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Aquamaniac Song

By HannibalFan'52


Rating: G

Warnings: None

Notes: Just a little bit of fluff that wormed its way into my brain and out my fingers

Disclaimer: Aquamaniac is Mr. Cannell's, not mine; this is just for fun




Aquamaniac Song

(Tune: Theme from Animaniacs)


I'm the Aquamaniac.

My director is a hack.

Yeah, he makes me wanna hurl

'Cause I never get the girl.

Not the Aquamaniac.


The Aquamaniac

Thinks producers all are quacks.

No, they never let me 'feel'

And they treat me like a heel.

Poor Aquamaniac.


The Aquamaniac

Has a grace Godzilla lacks,

But they put me to the test

When they make me hold my breath.

Four minutes? Maniacs!


The Aquamaniac

Is getting pissed off to the max.

Yeah, they really make me sore

And some day I'll say: 'No more!

No more Aquamaniac!'


Aquamaniac Song by HannibalFan'52



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