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A Pinch of Payback

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rating: G

Summary: Response to Quick Pick word Picky. The team are being kind of demanding.

Warnings: None. Well, it might make you hungry.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team. I don't make any money from this.



A Pinch of Payback


"Okay, guys, I'll get the sandwiches again. Murdock?"


"Oh, ham salad, please. As long as it's on rye bread. And no tomatoes in the salad. And make sure it's not that honey roast ham. Or breaded.  And if they don't have plain ham, I'll have turkey, but if I do have turkey then no olives in the salad. Or tomatoes. Or onions.  You got all that?"


"Ah, I think so. Face?"


"Chicken salad. With olives. Only green ones though. No mayo, make sure they have the proper vinaigrette dressing. No butter on the bread. Oh and whole-wheat bread, please."


"You sure you don't want them to cut the crusts off for you?" Hannibal said, eyebrows raised.


"Can't you do that for me?" Face asked, holding up his bandaged hand. "I am injured."


Hannibal ignored that, though Face thought he saw a soupcon of guilt flicker in his eyes there as he turned to his last customer.




"Beef. But only if it's sliced real thin."


"Oh yeah," Murdock put in, "I want the really thinly sliced ham too."


"Quiet, fool, you had your turn." BA rubbed the bandage on his arm for a moment, looking thoughtful. "White bread, so long as it's real fresh, like still warm fresh. Or whole-wheat if it ain't. Mustard, but gotta be the yellow mustard, not that French mustard."


"Right," Hannibal wore a harried look, garnished with a little resentment. "You want a dill pickle with that?"


"What are you, sick?" BA's expression twisted into one of disgust.


Hannibal left the van without another word, brow furrowed, lips moving.


"Think I should have asked for some raw steak for my eye?" Murdock gingerly touched the bruises around his half-closed left eye and winced.


"How much longer till we get home?" Face asked.


"Day and a half," BA said. "Plenty of time for more food stops." He giggled and BA and Murdock smirked. Taking advantage of Hannibal's guilt about the job they'd just finished was mean, but undoubtedly fun.


"He should be pretty nuts by the time we get there," Murdock said. "Next stop, I get the beef."


By the time they finished the job, they were onto about plan F by Face's reckoning and the rest of the team were all the worse for wear. Well, now Hannibal was paying. Revenge is a dish best served with mustard (as long as it's the yellow mustard.)





A Pinch Of Payback by Junkfoodmonkey



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