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“Hannibal you’ve got to be kidding

The Wrap Party

By Jullian Gray


Rated NC-17

Warning: Sex, Slash, H/F Violence, Language, and death of a non-major character, (Sort of)

Summary: Hannibal and Face go to a wrap party and meet a guest they will never forget.

Special Thanks to Shee for making this readable





"Hannibal you've got to be kidding." Face whined as he pulled at the thin silk string that ran between his cheeks. Turning he looked at himself in the mirror again.


"What's wrong with the costume kid?" Hannibal asked as he slid up behind the younger man. Wrapping his hands around Face's waist and pulling the smaller man into the front of him. "You look great."


Face looked at himself in the mirror, he had to admit he did look good; but that wasn't the point. The point was if he wasn't careful tonight he would be giving everyone at the party a good look at his assets. Hannibal had insisted that his costume was as authentic as possible, right down to his underwear. Underwear Face snorted, it was a tiny piece of fabric that covered his genitals, with three strings attached. Two tied in back around his waist while a third went between his ass cheeks and tied to the first two pieces.


"Come on kid, I know it isn't what you would have picked out to wear, but I wanted to stick with the theme of the movie." Hannibal whispered in his ear before gently sucking on the lobe.


Hannibal had just finished a movie that was set in ancient Greece, and the studio was having a party to celebrate.


Face looked at his lover's blue eyes in the mirror and sighed; how could he tell the older man no.


It was the first time in a long time that the Colonel actually had a part where he didn't have to play some type of monster. Granted Hannibal had to wear a lot of make-up to keep from being recognized, but he was playing a human being with a part in front of the camera.


Face remembered how excited Hannibal had been when he had come home and told him that he had a speaking roll. Not just a one line speaking part, but a large speaking roll with multiple scenes, in a movie with a budget over 40 million dollars.


Face looked at himself in the mirror again, he was wearing a toga that left half his chest bare and only came to mid-thigh, and a pair of leather sandals, which laced up to his knee. While Hannibal was wearing a full-length robe that covered him to his ankles, his feet covered in a pair of slip on leather sandals.


"Tell me again why you get to wear full length robes, and I have to wear a toga that only comes to mid thigh?"


"Because you have the legs for it." Hannibal hugged Face tight to his body when he realized that he had won. When Face frowned at him Hannibal realized that the younger man however wasn't quite ready to concede defeat. "Besides it's the costume I wore in the movie."


"And I am?" Face raised an eyebrow.


"Ah you are someone very special." Hannibal rested his head against the top of his lover's head, enjoying the smell of the blonde hair. "You are Apollo, the Sun God."


Face slowly shook his head as he leaned back to kiss his lover. "You've thought long and hard about how you were going to get me in this getup haven't you."


"Been planning it for weeks." Hannibal smiled as he kissed Face back.


"Now I know you're lying," A playful smile crossed the younger man's lips as he turned in the Colonel's arms.


"Why would you say something like that?" Hannibal asked, knowing he was being set up.


"Because it worked." Face laughed as the Colonel tightened his grip around him, pinning him to the older man's chest.


"Lieutenant, you are about to get yourself into a world of hurt." Hannibal growled, his voice low and dangerous.


If Face didn't know his lover so well he would have been afraid of the sound, but this was a game the two of them had been playing for years. Hannibal was always a gentle and caring lover, but sometime Face wanting something different. Tonight was one of those nights, and he knew just what to do to get it.


"If you think your man enough, Colonel." Face challenged, he was not disappointed when his lover's face-hardened into the man who was always in control of every situation.


"More then that." Hannibal grabbed a hand full of Face's hair; pulling back on the golden mane he laid an almost brutal kiss on this lover's mouth. As he deepened the kiss he moved both of them back toward the bed. When Face's knees made contact Hannibal shoved the smaller man down onto the bed. Before Face had a chance to move the Colonel had his hands pinned above his head, the silk thong roughly removed.


"Last chance to apologize Lieutenant." Hannibal growled his breath hot on Face's neck.


"Never." Face answered as he stared up into the bright blue orbs. His own expression filled with a challenge to the Colonel's authority.


Hannibal only nodded as he flipped his lover onto his stomach, while pinning the younger man's arms behind his back. He used his leverage on Face's wrists to keep him flat on the bed, with his other hand he pull up the short toga to revel a set of tan firm buttocks. With out warning he smacked one of the golden mounds several times before reaching for the lube in the nightstand beside the bed. Hannibal never understood what got into his lover's head, but sometime Face just liked it ruff, and to a point he would oblige him.


Face moaned when he felt Hannibal's slick finger penetrate him, however when he tried to lean back onto it the finger was removed and he was spanked on the ass again.


"Don't you move." Hannibal warned, his voice thick and heavy as he went back to his preparations.


It felt like an eternity to Face before a second finger was inserted. Face moaned and once again tried to push back when Hannibal started to withdraw it. Again he was rewarded with a stinging blow to his rear, harder than the last one had been.


"Don't make me warn you again."


Hannibal continued his slow and tedious process of preparing Face's body for his erection. Even though he had taken Face hundreds of times, he was always careful when getting the younger man ready for sex. For Hannibal the game he was playing was fun, but it didn't lessen his responsibility for his lover's safety and comfort.


By the time Hannibal added his third finger it was everything Face could do to hold still. He was dying to rock himself back on his lover's fingers, but wasn't sure if he was willing to risk a harder slap to his backside. The Colonel had an uncanny knack for hitting the exact same spot every time.


Just when he was sure he couldn't take anymore he felt Hannibal's breath in his ear.


"You ready to apologize Lieutenant?" The low voice asked.


Face started to shake his head no, but the fingers twisted in him causing him to whimper with need.


"Think about what you're about to say before you speak." The voice warned.


"Sorry Colonel." Face's voice came out a whispered moan as the fingers began to slowly withdraw. "Please sir."


Hannibal smiled knowing he had Face just where he wanted him.


"How bad do you want me Lieutenant?" The voice was low and dripping with authority.


"Bad." Face bit is lip to keep from crying out as the fingers thrust into him.


"How bad Lieutenant?" The voice asked again with more power.


"Please Colonel." Face whimpered. "I need you, please Colonel."


Hannibal smiled, "Don't you move." He ordered as he let go of Face's wrists.


Even if Face had contemplated moving he wouldn't have had time, within seconds Hannibal had his wrist once again in his grasp, removing his fingers he slid his member between the golden mounds and slowly eased himself into his lover's willing body.


Face moaned as Hannibal slowly sank all the way into him.


"You like that?" Hannibal asked softly as he pushed himself all the way into his lover's tight body. He knew this wasn't what Face wanted but he was going to make the younger man tell him.


"Please Colonel." Face begged, wanting more than what the older man was giving him.


"Or do you like this?" Hannibal pulled almost all the way out again before slamming himself back into Face's body.


"Oh God please." Face all but screamed. "Please Colonel, please."


'Defiantly one of those nights' Hannibal thought as he looked at his lover's body wriggling beneath him. 'So be it.' he shook his head.


Hannibal began to pound into his lover, each thrust harder and deeper than the last. Face was trying his best to push back against him, but each time he tried Hannibal would smack him on the ass, each blow harder than the last. When he felt Face began to tremble beneath him Hannibal let go of the younger man's wrists, he wrapped his arms around his lover's body, pulling him up right, his hand finding the leaking organ. He plunged deep into Face's body while stroking his lover's straining member. Face's head fell back onto his shoulders and Hannibal captured the blonde's mouth, kissing him as deeply as he thrust. It only took a few more ruff strokes before Face came, his body shuttering as his climax overtook him. As his orgasm tore through him Face's body tightened around Hannibal's causing the Colonel to shoot his hot seed deep into his lover's body.


Hannibal held them in an upright position until he felt Face began to stir in his arms. He smiled as a pair of dazed blue-green eyes opened to look at him.


"Got that out of your system for a while?" Hannibal asked as he laid a gentle kiss on his lover's lips.


"Yes sir." Face sighed, nuzzling the side of Hannibal's throat.


"You mind telling me what got into you?"


"You." Face giggled against his neck.


Hannibal couldn't help it, the chuckle started low in his chest until it came out as a rumbling laugh. "Kid, I don't know what I'm going to do with you sometimes."


"Love me." Face whispered softly.


"Always." Hannibal leaned in for another gentle kiss.


 Hannibal continued to hold them for a few minutes before he decided that they needed to get ready to leave.


"Come on Sunshine, we need to get moving."


"Alright." Face sighed as he pushed himself up and off the bed. When Hannibal walked out of the room He walked over to his drawer to pull out a fresh set of briefs, he was just about to step into a clean pair of Calvin Kline's when he heard Hannibal call out to him.


"Nice try." Hannibal held up the silk thong. "But these go with that costume."




"Nope." The Colonel smiled, walking over to Face, he kissed the younger man while his other hand dropped to his love's groin, gently cleaning it with a cloth he had brought from the bathroom. When Face moaned in his mouth Hannibal pulled back. "It's part of the costume."


Face frowned as he looked at the piece of cloth in his lover's hand, then a smile crossed his own lips.


"And just what type of underwear do you have with your costume."


Face knew he was in trouble the Colonel showed a set of perfect white teeth. "I don't have any on."


"I should have known." Face rolled his eyes as Hannibal started to chuckle.




Face sighed as he sat down for the first time in six hours; his aching feet telling him exactly how they were feeling. The wrap party had ended over an hour ago a little after midnight, but the couple had been invited to join a Halloween party one lot over. Having a great time and better yet not having to get up in the morning the two decided to make a night of it.


"Great party isn't it?"


Face looked up to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She was dressed as a vampire with a very revealing black dress that left little to his imagination. Her hair was long and black as coal, skin creamy white, lips full and red. Her well-rounded breasts pushing against her tight fitting corset, her legs long and smooth and perfect feet wrapped in a pair of stiletto heels. But despite all of her physical beauty the thing that struck Face the most was her eyes. Never in his life had he seen a pair of green eyes like the ones he was staring into.


"Yeah, it's nice." Face smiled as he started to stand.


"Please don't get up," She smiled back at him, revealing a pair of perfect white teeth. "I was wondering if I might sit with you."


"It'd be my pleasure, my name is Templeton, but my friends call me Face." Face stood up anyway to pull the chair out for her.


"Thank you Face, I'm Autumn Decedere."  (Latin for deceased)


Once she was seated Face sat back down, his eyes never leaving hers. "You said Decedere?"


"Yes." She smiled her perfect smile


"It's Latin right?"


"I believe so." She smiled her perfect smile. "I'm from a very old family."


Face tried to remember his Latin, it had been a while since he had used it but he knew that name…no he thought not name, a word, it wasn't a name, it was a word.


"So do you work here at the studio?" She asked as she raised her champagne to her lips.


 Face shook his head, why was he worrying about Latin when there was a beautiful woman sitting in front of him wanting his attention.


"No, I'm here with a friend." Face broke eye contact to look for Hannibal, when he found his lover talking to a producer he smiled. 'Always networking.' Face thought.


As if he feeling his lover's eyes on him Hannibal glanced over at Face, he returned the smile. Glancing at the beautiful woman sitting at the table with the blonde his smile widened. 'Always flirting.' Hannibal winked at Face before turning back to the producer.


When Face turned back he noticed that the Autumn was frowning, and he was amazed how much it affected her beauty.


"What about you?" Face smiled one of his brightest smiles. "How many movies have you been the leading lady in?"


"You are so sweet." She smiled again leaning forward to lay her pale white hand over the top of Face's tan one. "I don't really star in anything, I'm more behind the scenes."


Face noticed that her hand was cold so he took hers into his trying to warm it.


"So you are an actress?" Face asked as he stared into her green eyes.


"Of sorts, I guess you can say that my life depends on how well I can perform." She smiled at him as she lifted her glass to her lips. "I spend a lot of time on the back lots, I love all the classic sets."


The two of them continued to talk for another forty-five minutes before Autumn rested her hand on his arm smiling, her green eyes staring into Face's blue-green ones.


"Face I hope you don't mind, but it's getting late and I was wondering if you would walk me to my car?"


"No, I don't mind a bit." Face rose, walked around the table and helped her out of the chair. As he took her other hand he noticed it was as cold as the first. Being a gentleman Face allowed her to wrap her arm through his as he lead the way out through the crowded room. Passing by his lover Face flashed the Colonel discrete hand signal; he showed the older man two fingers then five. Hannibal nodded taking a quick glance at his watch, noting the time, before turning back to his conversation.


The two had come up with several different signals over years and this one was one they had used quite often. Face should be back in two minutes, but if he wasn't back in five Hannibal should come looking for him.


"So where is your car?" Face asked as the two of them moved farther out into the parking lot.


"I don't have a car." Autumn smiled as she pulled Face to a stop beside a Lincoln Town car; gently she pushed Face so that his back was to the car. "I just wanted to get you alone." Moving forward she wrapped her arms around Face's and began to nuzzle his neck.


"Autumn I appreciate your interest in me, but I'm seeing someone."


"Really?" She purred, "What if I told you that I could make you happier than that person could ever make you." Taking a deep breath she inhaled Face's scent, she frowned, as she smelled something other than the blonde, breathing deeper she noted it was the smell of the silver haired man they had passed on their way out.


"Really." Face tried to push back but she was stronger than she looked. "Look, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea, but I'm in a serious relationship."


"What if I told you I could make you forget all about him?"


"Him?" Face shifted. "Why do you say him?"


"Because I can smell him all over you."  Then she licked the side of his neck making Face jump. "I can even taste him in your sweat."


Face didn't know where this was going but it was getting to weird for him.


"Look Autumn, I need to be going." Face tried to push her back away from him, but she did something that he never expected; she bit him in the throat, her canines piercing his skin. Almost within seconds he could feel his energy and strength flowing out of his body. He pushed against her, but she was stronger that he could have imagined and easily pinned him against the car as his lifeblood flowed out of his veins and down her pale white throat.


Autumn smiled as she drank from the blonde's neck, he was so full of life and energy that she drank deeper and deeper. She could feel the blonde's heartbeat getting weaker and weaker as she pulled his life from his body.



Hannibal glanced at his watched and sighed when he noticed that Face wasn't back.


"Jake, I'm sorry but I need to step outside for a second, be right back."


"Sure, not a problem." The producer smiled. "Need a fresh drink anyway."


Hannibal made his way out to the parking lot, his eyes scanning the dark for any sign of his lover. As he did a second sweep his eyes caught sight of the familiar blonde head. He smiled when he noticed the young woman's arms wrapped around Face.


'Kid really must have turned on the charm.'


When he was within a few feet of them Hannibal watched as the woman began to nuzzle Face's neck. He smiled as he thought about the quick words of apology that Face would have to come up with to let the woman down easy, and also how much he could tease the younger man when they got home. He was only two feet away when he heard Face gasp his handsome face contorting with pain, suddenly going pale.


Though Face's costume was completely authentic his had one modern touch to it. Reaching into his robe Hannibal pulled out a colt forty-five that he had hidden in a shoulder holster.


"What the hell are you doing?" The Colonel demanded behind her. "Get away from him."


Autumn turned and bared her fangs at the silver haired man standing behind her. She thought about attacking the man, but noticed that he was now pointing a large gun at her head. There were few things that her kind couldn't survive, but missing half her head was not one of them. Moving at a speed that was not human she dropped Face to the ground and fled into the night.


Hannibal watched her flee in complete disbelief, never in his life had she seen anything move that fast. As the creature disappeared into the night Hannibal quickly moved to Face's side.


"Face?" Hannibal reached down and laid his hand on his lover's shoulder squeezing as he still continued to search the dark parking lot for any sign of threat.


When Face didn't move Hannibal holstered his weapon under his robes. Gently he rolled Face over onto his back and what he saw scared the hell out of him. Face was white as a ghost, a fine sheen of sweat covering his forehead and he was trembling like a leaf.


"What the hell did she do to you?" Hannibal pushed the hair out of Face's eyes.


"Bit me." Face said weakly a he reached up to feel his neck.


"Let me see baby." Hannibal moved Face's hand from his neck and looked at the bite.


Hannibal had seen her leaning over Face, so when his lover said he had been bit he believed him. Though what he didn't understand was the bite mark itself. Instead of a roll of teeth and torn flesh all he could see was two puncture marks in his lover's throat. "Jesus Tem." Hannibal tore a piece from his costume and used it to stop the still bleeding wound.


Realizing that the woman Face had met wasn't human Hannibal decided that they weren't safe and need to get them to a secure area.


"Can you walk?"


Face nodded as Hannibal helped him to his feet; he leaned heavily on the older man as the world around him began to spin. As he started to take a step forward his legs began to collapse under him. Instantly Hannibal's arms were around him, supporting him in his strong embrace.


"I got you." Hannibal whispered in his ear as he half carried Face to the Vette. Carefully he lowered the younger man into the passenger's side of the car, before climbing in. "Hang on kid; we'll be at the hospital in a few minutes."


"Don't need a hospital." Face mumbled from the passenger's seat. "Just need to go home and lay down."


"Face, she broke the skin," Hannibal pulled the bandage away from Face's neck to look at the puncture wounds. "God knows what she could have infected you with."


"I just want to go home." Face closed his eyes as his stomach turned.


"You need to be checked out."


"A hospital will ask too many questions."




"Please John, take me home." Face begged as he opened his eyes to look over at Hannibal. "Please."


There were few things in life that could change Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith's mind, and his lover begging him for anything was at the top of that list.


"Alright baby" Hannibal leaned over and kissed Face's forehead. Putting the car into gear Hannibal peeled out of the parking lot being careful to see if he was followed, as he quickly made his way toward the apartment they shared.


"How you doing kid?" Hannibal asked as he reached over to take Face's hand.


"Cold." Face shuddered as the wind from the car's open top blew in around him.


Hannibal silently cursed himself for making Face wear such a skimpy costume. Letting go of Face's hand he turned the heat on and the blower to high before returning his hand to his lover's, letting the younger man know he was there for him. 'Hell Smith when you picked the costume out for him you didn't plan on him getting attacked by anyone, except maybe yourself when you got him home.'


Glancing over Hannibal noticed that Face was fighting to stay awake.


"Come on Tem, you need to stay with me unless you want to go to the ER."


"Don't need to go to the ER." Face mumbled. "Just need to go home and lie down."


When Face closed his eyes Hannibal squeezed his hand. "Did she say or do anything weird."


"She bit me John." Face gave a choked laugh. "How weird do you want?"


Hannibal smiled at his lover's attempt to lighten the mood. "Come on kid she had to have said something before she bit you."


Face started to nod then stopped when the world started to spin. "When I told her I was seeing someone she sniffed me," Face rubbed his throat with his free hand. "She said she could smell you on me, and then she licked me. Said she could taste you in my sweat."  Face shuttered at the memory.


"It's alright baby," Hannibal squeezed Face's hand. "I'm here."


A short time later Hannibal pulled the vette into the parking garage of the apartment building. He parked the car in their designated spot, getting out he went over to the passenger's side and helped Face out. Wrapping his arm around Face's waist he help him into the elevator as they rode up their apartment Face began to lean more and more on Hannibal.


"Almost there." Hannibal reassured Face, as he took more and more of the younger man's weight. By the time the elevator made it to the 14th floor the Colonel was completely supporting his lover. When the elevator doors opened Face didn't even try to move, in fact he couldn't if he wanted to, he had no energy or strength left.


"Face?" Hannibal looked down at Face whose head was resting on his shoulder.


Turning his head Face looked into the concerned blue eyes of his Colonel.


"Tired." Face tried to say, but it came out a whisper.


Without saying a word Hannibal scooped Face up into his arms, he frowned when Face's head rolled back against his shoulder.




Slowly Face opened his eyes to look at him; he offered a faint smile up at Hannibal before closing them again.


"Hang on kid, we're almost home."


Face mumbled something, but it was so incoherent that Hannibal couldn't make it out. They were almost to their apartment when Mrs. Lathrop came out of her apartment door with her poodle Misty. The dog instantly began to bark at the two of them causing Mrs. Lathrop to frown at Hannibal as he stepped past her carrying Face.


Hannibal couldn't stand the old prude, she was constantly in everyone's business and even though he and Face had been pretending to be father and son he suspected she knew the truth about their relationship.


Hannibal stopped at their door and fumbled with his keys as he tried to balance Face and get the door open. As the keys slid in the lock he pushed the door open, turning he noticed that Mrs. Lathrop was still standing in the hallway frowning at him.  "He fell asleep on the way home." Hannibal kissed Face on the forehead. "Kid's just worn out."


"Drunk is more like it." Mrs. Lathrop huffed as she turned her nose up in the air. "Come Misty." She pulled on the yapping dog's leash.


"Bitch." Hannibal muttered under his breath as he went into their apartment. As soon as he got the door closed and locked behind him he carried Face into the master bedroom. Gently he laid his lover down on the bed. What he saw scared the hell out of him. Face was pale as a ghost his lips tinged blue. Hannibal ran into the bathroom and grabbed one of the teams many medical kits. Pulling out a blood pressure cuff he wrapped the cuff around his lover's arm, as he took Face's pulse he noticed the younger man was becoming unresponsive. 


"Face?" Hannibal gently patted his lover's cheek trying to get some reaction.


Face moaned as he tried to raise his hand to fend off the light slaps, but it was just too much effort and he was too tired.


Hannibal felt a little better getting some response out of Face, but quickly left when he tired to take Face's pulse and could hardly find it. He pumped up the blood pressure cuff and frowned when it barely registered. "How much blood did she take from you?"  Knowing he had to do something quick, Hannibal went into action.


Grabbing the phone he dialed the VA, on the third ring a sleepy voice answered. "Joe's pizza, open 24 hours a day, just not in a row."


"Captain, I need your help now." The Colonel commanded.


Murdock sat up straight in the bed, there was no humor in Hannibal's voice, it was 100% A-Team Commander.


"Go on Colonel." Murdock began to get dressed as he listened to his leader.


"Our Lieutenant is down and I need blood and plasma immediately I'll have you a ride waiting."


"How much?"


"He's almost dry Captain."


"Jesus," Murdock almost dropped the phone.




"I'll be ready in fifteen, I'll just have to make a quick run to the medical ward."


As soon as Hannibal hung up the phone with Murdock he called BA's apartment.


"Somebody better be dead." BA growled into the received.


"It might be the kid if you don't move your ass Sergeant." Hannibal snapped back.


"Where do you need me?" BA was instantly alert and moving.


"Pick up Murdock at the VA, he'll be ready in fifteen."


"On my way."


Hannibal set the receiver down on the phone and turned back to Face, leaning over he brushed the blonde hair out of his lover's face.


"Help's on the way baby." He said softly as he leaned over to kiss the pale lips.


Slowly and with great effort Face opened his eyes to look up at Hannibal. He was so tired and the pull of the darkness was so strong, but he couldn't go just yet, he had to tell Hannibal one last thing. "Love you." His voice coming out a mire wisp of air as he tried to speak.


As his eye started to close he could see Hannibal's face becoming angry, turning from his lover to his commander.


"Don't you do it Lieutenant, do you hear me?" Hannibal watched Face closely, he could tell the younger man was giving up and that was not acceptable, he would not let Face go, not after everything they had been through. He would be damned if some crazy bitch killed the man he loved. "You are not going to give up!" Hannibal picked Face up in his arms and cradled him against his chest.


"Open your eyes Lieutenant!" The Colonel ordered as he gently shook the younger man. "Damn you Lieutenant Peck open your eyes."




Autumn Decedere smiled as she watched the scene play out from the 14th floor balcony. It had been easy to follow the two men home; humans never looked up to see if they were being followed. The always assumed that danger was on the ground never in the skies above them. As she watched the silver haired man cradle the blonde to his chest she almost felt for him. It was a shame to let something as beautiful as Face die, but at this point it was too late. If Autumn had more time she might have turned the blonde and kept him for herself, but he was too far-gone now, to weak to bring back from the point of death. He would need fresh blood to survive and she had used most of the energy out of his to follow the two men home. Shame though, it would have been nice to have a companion after a hundred long years alone. Feeling dawn approaching Autumn turned her back on the two men, stepping up on the railing she stretched her arm out and jumped, the wind instantly catching her, and sending her flying through the night sky.




Face could ignore a lot of things in life, but there was one thing that was so ingrained in him that he couldn't even if he wanted to. When his Colonel ordered him to do something he had to do it. Using the last of his strength he forced his eyes to open and stare at his Colonel.


"You will not give up, do you hear me Lieutenant? You are going to fight this, you understand!" Hannibal's blue eyes glaring into the tired blue-green ones, as he watched Face struggle to comply he knew he was losing the battle. Face was trying as hard as he could, but the younger man's strength was used up. Just as Face's eyes started to close Hannibal heard the front door bang open and Murdock's frantic voice call out.




"In the bedroom Murdock hurry, I'm losing him!" Hannibal yelled as he gently shook Face again. "Come on baby; just give me a few more minutes."


Face locked his eyes on Hannibal's and tried to draw some strength from his lover's gaze.


As Murdock and BA ran into the bedroom they took in the sight before them; though the sight of their friend shocked both men, neither man stopped for a second. Instantly they went to work. BA grabbed the medical tubing and started to hook the IV to the plasma bag while Murdock began to prep Face's bare arm. In seconds BA had the IV ready to go and Murdock was ready to do his part.


"Okay Muchacho, you're going to feel a little sting." Murdock said softly as he slid the needle into one of Face's veins. As soon as the plasma was flowing BA began to force the fluid from the bag into Face's body.


"Murdock set up another line," Hannibal ordered, never taking his eyes off Face. "BA keep pushing the plasma in."


Neither man asked a question; Murdock began to set up a second IV with blood while BA squeezed the plasma out of the bag into Face's body.


"Okay Face, same as the first time, just a little sting." Murdock slid the second needle into Face's arm. It scared him when Face didn't respond; the younger man hated needles with a passion and would fight tooth and nail to keep from getting a shot. Normally it took a direct order from the Colonel to get him to comply.


"This one's almost empty." BA stated as he continued to force the fluid through the IV.


"Give him another one." Hannibal ordered.


"Colonel?" BA looked at him.


"Just do it." The Colonel snapped his eyes never leaving Face's.


By the time BA had forced the second bag of plasma in Face's pulse was getting stronger, and some color was returning due to the blood Murdock had forced in. Now that Face was starting to respond they allowed the fluids to enter at a normal flow rate. Murdock checked Face's blood pressure and sighed with relief as he noticed the improvement from the last time he had checked it.


"Want to tell us what happened to him Colonel?" Murdock asked as he looked down at the pale fatigued figure in his commander's arms.


"I don't know exactly how to explain it." Hannibal said as he continued to stare at Face. Seeing his lover fighting to stay awake, as he had ordered before, he leaned over and gently kissed him. "Go to sleep baby." He smiled softly as he watched Face close his eyes and instantly fell asleep.


BA who had gone into the master bath returned carrying a small basin of warm water, washcloth. Still not relinquishing his hold on Face, Hannibal took the wet cloth and began to wipe the blood from Face's neck and shoulder. Not taking his eyes off of the younger man, he started to tell the two men what he knew.


"She bit him?" Murdock was shaking his head as he unlaced one of Face's leather bound calves. Gently he massaged the still pale skin after removing the sandal, before moving to the second leg.


"I thought that was all she did at first too," Hannibal stated as he continued to bath Face. He had laid Face down on the bed so he could clean his wound better. "But she sucked the blood right out of him." Hannibal closed his eyes for a brief second and said a silent thank you to the powers that be. "If you two hadn't got here when you did I think I would have lost him."


"So she's a vampire?" Murdock asked as he looked up from removing Face's second sandal.


"Aint no such thing as vampires." BA growled as he opened one of the dresser drawers and brought over a pair of silk pajamas.


"I would agree with you BA except that there is no other way to explain this." Hannibal said as he covered the wound of Face's throat with clean dressing. "I mean look at him." Hannibal began to stroke Face's hair, something both team members knew he did to calm down. "He hardly has any blood on him, but he was drained to the point of death. It had to go somewhere."


"But a vampire." BA scowled.


"I know Sergeant, I don't like the explanation any better that you do, but it's the only thing we've got to go on right now."


Any farther conversation was stopped when Face moaned and began to pull at the IV needles in his arms.


"Easy kid." Hannibal easily captured his lover's wrists in one hand while his other began to stroke the blonde hair.


"Han'bal." Face slurred as he opened his eyes to look up at his lover.


"Right here." He bent down to lay a gentle kiss on Face's forehead.




Hannibal nodded. "Can you two give us some privacy?"


BA nodded as he handed the silk pajamas to his commander. "We'll be in the other room if you need us."


Murdock squeezed Face's leg as he stood up. "You rest Facey, no wild stuff with the Colonel."


"Kay." Whispered though his eyes never left Hannibal's.


When the other two men left the room Hannibal laid Face down flat on the bed. He gently stripped his lover out of the costume, when he was done he took the still warm washcloth and cleaned the rest of the blood from Face's body. As soon as he was finished he dried Face thoroughly with a clean soft towel. Walking over to the dresser Hannibal put Face's silk pajamas up and pulled out a pair of his own flannel ones, moving back to the bed he dressed Face in the warmer clothing. Once Face was dressed he laid down beside his younger lover pulling him in close before covering them both up with the blankets and comforter.


"Better?" Hannibal asked as he kissed Face's still cool forehead.


Face only nodded as he snuggled in closer to Hannibal's body one of his hands resting on the Colonel's broad chest as he rested his head on the Colonel's shoulder. As Hannibal looked down he noticed Face was fighting to stay awake again.


"Go back to sleep baby." Hannibal kissed him.


 Face nodded and in a matter of seconds he was fast asleep.




 When Hannibal emerged from the bedroom he was greeted by two sets of anxious eyes.


"How is he Colonel?" Murdock asked his eyes full of concern.


"He's sleeping right now." Hannibal took a cup of coffee the BA offered him. "His pulse is stronger; blood pressure is almost back to normal."


"So what do we do next?" BA asked as he glanced toward the bedroom door.


"We make sure he's going to be alright, and then we find the woman that did this to him."


"Do you have any idea where we might find her?"


"No, I'm going to have to talk to Face when he wakes up and see if he can give me any details." Hannibal glanced back at the bedroom door. He just hoped Face could tell him what he needed to know.




Hannibal was starting to worry about his lover as he watched Face sleep, the younger man had woke a few minutes just before dawn pulled the blankets over his head, then had fallen asleep as soon as the sun had come up and not moved for the entire day. Now the sun was starting to set and Face was just beginning to stir.


"Hey kid, how are you feeling?"  Hannibal asked as he stroked the hair out of his lover's eyes.


"Cold." Face started to rub his arms then frowned when Hannibal stopped him by taking his hands in his own.


"You still have an IV in." Hannibal squeezed Face's hands.


"IV?" Face glanced over his shoulder where a bag of saline hung from a stand. "Why?"


Hannibal frowned. "You don't remember?"


Face shook his head.


"What do you remember?" Hannibal asked as he began to rub Face's hands, noticing how cold they felt.


 "I remember talking to Autumn in the parking lot."


"The woman at the party?"


Face only nodded, as he dropped his head, when Face didn't look up or start talking again, Hannibal reached over and slid his fingers under his lover's chin so their eyes met. "What's wrong, Sunshine?"


"Shouldn't have talked to her." Face tried to drop his head again, "Should have just kept my mouth shut." Hannibal prevented him from looking away.


"Why were you planning on going on date with her?"


"No." Face looked at his lover confused.


"Going to sleep with her?"


"John," Face looked at him, his eyes wide with shock. "You know I wouldn't do something like that!"


"Then why shouldn't you have talked to her?" Hannibal turned his hand so he was cradling Face's cheek. "I trust you Tem," Leaning forward he gently kissed Face. "And if want to talk to someone at a party, or have friends then it's your right."


"I still screwed up." Face sighed as Hannibal began to stroke his cheek with his thumb.


"No, you just picked a really strange one his time." Hannibal chuckled softly. "Can you tell me what else you remember?"


"I remember she bit me, and you brought me home." Face stopped but Hannibal could tell that Face was leaving something out."


"Go on kid, you're doing good." Hannibal encouraged him.


Face paused for a minute as he ran the night and his conversations with Autumn through his head. "There was something funny about her last name."


"Funny how?"


"It was Latin word, not a regular surname, it was Decedere."


"What does it mean?"




"As in dead."


Face nodded.


"Do you remember anything else?"


"Cold." Face shuddered as the memory of the bone chilling cold returned. "You brought me home and all I can remember is being cold."


Seeing Face shivering Hannibal sat down on the bed and pulled Face into his arm, feeling how cold he was Hannibal wrapped a blanket around the younger man before pulling him back to his body. "It's alright Tem." Hannibal continued to hold Face close until the trembling subsided. "You're going to be alright, I've got you." Leaning forward Hannibal gently kissed the top of the blonde head.



As Hannibal continued to hold and comfort Face, Autumn Decedere was waking from her sun- induced coma. She stretched her long limbs as she welcomed the night.


As she rose from her darkened room she inhaled, her senses stretching out beyond her. Suddenly she froze as she felt something different. There was another predator in her territory, as she sought it out the other creature stopped. A childe barely turned? No not turned just yet, this one was still fighting his mortal coil, barely alive, almost but not quite dead. Concentrating harder she focuses on the weak energy force.


Was it possible? Her childe; she shook her head, it couldn't be, the only person she had fed off of was the blonde from last night and she had seen him die. No, she thought, had left him before his heart stopped beating. Was it possible that he had survived the day, could there be a chance that she had an off spring?


Autumn closed her eyes and sought out the other creature, he was giving off a weak scent, but there was no doubt it was Face. Autumn smiled if he survives the change over she would pick him up after the hunger had consumed him and he had murdered his human friend to satisfy his blood lust. It was always so much easier once the earthly attachments were gone, she sighed remembering how she had tore the throats out of her own family. Sitting down on a movie prop chair she sat back and waited for the mental scream she knew would come when he fed for the first time.




Hannibal closed the bedroom door behind him, as he went out into the living room.


"How is he Hannibal?" Murdock asked as he rose from his chair.




"He needs the rest." BA commented from his spot on the sofa.


"I agree, but what has me worried is he can't seem to get warm." Hannibal moved to sit down in an over sized recliner. "I've got him wrapped in every blanket we have in the apartment, but he's almost ice cold to the touch."


"His blood pressure still low?"


"It's below where it should be, but not low enough to cause this." Hannibal shook his head. "I don't understand it," He looked at the two men. "You've both slept next to Face; it's like sleeping next to a furnace."


"Yeah, little brother puts out more body heat than is humanly possible." BA agreed. There had been more than one occasion that he had slept next to Face had woke sweating because of the heat he radiated.


"You don't think it's because he hasn't eaten do you?" Murdock suggested. "I mean he has the metabolism of a humming bird."


"I don't think so, I made sure he ate before we left for the party, and we both snacked while we were there." Hannibal shook his head. "I think she infected him with something when she bit him."


"Yeah, she's a vampire." Murdock declared.


"Ain't no such thing as a vampire Fool." BA growled.


"What ever she is we need to find her." Hannibal stated flatly as he looked back at the closed bedroom door. Slowly he stood his head tilting to the side as if listening to something.


"Colonel? BA looked over at the older man, he could tell by the way the Colonel was standing and moving that something was wrong.


Hannibal held up his hand for silence as he approached the door. Murdock and BA quickly went to the far wall and grabbed a couple firearms. Both men moved in behind Hannibal as the Colonel opened the bedroom door.




Face was moaning softly in his sleep, his body wrapped in the blankets as he shook almost violently.


 Hannibal moved to the bed and sat down next to Face placing his hand on the covered shoulder. "It's alright kid I'm here." He whispered into the younger man's ear. Face stopped moaning but was still trembling under his hand.


 Leaning over he kissed Face's forehead. "He's so damn cold." Hannibal moved his hand to Face's hair, where he began to run his fingers through the blonde strands. Then he stopped a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "How about a bath kid."


"Colonel?" BA looked at the older man as if he had lost his mind.


"Think about it BA, he can't get warm because he has no body temperature, but what if we get him in a warm bath?"


"Then he'll start to warm up." BA smiled.


"And it should be easier to keep him warm." Murdock added. "I'll get the bath water started." The pilot jumped to his feet and went to the bathroom.


Once Murdock was out of the room, BA turned to Hannibal who had pulled back the blankets and unbuttoning the flannel pajama top.


"You really don't believe that a vampire bit Face do you?"


"I don't know what she was BA, but she's hurt him." Hannibal glanced out the balcony doors at the night sky.


"Water's ready Colonel."  Murdock called out just as Hannibal finished removing the pajama top.


"Alright Kid," Hannibal pulled Face up into a sitting position. "Let's get you warmed up."


Face opened his eyes and looked up at Hannibal before laying his head on the older man's shoulder. "Cold." Face whispered, his body starting to shake harder.


"I know and we're going to take care of that right now," Hannibal turned to BA "help me get him up."


BA moved to the bed he took Face under the arms, lifting him out of the Colonel's lap; pulling Face up he cradled the smaller man to his chest. "You're going to be alright little brother," BA looked at Hannibal as he rose from the bed to help get Face into the bathroom.


When they got into the bathroom Murdock was laying out a set of towels beside the large whirl pool tub. "Alright let's get you in." Hannibal was about to pull off the pajama bottoms when he remembered that Face wasn't wearing underwear. Thought the team had seen each other naked hundreds of times he still felt Face deserved his modesty. Stripping down to his own shorts he quickly climbed into the tub then motioned BA to bring Face over to him. Reaching up he took Face in his arms as BA lowered the smaller man into the water. As soon as Face was in the water he turned resting his head on Hannibal's chest and releasing a contented sigh.


"Better?" Hannibal asked as he leaned down to kiss the blonde hair. Face only nodded as he wrapped his arm around the older man. Bringing up his own hand Hannibal began to stroke Face's hair.


"What now Colonel?" Murdock asked as he knelt beside the tub. 


"Right now my main concern is Face." Hannibal stroked the hair back from Face's eye. "After I'm sure he's going to be alright we make a plan and find her."


"And make her pay." BA slammed his fist into his palm.


Hannibal and Face stayed in the tub until Face's skin had a healthy pink color to it and he was warm to the touch. With BA and Murdock's help they pulled him out. Hannibal dried him off thoroughly with a thick clean towel, before dressing him in another clean pair of his flannel pajamas. Once he was dressed the team helped Face back into the bedroom and laid him down in the bed, covering him back up with the blankets. During the whole time Face barely moved under his own power.




BA and Murdock, stayed with at the apartment until just after the sun came up, hoping that Face would wake enough to tell them where to start looking for this mystery woman. When their youngest member slept through the night both men promised to come back after they all got some sleep of their own. They both prayed that Face would make an improvement while they were gone and be able to tell them something when they returned that night.


As the sun began to come up Face moaned, pulling the blankets over his head.


"Hey kid." Hannibal smiled as he pulled the blankets down so he could see his lover better. "How are you feeling?"


"Close the blinds." Face turned his back to Hannibal and the large window as he tried to pull the blankets out of the Colonel's grip.


"Don't you think you should get up for a little while?" Hannibal asked, still keeping Face from pulling the blankets up happy to see the younger man awake.


"Please John it burns." Face begged his voice full of pain as he tugged harder on the blankets trying to dislodge them from his lover's grip.


"What burns?" Hannibal's smile disappeared when he realized that Face wasn't joking with him.


"The light." Face looked up at him his blue-green eyes were huge, and full of tears. "Please John close the blinds."


Leaning over Face, Hannibal was shocked to see that the blonde's skin was turning red as if he were developing sunburn from where the sun was shining on his skin. Hannibal let go of the blankets and Face pulled them over his head, burring himself deep under them.


"Jesus." The Colonel jumped from the bed and closed the blinds, seeing the light still seeping from between the slats he grabbed one of the blankets and covered the blinds making the room as dark as possible.


Moving back to the bed he touched Face's covered shoulder. "Face, can you hear me?"


His only response was a movement of blankets that appeared to be a nod.


"Let me see baby."  Hannibal he pulled the blankets back so he could see the younger man's face. Face's forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck were a deep ugly red. He gently ran his fingertips over the red cheeks, as Face looked up at him his eyes filled with tears. Again Hannibal repeated the thought that had been on his mind for the last two days. "What did she do to you?"


Hannibal grabbed the discarded medical kit on the nightstand. Digging through it he found a tube of burn cream and applied it to Face's reddened skin, hoping it would sooth the burn. Face continued to look at him as he worked.


"Better kid?" Hannibal asked as he capped the tube and pitched it back into the kit.


Face looked at him for a moment before he spoke. "I'm tired John," Face's voice was barely a whisper.


Moving to lie down on the bed Hannibal pulled Face to his chest and wrapped the blankets securely around him. "Go to sleep Tem." Hannibal whispered as he stroked Face's hair. "I've got you."


When the sun sank below the horizon Face once again began to stir. Again Face commented that he was cold, but unlike the previous night he had the energy to get out of the bed on his own. With Hannibal's help Face was able to take a shower to warm himself. When he got out Hannibal had sweat pants, sweat shirt, and a pair of socks waiting for him. Even dressed in all of this Face could still feel a chill deep down in his bones. Seeing him trembling Hannibal pulled out his bathrobe and wrapped it around Face for added warmth.


"You feel like going to the couch or do you want to go back to bed?"


"Couch is fine." Face smiled as Hannibal wrapped his arm around his waist, supporting him as they moved into the other room. In a matter of minutes Hannibal had Face settled on the couch, a blanket wrapped around him and the remote control in his hand.


"I'm going to fix us something to eat," Hannibal leaned over to kiss Face on the forehead. "If you need anything let me know."


"Kay." Face smiled up at him.




"Come on kid, you need to eat something." Hannibal pushed the plate back toward Face who turned green and pushed the burger back toward him. Just the smell of the charred meat turned his stomach and made him want to vomit.


"I can't."


"Face you've got to eat."  Hannibal insisted.


"It's burnt." Face complained.


Hannibal looked at the burger, he had made sure that it was cooked through but it was nowhere near burnt.


"Face, it's not overcooked…"


"I can't." Face shook his head as he pushed the plate farther away. "Please Hannibal, I'm going to be sick."


"You have to eat something."


Face got up from the table; slowly he made his way over to the refrigerator opening it he looked in for a minute before shutting it. Everything in it smelt fowl as if all the food was rotten. He knew it was still good, he had gone shopping for it himself but none of it smelled right to him. The only thing that he even halfway considered was the raw hamburger meat wrapped in plastic, and that he thought was just disgusting. 




Face jumped when he felt Hannibal's hand rest on his shoulder; slowly he turned to look into a pair of concerned blue eyes


Face ran his hands through his hair and offered his Colonel half- hearted smile. "I can't it all smells rotten, like dead flesh."


Noticing that Face was trembling Hannibal pulled Face to him, resting the younger man's head on his shoulder. "I'm going to find this woman Face, I'm going to find her and make her tell me what she did to you."


While Hannibal was talking Face smelled the blood that was pulsing under his lover's skin. It was as if he was drawn to it, his eyes watched the blood push through the veins in the neck. Slowly he lowered his mouth to Hannibal's throat; his tongue traced the beating pulse, licking the soft skin over the vein. He was just about to bite down when he felt his head being pulled up by his hair.


"What are you doing? A gentle voice asked him.


Face thought about the question, what was he going to do? It wasn't like all the times before when he had nuzzled Hannibal's neck, kissing and nibbling trying to get his lover to respond to him, but not this time, this time it had nothing to do with love or sex. This time it was about…about food.


"Oh God..." Face stumbled back, Hannibal's hand in his hair the only thing keeping him form falling. As he fell back Hannibal let go of Face's hair and grabbed him by the arm pulling him back to him. "No, no, no." Face shook his head violently. What he was thinking wasn't right, he loved Hannibal, he meant more to him then anything in the world he wasn't… food… "Oh God." Face jerked out of Hannibal's grip and ran to the bathroom, just barely making it to the toilet before he began retching up the contents of his stomach.  As his stomach emptied into the toilet he heard a gasp from behind him.




Face felt himself being lifted from his kneeling position as he was pulled to his feet he noticed that the front of him was covered in blood along with the floor, the toilet was full, and its back and rim covered in red.


Hannibal couldn't believe what he was seeing, there was no way Face could be this ill, and not have shown some sign of it before now. How could a simple refusal to eat have turned into this, Hannibal lifted Face up into his arms and into the bathtub. Taking a washcloth he wiped the blood from his lover's face as the younger man continued to retch, though he wasn't bringing up much, he was still having trouble breathing.


Hannibal placed his hand on the back of Face's neck and gently squeezed it. "Cough it up kid." 


Face looked up at him his eyes watery as he choked up the blood that was still in the back of his throat.


"That's it baby." Hannibal encouraged, as Face brought up more blood and began to breathe easier. Hannibal's hands going to the blonde hair stroking it back away from the younger man's face. "You're doing good."


A few minutes later Face stopped gagging and laid his head on the side of the tub, panting for breath. "What's happening to me?" Face whispered, he was so tired now that he couldn't lift his head.


"I don't know baby." Hannibal sighed as he unbuttoned Face's shirt. "But we're going to find out."






By the time Murdock and BA arrived back at the apartment that night, Face had recovered enough that he could tell them what he knew about Autumn Decedere. Though they had very little to go the team was determined to find the woman that was causing their teammate and friend so much pain.


"Alright I don't want to admit it, but this woman seems to have some type of disease that makes her dangerous."


"I'm telling you she's a vampire." Murdock held up his hands and acted like a bat.


"Aint no such things as a vampire, fool."


"I don't know what she is Captain." Hannibal looked over at Face then back at Murdock. "But we need to find her and we need to do it soon."


"So when do we start?"


"As soon as the sun comes up we leave." Hannibal glanced at his watch. "Face we'll be back before sunset."


"I don't know why you're telling me when you're going to be back, because I'm going with you." Face protested. "This is my life we're talking about."


"Face, I'm not going to have this argument again." Hannibal sighed as he stood up and walked over to the younger man. They'd had this conversation before Murdock and BA had come over then twice during their planning stage. "The sun is going to come up in another hour, and you're not going to be able to function."


"You don't know that."


"Yes I do," Hannibal took the younger man's face in his hands. "And so do you." Leaning forward Hannibal placed a gentle kiss on Face's sunburned lips. "You're just too damn stubborn to admit it."


"Hannibal, I can help…"


"No."  Hannibal let go of Face and turned his back on him signing to the younger man that he wasn't going to argue with him.


Face frowned at his lover's back. Well there was more than one way to get what he wanted Face thought.


"BA, would you talk some sense into him, four men can cover more ground than three."


"Don't drag me into this." BA crossed his hands over his chest. "Far as I'm concerned the Colonel done said no."


"Murdock?" Face frowned at the big man before going for his best friend.


"Got to agree with the Colonel and the big guy Muchacho." Murdock shrugged as Face glared at him. "I mean you still look like death on two legs."


"And," Hannibal added as he turned to put his arm around Face's shoulder steering him toward the bedroom. "If a little sun coming through the windows caused you to burn like you did, what will being out in direct sunlight do to you?"




"Hush." The Colonel ordered as he looked at Face before looking back at the rest of the team. "I'll be back out in a minute."


Once the bedroom door was shut behind them Face shrugged the older man's arm off his shoulder, but Hannibal moved his hand so he had a tight grip on the younger man's upper arm.


"Damn it Colonel…" Face tried to pull away but Hannibal stopped him.


"Not one word." Hannibal stated as he easily drug him toward the bed.


"Let go of me." Face glared at him, but could do little more, since he still didn't have much strength, though it didn't stop him from struggling against his lover's grip.


 "Do you have any idea how weak you are?" Hannibal stated as he pushed Face down on the bed. Reaching down he easily grabbed Face's wrists in his hands as he straddle the younger man's waist, pinning him to the bed. "Do you have any idea how close you were to dying just a few days ago? Do you not remember throwing up blood earlier?"


"I can pull my weight on this team." Face yelled up at him.


Hannibal lowered his face only inches from the younger man's. "I will not risk your life just to satisfy your pride."


Face knew what Hannibal was saying was true, but it didn't make it easier to hear and only made him angrier. "Get off me!" Face growled as he continued to struggle against his lover. "I can help you search for her."


"Get me off of you and I'll let you help." Hannibal countered, glancing at the alarm clock he noticed that it was only a few minutes before sunrise.


Hannibal watched as his lover's face contorted in anger, as he looked closer he could see that Face's canines were actually getting longer as he struggled against him. Then suddenly all of Face's struggling stopped as if a switch had been thrown. As he watched he noticed the blue-green eyes were glazed over and half closed.




"Tired." Face sighed as he closed his eyes, his breathing becoming slow and even as he fell asleep.


Hannibal got off of Face and pulled the blankets up around him, he double-checked to make sure that the aluminum foil he had placed over the window earlier was still intact and the blanket covering the blinds was secure. Turning off the bedroom light he noted that the room was pitch black. Closing the bedroom door he joined BA and Murdock.


"What did you do gag him and tie him to the bed?" Murdock half joked as he looked back at the closed door.


Hannibal shook his head as he grabbed his jacket and slid it on. "Didn't have to as soon as the sun hits the sky he's out like the dea…" Hannibal stopped and shook his head. "He'll sleep until we get back."




Even though Face's body didn't move his mind was racing with vivid dreams; all of them contained two things a hunger he couldn't contain and the smell and taste of blood. He could see and smell the red fluid all around him, yet no matter how much he drank he couldn't get enough. As these images went through his mind ones of Vietnam began to merge in with them. Instead sitting in a tree and picking off the enemy with a sniper riffle he was now waiting for them to get under the tree he was perched so he could pounce on them and tear out their throats. He needed to drink the hot coppery fluid, to quince the thirst and hunger that was consuming him.


Suddenly he woke, a blood curdling scream tore though his throat as bolted upright; Face wiped his eyes with a shaking hand, his heart hammering in his chest, his limbs freezing.


"Hannibal?" Not getting a response he drug himself out of bed he made his way into the living room on shaking legs.


"Hannibal?" Face looked around the dark room, not seeing the older man he made his way into the kitchen. He reached to turn on the light then realized he didn't need it to see. Still feeling the terrible thirst he went to the refrigerator, opening the door he blinked as the harsh light stung his eyes. Almost as soon as he opened the door he slammed it shut, the smell of ruined flesh that come from it was overwhelming. Moving to the cabinet he took out a glass, going to the sink he poured himself a glass of water. Face managed to take one swallow before he spat it out choking on the chlorine the city used to treat it. Closing his eyes he forced himself to drink the contents of the glass. Just as he took the last gulp his stomach rolled and he puked up everything he had drank. But the worst part was the hunger, thirst, and cold had now multiplied a thousand fold. Moving to the table he dropped down in a kitchen chair. "Hannibal, I need you." Face whispered as rested his head on the tabletop.





The team was exhausted by the time they were finished searching, and the bad thing was they had only gone through a fraction of the studio's back lots. The worst part in Hannibal's mind was that the sun was starting to set and they were still an hour away from the apartment he shared with Face.




Face began to pace back and forth across the living room. The hunger was driving him crazy, even during his times in the POW camp he could never remember it being this bad. As paced he ran his hands through his hair, he constantly looked at the clock on the mantle. "Where are you Colonel? He growled, his own voice surprising him by how animalistic it sounded.  On what had to be his seventieth trip across the living room he stopped dead in his tracks. There it was the scent, what he was craving, what he needed to stop the painful hunger and cold. Rushing to the door he yanked it open and came eye to eye with Mrs. Lathrop and her dog Misty.


"Mr. Peck." Mrs. Lathrop sneered at him, her dog yapping at him. "I see you are doing better than a few nights ago." She studied him for a moment, as she tugged at dog's leash. "Though not by much."


Face was looking right at her, but the only thing he could see was the pulse beating in the old woman's throat, and the only thing he could hear was the beating of her heart. Slowly he began to move forward, he could smell it on now, the tangy copper smell of her blood.


"Mr. Peck, are you listening to me?" Mrs. Lathrop glared at him. "Have you even heard a word I said?"


Just one quick bite, Face thought, one swift movement and she wouldn't feel a thing. Face took a deep breath; he was just about to strike when he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. Looking down he saw that Misty was snarling at him, her white muzzle pink with his blood. Face growled at the dog, his own canines elongating at the challenge of his power. He was about to attack when a voice stopped him.


"Don't do it Lieutenant!" the command rang across the hallway loud and clear.


Face looked up and snarled at the Colonel, he was starving and he would be damned if he was going to be deprived of a meal. If he fed the hunger would stop, he would be able to think, he would be warm on the inside again. He started to move again, but the voice once again stopped him cold.


As the team got off the elevator Hannibal saw a sight that scared the hell out of him. Face was snarling at Mrs. Lathrop's dog Misty, his lover's face was twisted with anger; his beautiful mouth pulled back baring fangs. When he ordered Face to stop the younger man turned to snarl at him before turning back to what Hannibal could only call prey.


"I'm ordering you to stand down, Lieutenant Peck!"  Hannibal commanded as he moved forward.


Face turned back to look at him, Hannibal could see the confusion and pain in the bright blue-green eyes.


"John, please I can't stop it." He cried out before grabbing his head and dropping to his knees. As he collapsed to the floor the yappy little dog lunged forward to bite the younger man on the face. However its forward momentum came to an abrupt stopped when it ran into a boot -clad foot.


"Mr. Smith, how dare you kick my poor little baby!" Mrs. Lathrop picked up the still barking dog. "Did the mean old man hurt my poopsy? She cooed the small creature.


"You're lucky I didn't kick its damn teeth in." Hannibal snapped as knelt beside Face.


"Well I never!" Mrs. Lathrop huffed as she started back toward her apartment.


"And at the rate you're going you never will." Hannibal shot back.


Mrs. Lathrop's jaw dropped open at the insult, turning her nose up in the air she opened her door, and then slammed it shut behind her.


 As soon as she was inside her apartment Hannibal turned back to Face. "Come on kid, let's get you inside." Though as soon as he placed his hand on Face's shoulder, the younger man shoved him back.


"Don't touch me!"




"Please John, get away from me."


"Face talk to me, what's going on?" Hannibal tried to touch him again but Face moved out of his way.


"I don't know what is happening to me?" Face shook his head violently. "I can smell the blood in your veins, and…and…" Face's body was shaking now. "I want to drink it, God help me, I want to tear your throat open and drink it."


Hannibal heard a gasp behind him but he ignored it. "You have to fight it kid." Reaching out he touched his lover's cheek. "I know you are stronger than whatever this is, you can beat it."


"I can't." Face shuddered under Hannibal's grip as he dropped his head. "Not this time."


"Yes, you can little brother." BA moved to grasp Face's shoulder from the other side. "We got faith in you."


"He's right," Murdock joined knelt down on Face's left. "You're a strong person I know, you can beat this if you fight it."


"I can't." Face tears were filling the blue-green eyes.


"You can." Hannibal took his lover's face in his hand forcing the younger man to look up at him. "Murdock is right you are the strongest person I know." Moving his hand up he wiped the hair out of Face's eyes. "You're not alone baby, do you understand that? You are not alone."


Face stared at him for a moment before nodding his head. "I'll try."


"That's my baby boy." Hannibal smiled as he watched Face blush.




"Face, sit down." Hannibal watched as the younger man paced back and forth across the apartment, constantly running his hand through his hair. With each passing moment the younger man was becoming more and more agitated.


"I can't." Face spun around, his eyes glowing in the dimmed light. "Don't you understand, I have this need and it's driving me insane." Face closed his eyes for a moment as he fought to get himself under control. When he opened them again the glow was gone.


"What need?" Murdock moved close to him, but Face shoved him away.


"Blood damn it!" Face screamed at him. "I can smell it everywhere!"


Hannibal got up from his seat in the recliner and walked over to Face; grabbing his lover by the arm he walked him back to the over stuffed chair, wrapping his arms around Face, he pulled him down so he was sitting in his lap.


"Hannibal stop, I don't want to get this close to you!" Face began to struggle against him.


Tightening his grip Hannibal forced Face's head to his shoulder making sure that his neck was exposed to the blonde's mouth.


"If you need it, then take it." He stated calmly as he gently rubbed the back of Face's cold neck.


"Please John, I can't control it." Face tried to pull back, but Hannibal warm hand stopped him by squeezing his neck.


"I'm not asking you to." Hannibal could feel Face trembling under his grip; with his free hand he began to rub the taught back. "If this is what it's going to take to keep you sane then so be it." Tilting his head slightly to one side he laid a gentle kiss on Face's cold forehead. "You mean everything to me."


Face closed his eyes, he could smell the blood just below the skin; lowering his cold lips to Hannibal's warm neck he could feel the pulse. He knew if he bit down he would taste the hot bitter copper taste, he could drink deep and free himself of the unholy hunger he was feeling. As he grazed the soft tan skin with his teeth then froze, taking a deep breath he could smell soap, aftershave and cigar smoke. Using all his will power he moved his head so that it was resting on his lover's broad shoulder.




"Just hold me." Face sobbed. "Please John, don't let me go."


"Never." Hannibal kissed the blonde hair all the while rubbing the tense back. After several minutes he looked up at Murdock and BA, their pain for their friend clearly written on their faces.                     




"Hannibal what are we going to do to find her?" Face asked from his seat on the sofa next to his lover.


"The only thing we can do is keep searching." Hannibal reached over squeezed Face's hand.


"But that could still take weeks, even months." Face started to get up off the couch but Hannibal easily snagged him by the belt and pulled him back down.


"It might, but it's all we can do."


"No it's not." Face looked at each of the team. "I can feel her."


"What do you mean you can feel her?"


"I don't know how to explain it but there is this energy I can feel, and I know it's her." Face turned his gaze back to Hannibal. "Which means I should be able to locate her."


"Which means she can also feel you." Hannibal pointed out. "And you need to stay as far away from her as possible."


"You're not thinking with your head Colonel." Face turned to look at him. "What difference does it make if I'm here or with you, if she wants me again she will find me. Wouldn't it be better to take the battle to her."


"Take the battle to her, would you listen to yourself? Damn it kid, you can't control what is happening to you."


"And it's only going to get worse." Face cut him off. "We have to find her and I can't afford to wait another day to do it."


"What do you guys say?" Hannibal turned to BA and Murdock.


"I don't like it, but I think Face is right, we got to do something." BA looked at his young friend.  "And we got to do it soon, don't think I can stand to see him like earlier."




"I don't like the idea of putting Face in any more danger, but he's right if things keep going the way they are God only knows what will happen to him."


"Alright." Hannibal nodded. "We have six hours before sun up, where do you suggest we start, Lieutenant?"


Face closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "To the south of the city."


"Toward the studio?"


Face nodded as he opened his eyes.


"Alright, lets head out."




"Which way Face?" Hannibal asked as they got out of the van.


Face took a deep breath and centered his thoughts. "Up the hill in that house."


"Oh wouldn't you know it." Hannibal groaned as he looked at the house that was used in the movie Psycho. "Now all we need is for her to be dressed as Norman Bates mother."


Face shot him a dirty look as he started up the steps. "Come on Hannibal, I don't have all night."


"Actually you've got plenty of night; it's the day you have to worry about." Murdock wrapped his arm around Face's shoulder.


"Would you please be serious for just once in your life." Face shrugged the other man's arm off.


"You know vampires have no sense of humor." Murdock laughed.


"Leave him alone fool," BA pushed Murdock back. "You know exactly where she is Faceman?"


"No," Face shook his head. "But I know she's in that house."


"How can you be so sure kid?" Hannibal asked as he moved to stand beside Face.


Face looked over at him and Hannibal noticed that his blue-green eyes were glowing once again. "I don't know how to describe it Hannibal," Face thought for a moment then put it into words he thought the Colonel would understand. "She gives off some type of energy that I can home in on. She feels like an enemy behind my defense line."


"As long as she stays the enemy kid." Hannibal stated flatly as he looked into the glowing eyes.


"No fear," Face flashed him a quick smile and Hannibal noted that the younger man's canines were extending. "I'm all yours."


"Never a doubt in my mind." Leaning forward Hannibal kissed the younger man hard. "BA, Murdock, I want you two to head around back, Face and I will go through the front." Hannibal took a deep breath before he continued. "I want her alive, but God forbid if she attacks and it can't be helped take her out."


"You can't be serious Colonel?" Murdock stared at the older man in shock.


"Look what she's done to Face; we can't take a chance on it happening to again."


"You don't worry about it; just let me get a hold of her." Face turned his back on his teammates and headed up the stairs.


Face slowly pushed the front door open, the two men made their way up the stairs to the second floor. Face motioned to the Colonel to go to the right while he went to the left. As soon as Hannibal was inside the first room Face spun around and grabbed the door and pulled it shut, he then shoved a chair that was in the hallway under the lock, jamming it shut.


Hannibal ran back to the door and tried to open it. Noting that it wouldn't move he kicked it. "Damn it Face this shit isn't funny, open this door."


"I can't Hannibal; I need to take care of this myself." Face whispered as he leaned his head against the door. "I'm sorry."


"Face, open the fucking door!" Hannibal kicked the door again. "I'm ordering you to open this door now!"


When he got no response Hannibal attacked the door with a vengeance. "I swear to God kid, I'll kick your ass when I get out!"


Face moved back away from the door and went down the hall, he had lied to Hannibal; he knew exactly were Autumn was and he wasn't willing to risk his lover. The fight he was about to wage wasn't about planning; it was about pure animal rage.  Slowly he pushed the door open to the front bedroom, 'Mother's room' he thought as he entered.


"I was wondering when you going to show up childe." She smiled at Face and extended her hand. "Come to me."


"I don't think so," Face moved to circle around her. "I want to know what you did to me, and what do I have to do stop it."


"Stop it?" Autumn laughed, "Why on this earth would you want to stop it? Do you have any idea what you are becoming?" Slowly she advanced on Face, who kept her just out of reach, "Each night you become stronger and stronger, very soon you will shed off your mortal shell and join me."


"I told you before I'm not going to join you anyplace."


"Now why wouldn't you want to join me Face?" At that moment the sound of a door splintering carried down the hall, and footsteps coming down the hall. Autumn look at him for just a moment, then laughed. "The silver haired man, you love the silver haired man."


"How touching" She looked over Face's shoulder to the doorway where Hannibal was now standing.


"Maybe I should turn him and we could be one big happy family."


"Get away from her Lieutenant." Hannibal commanded as he raised his 45.


"What do you think childe?" She took another step toward Hannibal.


Face circled around so that he was between Hannibal and Autumn, "Get the hell away from him" Face snarled, his eyes glowing, canines bared.


Autumn turned her full attention back to Face. "Are you challenging me?" She raised her eyebrows and looked at him, her own eye starting to glow.


"I said get away from him." Face crouched low, getting ready to attack.


"Face, step aside…" Hannibal tried to take aim at the vampire, but Face was blocking his shot.


"Maybe I should just rip his throat out to teach you a lesson." Autumn bared her fangs at Face.


Before Hannibal knew what was happening or could even move Face threw himself at Autumn, she caught Face as he plowed into her but the younger man's forward momentum carried them forward and out the window.


"Jesus," Hannibal ran to the ruined window and saw the two of them struggling on the ground. "Face!" 


"Hannibal, what the hell is happening?" Murdock yelled from the doorway.


"We need to get downstairs now." Hannibal bolted past Murdock and BA.


By the time the three men made it to the front steps, Autumn was straddling Face trying to bite him, her long fingernails scratching and clawing at his face. While Face had his hands locked around her neck choking her for all he was worth, his own fangs bared in anger and rage.


"Don't you ever threaten him!" Face squeezed harder trying to crush her windpipe.


"You ingrate, I made you immortal!" She snapped her teeth as she tried to claw out his eye.


"I didn't ask for this!" Face shifted his body so they rolled and he was now on top of her. "All I wanted to do was be a gentleman and walk you to your car. I didn't want this, I was perfectly happy, now you're going to destroy everything I have!" Face squeezed even harder and he could feel her windpipe starting to give. "You're taking away everyone I ever loved!"


"No she hasn't Tem." Hannibal said softly behind him. "We're still here for you."


"How can you love me?" Face growled, though he didn't bother to look up as he applied more pressure. "Have you looked at me?" This time he did turn his so Hannibal could see the fangs and his glowing eyes.


"Yes, and it doesn't matter to me." Hannibal moved to kneel beside Face. "I love you and no matter what, I always will."


"You can't love one of our kind!" Autumn stopped struggling and laughed at him.


"You're wrong lady." Hannibal laid his hand on Face's shoulder, and when Face snarled at him he didn't flinch or move away. "I will always love you." Leaning forward he grabbed Face's head and kissed him hard. "and we can beat this together, as a team." Hannibal motioned down to Autumn. "You are so much better, than her."


Autumn snarled at Hannibal's word, "You just keep telling yourself that, but one night he'll rip your throat out to get to the blood in your veins."


"All he has to do is ask and I'll give it to him."


Face closed his eyes as he remembered how Hannibal had offered his throat to him only a few hours earlier, when he opened them the glow was gone.


Feeling Face's grip loosen around her neck Autumn shoved him off of her, knocking Hannibal to the ground as he fell backwards. She moved to attack Face when she came to a jerking halt, her hands moved to the wooden stake sticking through her chest. She opened her mouth to scream but before any sound could come out she turned to ash, which exploded filling the air with black flakes.


"Just call me Murdock Van-Heusen." Murdock grinned.


"Call you a fool." BA looked at the ashes that were floating in the air.


"Now do you plan on running that through my heart?" Face growled. Hannibal looked back over at Face and noticed that there was the faint glow in his eyes again.


"Relax kid; no one is going to hurt you." Hannibal reassured him as he laid his hand on Face's shoulder.


"I can't believe that you didn't turn back to normal, all my books say you should have turned back when the main vampire dies."


"This isn't some book or movie!" Face raged. "This is my life!"


"Calm down Tem." Hannibal squeezed his shoulder. "Like I said we'll get through this."


Face sighed as he rubbed his tired eyes with the palms of his hands. "Okay,"


Reaching down BA pulled Face to his feet with one hand as he offered this other hand to Hannibal. "I don't know about all this vampire stuff, but I do know we got about an hour until dawn."




The team just managed to get Face into the bedroom before the first rays of sunlight began to steam though the windows of the penthouse apartment's large windows. Once they had their now unconscious Lieutenant settled in the bed Hannibal cleaned the cuts and scrapes that Face had sustained going though the window and battling vampire. When he was done he went into the other room to join Murdock and BA at the kitchen table.


As soon as he was seated Murdock put a cup of coffee in his hands before sitting down across from him. "How much longer can he keep going like this?"


 "Yeah man, what are we going to do?" BA asked as he looked at the half drank glass of milk in his hands. "It's killing me seeing Face like this."


Both men watched in astonishment as a smile spread across Hannibal's lips. "I have a plan." Hannibal took a sip of his coffee. "And we're going to put it into affect as soon as the sun goes down.




"I still can't believe I'm doing this?" BA mumbled as he carried the cooler out to the van.


"Just remember it's for Faceman." Murdock reminded him as he grabbed some rubber tubing.


"I didn't say that I wasn't going to do it, I just said I couldn't believe I was doing it."


As they got into the van, Murdock began to chuckle. "Who would have thought that after all these years on the run the A-Team finally robbed a bank."


BA looked over at the pilot getting ready to tell him to shut up, when he began to chuckle. "Bet even Decker would never believe this."


"Yeah, the A-Team robs a blood bank." Murdock's chuckle turned into a laugh.





"How you feeling kid?" Hannibal asked as he stroked the soft blonde head resting on his chest.


"Like a pin cushion." Face sighed as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being warm and satisfied for the first time in days.


"I guess you have a pretty good reason to." Hannibal smiled as he kissed the top of his lover's head.


Face was currently lying in bed propped up against Hannibal's chest. He was hooked up to several IV's, supplying fresh blood and fluids on one side of his body while the black contaminated blood drained from the other side. It was a major risk they were taking with the younger man's life, but it was the only chance they had.


"Must be feeling better." BA smiled. "He's complaining."


"I'm not complaining." Face glared at the big man.


"He's right BA, he complains when things aren't going his way. He whines when he's feeling better."  Murdock laughed when Face turned to give him a dirty look.


"Alright guys," Hannibal suppressed the smile that threatened to cross his own lips. "Let's stop picking on him; he's had a ruff couple of days."


"Sure Colonel." Murdock reached over and began to ruffle Face's hair. "But just until he's on his feet."


"Stop." Face swatted at Murdock's hand, his voice full of irritation, as he raised his hand to smack the pilot one of the IV lines to pull taught.


"Leave him alone." Hannibal warned, his voice low and threatening, as he pulled Face's arm back down to his chest and gently holding it there.


"Sure Colonel." Hearing the tone in the older man's voice Murdock moved back away from the bed. Who ever said the worlds most dangerous animal was a mother bear with cubs, had never met their Colonel with an injured or sick Lieutenant Peck. "How about I go fix us something to eat?"


"Not a bad idea fool, think I'll join you." Sensing the Colonel's mood the big man decided it would be best to get out of sight.


Once the door was closed Hannibal turned his attention back to the man lying on his chest.  "Honestly kid, how are you feeling?"


"For the first time since all this started I feel warm all over." Face closed his eyes and sighed contently. "I don't ever want to move."


"Guess it works out since I don't want you to."  Hannibal smiled. "But you realize that I don't know if this will work or if it's just a temporary fix."


"Right now Hannibal, I don't care." 


The two men lay quietly for a while when Hannibal noticed that Face had drifted off to sleep. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table he noticed that dawn come. He closed his eyes and cursed himself; he had really hoped that this would have worked. Now he wasn't sure what to do.


"I'm sorry Tem."


"About what?" A sleepy voice answered him.


Looking down he noticed Face was looking back up at him his eyes full of worry. "I needed to move, and I didn't want to wake you."


"Oh." Face started to sit up but Hannibal pulled him back down.


 "I'm alright now."


"You sure?"


"Yeah." Hannibal kissed his lover. "I'm perfectly fine, now."



The End


The Wrap Party by Jullian Gray



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