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Early Morning Call

By: Junk Food Monkey


Rating: G

Summary: 200 words of Murdock getting Face up way too early.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, I don't make any money from this.



Early Morning Call






Face rubbed his eyes and let Murdock past him into the house. "It's barely dawn."


"Yeah, sorry. But if we leave now we can have that, what do you call it Ė brunch, my treat of course, and then go on to the comic book fair."


Face tried to get his brain in gear. His brain was having none of it.


"You've busted out and want to drive up to Santa Monica to go to a comic book fair that you just heard about last night from some guy visiting another patient?" No good, his brain wasn't accepting that. He focused on the important part. "You want ME to drive you to Santa Monica?"


"I'll pay you for the gas. Come on, it'll be fun. The weather forecast is good." He waved that morning's paper. "There's lots of pretty girls in Santa Monica."


"Not at a comic book fair."


Murdock applied the puppy dog eyes. "I canít miss this. They've got some really rare editions. Which reminds me, can I borrow some money?"


Face gave up trying to figure it out. Murdock and his impulses were not subject to normal logic.


"Make some coffee while I take a shower."






Early Morning Call by Junkfoodmonkey



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