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Tie Challenge

Ties That Bind

An answer to the "Tie Challenge"

By Tee


Rating G, no warnings.

Thanks Pam for tying up the loose ends.




He'd always liked this tie. It was a dark blue with a thin red stripe and there was something about it, when tied in a nice double Windsor that just showed it off at its best.

It was, however, not currently in a double Windsor. It was in a square knot. A boring, unimaginative knot, but actually, quite effective.


Face tugged at the binding again, but the knot held fast. It was an uncomfortable position. His hands were tied together then snagged on a hook. With his arms over his head he was finding it hard to take a deep breath, and every time his head lolled back to rest, he could see the knot - in what used to be one of his favorite ties.


He rocked up on his toes trying to see if he could find enough slack to get himself loose. It didn't help.


He clenched and unclenched his fingers making sure that his position didn't stop the blood flowing. He could hear gunfire, interspersed with long bouts of silence. He tried to remember that the silences were a good thing, but the gunfire let him know where people were. And there was one right outside the door. The same ape that had tied him up and knocked him around.


He was trying to roll the ache out of his shoulders, looking up at the blasted knot when he heard a voice.


"Hang on. I'll get you down in a sec."


The door was open, but the Colonel was still in the hall.


"Very funny."


"What's wrong? Tired of hanging around?"


There was more gunfire, and the Colonel stepped into the room. "I wanted to get here sooner, but I was a bit tied up."


"You're just full of 'em today, aren't you?"


The gunfire slowed and then stopped altogether.


"We're just tying up a few loose ends and then we're out of here."


"One more, just one more, and after I get loose, I'll use this tie to gag you."


"Hey, Faceman did you get the safe unlocked before you got tied up with other things?"


Hannibal had to look away to keep from laughing. "I didn't say a thing."


"Get me down from here!"


Murdock stepped back into the hall, dragging the big ape clear and cuffing him to a water pipe.


BA stood in the doorway. "We ain't got time to hang around. Let's get movin'."


Hannibal gave up trying to untie the cloth and just cut it off.


Face worked the tie off his hands and tossed it on the ground, stepping past it, and not looking back. "Am I going to hear the end of this anytime soon?"


"I'm sure they'll get tired of it sooner or later."


Face shook his head. It was going to be a long afternoon.


Hannibal shrugged and grinned at his fit-to-be-tied lieutenant. "It was. . . bound to happen, kid." He stuck a cigar between his teeth and gestured for Face to exit first. "Like it or not, we're. . . stuck with each other."



The End


Ties That Bind by Tee



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