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Title: His most important teacher

 His Most Important Teacher

Author: LizM


Rating: G

Warnings: Crossover (uh-oh!)

Summary: John Smith meets his most important teacher…

Notes: No clue whether Hannibal's schooling in Paris took place before or after his graduation at West Point. For the purpose of this story it took place after West Point.

Thanks to Purple for beta duties. It's so much fun to read your comments J





2nd Lieutenant John Smith stood at the notice board next to the door of the office of his new teacher at the academy in Paris.


"Major – General Robert Hogan" the sign said.


What that man would be able to teach him about "Creativity, tactics and operations" as the course was called, John Smith couldn't imagine.


He'd heard the rumors about Hogan running a very successful operation in Germany during WWII, of course, but some of the stories were so outrageous they had to have been invented.


No way Hogan and his men had smuggled underground operatives in and out of Germany. Or had pretended to be Hitler or Göring on numerous occasions to get plans of air raids or new weapons to the allied forces. Or had coordinated attack plans of the allied air forces in Germany.


And all of that while they were POWs in Germany's most notorious and most well-guarded POW camp, Stalag 13.


Yeah, right.


John Smith knocked sharply and pushed the door to the office open. He found a middle-aged brown haired, still good looking man talking on the phone.


"Yes, thanks for the nylon tights and the lingerie, Schultz. The ladies still appreciate them."


A short chuckle while the man listened to the caller at the other end.


"Yes, they do still. And no, I don't intend to marry Hilda. Jeeze. But I'm glad to hear that business is going so well. Yeah. Listen, got to go, I've got a student here. Yeah, I will. Say hello to her from me. Auf Wiedersehen, Schultz."


Replacing the receiver on the cradle with a small smile, the General turned and faced his student.


"So, you're the promising Lieutenant they told me about. You are Smith, right?"


John saluted and rasped out a crispy "Yes, Sir!"


Hogan laughed and waved him off.


"Forget about that," he said dismissively and waved for John to take a seat.


"You look skeptical," he continued as John sat down, "don't you believe the stories?"


At John's hesitant nod, Hogan laughed again.  He then threw John a wolfish grin that danced with pure mischief and was so enthralling it made John's breath catch in his throat.


"Good, you're truthful, don't suck up to your superiors and have a healthy dose of skepticism in you. We might just keep you from becoming another army drone yet."


John wasn't sure whether General Hogan meant that as a compliment or not, but he had a feeling that he'd learn a lot from this man.


"Now," the General said and leaned forward to look straight into the eyes of the young man in front of him, "let me tell you about the adrenaline rush that doesn't come from fighting in battle, but from cheating, stealing, sneaking, misguiding, in short – foiling your enemies…"



His Most Important Teacher by LizM



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