyone.  He placed himself, completely and totally, literally, in his friend's hands.  "Trust . . . trust is kind of hard for me to do, but if you . . . whatever you need me to do, okay." It was all he could bring himself to say and B.A. gently ran the thick pad of his thumb over Face's trembling bottom lip.


            "I'm gonna' kill him for this, Faceman." B.A. promised and Face swallowed.


            "Stand in line, buddy." He nodded and they both looked up as the Nutcase's voice suddenly filled the room.



Part 3


"Time's up!" He called out cheerfully.  "So tell me, what have you decided?  I really can't wait much longer."  He sounded excited and both men scowled into the various cameras.


            "I'll do it." B.A. growled.  "But yo' be a dead man when we get out o' here!"


            "Then, I, who am about to die . . . " The Nutcase giggled. "Salute you.  Now get to the sex part before I change my mind."


            "We're doin' this thing my way." B.A. snarled and Face almost chuckled, more out of hysteria than any amusement, as he was suddenly reminded of Stockwell.  "And I ain't goin' ta' rush him, or hurt him just ta' satisfy some damned pervert!"


            "Fine. Fine. Fine.  Whatever." The man's voice was impatient and B.A. stood, then unclipped his overalls, then slid them off his body.


            Face shook and B.A. looked down at him.  "You seen what I look like naked.  Ain't ever been afraid before."


            "I . . . I never looked at you like . . . like . . ." His voice dropped to a whisper. "Like a lo . . . lover before." He tittered apprehensively.  "I . . . I know what you're going to have . . . have to do and . . . and you aren't small.  You . . . you must frighten people."  Face went scarlet and B.A. grinned.


            "Ain't nothin' 'bout me ever been small."  He answered and his joke took Face off-guard just as the bigger man had planned, and he received a surprised bark of laughter.  B.A. slowly sat down on the edge of the cot. "And I ain't gonna' do nothin' 'til you're ready for it."


            "You . . . you said you wanted me before?" Face asked and shook his head.  "With . . . with the way you look, you could have anybody."  He closed his eyes and sighed.  "You don't deserve to do this with me, B.A..  You deserve someone better.  Someone who's more along the lines of you . . . your morals and ethics, I mean."  He snickered nervously.  "Not the other thing, although that'd probably be a good idea too."


            B.A. smiled and sighed, frustrated, though his voice was gentle.  "You a crook, Faceman, but you got a heart and you got good intentions.  Don't like it when ya' put yo'self down like that."  He ran his fingers down the side of Face's cheek, then touched the lips he'd already felt and he knew it was a familiar feeling to Face.  "Bet ya' didn't know I think ya' got nice lips."  He said conversationally and traced the outline as Face shook his head.  "Don't always like what comes out of 'em, but I know it's necessary for the team."


            "Not . . . not always."  Face looked down, ashamed, and B.A. inhaled.


            "Ya' who ya' are, Faceman.  Ya' ain't purposely hurt people . . ."


            "Not . . . not in a really, really long time.  I did once, when I was first learning the business, and then, when I saw what I'd done, how the person reacted, what they did,  I just wanted to crawl into a hole and curl up and die.  It felt... was... so wrong... and so unnecessary.  I didn't like it at all . . . yet . . . yet the guy who was training me said that's what we did.  That's what Con-men did."  Face looked into B.A.'s eyes, and it was suddenly the most important thing in the world to him that B.A. believed him.  "I swear, B.A. I didn't WANT  to hurt anyone."


            "I already told ya' ya' had a good heart, foo'." B.A. said gently and ran his hand back through Face's hair and smiled.  "Don't need ta' go tryin' ta' convince me.  I already believe in ya'."


            Face sighed and pressed into B.A.'s hand.  No one had ever said they believed in him, and he sighed.  "That means more to me than you'll ever know."  He told the bigger man.


            "I do know."  B.A. answered, then looked down at Face.  "We gonna' have to move forward for we bore th' Nutcase, though."


            "I know.  Whatever you want to do, B.A." Face looked up into the deep brown eyes and B.A. smiled gently at the trust he saw reflected up at him.


            "I'm gonna' lean over ya' now, so ya' get used to the feel o' my body, then I'm just goin' ta' touch my lips on yours."


            "O . . . okay."  Face trusted B.A., but his body didn't and he closed his eyes as he started to shake.


            "No, Faceman."  B.A. stroked Face's hair and gently cupped his hand around Face's cheek.  "Don't close yo' eyes.  Ya' need ta' look at me so's ya' know it's me and you can know I ain't gonna' hurt ya!"


            "S . . . sorry, B.A." Face stuttered and watched as B.A.'s bigger body moved closer to him.  Face felt the man's full lips against his cheek and felt them trail down his jawline, up his chin, until they were gently placed over his own shaking mouth.


            True to his word, B.A. did nothing more than hold his lips on Face's and allowed Face to slowly adjust to the feel of a bearded jaw against his stubbled one.  Face inhaled and his chest rose and touched B.A.'s.  He held his breath and adjusted to the distinctly strange, but not particularly unpleasant feel of B.A.'s chest on his, and a moment later he released the breath, and his lips parted slightly.


            B.A. took that as permission to continue and lightly pressed his lips against Face's and turned the pressure into a kiss.  Face blinked in surprise and opened his mouth further as B.A. slowly ran his other hand up Face's arm and stopped at his shoulder as Face stiffened at the movement.  After a moment, Face gave a barely perceptible nod and B.A. moved to the next step.


            He lifted his hand from Face's shoulder and slowly drew it down the blond man's side, even as Face's mouth finally allowed his tongue access.  B.A. felt Face as he relaxed into the gentle open-mouthed kiss of exploration and for once, he was grateful that Face was one of the most sensual people he knew.  If something felt good – or at least didn't hurt – then Face was fast to respond to it.


            B.A. ended the kiss and sat up, then once more cupped his hand around Face's cheek.  Face turned his head into the gesture.  B.A. ran his other hand down, over Face's neck and onto the smooth, pale skin of his chest.  He watched as surprise flared in Face's eyes as B.A.'s fingers slid over his nipples and they stiffened in response to the feathery stimulation.  Face gave a tiny, but involuntary gasp of pleasure, and suddenly, the surprise turned to panic, even as his face turned red with shame.


            "Shhh."  B.A. comforted Face.  "'S way it's supposed ta' feel.  Ain't supposed ta' hurt.  Don't wanna' hurt ya'."  He leaned back over Face and against touched his lips to Face's, and they opened without hesitation and accepted B.A.'s tongue.  B.A. continued to stimulate Face's chest and the younger man arched into B.A.'s hand.  B.A. moved his hand down over Face's stomach and the smaller man's body trembled as fear gripped him once more.


            "I'm sorry." Face whispered and hated himself for being such a coward.  He knew that B.A. was being as easy on him as he dared without boring the man that watched them, which made Face uncomfortable and no doubt B.A. as well, but Face couldn't control his bodily reactions as the fear took him over.  He'd said he trusted B.A., and the man had proven that he could physically please Face, but proving he did indeed trust B.A. was harder than he thought it'd be.


            "It's okay." B.A. whispered back and slowly ran the tip of his tongue over Face's jaw, down to the sensitive skin of his friend's neck and lightly sucked on the sensitive flesh.  Face lifted his head and allowed B.A. greater access to his throat and sighed at the pleasure that B.A.'s lips evoked.  He barely noticed that the hand that had so frightened him moments before, had again moved.


            B.A. stopped his exploring of Face's skin and wished that he had more time to explore every bit of the man under him.  He'd often thought before about what Face would feel like, and how he'd react to his touch, but B.A. had never wanted the issue to be forced.  The team had been together long enough to know pretty much everything about each other, and B.A. knew that in bed, Face was always in control, even if the female was on top. B.A. wondered if Face had ever truly been made love to, and he highly doubted it.  With a sigh of regret for his lost opportunity to be able to make love to Face like he really WANTED to, B.A. rested his fingers on Face's comparatively ghostly white hip as he kissed his way down his friend's neck.


            He wanted desperately to tell Face how attractive the man really was to him.  How he loved seeing his black skin against the white.  How he wanted to hold Face against him and run his dark fingers through the sunshine blond silk that was Face's hair.  To kiss the shadows from the blue eyes when Face thought no one could see him and he allowed himself to feel pain.  But, B.A. knew, or thought he'd known, how Face would have reacted in another time and another situation.  He would have pushed B.A. away in disgust, or worse, pity, and denied B.A. even his friendship.  B.A. would have had to stand by and let people get close to Face, get what they could and whatever it was they wanted from him, and then discard him, just as people had done before.  And Face would set himself up again, and he'd be taken, used,  and thrown away . . . again.


            B.A. hated to see Face fall again and again for things only to have his heart broken as he was used - which was why B.A.'d set himself up as Face's protector.  Face had never had a protector when he'd been younger and B.A., from his experience with the children at the Youth Center, knew the reasons Face obsessed on sex and had so many partners.  It was not only that he still reeled from the abuse and the rejections he'd suffered as a child and as a young man, but also because, deep in his heart, where he probably never looked for fear of the pain it'd cause him, Face was incredibly lonely.


            B.A. also knew that he, very probably, could have seduced the younger man a long time ago.  A few pleasurable, but 'accidental' touches, some gifts, and a few loving words, and Face would have fallen into B.A.'s bed as willingly as the women that Face used the same 'trick' on, fell into his.  However, B.A. also knew that the last thing that Face needed was another sex partner.  He didn't need someone else wanting something from him that he couldn't or wouldn't be able to give, which was a commitment, and B.A. would settle for nothing less.


            No, what Face had needed was a friend, and that's all that B.A. had vowed to ever be.  Now, thanks to the Nutcase that watched them, all that had changed.  Face would never look at B.A. the same way and might not even be able to trust B.A. ever again once they had been rescued.  As for B.A. himself, well, he knew he'd never be able to look at Face the same again either.  He'd never be able to forget the sweetness of the soft pink lips as they'd parted for B.A.'s first kiss, or the satiny feel of Face's alabaster skin under his brown, work-calloused hands, or the tender gasp as Face had felt pleasure in a man's touch for the first time in his life.


            B.A. sighed as he moved his lips over Face's chest and the hardened tip of his tongue drew more gasps from the man beneath him as it teased the pleasure-stiffened nipples.  Despite his reservations, B.A. couldn't stop the thrill of desire that passed through him and he felt himself harden as he responded to the enjoyment Face so obviously received from B.A.'s touch.  Emboldened, B.A. slid the very tips of his fingers into the hair that surrounded Face's semi-hardened shaft.  Face inhaled sharply and deeply and B.A.'s hands stilled.


            "It's okay." Face whispered as B.A.'s head rose and their eyes met.  "It's you."  His voice was steady, even if his body was not, and Face wasn't sure if he trembled so much fear, as from the sensations that B.A. evoked with his tongue and thick fingers.  Face sighed as he realized that he could easily get used to being pleasured the way he was, and then almost visibly started when he knew beyond any doubt, that B.A. was the only man he WANTED to pleasure him and be with him sexually.  Anyone else was just too scary a thought to even begin to contemplate, except for the other two members of the team.  Face grimaced and mentally shook his head free of the images that entered his mind.  Hannibal was WAY too much like a father figure to Face, and Murdock was too much like a brother to him, for him to feel comfortable thinking of either of them sexually.


            However, B.A. had only ever been his friend.  He'd demanded nothing of Face than friendship and nothing more than what Face himself was willing to give.  B.A. had said that he'd wanted Face for a long time and yet he'd never acted on his desire.  Face knew that B.A., after the reactions that B.A. evoked from Face's body with his own, realized that he very probably could have seduced Face into his bed a long time ago . . . but he hadn't.  Face swallowed and his heart fluttered in his chest as he realized, finally, just how deeply B.A. actually cared for him, and was more than a LITTLE scared when he realized just how much HE actually cared for B.A..


            B.A. continued his exploration of Face's body and smiled at the sounds that left the younger man's throat.  Finally, B.A. took his cue from Face's moans, and rested his fingers along the length of Face's shaft, then lightly skimmed his fingers over the smooth flesh.  The skin there was as silky as the rest of him and B.A. sighed and closed his eyes for a moment as he enjoyed the feeling.


            He ran his thumb over the vein that ran the length of the bottom and Face pressed his head into the mattress as a loud groan left him.  The sound filled the room and startled Face immediately out of the pleasure zone he'd been in and B.A.'s eyes snapped open as Face's member went flaccid.


            "Didn't ya' like that?" B.A. asked and Face blinked as his lips trembled, but he nodded.


            "Yes. I . . .yes." He finally admitted, and B.A. looked into his eyes and read the shame and humiliation that were reflected back at him, and he gentled his touch and his tone.


            "And so do I.  I like touching ya, and I like the way you feel."  He grinned.  "And I like it when ya' make noise.  Makes me know I ain't hurtin' ya or scaring you.  I also just like hearin' ya.  And Face, I ain't 'shamed o' likin' any o' it.  Just like I ain't shamed o' makin' you feel good."  He didn't release Face, but he kept talking to him, and used his voice to calm the younger man

even as he used his fingers to stimulate him.  "I know this ain't your usual thing, Faceman, but there's no reason you need to be ashamed either.  Your body's got nerves that when touched one way they react one way, and when touched another, they react another . . . don't matter if it's a male or female who's doin' the touchin', just how, AND if both of ya' want it at the same time." 

B.A. grimaced at the hypocrisy in his statement.  He knew that if the Nutcase hadn't pushed the issue with his grisly choice, neither he, nor Face would have been put in a position where they would have had to have decided to be together sexually, and whether it was okay for it to be enjoyed . . . or not.  B.A. swallowed as he realized that once they were rescued, he and Face would absolutely HAVE to deal with the long-term consequences of the subtle rape that B.A. was forced to perform on his friend, as well as the noticeably refined, and somewhat suspect speeches that went along with it.  He sighed and wrapped his whole hand gently around Face's shaft and slowly drew it up and down as he kept the pad of his thumb in the hollow at the base

of the head.


            Face knew that B.A.'s words were meant to reassure him, and he listened to them, though he had recognized the vocal distinction between rape and mutual willingness the moment that the other man had expressed it.  However, as B.A. continued to manipulate him, Face knew that he really had no choice but, physically at least, to like what was happening to him.  Face  knew that he'd have to deal with the psychological issues of his enjoyment after they were rescued, but he was grateful to B.A. for saving his mental faculties as much as possible with his words, even as the big man's hands used his body.  Face gripped the bedrail in his hands as B.A.'s motions filled him with inescapable pleasure, and he shivered as B.A.'s head slid down his chest, while his lips left a hot trail of kisses over Face's flushed skin.  Face bit his lip and arched his neck as the kisses turned into long, slow licks that slid over his stomach, abdomen, and finally onto the shaft itself.  Face absolutely could not keep the cry inside, as his body reacted to both the surprise and the rapture he felt as B.A.'s tongue ran across the same vein that his thick fingers had traced moments before.


            Face didn't know what to do or say, and he briefly panicked as every biblical teaching he'd ever had sounded in his mind all at once.  However, before he could give his fear a voice, or indeed, even a reaction, B.A.'s beard tickled the hair at the very base of his rigid member.  Ecstasy and an overpowering, intense, carnal desire unexpectedly drove every other thought from his mind as he realized that B.A.'s mouth had claimed his entire length and diameter all at once.


            B.A. felt Face's body as it rose into his mouth, and he couldn't stop the smile as Face's moans once again filled the room.  Briefly, B.A. wondered if Face were always as vocal during sex, or whether it was just his surprise that made him respond so vociferously, and he almost sighed aloud with regret.  He knew that when Hannibal and Murdock finally rescued them, he'd never find out the answer to his question, as Face would never let him touch him again.  Hell, Face might not even ever talk to him again.


            He slid his hands to Face's hips and wrapped his fingers around them, then massaged Face's firm bottom as he lifted him slightly upward.  B.A. continued the massage as he drove his stiffened tongue into the sensitive hollow.  Face surged upward and a loud cry was almost torn from his throat.


            "B.A.!" Face suddenly panted as he clenched his hands into fists that drove his nails into his palms.  "No more!  Oh gods, B.A., don't!  I'm gonna'. . . I can't . . ."


            B.A. knew what it was that Face was trying to say . . . what it was he tried desperately to control . . . what it was that he didn't want to do . . . and B.A. knew why.  However, he wasn't going to stop – not that he wanted too anyway.  He'd tasted men before, and he'd wanted to taste Face almost as long as he'd known him.  He also knew that Face needed the relaxation that satiation would bring him.  Face's body, and the man himself, needed to be completely relaxed.



Part 4


Face's body, and the man himself, needed to be completely relaxed when B.A. finally took him.


            B.A. had seen the tube the Nutcase had dropped in Face's earlier struggle, reached for it with one hand, then squeezed the gel on his fingers as Face's jerking quickly became more and more sporadic, and less and less controlled.  The bigger man knew that he had to time things just right in order to prepare Face for their final coupling, and suddenly, Face's body froze solid.  He stopped just shy of yelling out B.A.'s name, even as he climaxed explosively into the bigger man's mouth.


            Face almost wept from the sheer force of his released emotions as his friend took every last drop of resistance he'd had left from him.  He knew that B.A. had pushed him over the edge completely on purpose, and he risked a look at the man's face.  He was shocked, and deeply surprised, to see that rather than a horrified look of disgusted revulsion, B.A.'s expression was one of pride and almost rapturous in its intensity of pleasure.  Face let out a long sigh, his head dropped back to the mattress and his body completely slackened as the adrenaline from his orgasm left him in a rush.


            As his body collapsed in on itself, Face felt a sudden pressure at his body's center and realized that B.A. had used the satiation and distraction of the earth-shattering orgasm to allow him to insert a warm, slick finger into him.  Caught in the aftermath of the climax as he was, Face was helpless to fight the finger that invaded his body and he knew that he and B.A. had taken the last step to their final degradation and humiliation.  He risked a look at his friend's face and B.A.'s dark, chocolate brown eyes peered steadily into Face's apprehensive blue orbs.


            "Ain't gonna' hurt ya'." B.A. assured the man who looked up at him, and continued his ministrations even as he continued to soothe Face's mind with his words and tone.  "I ain't gonna' do nothin' 'til you're ready.  Promised ya' that.  All's I'm doing now

is gettin' ya' ready."


            "I trust you, B.A." Was all Face said, but he knew that to the bigger man, the simple words conveyed more meaning than any long speech ever could . . . or would.  Face knew that B.A. would never hurt him, and he allowed his eyes, usually shadowed behind a false front of equally false emotions, to project his confidence – and his trust – in his friend, to his friend.


            As B.A. continued to prepare Face for himself, he allowed himself a somewhat dubious pleasure and watched Face's body as it reacted to him.  B.A. was comforted by Face's few words, as he knew the man had known he would be, and he continued to watch his friend.  Suddenly, the shadowed curtain that usually covered Face's emotions, was completely dropped.  B.A. almost froze as he was suddenly swallowed, and then trapped by the quicksand-like depth of emotion – by the trust and faith -- that was nothing short of child-like in its intensity and all directed at him.


            His heart and stomach clenched in anger at the situations and the people that had turned what had been, no doubt, an open and affectionate child, into the man who felt he had to project false fronts to be accepted and cared for – and cared about.  B.A. wanted so badly to reassure the blond man that he cared . . . no, B.A. had to be honest with himself, for he would accept nothing less for himself . . . he loved Face.  He loved him not for what he was, or for what he could give, but for who he was.  B.A. grieved for the opportunity that would never come to be able to tell Face of his love, and there was only one way he knew that he could project to Face exactly how much he cared.  He used his fingers, and they spoke for him.


            Face writhed as the fingers filled him and opened him and he groaned as his lax member filled again.  B.A. turned and scissored his fingers and watched with his own desire as Face hardened once again, his eyes closed, and his hips ground into the mattress – and onto B.A.'s fingers.  B.A. carefully watched Face's expression for any sign of fear, but it was as if Face had not only given B.A. his trust, but he'd turned his fears over to him as well, and his face reflected only the same pleasure his body projected.  As if to test the blond man, B.A. pushed his fingers deep into Face and stroked the inner pleasure center.  Face suddenly cried out in abandon and his hips jumped up, completely and obviously, beyond his control.


            Face panted as B.A.'s fingers manipulated him and knew that there was no way he could feel such pleasure as it was practiced on him, and keep his eyes open.  However, he knew that if he showed the slightest hesitation or fear, B.A. would stop, and at that point, there was no way that Face wanted that to happen. Face remembered that B.A. had said he'd liked it when Face made noise, so he opened his mouth and let out the sounds that he normally kept inside, no matter who he was with, and he let his body, which he normally would have kept under tight control, simply react.  Suddenly, B.A. touched deep inside him and he almost screamed as extreme rapture shot through his entire body.  He relinquished any and all thought of the Nutcase, fear, and hesitation, and his body absolutely convulsed upward, and any control he'd had at all was gone in the force of the ecstasy of B.A.'s touch.


            "B.A., please!" Face actually begged for the bigger man, and there was no shame or regret in his voice or in his body.  In fact, there was only want, need, and desire.  "Please, B.A.  I want you . . . I'm ready . . ."


            B.A. heard the plea and slowly withdrew his fingers.  He smiled at Face's whimpers of loss and disappointment, and he realized that the blond man really WAS ready and that he really DID want him.  B.A. stroked Face again, as if to make sure, and the younger man eagerly thrust his hips into B.A.'s hands.  B.A. inhaled, then shifted until he'd straddled his friend and couldn't stop the rush of pleasure that sped through him as he gazed down at Face's body as it trembled, but not with fear.  He knew that Face waited for him, and only him, to make the pleasure complete.  He sighed and was totally unaware of the genuinely tender, yearning expression that was on his face as he ached for more from their union than just Face's body.


            Face opened his eyes as B.A. stopped for a moment and let him get used to the feel of a man as he pressed against Face's prepared center.  Face gazed up at the absolutely arresting masterpiece of manhood that hovered over him and licked his suddenly dry lips at his definitely unexpected, yet apt, mental description of B.A..  He watched, absolutely fascinated, as the same large hands that pounded on criminals and law breakers with merciless fury, gently held him and touched him with nothing less than tenderness and love.


            Face was almost startled out of the ecstatic trance he'd been in, and his eyes followed the huge arms upward until he looked into B.A.'s face and he blinked as their eyes met.   In less than a heartbeat, Face read every emotion that the bigger man felt for him, and Face's heart thudded painfully in his chest.  He knew that B.A. wasn't screwing him just to save their lives.  He knew in fact, that B.A. wasn't screwing him at all.  He was doing the very thing he'd called it when he'd first told Face what he wanted to do to him, which was making love to him.  And yet, B.A. wasn't doing that just to save Face from the Nutcase or just to save Face's sanity to protect his usefulness to the tea.  He was doing it because he genuinely Loved Face – and Loved him with a capital 'L'.


            Face shivered as he realized that B.A. did not know that Face knew the bigger man loved him, and really DID want to Couple with him and NOT just because the Nutcase forced them to do so.  Face smiled and realized that he wasn't ashamed or disgusted by the knowledge at all.  In fact, he was more than a little flattered that someone with B.A.'s virtue and moral character could – and would – even begin to contemplate loving someone like Face.


            Face knew that after the time in the cell, his friendship with B.A. would be changed forever and that B.A. had left it completely up to him as to whether the change would be for the better, or whether it would be for the worse.  The simple fact that B.A., though he truly loved Face and knew that he could, quite possibly, have lost even Face's friendship after not only his

confession but their union, yet had still left all future decisions to Face, made Face appreciate B.A. and all that he was even more than he had before they'd been captured.  Face sighed and ran his eyes appreciatively – if not a little stunned – over the man that loved him though they were so completely opposite one another and truly were – as the Nutcase had named them – a living Yin/Yang, and in so many ways more than just the physical.  Face smiled and allowed himself to bask in the warmth of B.A.'s love for a moment, and gently pressed down as he physically signaled his readiness.


            B.A. was suddenly concerned as he'd watched as a slow, almost lazy smile spread over Face's aspect, and he gazed into Face's blue eyes and searched one last time for fear or uncertainty, but there was none.  There was only passion and trust, and B.A. felt the gentle movement of Face's hips that urged him forward, and B.A. started to push into him.  Face gave a startled yelp of pain and B.A. froze.


            "Sorry, Faceman.  Really sorry.  I didn't mean ta' hurt ya' . . ." B.A. apologized profusely and Face sighed.


            "I . . . I don't think you could have helped it."  Face panted as he adjusted to the feel of B.A. in him.  "Besides.  Like virgin I guess."  He shivered and moaned as he adjusted his hips as well as he could with his ankles shackled to the bed.  "You feel so good, B.A..  I wish my ankles were free." He panted absently, almost completely caught up in his pleasure.  He clenched his hands around the rail, then relaxed them.  "Please go on, B.A..  I'm all right." He wanted to feel B.A. in him and he pushed his hips down and his breath heaved in his chest.  "I want this, B.A..  I want you, and I want you in me."  Face pushed his body forward and took B.A. deeper into his body.


            Face's words startled B.A., especially the ones about his ankles, as he'd wished for the exact same thing at almost the exact same moment, but he smiled as Face relaxed around him and demanded more from him.  Face's words about virginity had been somewhat true, and B.A. knew from them that Face's mind had accepted what they did as well as his body had accepted the pleasure of it, and that Face's sanity, at least for the moment, was safe.


            B.A. started slowly at first and he'd meant to keep it slow, but as he thrust his dark shaft behind Face's shuddering, white thighs, his own excitement and pleasure grew, and of its own accord, his body and rhythm sped up.  He couldn't stop his own moans as Face's sounds of pleasure filled his ears.  He slightly adjusted his angle and once more touched Face's inner pleasure center.


            The younger man's voice stopped just shy of a scream, and he bucked upward as B.A. continued to touch him inside.  With each thrust of B.A.'s body into his, Face cried out and wept in uncontrolled fervor as each push into him caused his lower torso to rise and he frantically met each thrust with one of his own as blazing hot, electric jolts of need and want flared through him.  His breath heaved in his chest as he arched his back, and B.A. knew that Face was close to another climax.  He wrapped his slick hand around Face's painfully rigid member, and Face clutched the bedrail in convulsive fingers.


            "Don't stop! Oh gods, B.A.! Please don't stop!" Face begged, and B.A. said nothing, just continued his ministrations.  He'd had no intention of stopping anyway, as he'd been just as caught up by Face's reactions to him, as Face so obviously was to his.  He grinned inside and his heart soared as he knew that not only would Face never have let any other man take him as B.A. was, he'd've also never have literally begged for them to take him.  B.A. clenched his teeth and fought the climax he knew was fast arriving for him as Face's total surrender to him and the wanton abandon with which he did it, was easily one of the most erotic things he'd ever seen, heard, or even experienced before.  B.A. was also forced to admit that his own love for Face only added to the passion and the fulfillment he felt as Face reacted to him so desperately.


            B.A.'s name was a litany that Face repeated mindlessly as B.A. pumped him again and again, until Face's eyes flew open and he shuddered, but then his body contracted all at once and a loud yell was all but wrenched from him.  B.A. watched as the force of Face's climax violently shook the man's body even as his own body convulsed once, and then froze, absolutely solid.


            B.A. was caught deep inside of Face's body as the man climaxed, and he felt the younger man as his body seized around him.  His own ecstasy shot through him and he gripped Face's hips with an almost uncontrollable, bruising force as a roar left his own throat and he shuddered as he filled Face with the liquid heat that pumped out of his rigid body and made a minute stretch into an eternity.


            When it was over, almost bonelessly, he slumped forward and rested his forehead against Face's thigh as both men fought to regain their breaths and their heart rates.  Suddenly, as if to thoroughly debase the moment and demean the act, they both heard applause as it sounded from the speaker above their heads.


            "Oh! That was so good!  I REALLY wish I had recorded that!  I hope you two had as much fun as I did."  The breathless voice of the Nutcase filled the room, and Face gasped in horror, and sudden shame.  Slowly,  B.A. drew out of Face's body, then scowled very, very angrily, and clenched his fists.


            "B.A.." Face's voice was a whisper.  "Steady.  D . . . don't give him a reason to gas us.  Or to come here."  B.A. looked over at the almost white face of his friend and his rage burned in him, even as he forced his hands to relax.  Face swallowed as his aspect went scarlet and he gingerly cleared his throat.  "And . . . and could you clean . . . clean me up a . . . a bit.  I . . . I don't want to be . . . seen . . . like this."  B.A. took what was left of his tattered shirt and gently wiped the results of what he had been forced to do to Face, from him.  Face's limbs trembled as B.A. touched him, and B.A. grew more and more ashamed of his own enjoyment at what he had done.


            "You . . .you goin'ta' be all right?"  B.A. asked as he redressed himself, and Face sighed as his eyelids drooped wearily.


            "E . . . eventually.  Don't . . . don't blame . . .self.  Not . . . your . . . fault, B.A.."  Face tried to reassure the bigger man, even as tears he tried desperately to fight, ran into his ears and B.A. gently wiped them away.  "I'm so tired, Sergeant." Face whispered, and B.A.'s stomach clenched as he realized that Face had slipped back into his flashback.  "Don't . . . don't let them touch me again.  Stay . . . stay with me."  He closed his eyes, and B.A. slowly and gently lay on his side on the cot, then ran his fingers lightly through Face's sweat-dampened bangs.


            "I ain't goin' ta' let anyone near ya'." B.A. promised and Face smiled, then opened his eyes and the bigger man was once again ensnared by the gaze of absolute faith that Face had in him.


            "I trust you, B.A.." Face smiled and pressed himself against the solid muscle of B.A.'s body, and was asleep a moment later.


            "Ain't gonna' never let anyone hurt ya' ever again."  B.A. vowed in a whisper and laid his heavy leg over Face's, wrapped an arm around Face's waist, rested his head on Face's chest, and they stayed that way until dawn.



Part 5


B.A. and Face were jolted out of their respective sleeps by the sudden sound of gunfire as it echoed and rolled like thunder through what was obviously stone corridors, and Face jerked upward with a scream and a wild-eyed stare as his already taut, high-strung nerves shattered.  A moment later, B.A. jumped up and  stood protectively over Face with his fists raised as the Nutcase literally flew into the room via the hard sole of a livid-faced, Hannibal's boot, and an additional push from a stony-faced Murdock.


            B.A.'s own rage boiled over and he threw himself forward.  "I told ya' I was gonna' kill ya', and now you dead, sucka'!" He grabbed the Nutcase and threw him into the wall.


            Murdock and Hannibal slowly approached Face and noted the dilated pupils and the residual tremors and knew that Face was just about at the end of his emotional rope.  Hannibal took off his safari jacket and placed it over Face's naked body, as Murdock released him from the restraints, and all the while B.A. continued to pummel the Nutcase into several layers of deep unconsciousness.


            "Lieutenant."  Hannibal knelt as Face fought his numbed body and tried to struggle to a sitting position.  "Face, calm down.  It's okay.  We're here . . ."


            "No.  No.  You don't understand.  Nothing'll ever be okay again!"  Face's hands shook and he gripped Hannibal's shirt.  "It's not.  He . . . he made us . . . me and B.A.. . . ."


            "We know, Face."  Murdock's voice was low and compassionate, though it trembled with barely  restrained anger, and he glanced at B.A., who loomed over the unconscious form of the Nutcase as he waited for him to regain consciousness so he could beat him again.  "That . . . Nutcase told us everything." He belted Hannibal's coat gently around Face, and swallowed.


            Silence greeted him and B.A. growled.  "I'm sorry, Hannibal."  He looked down at the floor and his hands clenched into fists as the Nutcase stirred.


            "Now isn't the time or the place." Hannibal said and Face gripped his shoulders tightly.


            "No, Hannibal.  Don't be mad.  He saved me.  He protected me.  He . . ." He glanced at the Nutcase and fought to hold onto his emotions, but the shock and trauma proved too much for him and he shuddered.  "He touched me.  He . . . I had a flashback."  His head fell forward in shame as his breath heaved in his chest in a gasp as sobs of anger, rage, shock, and humiliation escaped.  "I had a fucking Flashback, Colonel, but it wasn't enough for him."  He spit at the Nutcase on the floor, whose eyes opened, and Face buried his head in his hands.  "And then . . . then he wanted to turn four men on me, but B.A. saved me."  He shuddered, and looked at his hands hatefully as they tremored.  "I . . . I'm sorry.  I don't mean to be weak here, but it's been a hell of a couple of days."  Suddenly, Face broke down completely and Hannibal gathered him to him and held him as he had so many years before in the prison camp.  He cradled Face against his shoulder and stroked the blond head soothingly as Face shivered in his arms, and Hannibal felt the heat of a fever as it poured off Face as sweat and tears soaked into the older man's shirt.  "Don't be mad at B.A., please, Hannibal."  Face almost whimpered.  "He really did save me, but you're here now, and we're back together, and I feel really, really sick, Hannibal, and I want to go home now."  Three pairs of hate-filled, rage-occupied eyes looked at the battered, wide-eyed Nutcase on the floor, and B.A. raised his foot and it hovered over the man's neck.


            "No, B.A." Hannibal shook his head.  "I've got a better idea.  Bring him over here."  He stood, and like a marionette with some missing strings, Face moved with him, and B.A. flipped the Nutcase onto the cot.  "Cuff and shackle him." Hannibal ordered Murdock, who did just that, and B.A. and Murdock looked askance at him as Face sagged in his arms.  "Stockwell'll be here in two days. Leave him."


            "I'll leave 'im all right."  B.A. snarled, then curled his hand into a fist and drove the fist, as hard as he could, directly into the Nutcase's genitals.  No one said a word as the Nutcase screamed in agony, and then passed out.


            "Nice, Sergeant."  Hannibal complimented, and Murdock nodded.


            "That'll teach him to mess with the A-Team."  The pilot snorted, and Face looked down at the man, then stuck his tongue out at the body on the cot, even as Hannibal tried to adjust the mostly limp Face against his side, but the younger man reached back, took B.A.'s fist, which immediately uncurled, and with strength that rapidly failed him, Face tugged on it.


            "B. . . . A. . . ." He whispered as his legs collapsed.  "Can't . . .walk.  Wobbly.  Help." The bigger man swallowed and with some difficulty, lifted the tall, but relatively light man into his arms.  Face's head lolled and limply fell against the strong shoulder of the man that had saved him . . . the man that loved him.  Face wrapped his arms around B.A.'s strong, thick neck,

smiled into B.A.'s brown eyes, and sighed.  His fevered mind chose that moment to take the least difficult option of escaping the

confusion, pain, fear, and trauma it'd suffered, and Face finally lost consciousness as he realized that he was safe and that B.A.

would always keep him that way.


            "C'mon.  Let's get the hell out of here." Hannibal ordered, his own voice none-too-steady, and they locked the Nutcase in the cell, then left the stronghold.


            Not one of them looked back or even cared if he were ever found, even as his raving screams filled the emptiness of the dungeon cell.



%                   %                %              %



            "B.A.?" B.A. started almost violently as he heard Face's voice as it sounded behind him, and he cursed as he barked his knuckles on the engine block he'd been working on.


            It had been several weeks since what Stockwell had euphemistically named 'the incident with the Nutcase'.  Slowly, more slowly than usual, due to Face's more-than-understandable trauma, everything settled to what passed as 'normal,' but for the extended vacation the team was granted.  B.A. had been surprised and grateful to both Hannibal and Murdock, as they'd accepted B.A.'s revelation about his sexual orientation with far more understanding and support than he'd've ever expected.  However, his feelings for Face, which had been intense BEFORE the 'incident' had only increased, and the blond had filled many a dream, both erotic and nightmarish, whether B.A. had wanted him to or not.


            As for Face himself, he'd been seriously physically ill for the first week after they'd been rescued, and the team had dealt with that first, and then for the next several weeks, through patience, tolerance, and closeness, the entire team had pitched in and helped get him back on a somewhat even keel, physically and mentally.  Emotionally, however, it was a completely different story, and B.A. sighed.  Once Face had gotten physically back on his feet, B.A. backed off him, and had studiously avoided being alone with Face, as he was constantly besieged with the memories of Face's smell, taste, and feel.  B.A. knew himself well enough to know that if he were alone with Face too long, just to assure himself that the younger man was all right, he'd be too tempted to touch him, and he didn't trust himself to be able to stop . . . especially if Face responded.  While Face wasn't exactly emotionally crippled, he hadn't recovered enough to be able to tell B.A. to back off, and B.A. was not the kind of man to take advantage of anyone weaker than he . . . most especially when that person was the man he loved.


            He and Face hadn't talked about what had happened between them by themselves, without the others to provide some space and distance, and though B.A. had known they'd eventually have to, he'd put it off for as long as he could.  However, there in the garage, Face had cornered him, and they both knew it.  "Faceman." B.A. finally greeted as he glanced up, then quickly down at the engine and bit the insides of his lips as he fought his memories of Face's response to his kiss, and the arousal that the memories brought with them.


            "B.A.?" Face's voice was unnaturally quiet and his hands were shoved deep into his pockets and he reeked of shyness and insecurity.  B.A.'s stomach churned as he realized that he had caused both of those emotions in Face, and his aspect

darkened.  "B.A. . . ." Face swallowed and B.A. waited, even as he looked down at the engine.  "Did . . . did I do something wrong?"


            "Wha'cha' mean?" B.A. took refuge in his gruff neutrality and continued to stare down at the engine block.  However, Face moved forward and B.A. was forced to either look up or gaze directly at Face's jeans zipper, which presented a different set of memories, wishes, and hopes  for B.A..  Viciously, he mentally stomped each and every one of those hopes and wishes into the ground as impossibilities, inhaled deeply, and looked up.  He was immediately captured by the blue of Face's eyes, and it was impossible for him to look away as Face spoke, his voice still low and insecure.


            "You haven't talked to me much . . . been around much actually,  and I wondered if maybe I did something . . ." Face's voice ground to a halt and B.A. frowned.


            "You ain't done nothin'."  B.A. answered shortly and Face nodded.


            "Oh. Good.  But listen, B.A. I . . .well . . . I just want to thank you.  For what you did . . . when you did . . ." Face ran a hand nervously through his hair and B.A.'s frown deepened.


            "Didn't do nothin' but mess ya' up." B.A. growled and Face looked confused.


            "How can you say that, B.A.?  You saved me.  You saved my sanity . . . well, for the most part anyway, and you kept him from doing . . . from hurting . . ." Face briefly closed his eyes and B.A. desperately fought the almost overwhelming urge to go to him and hold him until he calmed and the fear in his eyes left and turned to passion.  B.A. ground his teeth almost violently together, clenched his hands into fists, and forced himself to focus on Face's words and not be distracted by the younger man's body parts . . . a feat which, up until the 'incident' had been a LOT easier for B.A. to do.  "But, B.A.."  Face swallowed and cleared his throat.  "I . . . I . . ." Again Face's words died in his throat and B.A.'s anger at himself and what he'd done to the formerly confident Confidence Man made his voice rougher and meaner than he'd intended it to sound.


            "See?" B.A. scowled.  "Messed ya' up.  Ya' don't know how ta' talk ta' me anymore.  You're startin' sentences, but ya' ain't finishing 'em."


            "I'm sorry, B.A.." Face sighed.  "It's not that I don't know how to talk to you, but more of a case of I don't know how to say what I need to.  What I need to say to figure out what to do from here . . . where to go from here."


            B.A.'s stomach clenched, but he kept his face neutral and prepared himself for Face's rejection.  "So jes' say it."  He shrugged and smiled lopsidedly.  "Ain't like we don't know one another by now."


            "Uh . . . yeah."  Face swallowed.  "Well, that's kind of what I want to talk to you about.  Now . . . now that we know one another better than we did . . ."  Face stopped as B.A. snorted laughter.


            "For a guy who's so talented with words, ya' sure got a way 'bout understatements." He commented and Face gave a nervous and surprised bark of laughter at the unexpected joke.


            "I guess you could say that.  But look, I really need . . . need to ask a question." He smiled, but then looked at B.A. and shifted his weight from one foot to the other, then looked at B.A.'s hands.


            "So ask."  B.A. prompted, and Face inhaled, then licked suddenly dry lips.


            "B.A..  Do you think it's possible to love someone and not know it?"


            Of all the questions that B.A. had expected to hear, that was not one of them, and he frowned.  "If ya' love someone, ya' know it."  He scowled.  "You was in love.  You know what it's like . . . what it feels like."


            "What if you aren't supposed to love them, though?"  Face pressed.  "What if everything you were raised to believe, everything you were taught is right, everything you thought was impossible turns out to be wrong and it IS possible?  What if you realize that everything you are has completely changed, and the one thing you never thought would happen, the one thing you never thought of being, is the only thing you want, the only thing you want to be, and everything that you felt before is merely an insignificant, pale, sickly shadow to what you feel for the present person?"


            B.A. stood, then crossed his arms over his chest and looked away as Face walked around the engine block.  B.A.'s heart thudded in his chest and his hope rose, then crashed as he realized what Face had to be saying – and it wasn't what B.A. wanted–or what he wanted to hear, and again, his anger took control.


            "Then I'd say ya' got introduced ta' somethin' new and it's like a new toy – or a new car.  It's something ta' play with and experiment with until somethin' else, new, or different comes along."  He snorted. "If ya' ignore it long enough, it'll go away."


            Face flinched as pain briefly flared in his eyes and he started to turn away.  However, he tightened his lips and advanced on the bigger man, who backed away, but was forced to stop due to the shelves behind him.  "B.A., you know what I am."  Face's voice was steady, and his gaze was hard.  "You've called me a con, a crook, a shyster, a Snake Oil salesman, a rip-off artist, and other things not so polite.  I don't think there's one synonym, one name that I haven't been called by someone at some point, and I have to admit they're true, but the one talent I have that's so important to my job as a Con, a crook, and all those other labels, is the usually very good ability to read people . . ." His eyes flickered off to the side, then back to B.A. "Even if I need to read them just to figure out the best way to Con them."  His confidence seemed to desert him for a moment, and he swallowed, then forced himself to continue, and B.A. knew that he had to reassess Face's emotional stability.  "I swear, B.A., nothing I'm saying here is a lie or a Con, but B.A.,  I learned two secrets of yours while we were in the cell.  The first was your sexual orientation . . ."


            "I told ya' that." B.A. snarled and Face nodded.


            "Yes, but the second one I learned because of my talent . . . my ability to my job.  Also, you showed it to me yourself through your actions, your devotion to keeping me safe for as long as you have, and it was all over your face as you – to use your own words – made love to me.  You're IN love with me, B.A..."  B.A. opened his mouth to deny it, but it would have been a lie, and both men knew it.


            "So?" He asked gruffly, his tone barely above a whisper, and Face sighed.


            "B.A., you woke something up in me and I don't just mean physically.  I mean, look, the last person that loved me ran off and became a nun.  Rina and I didn't have enough time to actually fall in love, but we were heading there. I... I feel... something... for you, B.A.. Something that has nothing to do with the physical, although you know I'm willing to give that another try." He shook his head.  "But either physically or . . . or the other, B.A., you're the only one I feel it for, and definitely NOT anyone else, male or female."  He looked at the floor, then back up to B.A..  "Which brings me to my problem, B.A..  I'm . . . I'm not really sure what to do about anything I'm feeling or where to go from here, even.  I mean, if it was all just physical, I'd just grab you and kiss you . . . if you'd let me.  But the other . . . I'm not . . . I don't . . ."  Face stopped and held his hands out helplessly, even as his eyes widened and he once more allowed B.A. to read the emotions that he knew were there in Face's eyes only for him to see.



Part 6


B.A. read the same need, want, and desire he'd seen when they'd been in the cell, but he also saw consternation and outright fear. He knew in an instant that Face had indeed told the truth about the depth of his feelings, even if he didn't come right out and say he loved B.A...  B.A. sighed and knew that whatever happened next for the two of them, it was up to him.  He ran a hand over his face and forced his mind to think, rather than just to react as he tried to decide what the best course of action would be – not only for himself – but for Face and the team as well.


            He knew that if he told Face outright that anything more between them would be impossible because of their morals and values, Face would agree and they'd be left to fight feelings that B.A. knew from personal experience wouldn't just go away.  He also knew that neither man would forget the feel of the other and that when their minds should have been on the team and their responsibilities to it, they wouldn't be and the team could very well suffer, and considering the severity of their missions, suffer very badly for the inattention.


            However, if B.A. gave in and he showed Face just how much he did love him, and Face loved him back, but later Face discovered that what he'd thought had been love was really only gratitude and curiosity, B.A. would gently be rejected, and he would have to leave the team because there'd be no way he'd be able to stand the pain of loving, losing, and then having to work with Face.  B.A.'s leaving would deprive the team of not only their brute strength, but they'd also be without their mechanic and electronics specialist, and again, the team would suffer.


            And yet, if Face really did love him, and they got together, then they'd be playing with a fire that could flare out of control and consume not only them, but the team as well.  Especially with some of the things that Face had to often do to get whatever needed to be gotten or needed to be done for the team.  When he hadn't known the silk of Face's hair, the satin of his skin, the heat of his kiss, and the intoxication of his body's responses, B.A. had been content with the fact that Face was only his friend.  B.A. had only been slightly jealous of the clients and the women who knew Face's touch and his body in ways that B.A. could only dream about.  However, if he and Face did become lovers, B.A. knew that for the team's safety, he'd have to share Face with others, and he didn't think he could do that.  To have to watch Face as he held and kissed someone else, or worse yet, actually slept with them, and then came back to B.A.'s bed, would mean more pain for B.A. than he was simply prepared to deal with at any time.


            "I don't want just empty sex."  He finally spoke, and Face swallowed.


            "Neither do I."  He answered.  "I swear, B.A.  I really DO want more than that!"  Face's eyes looked steadily into B.A.'s as if he could force his sincerity into B.A. from the sheer strength of his will.  "Sex I can get anywhere, B.A.., but love . . ."  Face's voice trembled on the word, and he swallowed hard, which let B.A. know how truly serious Face was . . . and as terrified as he was.  "But love, B.A., that's something I can only get from – and have  – with you."


            "Faceman." B.A.'s tone was gentle.  "Ya' ain't thinkin' with your head.  You're doing what ya' always do and you're thinkin' with your heart.  Ya' gotta' know what this means ta' the team.  I mean, we all got things we do for the team –  Hannibal leads, the crazy man flies, I fix things, and you get things however you can . . ." He ran his eyes down Face's body and the younger man blinked.


            "Oh." He said after a moment and looked down.  "You're right.  I . . . I wasn't thinking."  He examined the tops of his boots.  "Guess that would put a damper on any kind of a permanent relationship."  He swallowed and turned away.  "It . . . it's okay, B.A..  I . . . I guess I'm not much of a prize anyway.  After all, I'm just a cheat, a liar, a Con, and a whore.  You're probably better off without me.  I . . . I understand B.A..  Thank you for your honesty." He started to walk away, but a heavy hand fell on his shoulder and he was gently turned around.


            "No, ya' don't understand." B.A.'s voice was low and he cupped his big hands gently on either side of the younger man's face.  "Faceman, I've loved ya' for a long time.  I told ya' what I thought of ya' back in the cell.  You figured out on your own that I loved you, and if I thought of ya' like any of the things you just named yourself, there ain't no way I could'a ever loved you.  I ain't shamed of ya' or disgusted by the things ya' do, but I can't share ya' . . . not with anyone.  It'd hurt me too much ta' have ta' watch ya'.  I want ya' all ta' myself."


            Face held perfectly still and gazed into B.A.'s eyes.  Face's mouth moved, but nothing exited, and he tried again.  "I want to belong to you and only you, too, B.A.."  His voice shook as he finally voiced his desire for a commitment, terrified of it though he obviously was.   "At least, I . . . I don't want to live without you – or your love."  Face looked at B.A. helplessly.  "But I don't want to leave the team to do it."


            "Me neither." B.A. said gruffly.


            "So what do we do?" Face lay his hands over those around his face and B.A. laid his forehead against Face's.


            "Don't know."  The big man answered and the garage was silent for a moment, then the two men started as Hannibal's voice filled the garage.


            "I say we tell Stockwell to stick his missions where the sun doesn't shine and give us our pardons." B.A. and Face looked over at Hannibal and Murdock as they walked into the garage and, completely unconsciously, Face turned and rested his body against the solid protection of B.A.'s.  After an uncertain moment, B.A. wrapped his arms around Face's shoulders, and clasped his hands together over face's chest, and Murdock grinned widely.


            "Young love is so cute." He chuckled and B.A. scowled.


            "Shut up, Foo'." B.A. declared, but there wasn't any force behind it and Murdock continued to grin as Face looked worriedly at Hannibal.


            "I'm all for telling Stockwell to stick it, but what if he doesn't give us our pardons?"  Face questioned, and Hannibal shrugged.


            "We went on the run before and we can do it again.  I've got special contingency plans for such an occurrence if he does refuse, but, I definitely think it's high time that we're allowed, if not necessarily to settle down, then to at least make lives of our own."


            "What about the team?" B.A. asked.


            "Oh, we'll  always be a team.  And I have no doubts that we'll always be together . . . " He grinned.  "At least two of us will."


            "Hey!  You better be talking about us!" Murdock frowned and wrapped his arms around Hannibal's waist as the older man cheerfully embraced Murdock's neck and B.A. and Face stared.


            "That explains that."  B.A. snorted.  "Couldn't figure why ya' was as understandin' about me as you were."  He shook his head, and Hannibal's grin widened.


            "This is what happens when you don't expect to see something.  You simply don't see it for what it really is."  He grinned, and Face sighed.


            "You know, somewhere, in one of Murdock's many psychiatry books, there's got to be a name, or at the very least, a syndrome, for this kind of thing."  The Con-man commented, bewildered, and the others laughed.


            "It's called love, Faceman, and I know for a fact there's no cure for it."  Murdock grinned at him.


            "And may there never be one either."  Hannibal laughed, then looked at Face and winked. 


        "You should try it, Face.  I think you'll like it." Hannibal's grin matched Murdock's and his pale blue eyes twinkled merrily.  "Murdock and I've enjoyed it for years."


            Murdock and Hannibal laughed loudly, as B.A. chuckled, and Face suddenly turned and looked at B.A.  "B.A."  His voice trembled, and his fingers moved nervously at his sides, and  he forced himself to steady, though it was with an obvious effort.  "I'm going to make you a non-refundable, one time offer on some used, but still serviceable merchandise.  You've got one chance to back out of this deal and once chance only.  It comes with an awful lot of baggage, not all of it's visible or Gucci, but the merchandise itself is still in good repair and will be good for many, many years to come." His voice dropped, and was barely above a whisper as he blinked.  "Take me or leave me, B.A."


            B.A. looked steadily back at Face and knew that Face had meant what he'd said.  B.A. could still back out and Face wouldn't blame him for doing it.  However, B.A. didn't WANT to back out, and a slow smile of affection, tenderness, and love spread across his face.


            Hannibal and Murdock held each other and silently watched as B.A. slowly moved one arm and rested his hand on Face's shoulder, and, as if he soothed a wounded, wild animal, B.A. stroked the fingers of his other hand across the unnaturally pale plane of Face's cheek and Face stood rock still in B.A.'s arms.  "I'll take ya' Faceman." He answered and ran his thumb across Face's slightly parted lips and Face's smile, no less loving than B.A.'s, though much faster, literally burst across his face.


            Murdock leaned his head against Hannibal's shoulder and the older man rested his head on Murdock's as they were both privileged enough to be able to watch as Face surrendered himself fully to the man who loved him.  Pale lids closed over blue eyes as dark lids shuttered brown, and as if drawn by an irresistible magnetic force, Shadow and Light, Day and Night, Yin and Yang embraced and their lips sealed a voiceless pact of love.






A Matter of Trust by Charon



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