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Crazy 1/

Crazy 1/?
by Shastelly

Rating: PG maybe PG-13 ain't done yet

Summary: Murdock is the key witness in an ATF investigation. (Magnificent Seven ATF AU x-over)

Oh Angel is an original character.  Ezra's cousin was a cop in Denver but ran into some trouble (its another story Mag 7 ATF).  Ezra got her a job with the ATF, she's not actually on team seven, actually team three. um if your confused just ask.

Crazy Part 1

The girl sat quietly by herself in the recreation hall.  She was still wearing the straight jacket she'd had on when they brought her in. She had her head resting on her knees.  Murdock thought she looked awful lonely. She wasn't exactly pretty; her face was too irregular.  Her long dark brown hair was pulled into a ponytail and she occasionally would chew on the end of it.  She had huge brown eyes that seemed to take in everything around her.

"Hi."  Murdock knelt down next to her.  She looked up at him, her eyes seemed to bore straight through him and then she smiled.  It was like the sun coming out from behind a cloud; her face seemed to glow.  The dimple in her left check gave her an impish look, but she kind of reminded him of Face.


"I'm Murdock."  He started to extend his hand to shake and she giggled.

"My name's Angel."

"You just get here?"  Angel's face darkened slightly.

"Yeah."  She laid her head back on her knees and sighed.

"Hey it's not so bad.  I've been here, oh ten years or so."  He smiled reassuringly.  Angel looked up again smiling.

"Doesn't say much for their curing people."  Murdock laughed.

Two of the orderlies walked over to escort Angel to her room.

"I'll see ya later."  Murdock waved to Angel as she walked away. The two orderlies took Angel to her room and released her from the straight jacket.  They locked the door as they left.  Angel went and sat cross-legged on her bed.  Her bad was already there.  She opened it and began unpacking.  She was nervous about this job.  For one thing she wasn't working with the Denver ATF, which meant she didn't have Team Seven for a back up.  She had been asked by a friend in LA to take the case.  They needed someone with some experience in the mental health field.  Angel had some, basically faking it to get out of a con gone bad.  Aunt Maude had used that avenue twice; after all who would send a poor crazy girl to jail. That and it had gotten her out of the whole army thing.  So she was asked to go undercover as a patient at the VA.  The ATF suspected that a big time gunrunner was hiding in the VA and running his business from there. Angel figured that if half the stuff this guy was accused of doing was true then he probably really was crazy.

Angel smiled to herself as she unpacked her bag.  She had let JD and Buck help her pack.  The two men were more like big kids than ATF agents. She had a complete collection of t-shirts and jeans.  Well Ezra would have had her pack silk scarves and business suits.  The men were all a part of an ATF team in Denver.  Team Seven was the best.  They were headed up by Agent Chris Larabee.  Chris was a tough leader, but he kept his team alive. The sharpshooter was an Agent Vin Tanner.  Vin had been a bounty hunter before he'd joined the ATF.  The profiler was Agent Josiah Sanchez.  Josiah had an interesting background with a degree in Anthropology and Criminal Psychology.  The medic was Agent Nathan Jackson.  Nathan had served with the Army Rangers and was a trained paramedic.  The computer expert and the youngest member of the team was Agent JD Dunne.  Angel was head over heals for him.  Agent Buck Wilmington was the team's lady's man.  Buck was an experienced police officer, who'd joined the force right out of college. The final team member and Angel's cousin was Agent Ezra Standish. Ezra was the team's undercover agent, the best agent in the entire bureau in Angel's opinion.  He had previously worked with the FBI.

Angel put the clothes into the dresser.  The room was practically bare. The dresser and the bed were the only pieces of furniture, the walls were a sterile white and the only light was the one overhead.  There wasn't even a mirror.  Angel sighed.  It sure wasn't the Ritz.  She began to slide her bag under the bed when she noticed a bulge in the side pocket.  She pulled a stuffed cat from the bag.  He looked exactly like Cuervo; the team's "adopted" stray cat.  She gave him a squeeze and was surprised to feel something hard in its belly.  Smiling she removed the set of lock picks from a secret pocket.  Ezra was a genius.

Part 2

Murdock woke up around midnight.  He could hear someone out in the hall. He carefully crept to the door and peered out.  Two guys in suits strolled down the hall like they owned the place.  This was the third time he had seen strange men walking the halls at night.  Something was definitely going down here at the VA, not just these midnight meetings either. There were four new orderlies all built like linebackers and all with serious attitudes.  There was also an undercurrent of tension throughout the whole place.  It made Murdock nervous.

The two suits stopped outside his door.  Murdock crouched down to listen.

"Jones, I don't like this one bit.  The cops are on to us, I'm sure of it. They've been snooping around my office again."

"Dr. Fletcher, Mr. Santini pays you very well, does he not?"

"Well yes."

"The cops have nothing, no evidence.  Mr. Santini is your patient. You had him committed here because he needed treatment.  He is under an alias to protect him from the media.  He is not well enough for visitors. That's the story.  You had better stick to it if you wish to continue in such good health."

"Of course.  It's just if Mr. Santini could cut back on his business at least for a little while?"

"No.  Now doc, you go back to your office, you say nothing, and if the cops call again you let me know."

"Okay, I'll go and I'll do what you say, but just remember I warned you." Jones gave the good doctor a dark look.  Dr. Fletcher turned and nearly ran away.  One of the new orderlies stepped out from the darkness.

"Do you think he's right?  Are the cops getting too close?"

"Now Perry, Mr. Santini has been avoiding the police for years.  Do you really think they'll catch him here, in a mental hospital?  Besides our man would have called us if they were close."

"You're right Jones.  There's a new patient you could have him run a check on.  Name's Angel Hatton."

"I'll get on it.  Keep on eye on her until I get her background check. We don't want any cops sneaking into our little hospital."

"And if she is a cop?"  The man named Jones laughed an ugly sound.

"Well let's just say she might have a little breakdown."  The two goons walked off laughing together.

Angel sat on the picnic table.  She was wearing her blue jeans and a crop top that said "brat"; she figured Buck had picked it out.  She was enjoying the sunshine.  She had been at the VA for two days now and while she thought something was going on she couldn't get a handle on who was doing it.  Angel stretched out on the top of the picnic table and closed her eyes.  She was worried about the drugs, so far she had been able to palm the sedatives they gave her, but she feared they would soon catch on. She had the shrink running in circles.  He would never figure out what was wrong with her, as it was he kept acting like she was his ticket to a journal article or something.  Maybe she should have played it low key and just been depressed or something, but this was more fun.

"Hello Muchacha."  Angel opened her eyes to see Murdock grinning down at her.  "Taking in some sun?  Me and Billy were just out for a walk." Angel didn't see anyone else around.

"Who's Billy?"

"Oh Billy's my dog."  Murdock whistled and patted the air.

"Does he bite?"

"No Billy's a good boy.  See you can pet him."  Angel tentatively reached out and patted the air.

"He won't chase my cat will he?"  Angel pulled Cuervo out from behind her.

"Oh no.  Billy likes cats.  What's his name?"

"Cuervo."  Murdock petted Cuervo.

"He's cute."  Murdock sat on the picnic table next to Angel.  "So where ya from?"

"I was born in Montana.  I've moved around a lot since then.  What about you?"

"Mars."  Murdock showed her his t-shirt, which read "Martian".  Angel giggled and shook her head.  "So you were in the army?"

"How'd you know?"  Angel looked sharply at him.

"I read your file."

"You what?!"  Angel narrowed her eyes.  "Why?"

"I was curious.  New kid on the block and all."

"Do you read all the new files?"


"Murdock you're something else."


"I don't know something.  So now you know all about me, huh?"

"All about you?  Well no, you're confusing."

"You think you're confused I have to be me."  Murdock nodded his understanding.  The bell rang for lunch.

As Murdock was leaving he turned and whispered in her ear, "Are you a cop?" Angel was too good to let her expression show her surprise, but Murdock seemed to read her anyway.  "We need to talk."

Part 3

Murdock woke from a deep sleep.  It took him a few minutes to figure out what woke him.  A scratching sound was coming from his door.  He walked over and looked out the slit.

"Hello?"  A shadow moved outside the door.

"Murdock, want to go for a walk?"

"Sure."  Angel deftly picked the lock.  Murdock grabbed his cap and jacket.  Together they quietly exited the building.  The walked in silence until they reached the picnic table where they'd sat earlier that day.

"Captain HM Murdock, a suspected associate of the infamous A-team, a long time resident of the VA hospital, why do you want to talk to a cop?" Angel sat down and waited for Murdock's answer.

"Something is going on here.  I know it.  I heard some guys talking last night.  They were going to check your background and they said they had a cop working with them.  They also talked about some guy named Santini." Angel nodded Santini was the name of the gunrunner she was after.  The fact that there was a dirty cop involved was probably why they had pulled someone in from the outside to go undercover.  It sort of irritated her that no one felt she needed to know that.

"Well Murdock, looks like you've stumbled onto my case.  My name is Angel Deaton.  I am an ATF agent.  Santini is a big time arms dealer.  We suspected that he was running his dirty little business here using the VA as a cover.  I was supposed to blend in here and dig up some evidence. So now you hold my cover in your hands."  Angel looked into Murdock's eyes begging him to help her.  Murdock laid his hand over hers.

"I won't blow your cover.  I'll tell you everything I've seen or heard. You can count on me."  Angel smiled and gave Murdock a quick hug.

"Be careful Murdock, if anything happened to you because of me I'd never forgive myself."

"Don't worry Secret Agent HM Murdock is on the case.  No bad guy is too bad, no cover is too deep, and no case is too hard to crack."

"Murdock.  You're crazy."  Angel put her arm around his shoulder.

"Let's go for a walk."  Murdock hopped up and arm in arm they skipped down the walk.  


By the time they reached the door of the hospital both of them were giggling like school children.  When a hand reached out and grabbed her from behind Angel could have kicked herself for letting her guard down.

"Now what are you two doing out here?" the orderly who grabbed Angel pulled her arm behind her back.  Another orderly grabbed Murdock.

"I wanted to go for a walk with my friend."  Angel made her voice small and weak.

"You are not to be out of your rooms after six.  The doors are locked." The orderly pulled Angel's arm tighter to emphasize his point."

"Hey man the door was open.  Me and the chica went for a walk."  The orderly who had Murdock slammed him into the door.  Murdock vision exploded with stars, but he recognized the two orderlies.  They were a pair of the new hires he'd been suspicious of earlier.  Of course, getting slammed into the door sort of clued him in to the fact that these two weren't the usual hospital personnel.

Angel was pissed.  She'd tried meek and mild and they had still hurt Murdock, so much for Ms. Nice Girl.  She slammed her elbow into bozo one's side.  The she slipped his grip and turned around.  Leaning against the door she smiled at the now wheezing orderly.

Murdock flinched; she was going to pay for that one.  He wished she hadn't been so set on drawing the attention from him.  He could handle a few bruises.  She looked so small only about 5' 4", those two goons could tear her apart.

"Jeff would you get a hold of her.  I'll take him back to his room and teach him some manners."  Bozo two growled.

"Yeah Perry."  Jeff grabbed Angel's arm and pulled her into a headlock. Murdock struggled against Perry but he had a solid grip on him.  Angel winked at Murdock when he was drug past her.  She had spunk; he had to give her that.  

Angel awoke to find herself lying on the floor of her room.  She was in a straight jacket and was feeling like crap.  The orderly had given her a couple of bruises she was really beginning to feel.  Her vision was blurry and she was having trouble concentrating, she vaguely remembered something about a syringe.  She was scared.  The drug confused her and she felt out of control.  She had to find help; she needed a friend.  First she had to get out of this room.  She slipped the straight jacket first; being double-jointed came in handy sometimes.  She grabbed Cuervo and stuffed some clothes in a bag.  She pulled out her lock picks and had the door open after a few tries; picking locks while high wasn't very easy.  She staggered down the darkened halls, until she can to a familiar room.

"Murdock?"  She called quietly from the hall.

"Angel."  Murdock quietly answered.  Angel again picked the lock to his door.  It only took five minutes.  When she got it open she practically fell into Murdock's arms. "I'm happy to see you too."  Angel giggled a little hysterically.

"They gave me somethin'"

"I can see that.  Why don't you take a little nap here?  I'm going to make a phone call."  Angel lay down on the bed.

"Okay, I trust you, which is weird 'cause I don't trust anyone." Murdock gave her a confused smile and patted her head.  He picked up the phone and dialed.  He was trying to ignore the pain from his ribs where Perry had worked him over, but he suspected that they were broken.  He sighed and wondered what exactly he'd gotten himself into this time.

Part 4

Ezra paced back and forth in his apartment.  To look at him one would see a well-dressed gentleman with exquisite manners.  His short neatly trimmed brown hair and clean- face made him look much less of a threat than he was.  It was the way his emerald eyes flashed that clued the observer to the dangerous and intelligent man that lurked beneath the surface, and right now it was a worried and angry man.  Angel was an hour late checking in. She had promised to call every night at 8pm, it was after nine.  Ezra had objected to her taking the job.  He didn't like her being so far away. He knew she was a good agent and she could take care of herself, but she was like a sister to him.  Ezra stopped pacing he was acting like Buck did with JD.  Vin had said one time that he was like a mama grizzly with one cub. Ezra smiled slightly; Buck really was overprotective, but then JD was always in trouble.  His smile faded, so was Angel.

An hour later he still hadn't heard from her.  He called the LA police department.  She wasn't due to check in with them until morning.  She had called earlier that day around five.  Ezra insisted on talking to Detective Madison who was Angel's friend.  He told Ezra that the rooms at the hospital were locked at six and that was probably why she hadn't called. Ezra argued that she had managed to call him the last two nights, but Madison wouldn't listen.  In his most annoying polite voice Ezra apologized for bothering them and asked if it wouldn't be too much trouble if he could call him when she checked in next.  Madison reluctantly agreed, but basically told him to butt out.  Ezra who was never good at following orders had other plans.  He called the airline and got a seat booked for LA.  He could be there by the time she was supposed to check in.  He grabbed his travel bag that he always kept packed and started out the door.  At the last minute he decided to call Chris Larabee, his boss, and let him know he'd be gone.

"Ezra, don't you think you're overreacting a little?"  Chris wasn't in a great mood.

"No.  I don't.  I didn't call for your opinion either I was just letting you know I'm going to be gone for a couple of days."  Ezra slammed the phone down and walked out to his black Jag; jumping in he pealed out from the curb.

"Dammit!"  Chris likewise slammed down his phone, his ice blue eyes closed tightly.  He ran a hand through his short blond hair.  He hadn't meant to make Ezra angry; he just didn't want him flying off half-cocked.  Ezra was right though; something about this didn't feel right.  It hadn't from the beginning.  Why would the LAPD call in the ATF to run a simple undercover assignment?  They surely had detectives to do that sort of thing. Angel's friend had given her some line about mental health experience, but Chris didn't buy it.   Another thing was that Angel would never let Ezra worry like this, if she could have called she would have.  Ezra was getting himself into trouble again, but Chris wasn't going to let him go alone. He picked up the phone and dialed.



"What's up cowboy?"  Vin could hear the worry in his friend's voice.

"How you feel about flying to LA tomorrow?"

"Is something wrong with Angel?"

"Maybe, she was supposed to call Ezra at eight and she hasn't.  She isn't due to check in with her back up until morning, but...."

"Yeah, she wouldn't have missed calling Ezra.  How's he taking this?"

"He's own his way to LA as we speak."

"Okay I'll get ready.  You getting the tickets?"


"Might as well get six, I'll call the rest of the boys."  Vin knew the others would help.  Ezra was one of them and Angel was his family. They treated her like a little sister.

"I'll call JD."

"Yeah."  JD would be upset, he and Angel had been dating for awhile now, and Chris was the best equipped to handle that.  JD practically worshiped the ground he walked on.

"Vin, thanks."

"For what?"  Chris smiled to himself.

"See ya in the morning."  Vin hung up the phone.  He was worried about Angel.  The minute Chris had said LA he had gotten a bad feeling, and he always trusted his feelings.  He thought Chris must have felt it too. Chris and Vin had seemed to understand each other from the first time they met.  It was like they could read each other's thoughts.  Both were quiet men, both had pasts they'd rather forget.  For Vin it was his childhood shipped from one foster home to another until he finally ran away and lived on his own when he was about fifteen; for Chris it was the loss of his family, both his wife and son had been murdered in a tragic fire. Somehow they helped fill in the missing pieces for each other and had been instant best friends.   Vin had been afraid at first that Buck, who had been Chris's closest friend, would be jealous, but he wasn't.  In fact Buck had told Vin one time that he could almost see a little of the old Chris, the one before the fire, coming back out, and if Vin had something to do with that he was forever grateful.

Vin flipped his long curly hair out of his face and began to dial the phone.  It was just a formality; both Josiah and Nathan would be ready to join them in the morning.  

"Wilmington."  Buck answered the phone with a smile.

"Buck its Chris."  The smile quickly faded from the fun-loving man's face. If Chris was calling at this hour something was wrong.

"What's going on?"

"Angel didn't call Ezra like she promised."  Buck frowned.  This wasn't good.

"What are we doing?"

"We're flying out to LA.  Ezra got a flight out tonight; ours leaves in the morning."


"Let me talk to JD."  Buck sighed the kid wasn't going to take this very well.


"Yeah, Buck?"

"Phone."  JD bounded into the room.  "It's Chris."  JD frowned, why would Chris want to talk to him.


"Yeah, JD.  I wanted to tell you Angel didn't call Ezra tonight, but she did check-in with her back up.  I'm not too worried, but to be on the safe side we're going to fly out there tomorrow morning.  Ezra already left." JD's face had gone absolutely white his dark hair and hazel eyes stood out at as a stark contrast.

"I understand Chris.  We'll be ready."

"Let me talk to Buck, again."  JD handed Buck the phone.  He listened as they arranged to meet at the airport.  He was scared for Angel and for Ezra, but Chris had sounded confident.  JD drew strength from his leader; he knew that with Chris in charge they could handle whatever happened.

Part 5

Angel heard a noise and opened her eyes.  She was still fuzzy because of the drug.  It took her awhile to remember where she was and little longer to focus on the person's face in the window.  Try as she might she couldn't figure out why it was there.

"Murdock."  She reached down and shook his shoulder. "Murdock wake up!"  She leaned over the side of the bed to look down at him on the floor.  She looked back up at the person in the window. "Murdock there's a famous criminal at the window."  Murdock groggily opened his eyes, well one of them.  The other was swollen shut, probably from his meeting with Perry earlier.  "Murdock should I arrest him?"


"The criminal.  Should I arrest him?"  Murdock turned to see Face smiling at him from the window.  He could just guess what he was thinking.

"No, he's my friend."

"Okay, but I could be famous for arresting him.  Be in the news and everything, of course, that would make being an undercover agent kind of hard.  So maybe I shouldn't anyway."

"Angel, honey, you're babbling."  Murdock patted her arm.

"Murdock."  Face called from the window.  Murdock turned to Face.

"Thanks for coming Faceman.  Me and Angel here need to make a disappearance.  I can explain on the way."  Face nodded.  He trusted Murdock and if he needed his help he would give it.

Murdock walked over to the bed and helped Angel up.  She was clutching a small stuff cat.  He tossed Face a duffel bag and helped her to the window.  She leaned out and wrapped her arms around Face's neck.  The next thing he knew he had his hands full.

"Hey your cute."  Angel giggled.

Murdock climbed out a minute later laughing at Face's predicament; "She's a handful."  

Face handed Murdock an icepack.  He had explained the situation on the way to Face's apartment.  Face wasn't wild about having a federal agent in his place, but Murdock said he trusted her.  Murdock was a good judge of character so Face let it slide.  Angel and Murdock were sitting on the floor laughing at the cartoon they were watching.  Angel was still strung out on whatever they had given her.  Murdock just liked cartoons.  He had called Hannibal and the colonel and BA were on their way.  He decided he should try to get some information out of her while she was still doped up.

"So Angel tell me about yourself."  Angel smiled up at him.

"Well there's A that's Addelyde Hanson, Addie for short, she's a high school senior.  B is Bethany; she's a pizza delivery girl.  C is for Angelique Crest; she's got an illegal shipping operation.  D is me; Angel Deaton, ATF agent...." Angel continued through the alphabet.  "....and finally Z is Zoe; she sells bootleg CD's out of the back of an old VW bus. Them's the ABC's of me, baby."  Angel and Murdock rolled on the floor laughing.

Face was impressed with her resume.  He had as many business cards in his wallet and as many more tucked away.  He'd never considered the uses of scamming in law enforcement before.  He reached down to pat her shoulder to get her attention.  He didn't expect her to flinch away from his touch.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just had a disagreement with a walking wrecking ball."

"Let me see."

"Do you really think we know each other well enough."  Angel batted her eyes at him.  Face sighed and he knelt down beside her.  He gently lifted the back of her shirt and winced in sympathy.  She had several darkly colored bruises on her back.  He carefully checked her ribs, but he didn't find any broken.  "They're not busted."  Face smiled and nodded.  He was somewhat shocked by the scars on her back, though.

"What happened to your back?"

"I told you."

"No I mean the scars."  Murdock perked up and looked questioningly at her.

"Oh I jumped out of a window."  Face and Murdock exchanged bewildered looks..


"It seemed like a good idea at the time."  Face and Murdock stared at her until she continued.  "The place was on fire. Dying wasn't high on my list of priorities for the day.  Of course if it's been a lower window it might have helped and that damn car got in the way." Angel's attention focused back on the television.

"Murdock she's crazy."  Murdock just shrugged.  Face however noticed the expression of pain the movement caused.  "So did you meet the same wrecking ball?"

"No his brother."  Murdock smiled lightly, but Face wasn't buying it.

"Let's see."

Murdock wasn't as lucky as Angel; he had three broken ribs.  Face had just finished wrapping them when a knock at the door alerted them to Hannibal and BA's arrival.  Face checked the peephole and then opened the door.

"Murdock, look two more famous criminals.  Can I arrest them?"  Angel tugged on Murdock's sleeve.  He smiled and patted her arm.

"No Angel."

"You're no fun."  Angel pouted.

"Angel, how about some ice cream?"  Angel was instantly at Face's side. He gave her a bowl and she carried it back to the television.

Murdock wandered into the kitchen where BA, Hannibal, and Face were gathered around the table.

"Nice shiner, Captain."  Murdock shrugged and sat down.  Hannibal wasn't too happy to see that someone had been using one of his men for a punching bag.  "Well let's have it from the beginning Murdock."  

Angel stepped into the kitchen.  Murdock had just finished telling the team what was going on at the VA.

"I decided that it was time to fly the cuckoo's nest."

"So this Dr. Fletcher is getting nervous.  We could give him a real reason to be nervous."  Hannibal sat back with a grin.

"Yeah I'll make him more than nervous."  BA smacked his fist into his other hand.  Angel giggled.  BA gave her a dirty look, but she just smiled back at him.

"So Agent Deaton, tell us about Mr. Santini."  Angel tried briefly to focus on Hannibal's face, but gave up.

"Santini, he's a scumbucket.  I really just want to shoot him."  Angel sat cross-legged on the kitchen chair.  "I'm not allowed to, regulations you understand.  He's like a phantom.  We have suspected him of running an illegal arms operation, but he's been impossible to pin. Now we got word that he's actually in that VA under an alias and running his dirty little business from there.  Do you have a cigarette?"  Face handed her one and lit it.  "Thanks."

"Murdock, how long until Agent La La here comes back down?"

"Did he call me Agent La La?"  Murdock nodded.  "La La?  No I've never used that one before, maybe a dancer, no it's just too corny."

"Hannibal she's crazy."  BA stared at Angel with disbelief.

"Crazy?  I'm crazy?  Oh wait I knew that."  Angel giggled and started singing "Crazy" by Patsy Cline.  She grabbed Murdock's arm and they waltzed off into the other room.

"I'm telling you Hannibal; we don't need to be working with no cop, especially a crazy one."

"BA she's not crazy, just a little drugged.  Besides we have to do something, we can't just leave Murdock in the VA with a gun smuggling criminal now can we?"

"No."  Hannibal was right.  BA didn't want anything to happen to Murdock; he'd already gotten beat up once.  As much as Murdock annoyed him sometimes BA would do anything to keep him from getting hurt; he was like an annoying little brother.  A crash from the other room caught their attention.

"Murdock!"  Face rushed into the room, but Murdock held his hand up to stop him.  One of the lamps had been knocked off the end table and shattered, but that wasn't what had Murdock's attention.  Angel was cowering in the far corner mumbling "I'm sorry" over and over again.  Face walked quietly over to Angel.  She looked so very young and scared, like a little girl.

"Angel, honey.  No one's mad.  I know it was an accident.  No one will hurt you.   It's okay."  Angel lifted tear-filled eyes and met his.

"You're not mad?"

"No honey, I'm not mad."  He reached over and gently lifted her into his arms.  "Why don't you take a little nap?  When you wake up everything will seem better."  Angel laid her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.  She fell promptly asleep, much to the amusement of the rest of the team.  Face smiled, "I'll go put her in the bedroom."  He emerged moments later quietly closing the door.  "She's out for the night."

"Good.  Now, tomorrow someone needs to go pay Dr. Fletcher a visit." Hannibal smiled a Face, who gave a long-suffering sigh.  Hannibal patted him on the back and smiled.  "I have a plan."

"He's on the jazz," BA groaned.



Crazy by Shastelly



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