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Hungry Like A Wolf

Hungry Like A Wolf

Written By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own the guys. Wish I did though. Do not own “Hungry like a wolf”. Bruce Campbell and Old Spice own that.

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Male/Female/Male consensual sex

Summary: Tawnia is planning a romantic evening with Face but has a special surprise for him.

Copyright: August, 2007


She places the last of the candles in the room. Her gown was flowing from the gentle breeze of the air conditioner. She grabs the candle lighter and lights the candles in the bedroom. Her lover was on the way. How she wondered how he would react to her surprise.

As she lit the last candle, the front door to her apartment open. She ran out of the bedroom and into the living room. As she walked into the living room, the gaze of her lover sent chills up her spine.

Tawnia Baker stood there looking at her gorgeous lover. Templeton Peck, notoriously known for being a lady’s man, stood in the living room and began to drink in the sight of his beautiful lover. She saunters over to him and wraps her arms around his neck. Face wraps his arms around her waist.

Gazing into each other’s eyes, Face and Tawnia passionately kiss. When the kiss is broken, Tawnia and Face are left panting. “I’m so glad that you’re home.” Tawnia says as she begins to remove her lover’s jacket and tie. Face catches her wrists. “I did miss you so much.”

They kiss again. Tawnia begins to undress Face. “Whoa, baby! Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” he asks. Face picks up Tawnia in his arms and walk to the bedroom. He kicks the door open with his foot and walks over to the bed where he deposits his lover. Face walks back to the door and closes it.

Tawnia sets on her knees and shimmies out of her robe. Face walks back over to the bed and sits down. Tawnia jumps into his lap and begins to kiss him. With the weight of Tawnia on him, Face is pushed back on the bed. Both laugh.

Tawnia unbuttons his shirt and pulls it off. Face eases one shoulder of her night gown off. He kisses the exposed shoulder. Tawnia moans. “Face, I want to try something different.” A smile comes on his face. “What is it?” he asks. Tawnia climbs off of him. She walks out of the bedroom and to the living room.

Face, concerned, walks into the living room. “Tawnia, what in…” He sees Murdock. “Murdock, what are you doing here?” he asks surprisingly. Murdock gets off of the couch and walks over to Tawnia. “Tawnia, here wants to have a threesome.” Murdock says mater-of-frankly speaking. “Face, I love you. I’ll understand if you don’t want to.”

Face sits down on the couch. Murdock sits by his best friend. “Temp, when Tawnia first came to me with this idea, I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I’ll understand if you don’t want to go through with this.” Murdock says as he places a reassuring hand on Face’s shoulder.

Face looks at Tawnia. “Why?” he asks. “Just to try something different.” She sits down by Face. “I love you, Templeton. I really do. I’ve always had this bout having a threesome for a while now.” Tawnia looks down at the carpet. “Please don’t be too disappointed.” Face touches her cheek and lightly caresses.

“I’m not disappointed; just shocked.” Tawnia looks at him. Those beautiful blue eyes make her melt. “Sweetheart, when ever you want to try something new with me, just tell me.” Murdock perks up. “So what are you saying Faceman?” Face gets up from the couch and takes Tawnia’s hand.

“What I’m saying Murdock, is game on, Captain!” Face smiles at Tawnia as he slaps Murdock on the back. Tawnia looks at Face. “I really do love you.” She says as she kisses his lips. Face picks her up in his arms. She yelps. “Where are we going?” she asks.

Face winks his eye at her. “As if you don’t know!” he says huskily. He runs to the bedroom with Murdock right on his tail. By the time Murdock reached the bedroom, Face had Tawnia on the bed and stripped naked. He was all over her. Murdock sat in the chair and watched.

Face kisses her neck. He feels her pulse against his lips. He moves down to her breasts. Tawnia runs her fingers through his silky blonde-brownish hair. Face lifts each breast. He pays attention to Tawnia’s extra-sensitive nipples. Face sucks her nipples like a baby sucking from a bottle.

Murdock takes off his jacket and his flannel shirt. He loosens the belt on his khaki pants and moves towards the bed. Face is getting closer to the promised land. As his tongue begins to caress Tawnia soft feminine core, Murdock eases his slacks off and begins to kiss Tawnia. ‘I have the best of both worlds.’ She said to herself.

Murdock shoves his tongue into her mouth. With one hand, Tawnia runs her fingers through Face’s hair and holds his head in place. With her other hand, Tawnia pulls Murdock closer to her. She begins to moan in Murdock’s mouth. Face eases up his lover’s body and smiles seductively. Tawnia pushes Face down on the bed and kisses his lips and neck. She makes her way down his gorgeous tanned body.

She kisses and licks his nipples. She looks at him and smiles seductively. She kisses his firm abs and for a brief moment, she stops. With concern filling his eyes, he looks at Tawnia. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “Nothing. Just getting ready.” Murdock lies down on his back. Tawnia sits down on Murdock’s face.

Murdock begins to kiss and lick her soft feminine core just as Face had done before. Tawnia takes Face’s length into her mouth. Instantly, he throws his head back. Seeing her with his cock in her mouth was a bigger turn on than what he even thought. He begins to thrust into her mouth.

Tawnia’s head was bobbing up and down. Murdock crawls out from under her. He eases up behind her. Tawnia relaxes her throat as the cum hits her full force. Cum drips from her mouth. Murdock moves her hair to the side and kisses her neck. “Insert Tab A into Tab B?” he asks. Tawnia looks back at Murdock and rolls her eyes. “Just do it, Murdock.” Tawnia says as she looks back at Face.

She eases down Face. As his cock slides into her, Murdock slides in her back door. Face grabs Tawnia’s thighs and began to rock in rhythm. Face sits up and kisses her lips. Tawnia eases Face back down on the bed. She reaches back for Murdock and kisses him passionately on the lips. Tawnia turns around and Face enters her back door.

She pushes Murdock on the bed and begins to kiss him. She kisses his lips and moves down to his neck. Face gets up to his knees. He still is nailing her ass. Tawnia moves to Murdock’s somewhat firm stomach and stops where the brown hair begins at his groin.

“Oh, God!!!” Tawnia moans. Murdock runs his fingers through her hair and eases her head down to his throbbing member. She caresses the underside of his cock and licks the head. Soaking up the pre-cum, she smiles and takes the entire length into her mouth. Tawnia reaches back and touches face’s hip, bringing him closer to her.

Tawnia lightly squeezes Murdock’s sack. Face moans and grabs her hair. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, GODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!” The blonde shoots his hot seed in Tawnia and collapses on her back. Murdock begins to moan. “Tawnia!!!!” He cums. The s in her mouth. Tawnia falls on Murdock.

The three stay together on the bed. Face still somewhat hard in Tawnia, Murdock kissing her forehead and Tawnia smiling in her sleep.

The next morning, Face wakes up and goes into the kitchen. He makes a pot of coffee. Murdock and Tawnia join him in the kitchen. Face hands his friend and lover a cup of coffee each. Tawnia smiles. “Thanks, darling.” She looks at the two guys. “Who’s hungry?”

Face and Murdock look at each other. “I’m hungry like a wolf.” Face says smiling at Tawnia. “How about you, Captain?” he turns to Murdock. “I’m hungry like wolf, Faceguy.”

All three smile and look towards the bedroom. “Round two, anyone?” Tawnia asks. She walks towards the bedroom and Face and Murdock follow right behind her.

~El Fini

Hungry Like A Wolf by Emerald Princess 20



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