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Quick pick: Memento

Memories Are Made of This

By Katkin


Rated PG13

Summary Companion piece to Fear, itself and Insignificance. Written for the ATSB Quick Pick 'Memento'. Thanks to all at the ATSB for the encouragement to keep writing!

Disclaimer No money exchanged hands for this. I'm doing it purely out of charity!





On the road again. Three days in boiling heat because BA don't wanna fly. Even I don't have enough t-shirts for this… it's the sixth time I've had to change. That's how I found it. Rummaging through Faceman's bag… such a sweet, soft leather bag… wow man, I'm gonna have to get me one of those. Faceman's t-shirts aren't my type of t-shirt. Too clean, too plain, too classy, too soft on the skin. Designer t-shirts – who knew they even did those? You know I reckon he irons them – what the heck is that all about…


It's a little velvet baggy with a tassel top, so tiny it fits in the palm of my hand with space over. I know I shouldn't look. I really know I shouldn't look. Private and all that. But Faceman is fast asleep over there. So cute! Hair all mussed up just the way he definitely don't like it… and if that ain't a tiny trail of drool there! What he don't know won't hurt him. And I just gotta see it, that tiny first tooth lost, and he's kept it all these years. I wonder if the tooth fairy gave little baby Faceboy a nickel?


I shake it out into my hand. It's heavier than I thought it would be. The lazy sheen of dull, stained metal, and all scrunched up like someone stood it on end and took a sledgehammer to it. So small. So lethal.


He thinks I haven't seen the fear, but I have. He thinks I haven't seen his hands shaking, but I have.


I knew I shouldn't have looked. I really knew I shouldn't have looked. Private and all that.


Memories are made of this.


Memories Are Made Of This by Katkin



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