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By Jullian Gray


Rating PG-13

Warning: Slash H/F, Language and death of a classic motorcycle.

Summary: Temple Peck has a temper and Hannibal is about to witness it again.

Note: It's amazing what you can come up with when you're on a motorcycle for 250 miles. Special thanks to Shee and Jes




There was one thing that most people didn't know about Lieutenant Templeton Peck, and that was he had a temper. Not a little temper that would blow over in a few minutes, but a massive explosive temper, that could last for days or even weeks. And as Hannibal looked over at his now brooding lover he knew he was about to be its victim.


"Face, it's not as bad as it looks." Hannibal tried, but all he received in responses was an angry look.


Silence, Hannibal sighed, that was the one single clue that told the Colonel that he had pushed his younger lover too far.


Everyone knew that Face whined, everyone knew that Face bitched, everyone knew that Face complained. What everyone didn't know was that when Face became silent it meant one of two things, he was hurting or he was pissed. As Hannibal looked over at his immaculately dressed lover in his designer Italian suit, he knew Face wasn't in any type of physical pain, which meant he was thoroughly pissed off and he was in trouble serious trouble.


Hannibal reached into his pocket to pull out a cigar, realizing that he didn't have one he glanced over at Face to see if his lover was going to hand him one but the smaller man was staring straight ahead, his hands locked so tight on the steering wheel that his knuckles were white under the strain.


Hannibal glanced over out the front window of the vette as it pulled up in front of the body shop BA was currently employed at. When the car stopped Hannibal got out, he turned when he didn't hear the other door open. Turning he looked back at Face, the younger man was still sitting in the vehicle unmoving.


"You coming kid." Hannibal asked softly.


Face didn't even bother to turn and look at him. He simply opened his own door got out of the car softly shut the door behind him, and then strolled past. Not once saying a word or making any noise.


Hannibal fell into step behind Face as the younger man passed him. He tried to open the door for his lover, but Face already had his hand on the handle. When their hands touched Face jerked his way as if he had been burned.


"Face…" Hannibal tried to get his lover to talk again, but Face shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he kept his gaze straight ahead.


"Alright kid." Hannibal nodded as he opened the door.


 Once it was open Face walked through without a word or a glance in his direction. Face continued into the business, past the counter and into the back where the shop itself was located. He only stopped when he saw BA standing over a motorcycle polishing its newly repaired gas tank and fender.


"See kid, I told you it wasn't that bad."


Slowly Face turned around to look at him, the blue-green eyes blazing with anger.


"Told you I could fix it." BA beamed, and Hannibal watched as his lover's eyes grew colder. "Good as new." BA added and Face spun around to look at the bike.


No Hannibal thought, not just any bike but a 1953 Indian Chief completely restored to mint condition. Its paint was a shiny burgundy and cream, the chrome polished to a shiny gleam, even the leather seat had been repaired to look like new.


Moving closer to the motorcycle Hannibal bent down to inspect the bike. As he studied the tank and fenders he noted that BA had done an excellent job repairing the damage he had done last week when he laid the machine down.


Hannibal ran his hand over the tank, where the dent had been. "Nice BA." Turning his head in the other direction Hannibal looked up at Face. "See kid, no harm no foul."


Face only crossed his arms over his chest again, still not saying a single word.


Hannibal sighed deeply, "Come on kid say something."


"I asked for one thing." Face moved toward the bike. "Just one little thing."


'So that's it.' Hannibal looked at his lover. 'Now I know the problem.'


At first Hannibal thought the problem might have been the motorcycle itself. He had wanted one for a while, and he wasn't really sure Face thought about it. However when the conman had not only found the Indian; but helped him to get the price down to almost nothing, he knew that wasn't the problem.


Heck the kid had even gone out and bought him all his riding apparel. A great pair of leather boots that came up high enough to protected his ankles from any road debris that might come up and hit him. Chaps to keep his legs warm if he decided to ride in the mountains where it was colder. Face had also purchased a thick leather jacket to protect him against the wind as he went riding down the freeway, and last but not least a helmet that matched the Indian's cream colored paint.


And there was the problem Hannibal realized as he watched Face slowly advance on the Chief, the helmet; Hannibal hated it and Face insisted that he wear it.


So Hannibal decided that what Face didn't know wouldn't hurt him. When he left to go for a ride Hannibal would put it on, then when he got a few miles down the road he would pull over and take it off. Then a few miles before he returned he would pull over and put it back on. The problem was last week when the little old lady had pulled out in front of him he hadn't been wearing it and the knot on the back of his head, and abrasions to his scalp had proved it.


Hannibal had called Face from the emergency room, to tell him that he was all right and needed a ride him. When Face got there he had waited until the two of them were alone before hugging him for all he was worth. Hannibal had held onto Face kissing him telling him he was all right; even making a joke about a little old lady in a Delta Ninety-Eight Oldsmobile being able to do what the Viet Cong hadn't.


Letting go of him Face had looked him up and down. "You're sure you're alright?"


"I'm fine kid."  Hannibal reached over to stroke his lover's blonde hair out of his eyes. "Just a few bumps and bruises, I'll be fine in a couple of days. Just in time to pick up the bike from BA's shop."


"It's not totaled?"


"Believe it or not it's in better shape than me." Hannibal chuckled softly. "When she pulled out in front of me I laid it down to keep from running into the side of her."


"Thank God." Face hugged him again, "When you called I thought you might have been seriously injured." Face's pulled him closer his long fingers moving through his hair. Suddenly Face stopped as he felt the knot on the back of his head. "Then I remembered you were wearing your helmet." The younger man pulled back to look at him. "But what I don't understand is how you managed to get this if you were wearing your helmet."




"You didn't hit so hard it busted did it? Jesus Hannibal I knew I should have got the full helmet instead of the half." Hannibal could see the guilt, pain and concern in his lover's eyes so he had to tell him the truth.


"No kid, I wasn't wearing it."


That was the moment that Face began to get quiet, it had now been three days and the younger man hadn't said more than a half dozen words to him. Not that he hadn't tried to get Face to talk. God how he had tried, but Face was having none of it. In fact when BA had called this morning to tell him the Indian was repaired Face had thrown the phone at him instead of telling him he had a call.


Hannibal knew he could have grabbed Face right then and there and demanded that the younger man talk to him, but he knew that it wouldn't do any good. Face would blow up when he was ready and as he watched the younger man advance on the motorcycle he knew the infamous Peck temper was about to explode.


"Just one little fucking thing!" Face yelled as he moved forward and kicked the bike over onto its side. Before anyone could move Face grabbed a ball ping hammer off the workbench and began to beat the hell out of the downed machine. As BA started to step forward and stop him Hannibal put a restraining on the big man's shoulder.


"Leave him alone."


"But all the work I just did." BA growled as he watched Face pound away on the bike. The big man watched for a few more minutes, then realizing that the Colonel wasn't going to stop the blonde he turned his back and went into the front of the shop.


Face continued to beat the motorcycle until he could hardly lift his arms, only then did Hannibal approach his young lover.


"Feel better now?" Hannibal asked softly.


"I asked you to do one thing, just one damn thing John Smith!" Face threw the hammer in the older man's general direction. "Just one fucking thing!"


"Face…" Hannibal stepped forward.


"No!" As his body shaking with rage, Face kicked the bike again, and again, his leather loafers tearing as the sharp damaged metal snagged them.  "One thing John!"


"That's enough kid." Hannibal moved forward, but Face wasn't ready to stop, when Hannibal was in striking distance Face swung at him. The Colonel ducked under the first blow and grabbed Face's wrist as he swung the second time. He had a little trouble grabbing the younger man's right wrist, but he finally managed to grab a hold of it.


"One thing, John!" Face yelled at him.


Hannibal pulled Face to his body, pinning the younger man's hands between them, though Face still tried to strike him he couldn't get his hands free.


"That's enough." Hannibal ordered softly as he held his lover close, he could feel Face trembling against him. Face continued to struggle for another few minutes before he went slack in the Colonel's strong arms.


"You could have been killed." Face whispered.


"But I wasn't." Hannibal kissed the soft blonde hair. "I'm here with you, and I'm sorry that I didn't wear the helmet like you asked me to."  Reaching out Hannibal lifted his lover's face with one hand so they were staring each other eye to eye. "I'm sorry."  Leaning down he gently kissed Face, when he pulled back Hannibal noticed that the anger was gone from his lover's blue-green eyes.


Hannibal hugged Face gently one more time before letting him go. Stepping back he glanced over at the ruined Indian. "Don't think BA's going to be able to fix it this time do you?"


Reaching into his pocket Face produced a cigar and handed it to his lover.


"It was you or the bike Colonel." Was all Face said as he walked over the remains of the motorcycle and out of the garage.


BA walked back out into the garage and looked at the mess lying on the floor. "Faceman sure does have a temper." He stated shaking his head.


"You don't know the half of it." Hannibal shook his head as he lit his cigar.


"So what do we do next?" BA asked.


"You Sergeant, have a mess to clean up."


"Me, what about you?" BA growled as he looked at the ruined bike, it's fluids dripping all over the garage floor.


"Me, I have a lot of apologizing to do." As Hannibal looked over at the big man, BA noticed the gleam in the bright blue eyes. "And you know what they say; make-up sex is some of the best sex you'll ever have."





Temper, Temper by Jullian Gray



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