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They'd been invited to a Hollywood costume party


The Costume

By: Tee


Rating: PG13

For the Trick or Treat Challenge. My other one is long – so this is short.

Thank you Pam, for not only creating the challenge, but then keeping me honest.




They'd been invited to a Hollywood costume party. Face was never big on costumes, always feeling more than a little silly, so he simply put on his tux and a little mask to cover his eyes – and he was ready.


Driving to Hannibal's apartment, he noticed how many places already had their Thanksgiving decorations in the window.  The days seemed to be slowing down and speeding up at the same time.


Face knocked on the door and it was pulled open almost immediately.  "You're not ready?"


Hannibal was still in bathrobe and elegant leather slippers. "I am – this is my costume." He spun around, arms wide, to show off his expensive bathrobe and blue silk boxers.


"Uhm!" Face stared for a second - speechless. "That's…" What? He couldn't say indecent. He'd get no end of comments about how Hannibal was a decent-enough sort.


"What? Too much?"


"You're going…" He'd intended to ask if Hannibal really intended to dress like that for the party, but was cut off.


"As Hugh Hefner," Hannibal proudly proclaimed, as he grabbed his lighter and shoved it at Face. "Hang on to this for me, will ya'?"


Dumbfounded, Face put it in his pocket. "That costume just isn't…right."


Hannibal stood for a moment, thinking it over.  "You're right." Without hesitating, he dropped his boxers to the floor.  "Let's go."

Face's mouth gaped open as Hannibal tied his robe shut.


"Now it works." Hannibal grinned as he grabbed Face by the elbow and propelled him to the door. "And I've got a beautiful blond on my arm, too."



Tee Fischer

October 2004


The Costume by Tee



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