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A Day At The Park

A Day At The Park

By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not the guys. I do own Chely Smith-Peck, William George Allen and Jacqueline Rose Peck.
Rating: G
Summary: A day of relaxation and fun are in order for the Smith-Peck household with a dissevering surprise.
Copyright: September, 2007


Sitting underneath a shed on a picnic table, he watched his grandchildren run and play with Captain Murdock. Like a proud grandfather, Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith laughs as he enjoys the sound of his grandkids laughing and playing. He also enjoys the cool summer's breeze.

Looking at his nuclear family, Hannibal smiles to himself. His biological daughter and son-in-law were standing over the small grill gazing into each other's eyes, hopelessly in love with each other. William, Jackie and Murdock are laughing as they slide down on the slide.

BA is flying a remote control airplane. While Frank 'Dishpan' Santana is talking on his cell phone. Chely reaches into the cooler and pulls out two bottles of water. She walks over to the shed where her father is sitting. She hands him one of the bottles. She sits on the picnic table with him.

"William is just like you." Chely says to Hannibal. He drinks some water. "How so?" he asks. "A mother can always tell when her kids are up to something." She says looking at Hannibal. "Especially when the grandfather is Hannibal Smith." Hannibal looks at Chely and smiles.

Hannibal looks back out the kids. "Jackie reminds me of you." He says. "How so?" Chely asks. He points to his granddaughter. "She wants to do everything by herself. Just like you." Chely and Hannibal laugh.

Face looks up from the grill. He sees Jackie sitting on the ground holding her knee. He calls to Frankie. "Frankie, come here and watch the food, huh?!" Frankie, still on the cell phone, jogs over to where Face is. Face walks over to Jackie and sits down by his girl.

"Hey, sweetheart." He says smiling at Jackie. Jackie looks at her father. "Daddy, I got's a booboo!" she says showing her father her bruised knee. Tears stream down her tiny face. "What happened?" he asks. Sliding closer to her father, the little says, "I fell off the slide." Face picks the little girl and sets her in his lap.

"You want Daddy to kiss it better?" he asks. "No!" Face looks at his daughter. 'So much like your mother.' "What do you want me to do?" he asks. "Whip the slide Daddy!" Face smiles at Jackie. They get up from the grass and walk over to the slide. Face switches Jackie to his other arm.

"Is this the one?" he asks pointing to the slide. Jackie shakes her head yes. "Now, Mr. Slide, I don't want you hurting my little girl no more!" Face says as he hits the slide. He looks at Jackie and asks, "Better now?" Jackie throws her arms around her father's neck. Seeing the entire thing, Chely walks over to her husband and daughter.

"What are you two doing?" she asks. "Daddy whuppeded the slide!" Jackie says confidently. "He did?!?" she asks as Jackie climbs from Face's arms to hers. A gray limo pulls into the picnic area where the Smith-Peck Family is. Carla opens her door and walks around the limo to the other side. She opens the door.

Murdock, BA, Face, Hannibal and Frankie all walk over to the limo. General Stockwell climbs out. "I thought you said we could have this day?" Face whines. "General, what is it?" Murdock asks coldly.

"Captain, I have something for each of you." Stockwell says as he reaches into his jacket and pulls out five envelopes. Each envelope has there names on it. Everyone looks at each other confusingly. "What is it?" Face asks first. Stockwell smiles

"Your full pardons, lieutenant. Gentlemen, you have successfully completed said number of missions. Therefore, you kept your part of the bargain. Now, I'm keeping mine." Stockwell climbs back into the limo. Carla climbs in after him. The limo drives away.

Chely and the kids walk over to the stunned group of men. "What did Stockwell want?" she asks. Hannibal opens his envelope first. "I can't believe it." "What?" Tears well in his blue eyes. "We're free! We are free!"

Chely and Face look at each other. He opens his envelope. Face picks Chely up in his arms and swings her around. Murdock, Frankie and BA follow suit. They pick up the kids and laugh. "We're free!" they all say collectively.

~El Fini~

A Day At The Park by Emerald Princess 20



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