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"Avast ye' mateys and prepare to be boarded


By Tee


Rating: G

For Talk Like A Pirate Day

More silliness. Thank you Pam. You can't know what you do for me.




"Avast, ye mateys, and prepare to be boarded!"


"Oh, brother," Face sighed. He'd just entered the VA hospital, planning to see Murdock for the lunch hour. Now, just inside the door, he hesitated.


"Oh, you're Lieutenant Brash, aren't you?" Her nametag read "Tiffany," no last name.


"Batten down the hatches, there's going to be a blow!"


"Uhm, yes," Face stammered. He wasn't wearing a uniform, and one part of his brain was trying to remember if he'd ever used that name before, but who was he to argue with 116 pounds of nurse.


"Hoist the mizzen mast, ye scurvy dogs."


"Well, I don't know where you are taking him, Lieutenant, but you tell whoever is running tests on him this time, that you aren't to bring him back until he's stopped being a pirate."  Tiffany poked him in the chest with a well-manicured fingernail.


"Pirate?" Face looked over at Murdock, standing on one of the Formica dining hall tables, wearing a newspaper tri-corner hat and what looked like a sock for an eye patch.


"Pirate," Tiffany rolled her eyes. "And this is a hospital, not a Spanish Galleon, so you get him out of here and don't bring him back until he's a pilot again."


"Pilot." Face let the word sit on his tongue. He loosened his tie, and rolled his neck. "Ahoy, Pilot!" He'd been watching "Shogun" on television and knew that the pilot was the navigator.


Murdock looked his way.


"Climb down off that rigging and make your way starboard, we have …decks to swab and …" He hadn't paid that much attention to the show. "The Admiral needs you to navigate us out of these unfriendly waters."


"Unfriendly is right, bub." Tiffany hissed at his back.


Murdock climbed down off the table and sheathed his invisible sword with a great deal of flourish. "Ah, the first mate." Murdock tipped his head and curled his lip. "To where should I chart our course, laddie?"


"There's a, uhm, boat outside. We can take that to meet…" he lowered his voice conspiratorially, as they moved outside, "the Admiral."


"Aye, and then?"


"Then?" Face gave the idea a thought as he flashed Tiffany a smile. "Then, we lay siege to the City of the Angeles, and most importantly, demand the surrender of one of the most fearsome foes to ever sail the seven seas."


"Ah, Captain Baracus."


"No, the maitre'd at Chez Louise."


"Ah, a worthy foe indeed." Murdock climbed over the door of the Corvette and settled in the seat.


Face got in on the driver's side, starting the car and sitting for a second.


Then the VA's alarm sounded.


"You know that Tiffany isn't really a nurse here, right? She's been on Ward Three almost as long as me."


"Oh, good, for a second, I thought my cover was blown." Face dropped the car into low and burned rubber out of the parking lot.


"Oh, it is, matey, it is. But who's gonna believe that barmy lass? As if she'd know where the A-Team was."



The End


Sunk by Tee



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