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Title: Worries


Author: LizM


Rating: G

Warnings: none

Summary: Amy worries…




A-Team captured!!


Last week Colonel Lynch of the US Army apprehended the long term fugitives Smith, Peck and Baracus, known as 'The A-Team'.

Ever since the Vietnam war...


Amy sat up.


Sweat beaded on her forehead and she was confused to where she was. The spare illumination from the moonlight only showed unfamiliar surroundings, after her eyes had adjusted to the dim light.


Had it just been a dream?


Or had she really been forced to write that dreaded headline?


She thought she could still see Lynch's sneering face during the interview, her insides churning with apprehension and fear.


Amy got up and opened the door of her room, stepping into the dark hallway. Carefully feeling her way along she entered the living room.


And breathed a sigh of relief.


There they were, BA sprawled in the middle of the floor under a pile of blankets, Murdock, in reaction to BAs sprawling, close to Face and Face squished between Murdock and the sofa.


Since the cabin they were holed up in, had only one bedroom, the guys had insisted that she take it, despite her protests that she was very much capable of sleeping on the floor, too.


Moonlight reflecting on hair, bathing it into a silver glow caught Amy's attention and she looked at the fourth person, laying on the sofa. She figured that Hannibal was looking at her from behind the cigar but she couldn't see his eyes, since they were in shadow.


She did notice that he didn't have an ashtray nearby, so she picked one up from the table next to the sofa and handed it to him.


As Hannibal moved to take the ashtray from her, the light fell on his face and she could see the worry and guilt in his eyes.


Amy blinked at that unexpected sight and he smiled at her.


'Go back to bed, Kiddo,' Hannibal whispered. 'It's enough that one of us can't sleep.'


Amy nodded.


He'd been worrying over them for ten years and would continue to do so. She could go to bed assured.


The guys were safe. For now.


Worries by LizM



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