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This Is the A-Team (filk song)
by HannibalFan’52

Rating: G
Notes: This came about when I noticed that a certain introductory speech scanned the music pretty well. Okay, okay, there’s one small inaccuracy, but hey! I needed the rhyme! Oh, and the ‘Decker-bugs’ line is adapted from ‘God Bless the U.F.O.’ by the Capital Steps.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: the usual


This Is the A-Team
(Tune: God Bless the USA)

Yeah, they robbed the bank in Hanoi, but you know that they were framed.
Cause their C.O. didn’t like ‘em, he played a dirty game.
Now they’re hunted by the Decker-bugs and they’re wanted by the cops.
Four men: one crazy pilot, three guys from Special Ops.
They escaped Fort Bragg and they made their way to the L.A. underground.
They take on jobs no one else will touch and they shut the bad guys down.
So, if you’ve got you a problem, friend, if no one else can help,
If you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team!

Now, Hannibal’s the Colonel, ‘Jazz’ shinin’ in his eyes.
Head full of plans that may not work, and he always trusts his guys.
And Face can fill ‘most any need by pullin‘ off a scam,
From passage on a cruise ship to a Cadillac in ‘Nam!
And buildin’ things is the expertise of the sergeant called B.A.
He’ll protect your butt; just don’t ever try to put him on a plane.
And pilot Murdock’s the one to trust, takin’ off with howlin’ scream.
So jump through hoops to find these guys.
They are the A-Team!


This Is the A-Team by HannibalFan'52



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