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I Need You

I Need You

By: Emerald Princess 20

Rating: G
Author's Note: Just a quick love story.
Copyright: July, 2007


They stood in the yard swaying to the music. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill singing in the background. I wanna drink that shot of whiskey. I wanna smoke that cigarette. You know some cowboys like me go out like that. Cause I need you. Whoa, I need you. Face looks in Chely eyes. Silence as the song fades away. Face and Chely are still dancing to the song.

Chely begins to sing. “I wanna get lost in some corner booth in Cantina, Mexico. I wanna dance to the static of an a.m. radio. I wanna wrap the moon around us and lay on you skin on skin. Makin’ love to the sun comes up and the sun goes down again. Cause I need you. Whoa, I need you.”

Face stares hopelessly into his wife’s eyes. “When we do get pardoned from Stockwell, we’re going to have to settle down in a house with a large family.” Chely looks wild eyed at him. “How big of a family?” she asks. Face laughs. “A large family; probably a football team.” Chely and Face laugh.

Chely becomes serious now. “There is something I need to tell you.” Face looks her. “I think I all ready know what it is.” She looks shocked. “What is it?” she asks. “You’re afraid that we will go off on these missions and not come home.” He says. Chely walks away from his embrace. “That is a part of it.”

Face walks over to her. He wraps his arms around her waist. “What is the other part?” he asks resting his chin on her shoulder. “When you were shot at the Villa Cuchina, you almost died. Even when Hannibal and the others arrived and we got you to the hospital, I was still scared. I sat in the hospital room for three days wondering if my husband was going to live or not.” Tears begin to fall from her green eyes.

“I even had dream about the two of us being on our private beach in Hawaii. We had a condo down on the water. I just can’t imagine Hawaii without you.” She says as she turns around to face her husband. “I know that scared you. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I’m okay. The bullet did not kill me. I’m right here with you.” Face says cupping Chely’s face in his hands.

The couple shares a kiss. Chely looks at Face, almost pleading with him, says, “I need you.” Face takes her hand in his wand they walk arm in arm back into the house. “I think we need each other tonight.” He says with a wink as they walk to their bedroom

-El Fin

I Need You by Emerald Princess 20



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