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Attn: Claus, Santa


By: Tee


Rating G

In Response to the ATSB Mini Christmas Challenge. What might one of the team members want to ask Santa for Christmas?





Attn: Claus, Santa

CC: Kringle, Kris

CC: St. Nicolas


Dear Sir:


I would, at this time, like to request one thing. If you know who is been pilfering things from my locked supply shed, please let me know. This guy is good. I mean I dont even have a chimney, but hes still getting stuff out. If it is you, please disregard the above. Guys like us have to stick together.


I would at this time would like to requisition one (1) M1A1 (Abrams Tank)

Alternative T54 Soviet Tank

Alternative six (6) M381 (Jeep) and two (2) cartons Neapolitan Ice Cream or any flavor sherbet

Alternative one (1) M113 (Track Driver) and 3 (three) two drawer file cabinets

Alternative one (1) one Cadillac (pink) or 6 (six) quarts automotive paint (pink) and 3 (three) quarts high gloss sealant.


Any additional scotch and cigars that you feel the need to unload always appreciated.





Peck, Templeton 1LT

Da Nang Provence, Viet Nam

(formerly) Indochina


Tee Fischer

December 2007



Memorandum by Tee



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