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Title: Anniversary Resolution

Anniversary Resolution

Author: LizM


Rating: PG

Warnings: One bad word, unbetaed

Summary: When did one A-Team become *the* A-Team?

Notes: For the A-Team's birthday on January 23rd, 2007




"When's our birthday, guys?"


"What do ya mean, fool?"


"When did we turn from one A-Team to THE A-Team?"


"Good question, Murdock. I admit I have no idea when I started thinking of us as THE A-Team," Hannibal admitted.


"I do." Three surprised glances turned to Face. "You guys really don't remember?"


Three headshakes.


"January 23rd, 1983."


" '83?"


"Did I say '83? I meant '70. Remember *that* mission?"


Three groans.


"Didn't we agree to never talk about it again, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked sternly.


"I know. I'm not talking about it. But afterwards all of us, including Murdock and Ray and the other guys, gathered in your office. Remember what you said? Despite all the stuff about not ever talking about this ever again?"


Hannibal leaned back in his chair and smiled in fond remembrance.


"Yeah, I remember now. So…"


He raised his glass and the others did the same.


"As of today we're not just another A-Team in this army, but the best damn A-Team there was or ever will be. We're *the* A-Team now. Anyone who says differently will feel our wrath."


They clinked glasses.



Anniversary Resolution by LizM



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