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Hannibal looked at his watch as the front door to the apartment opened; 8:30pm and Face was just now getting in from “work”

Sick Day

By Jullian Gray


Rated: NC-17

Summary: Hannibal feels that Face needs a day off.

Warning: Slash H/F, language, sex.

Special Thanks to Shee for fixing my mistakes.





Hannibal looked at his watch as he heard the front door to the apartment open; 10:30pm and Face was just now getting in from "work".


The team had taken on a case for a small advertising agency that was being squeezed out by a larger firm. Face had taken a position in the agency to monitor things from the inside while rest of the team kept surveillance on the thugs. Apart from a few minor run-ins there really hadn't had any problems shutting the bad guys down. The only real problem happened after the case; Face was too damn good at his job. With the agency on its last leg the team all agreed that as long as they didn't have anything pressing Face might as well make the best of his natural talents and help get them back up and running, not to mention out of the red. So Face went to work and he was working as hard as he could. Unfortunately this meant that he was putting in extremely long hours; his normal work day now started at 6:00 in the morning and ended anywhere between 7:00 to midnight. There had even been a few occasions when Hannibal had gone to the office well after midnight to find Face working on a presentation completely oblivious to the time.


A few seconds after the door closed Face made his way into the living room, his tie was hanging loosely around his neck with the top two buttons undone. If it wasn't for the kid looked so dead on his feet Hannibal might have made a joke about his less than perfect appearance.


"Another tough day at the office huh."


Face offered a faint smile as he dropped down on the couch beside him. "You can say that."


"Anything interesting I need to know about?" Hannibal asked as he put his arm around Face, pulling him closer.


"No, just trying to get the finishing touches on a lay out before it goes to a magazine tomorrow." Face sighed as he leaned into Hannibal.


Hannibal leaned over and kissed Face before moving to get up from the couch. "I'll have your dinner heated up and ready in a few moments."


"You don't mind if I stay in here do you?" Face asked as he looked up at his lover.


Hannibal smiled every night no matter when he got home Face always sat in the kitchen with him while he heated up the meal he had fixed earlier that night. Now as he looked down at his lover he could see how tired Face really was. Leaning over and laid a gentle kiss on the younger man's lips "No Tem, I'll call you when it's ready."


"You sure?"


"Positive." Hannibal kissed him again as he reached over and snagged the TV remote, handing it to Face before leaving the room.


On a normal night Face might have found the local news on one of the many stations, but tonight he didn't care, he was just too tired to concentrate on anything. Closing his eyes Face laid his head against the back of the couch, in a matter of seconds he was sound asleep.


"Face dinner." Hannibal called out from the kitchen, when he got no response he went back into the living room. "Face?" He called out softly as he approached the couch.


Hannibal smiled as he watched the younger man's chest rise and fall, as he took in slow easy breaths. Sitting down on the coffee table he studied the man he loved so much. He was always amazed how young Face looked when he was asleep, 'no not young,' he corrected himself 'his true age.' When Face was asleep his defenses were down, he didn't worry about who was watching, or judging him. Hannibal just was thankful that Face could relax when they were alone, though God knows it had taken him years to get that through the younger man's thick skull.


As he studied Face closer he noticed that his lover's clothes were starting to look a little big on him, a sure sign that he was losing weight, noting this he examined Face closer. The younger man's normally tan skin was starting to pale and dark smudges were beginning to form under his eyes, an obvious sign that Face was under stress.


Hannibal knew that Face was under pressure, though also he knew that the younger man loved the challenge. The only problem was Face often got so involved he forgot to take care of himself. 


"Face." Hannibal called out softly as he reached out to take the younger man's wrists in one hand, while stroking the soft blonde hair with the other. "Come on kid, wake up."


Face pulled against him for just a second as he took a deep breath, almost instantly Face relaxed as he opened his heavily lidded eyes.


"Time to get up already?" He asked as he sat up straighter.


"No kid, time to eat."




When Face didn't move Hannibal decided to get him moving. "Come on kid, on your feet." Hannibal pulled Face up and frowned when the younger man swayed. "When was the last time you ate something?"


"Ate something?" Face looked at him confused, and Hannibal had his answer. Without saying another word he guided the younger man into the kitchen, sitting Face down at the table, Hannibal went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of orange juice. He snagged a glass out of the cupboard before going back to the table. He knelt down in front of Face after pouring the juice into the glass.


"You need to drink this." He offered Face the glass, but the younger man only looked at it. "Face," Hannibal lifted his lover's chin so they were looking eye to eye. "I need you to drink this."


"Kay."  Face responded but still didn't make a move to take the glass.


"Come on Tem," Hannibal covered Face's hand with his own, raising the glass to the younger man's lips. "Drink." He commanded softly.


Face looked at Hannibal for a moment before he began to drink; as he drank Hannibal tipped the glass so that Face was forced to swallow more. When the glass was almost empty Hannibal lowered it.


 "You're got to start eating on a regular schedule, baby."  Hannibal laid his hand against the younger man's face, his thumb caressing his cheek.


"I'm okay, just tired." Face sighed as he leaned into his lover's hand.


"I know you are, kid." Moving forward he gently kissed Face. "How about you eat something and we'll go to bed."


Face started to tell Hannibal that he wasn't hungry, but he could tell by the determined look in the older man's eyes he wouldn't win the argument that refusing to eat would cause. Turning toward the table Face picked up his fork and began to eat.


Hannibal smiled as he watched Face pick up his fork. 'You're learning kid.' he thought as he stood up. Going over to the counter Hannibal poured himself a glass of water before he moved back to the table, being unable to help himself he ran his hands through Face's soft blonde hair before he sat down beside him.


Face managed to eat about half his meal before he pushed the plate away. Normally Hannibal would have insisted that he eat more, but knowing how tired Face was he decided he had eaten enough to hold him over till morning.


"Why don't you go take a shower, and I'll meet you in the bedroom." Hannibal smiled at Face.


Happy that Hannibal wasn't going to make him eat anymore, Face only nodded as rose he started to leave the kitchen, but stopped at the door. Turning around Face went back to Hannibal; wrapping his arms around his lover Face hugged him tightly before kissing him.


"Love you."


"I love you too kid," Hannibal smiled. "Now go get in the shower."


When Face left the kitchen Hannibal picked up the plate of half eaten food and scraped it into the trash, before adding it to the rest of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Once he was done straightening up the kitchen he went into the living room, turning off lights and checking to make sure the doors were secure before heading toward the bedroom.


Walking into the bedroom Hannibal was surprised to find Face sitting on the bed with one shoe off and a sock in his hand, staring at the floor.


"Face, you are right?" Hannibal asked as he moved to kneel down in front of his lover, placing his hands on the younger man's knees.


"Yeah," Face nodded.


"You sure?" Hannibal took the sock out of Face's hand so he could hold it, while moving his other hand to Face's wrist.


Face sighed; he knew that Hannibal was discretely checking his pulse. "I'm alright; I was just thinking that I might as well wait to take a shower. It'll help me wake up in the morning."


Hannibal glanced at the alarm clock on Face's side of the bed; he calculated that Face would be getting up in another five and a half hours. Looking back at Face and how tired he was Hannibal made a decision.


"You're right, but it will also help you relax tonight."


"Really Hannibal, I'm just too tired."


Hannibal shook his head as bent down to take off Face's other shoe and sock. When he was done he rose up a little so he could unknot Face's tie, once that was done he started to unbutton the younger man's dress shirt. As soon the buttons were undone he slid his hands in the opening, running them over Face's chest and shoulders as he removed it. He slid his hands under Face's arms and pulled him to his feet as he stood up.


 "Do you need help with your pants too?" He asked as he unfastened the younger man's belt.


"You're going to make me shower aren't you?"


"Yes I am." Hannibal smiled as he unbuttoned Face's black dress pants before unzipping them. "Now you have a choice Kid, you can finish getting yourself undressed while I get your water running or I can undress you and you can stand here in your birthday suite until I have your water ready, your choice."


Face looked at his lover and sighed, he didn't know what it was about his Colonel, but when Hannibal got something stuck in his head he just wouldn't let it go. "I'll be in there in a minute."


"Don't make me come out here looking for you." Hannibal warned as he turned to leave the bedroom.


Face thought about taking his pants off and getting into the bed, but he knew if he did Hannibal would most likely drag him out of it; the Colonel had warned him and that was the end of that argument. Sighing Face took off his dress pants; he folded them neatly, and placed them on the dresser before going to the bathroom. As he walked he found it took almost all his energy to put one foot in front of the other, when he went into the bathroom he found Hannibal checking the water's temperature.


As Face entered Hannibal turned to look at his lover, as he watched his lover shuffle in he almost wished that he had let Face go straight to bed. However he had a plan and making sure Face was as relaxed as possible was a major part of it. "It's ready for you." Hannibal smiled as he reached for Face's hand. "Come on Kid."


Face slowly moved forward taking his lover's hand. Hannibal guided the younger man to the walk in shower, though Hannibal stopped him just before he stepped through the glass door.


"What?" Face asked.


Shaking his head Hannibal reached down to pull Face's underwear down his legs, so they were pooled at his feet.


"Now get in." Hannibal chuckled softly. "I'll be back with some fresh towels in just a minute.


Face nodded as he stepped into the shower, the hot water to flow over his body relaxing him to the point that he was barely awake, closing his eyes he leaned against the marble wall in an attempt to keep from falling over.


While Hannibal was getting fresh towels he stopped in the bedroom to turn down the bed.


"You ready to get out?" Hannibal asked as he came back in the bathroom. Not getting an answer he opened the shower door. Looking inside he noticed that Face was literally asleep on his feet. "Ah, baby." Hannibal sighed as he turned the water off. Taking a towel he gently touched Face's chest causing the younger man to jerk back.


 "Shh, it's okay." Hannibal pulled Face to him so he could dry the younger man off while making sure he didn't fall over. "Tem, I'm going to get you out of here and into bed." Hannibal explained before he set his words to action. In a matter of a few minutes Hannibal had Face dried off and was in the process of tucking him into bed when Face started to sit up.


"Just where do you think you're going?" Hannibal asked as he pushed Face flat.


"Need to set my alarm." Face mumbled.


"I'll take care of it." Hannibal kissed him gently. "Now go to sleep.


As soon as Face's head hit the pillow he was fast asleep, standing up Hannibal looked at Face's alarm clock. In only five hours the damned thing would be beeping, waking Face from his much needed rest. In one quick fluid movement Hannibal jerked on the cord, unplugging it from the wall.


Stripping out of his own clothes he slid into bed, reaching over he pulled Face into the front of his body.


Face woke the next morning and noticed two things wrong, the first being his alarm clock was dark and the second was sunlight streaming through the windows.


"Damn!" He cursed as he started to climb out of bed only to be stopped by a pair of strong arms.


"Where do you think you're going?" Hannibal asked as he pulled Face back to him.


"I'm late; I need to get to the agency."


"You need to lie back down and relax." Hannibal tightened his grip around Face's waist. "I called in for you."


"You did what?"


"I called the agency this morning and told them you weren't going to be in, you're sick."


"Hannibal you can't…."


"I did." Leaning over the Colonel turned Face so they were looking at each other.


"You're exhausted kid." Reaching out he stroked the hair out of his lover's eyes.


"I'm working on an important presentation that needs get done." When he saw the frown pulling at the corners of Hannibal's mouth he quickly continued. "If I go in now I could be done by this evening."




"Hannibal…" Face tried to counter but was cut off again.


"I said no."




"But nothing, these people are going to have to get along without you." Hannibal took the younger man's face in his hands. "Face, I appreciate you helping them out, but you're giving more then you can afford to give."


"I can do …"


"No, you can't keep this up, and I won't allow you to wear yourself down to nothing."


"Hannibal, if I just go in for…"


"No, what if the team needs you?" Hannibal took a deep breath before he spoke again. "What if I need you?"


Face sighed realizing that there was no use arguing with Hannibal, it was obvious that his lover had made up his mind and that was the end of it.


"Alright, you win."


"I always do." Hannibal smiled as he pulled Face in for a long passionate kiss. When they broke apart Face was panting for breath. "Now that you're up do you want to eat breakfast?"


"No," Face reached up, putting his fingers in his lover's silver hair and pulled Hannibal down so that their lips were brushing against one another, "Now that I'm up," Face ground his growing erection into Hannibal's crotch. "I want you." With that said he captured the Colonel's mouth with his, forcing his tongue into the older man's mouth; as he moved his hips against Hannibal's he could feel his lover becoming aroused.


It only took a second for the shock to wear off then Hannibal took control, he moved so that he was straddling the younger man, his erection rubbing against Face as he leaned forward to deepen his kiss that Face had started. He wrapped one hand under Face's shoulder so he could pull him closer, while his other hand began to rub and caress the younger man's chest and nipples, causing Face to moan into his mouth.


While Hannibal kissed and caressed him Face ran his hands up and down the Colonel's back, and squeezing his buttocks forcing the older man's erection into his own. The two continued for several minutes before Face couldn't take anymore.


"Please John." He begged as he raked his fingers across Hannibal's back.


Hannibal moved his arm from behind Face's shoulder lowering him back to the bed as he did this he moved so that he was no longer straddling Face but kneeling between the younger man's legs. Leaning forward he snagged his pillow, which he slid under Face's hips before positioning his lover's legs on his shoulder. Moving forward he kissed Face while reaching for the lube on the younger man's dresser drawer.


"Don't need that." Face panted as he tried to impale himself on the Colonel. "Just need you in me now."


"The hell you don't; now be still." Hannibal growled as he pushed Face down and away for his erection. He didn't know how many times that he'd had this conversation with his lover. Face had scar tissue from previous rapes during his childhood and in the POW camp, and he would be damned if he hurt the younger man again by not making sure he was ready.


"Hannibal…" Face started to whine as he tried to thrust up again.


"Don't Hannibal me." he smacked Face's ass with enough force to make the younger man pull back away from him. "You know better than to even ask me." Hannibal added as he slid a lubed finger into Face's tight hole. "You would have thought you would have learned my now." He added as he brushed Face's prostate causing the blonde to throw his head back and moan. "But then again you have always been a stubborn little thing." With that he added a second finger and began to stretch Face, being careful to go slow and use plenty of lubricant.


By the time he added a third finger it was everything he could do to keep Face flat on the bed. "You ready for me? He asked as he leaned over to kiss Face.


"Been ready for you for the last fifteen minutes." Face panted; of course this response earned him another swap on the backside.


"Smart ass kid." Hannibal muttered as he entered Face in one slow, smooth movement. Hannibal stopped as soon as he was just past the tight ring of muscle waiting for the younger man to adjust.


"Oh God." Face threw his head back. "Please move Hannibal, please." He begged as Hannibal continued to sit just inside him.


Leaning forward Hannibal captured the younger man's lips as he slowly slid the rest of the way into Face's body. Once he was all the way in he stilled again, making Face squirm under him trying to make him move.


"Be still." Hannibal ordered softly, before he pulled out just as slowly. He continued this four more times, the last time he pulled out he checked to make sure there was no blood. When he was sure that Face was fully stretched and wouldn't suffer any pain or damage he picked up his rhythm until Face was moaning again. As he watched his lover he could tell Face was close, his head was thrown back against the pillows, eyes closed and his bottom lip was clinched between his perfect white teeth.


"Oh no you don't." Hannibal reached down, prying Face's lip from his teeth. "I want to hear you." For too many years his lover had been forced to stay silent during sex. As a child he had been abused forced to stay quiet for fear of the repercussions it would bring.


As a soldier Face had imposed the silence himself as the guards had raped and abused him, he refused to give them the pleasure of hearing him scream out. But now Face didn't have to be silent, he could cry out his passion and Hannibal not only wanted Face to experience this he wanted to enjoy it himself.


Almost instantly Face began to moan, it started low and deep in the back of his throat, and Hannibal knew he was close, pushed harder and deeper.


"Please John, Oh God, please."


"Please what?" Hannibal asked as he pushed harder, nailing the younger man's prostate with a powerful stroke...


Face started to put his lip back between his teeth, but one look from the Colonel made him remove it.


Reaching between them Hannibal took Face's weeping penis in his hand and began to pump him, his strokes matching his own rhythm.


"Please what?" Hannibal asked again as he looked into Face's eyes.


"I need you, John, please."


Even though he knew Face was begging for release he could still tell that he was holding back. Leaning forward he whispered the four words that he knew would push his lover over the edge. "Cum for me Tem."


That was all it took, Face threw his head back and screamed "John!" as his body clamped down around Hannibal's causing the Colonel to cum deep inside him.


A few seconds later Hannibal regained enough of his senses to lean back and look at Face; he smiled when he noticed that the younger man was completely out of it, passed out from the intensity of his organism. Hannibal slowly removed himself from Face's body, as he did so he made sure that there was no blood. Not seeing any he went into the bathroom to clean up, before coming back to bedroom to take care of Face.


Face woke to the feeling of having something warm and soft stroking his face. Opening his eyes he saw Hannibal sitting beside him wiping the sweat from his brow with a warm washcloth, concern in his clear blue eyes.


"You alright baby?" Hannibal asked as he ran the cloth over Face's neck and shoulders. After being together for so long he would have thought he would be use to Face blacking out after an intense orgasm, but he wasn't and it never failed to worry him.


"Never better." Face smiled as he reached up wrapping his fingers in Hannibal's short silver hair so he could pull him down for a kiss.


"You worry me when you do that." Hannibal sighed as he pulled back.


"You should be flattered, since you're the only one I've ever passed out on."


"That good or that bad?" Hannibal chuckled.


"Oh, defiantly that good." Face pulled him back down so he could attack his mouth.


This time when they broke apart it was Hannibal gasping for air. "You're going to be the death of me kid."


"Yeah, but think of how much fun it'll be."


Hannibal laughed as he ruffled Face's hair. "Come on I'll fix lunch."


When Face raised his eyebrow in question Hannibal explained.


"You slept through breakfast."


"What time is it?" Face asked when he remembered that his alarm clock was dead.


"About 11:30."


"I slept till 11:30?" Face couldn't believe it, granted he didn't like the mornings and loved to sleep in, but it was rare that he ever slept past 9:30.


"No you slept till 10:45, from there on you were occupied." Hannibal chuckled. "Now get up, you need to eat."


"I could always get up and not eat." Face ran his hand over his lover's bare chest.


"And I could flip you over and bust your ass." Hannibal warned.


"Kinky." Face laughed as he quickly rolled in the other direction to keep from getting swatted on the ass again.


"You just wait." Hannibal nodded as he got off the bed and left the room.


Face stretched as he went to the bathroom to relieve himself. He had to admit that even though he had been upset about Hannibal turning off his alarm he was glad his lover had done it. As he came out of the bathroom he found Hannibal getting dressed in a pair of dress slacks and a button down shirt.


"Change of plans kid, I'm taking you out."


"What did I do to deserve his?" Face asked as he went to the closet and started to pick through his wardrobe.


"I've missed you," Hannibal came up behind him; wrapping his arms around Face's waist he laid a gentle kiss on the younger man's neck. "Plus I want to show you how much I love you."


"I know you love me John," Face leaned back against Hannibal's chest. "And I love you too, don't ever doubt that."


Hannibal took in a deep breath as he nuzzled Face's hair with his cheek. "You have no idea how that makes me feel when I hear you say that. Now get dressed."


"Casual or suit."


Hannibal smiled as he ruffled Face's hair. "Kid, even when you're dressed casual you might as well be wearing a suit."


"Now what is that supposed to mean?" Face turned to look at him, not sure if he was being insulted.


"It doesn't matter what you wear, you make it look like a million dollars."


"Alright, enough, if you keep this up I'll start suffering from diabetes with all the sweet stuff you keep spewing out." Face snorted. "God you are in such a sappy mood this morning."


Hannibal looked at him for a moment then without warning slapped him hard on the butt. "Fine, you're getting gray hair." With that said he left the bedroom.


"Hey there's no reason to be insulting." Face called after him, chuckling as he pulled out a light gray suite with a pale blue tie.


Once he was finished getting dressed he went to the bathroom to double check his appearance. Moving closer to the mirror he looked at his hair. "Liar." He muttered as he stood up straight.


"No, but I made you look." Hannibal laughed behind him causing him to jump.


"Jesus, don't do that." Face grumbled as he pushed the older man out of the doorway.


"You ready or are you going to pick through your hair all day?"


"Yeah, just let me get my jacket." Face glared at Hannibal as he picked his jacket off the bed.



An hour later the two men were sitting at a small café just off the beach eating a light lunch and watching the waves crash against the sand.


"How much longer do you think it'll be before the agency will be up and running on its own."


Face took a swallow of his wine as he thought about it. "If we land this account then just another couple of weeks."


"And if you don't?" Hannibal asked taking a small sip of his scotch.


Face sighed as he leaned back in his chair. "Then it could be months."


"They're that bad off?"


Face nodded his head. "They have a lot of potential to make it big; we just have to get a few big accounts to bring in more. You know how it goes."


"Snowball effect." Hannibal studied Face for a moment before he spoke again. "I'm worried about you kid."




Hannibal took a deep breath knowing that if he wasn't careful he would have one hell of a fight on his hands.


"You're working yourself into the ground." Hannibal held up his hands before the younger man could speak. "I know that we all agreed that you should help out our client, but you need to slow down." Reaching out Hannibal took Face's hand in his own. "I love you baby and I don't like seeing you worn out like this."


Face looked at Hannibal for a minute before he squeezed the other man's hand. "I love you too."


The two finished their drinks keeping their conversation light; after Hannibal paid the check the two men went down to the beach. Taking off their shoes and rolling up the cuffs of their pant legs the two strolled through the sand and surf.


Hannibal pulled a cigar out of his coat pocket and was trying to find his lighter when a flame appeared. "Thanks kid." He smiled as he took a few puffs on the Cubin. They walked in silence for a while when Face interrupted Hannibal's thoughts.


"Spill it Colonel."


"What?" Hannibal turned to look over at his companion.


"I can tell by the look on your face that you're thinking about something, and by the looks of it I'm not sure I want to know what it is."


Hannibal smiled as he shook his head in disbelief. "You know me too well kid."


"Comes from putting up with you for all these years." Face chuckled. "So what are you worrying yourself over?"


"Not worried Tem, just wondering."


When they had gone a few hundred feet and Hannibal had still not spoken Face tried again.




"So what?"


Face sighed as he rolled his eyes. "So are you going to tell me what you're wondering about or am I going to have to guess?"


"I don't know if I want you to ask, because I'm not sure if I'll like the answer."


"So when has not liking an answer ever stopped you?" Face snorted, and then ducked as Hannibal made a slow easy swipe at his head. "Seriously John, what's wrong?"


Hannibal studied Face for a second before he spoke. "Are you happy Tem, I mean really happy?"


Face looked up at Hannibal not sure if he liked the question. As he studied his lover's face he could see some that the other man was worried about what he might say. "Do you mean as in our relationship?"


"Yes." Hannibal looked at Face; the younger man was a prefect picture of someone being calm, cool and collect. However Hannibal could see the tightness in his lover's shoulders. As he watched Face he could tell that he was studying him as if trying to judge what might be coming next.  Realizing that he had most likely just scared the hell out of Face he wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist and pulled him into a tight embrace. "I love you Tem, and I just want to make sure you're happy."


Face sighed as he rested his head on Hannibal's shoulder. "Am happy about being on the run? No."  Face pulled back to look watch Hannibal's reaction. "Am I happy about having to move all the time? No. Do I like having to keep our relationship a secret? No." Noticing the frown that was forming on Hannibal's lips Face began to change tactics. "Do I love you? Yes. Would I change any of it? No." Face moved so that his lips were brushing against Hannibal's. "I wouldn't change a thing, and I'll do anything as long as I can be with you." With that said Face moved in for a deep passionate kiss, his mouth consuming his lovers. 


Hearing Face's words and feeling him pour his love out to him in that one kiss made Hannibal's heart beat faster. Moving his hand to the back of Face's neck, he returned the kiss with equal enthusiasm; by the time they were finished both men were breathless.


"Shame this is a public beach." Hannibal whispered into Face's ear.


"Why's that?" Face asked as he moved back to study the other man.


"Cause I could think of a lot of things I could do to you in this sand."


"You know the only problem with doing it in the sand is I spend a week trying to get it out of places it shouldn't be."


Hannibal chuckled as he wrapped his arm back around his lover's waist. "I don't mind helping you get it cleaned out."


"If I remember correctly there is a great little bed and breakfast a few miles up the road." Face suggested. "I don't know if they have hourly rates though."


"Oh what I have planned for you will take a whole lot longer than an hour." Hannibal smiled as he moved his hand down to squeeze Face's designer clad butt.


"Promise?" Face asked as he turned into Hannibal's arms.


"Guarantee." Hannibal's smile widened as he pulled his lover in for a passionate kiss. "What do you say we head back to the car, and find this place?"


"Only on one condition." Face smiled one of his best and brightest smiles.


"What's that?"


"You call in sick for me tomorrow."





Sick Day by Jullian Gray



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