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December 21, 2005

December 21, 2005

Written By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Don't own the guys. Wish I did though. I do own Chely Smith-Peck.

Rating: R

Warning: Major character death

Copyright: August, 2007

Author’s Special Note: On Dec. 21, 2005, I lost a dear friend due to cancer. Mr. George, wherever you may be, we love and miss you everyday.


6:00 p.m.: Everyone was crowded in the tiny hospice room. Chely and Templeton Peck, BA Baracus, H.M. Murdock and Frank Santana. They had been in the room all day. Waiting; waiting for the inevitable.

Hannibal Smith was currently sleeping somewhat peacefully. Chely gets up from the chair and walks over the window. She rubs her arms. The sun sets have always been beautiful to her.

Templeton Peck, her husband, walks over to his very pregnant wife. “Baby, why don’t you go with Murdock and get something to eat.” Love and concern fills his ocean-colored eyes. Face wraps his arms around his wife and unborn kids.

The lieutenant begins to remember when Chely told him that they were going to be parents. “Remember when we told Hannibal about the twins?” he asks. Chely laughs. “He was so shocked that we did two instead of more!” Face laughs. Fingers link together. Murdock, BA and Frankie walk into the room with some burgers and fried for Face and Chely.

6:30 p.m.: Murdock gets rid of the food evidence and returns to the room. ‘Hannibal is awake!’ Murdock says to himself. He walks further into the room. Hannibal is sitting up in the bed smiling. “What do ya say, Captain?” he asks. “How ya feelin’, Colonel?” “I’m tired Murdock. So tired.” Hannibal says as the smile fades from his face.

Chely holds her father’s hand. “Dad, Face and I found out that the babies are going to be boys.” Hannibal smiles. “You got names picked out yet?” he asks. Chely looks at Face. “We were thinking of naming one of the boys after you, Colonel.” Face says. Tears well up in his weary blue eyes. “The kid is going to be teased if you name him Hannibal.” Everyone in the room laughs.

6:40 p.m.: Chely continues to hold her father’s hand. “I remember when Face joined the team.” Hannibal says. “Angel face is what we called him.” His breath is becoming more and more shallow.

Her eyes well up with tears. She quickly wipes the unspent tears away before Hannibal can see them.

6:43 p.m.: Face places a hand on his wife’s shoulder. She reaches up with her hand and touches his. Fingers link together.

Everyone in the hospice room hearts are breaking. Chely hasn’t known her father for long, but she knew him well enough in her heart and soul.

6:45 p.m.: When Stockwell had captured the guys and blackmailed them with pardons, Hannibal’s health started to decline then. The only sound in the room is the heart monitor. Hannibal wakes up, for the last time. He looks at Chely. “I’m sorry.” She looks at him. “Sorry for what?” she asks.

“Sorry, I wasn’t there for you as a father should be. Sorry, because I won’t be here to meet and see my grandchildren grow up.” Hannibal coughs. Chely calls Face on the cell phone. “Get here now!” she said with fear in her voice. Face hangs up the phone and runs to the room. BA, Murdock and Frankie follow behind him. The four men run into the room.

“Guys, what took ya so long?” Hannibal asks. “It’s good to die with friends and family around.” Chely tries to fight back tears. “Face, you take care of the team. Murdock, you keep bugging BA. BA, keep threatening Murdock. Frank, you’re a good man.” Hannibal looks at Chely.

“Chely, my little girl, Daddy loves you.” Tears fall down her cheeks as she tightens her grip on Hannibal’s hand.

With his last breath, Hannibal Smith said, “I love you all.” And with that, his hand went limp. His pristine blue eyes closed and Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith fell asleep in death.

-The End

December 21, 2005 by Emerald Princess 20



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