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A Cautious Peek

A Cautious Peek

By: Tee


Rating: PG13+ or higher for H/F content (mild).


A challenge piece issued ages ago at ATSB. (He risked a cautious peek. Not the best hiding place, but it would have to do for the moment. End with "Wanna bet".) Issued June 2005. As you can see I'm running just a little slow these days <g>. This is a very short one off. I hope you will enjoy.


Thank you goes again to Pam. Whose patience has been stretched lately.





He risked a cautious peek. Not the best hiding place, but it would have to do for the moment. He was hiding behind the curtain. Face knew that if the owner of the room came in, odds were he'd open the curtain and discover him.


Just seconds later the door to the room opened with a squeak and a creak. Face stared at the back of the drape, one part of his mind admiring the heavy weave, the other part was busy making sure that his very breath didn't stir the cloth.


A man moved through the room and into the bathroom, and Face could hear the click of the light switch. Face waited, counting to ten, hoping to hear the shower start. His wish was granted and his fingers snaked around the edge of the heavy cloth.


Face rolled up on his toes. The thick beige carpet was soft under his feet and masked any possible sound. Pushing the royal blue fabric back, he moved slowly for the door, knowing full well that it was sudden movement that attracted attention.


And it was just such a sudden movement that caught Face's attention. A flash out of the corner of his eye and Face was sliding under the bed like Ty Cobb of the Detroit Tigers. He closed his eyes to avoid looking up at the bottom side of the box spring. There was a small crack near the head of the bed and Face resisted the impulse to run his fingers over the imperfection.


From his new hiding place, he listened as drawers were opened and closed. He could hear the rustle of fabric that said the man was getting undressed. Shifting slightly, he could see the bare feet and legs as they once again moved for the bathroom.


Waiting for just a moment, Face scrambled out from under the bed and bolted for the door.


He wasn't more than three steps, when he was body slammed from behind and hit the floor, flat on his face, the air whooshing from his lungs.


As soon as he regained his senses, he realized the man was still lying on him, pinning him to the ground.


"Just what did you hope to accomplish?" his captor growled into his ear.


"To make it out the door without being seen," Face said on the exhale, still trying to regain his equilibrium.


"Well, you failed at that, but what were you doing in here in the first place?" The voice wasn't angry, or even confused. It might have been amused as well as inquisitive.


"Uhm," Face squirmed, but he felt the strong legs squeeze his mid-section.


"Come on, you're a bright boy. Think on your feet."


"I'm not on my feet," Face attempted to squirm out from under the weight of the other man, but made little progress.


"If I let you get to your feet, do you think you'll be able to come up with an answer?"


"Let me up and we'll see."


There was a long pause, as if Face's captor was thinking over the idea, and Face tensed his leg muscles, ready for any opening that might let him escape.


"No," the man said slowly. "You give me an answer and then maybe I'll let you up."


Face twisted, but the bigger man seemed to just drop down heavier, pinning him to the carpet. "Okay, okay, let me breathe."


The man raised up just a little and Face took advantage of the moment of release. He shoved with all his might, tipping the other man off him and into an ungainly sprawl.


Face had gotten only as far as his knees when his opponent grabbed him and shoved him backward onto the bed. His legs dangled towards the floor, as his back and shoulders were pressed into the mattress. The man, grinning, sat on his stomach.


"Thought I'd made it there for a sec." Face grunted out, his breath restricted by the weight from above.


"Thought wrong, buddy boy." The tone wasn't angry, and the grin was definitely mischievous. "So, care to explain what you were doing lurking in my room?"



"That's what you said before. Try again."


"Your shower is still running." Face stalled, his mind suddenly a blank, as he looked up at the nearly naked man above him.


"What are you, the water police?"



"Ah, finally an answer to one of my questions. Care for two out of three? Why are you in my room?"


"I was looking for something," Face stammered as a boxer-clad crotch ground into his.


"Seems you found it." Amusement coated every word.


Deciding that the best defense was a good offense, Face said, "I could get away from you, you know?"


Hannibal smiled and said, "You wanna bet?" He leaned down and stole a kiss from his captive.


Face sighed. He loved it when a plan came together.



@@@ The End


Started in 2005, Finished in 2007. Sheesh what is that? A word a day? Thank you Pam. For everything.




A Cautious Peek by Tee



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