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Alone and Forgotten

Alone and Forgotten

By Golumfryingeggs


Rated: NC-17

Warnings: Rape, abuse, mental dis-orders. Watch out!

Summary: A dreadful occurrence leaves Murdock terrified. Unable to voice his fears to his team for fear of rejection he pushes himself deeper and deeper into a depression that soon threatens to engulf him. Mean time a couple of crazed orderlies are forcing Murdock into a situation he can not refuse for fear of losing his friends.

Disclaimer:  I don't own the A-Team (well, duh!)



Chapter One


Silent in Mind



"Mr. Murdock, please-"




The continuous ramming against the metal door continued, it echoed through the white hallways of the VA all the inhabitants screaming their protest, or fighting their inner demons one was never sure. Murdock never stopped for breath, his brown hair was plastered against his pale forehead, his shoulder ached from the assault it was receiving from the immovable door, he felt sick from inside out, but never once did his attacks cease.


"I can't leave him!" he bellowed and shoving the nurse away from his person, he started beating the door with his bare fists, hoping, praying he may gain entrance to the madness that loomed within. "He doesn't deserve this! He has done nothing wrong!"


The pilot's senses vaguely felt the tear in his vocal cords and he suddenly realised he could not remember the last time he had stopped screaming.


"Mr. Anderson tried to kill an orderly, Captain." The nurse tried again, "He had been receiving special treatment, but had refused to co-operate-"


"That 'special treatment' was EST!" he snapped, the fire burned in his eyes as he glared daggers at the nurse. She huffed and took a step back before retreating down the hallway.


'Goin to get more help, no doubt' he thought angrily before continuing his assault on the door. Salty tears fell down his face as realisation hit; he was never going to see his friend again, well never the man he knew anyway. The tears continued to fall, but never once did he stop his pounding on the door, why were they ignoring him? Had it been done already? Was Andrew already lost?


That thought alone was enough to send him into another spiral of attacks, but this time he never had a chance to finish. Two pairs of hands were clasped firmly around his shoulders and arms, Murdock struggled against the orderlies fighting them with this new fire, but nothing seemed to be working.


"Please! You can't do this! He has committed no crime!"


He continued to fight them, but the struggle was all for naught as he suddenly found himself face down in his own room and the door slamming shut on his freedom.


"No!" he screamed jumping up, he stormed at the door and re-started his assault on his new object, but it never mattered how many times he hit or slammed or prayed; the door would never open.


Hours passed and eventually his attacks had been replaced by heartfelt sobs and choking hiccups. His body rocked back and forth, his mind desperately trying to find some way of dealing with this loss, but he could find none. Mr. Anderson or Andrew had been his life line for years in this hell-hole; he had been his first friend and now he was about to turn into a vegetable.


Murdock shifted his weight uneasily on the cold floor, his shoulder aching from the ramming against the door and his fists showing signs of bruises and even blood. A small shuddering sigh escaped his lips, but it quickly turned to tears once more as the memory of Andrew drifted through his toiled mind.


Andrew had been his companion ever since Murdock had first entered the white walls of the VA, they had laughed and teased with each other and it was pretty soon that everyone knew they were great friends. But ever since Andrew's wife passed away a month ago everything had begun to change for the worst.


He became more violent and aggressive; his anger towards people had eventually turned so bad that they were forced to place him in a rubber room. It destroyed him and it came as no surprise to Murdock when he was informed of the EST that Andrew was receiving. He felt bad for Andrew, but there wasn't much he could do except pray to God that his friend would come to his senses.


It was also during this time that the A-team had contacted the Captain to in list his valuable services, Murdock had only been to happy to accept, but due to this new 'job' he had little to no time left for Andrew.


But it was about three days ago when the real crap it the fan….


Murdock had been sitting in the wreck room reading up on some of the latest jet-planes when and orderly had quickly entered the sunny room, looking rather flushed and miserable. Murdock wasn't too worried about this; in fact angry orderlies had been a daily occurrence so he had brushed it aside as nothing.


It was not until the maddening screams had soared down the hallway that Murdock had known something was up. He had quickly made his way towards the piercing sounds and it wasn't long until he realised exactly where they were coming from; Andrew.


Murdock had composed himself before looking through that small plate of glass in the door, but what he saw in there would make his blood boil till the day he died. Andrew was pinned against the wall, his trousers hung by his ankles and it was pretty damn obvious what that orderly was doing to his friend.


Murdock had opened his mouth, about to scream and call out to a nurse, but a sudden pain to the back of his head stopped his action dead. The orderly from the wreck room towered above him with a small black object in his hand and the last thing Murdock heard was the Orderly who sneered;


"You'll be next…"


* * *


The pilot's brown eyes shot open to the sounds of a phone screeching in the room. Giving his head a shake Murdock carefully pushed his aching body from the cold tiled floor and allowed his tired eyes to adjust to the room. The sun was just setting in the west turning his room into a bright red colour full rainbow which glittered like rubies.


He smiled, but the smile was quickly killed by the sudden thought of his friend;


"Andrew…" he whispered, if it was this late in the day then the lobotomy would be over by now and Andrew would not even recognise his best friend. Murdock felt the tears well up in his eyes, but they never spilled and he doubted they ever will again.


How he missed his friend, life in VA had been so much more bare able with Andrew around, but now the pilot was alone; forgotten and alone in a place not of his choosing. If that damn general had not pushed him so far two years back then maybe he would never have…


He deftly pushed aside those thoughts and focussed once more on the current pain that lingered in his tight chest and aching heart.


"Andrew…" he whispered to the cool air that lingered in his rooms.


He rose from the cold ground and stretched his cat-like figure, his blue t-shirt stuck to him slightly from the sweat, but he ignored it and quickly made for the phone.


He sighed when he realised the phone had stopped ringing only a moment before.


"Damn" he muttered and instead flipped onto his bed, the springs groaned and stretched under his weight, normally he would have some snappy comment for the lacy springs, but today he just didn't have the heart. His eye-lids felt heavy and he suddenly wished for sleep to take him out of this nightmare, but he never had the chance to be taken.


He suppressed an angry growl as the phone started again. Who ever was calling him had better have a good excuse for bothering him. Jumping from his bed he strode over to the phone and grabbing the receiver he gave himself a moment to calm his nerves before finally answering.


"Hello?" he answered, every singel ounce of energy drained from him.




The pilot silently breathed deeply before answering again, he knew that voice well, maybe a little too well.


"Yeah, Hannibal, it's me"


"Are you aright?" the genuine concern from his superior almost found Murdock breaking down again, but he quickly composed himself.


"Yeah, I'm fine, although Billy isn't too happy about you waking us up from our beauty sleep!"


Hannibal chuckled, "Oh, dear and I thought Face had problems,"


A distant 'hey' was muffled out by Hannibal's laughter, but Murdock had caught wind of it.


"Not too healthy for my maddened state to be hangin' out with you guys then?" he laughed, but he quickly turned serious again, "So what's up colonel?"


"Face will be picking you up at about 15:00 tomorrow; we've got a job to do in Houston and will be needin' your services."


"Aye, Colonel!" he forced his voice into a perfect pirate accent, "I shall be watin' fer ye at the gates of hell and don't be late. Or me devil dog will have thee fer lunch and see if ye can find Davy Jones, that bastard owes me a dollar!"


A maniac cackle closed the conversation and Hannibal was left to believe the worst of his pilot.


Murdock set the receiver down and sighed once more, he was grateful for the distraction that his fellow team mates had so easily created, but then again he wasn't sure if he could readily face them in this state. Andrew had played such a big part in his life here at the VA that he doubted it would ever be the same.


A soft rapping on the door pulled Murdock from his dream state and standing up he went to answer it. His eyes glanced out from the small window plate in his door and they quickly locked with the blue eyes of the nurse he had previously treated so cruelly.


A sudden wash of shame forced him to open the door and even give a small sheepish smile.


"Hello, Captain" her smile was kind and open, her grey hair pulled neatly into a bun and her long slender form was open for forgiveness. "I am here to tell you that you have an appointment with Dr. Richter tomorrow at 2 o'clock, please don't forget,"


"Thanks nurse Lloyd, can I bring Billy? He's been mighty lonely in here and he misses the doc lots!" he plastered on a believable smile and waited for her answer.


The nurse giggled, "Of course you can bring him; I highly doubt there will be any problem at all,"


The pilot grasped her thin arm before she could leave, her confusion was obvious, but the pleading question in his eyes was too. He took a breath before forcing himself to ask the inevitable;


"Is he… is Andrew…" he tried, he had tried so hard to complete that sentence, but the pain in his heart and exhaustion from his body had finally taken its toll on the pilot. Nurse Lloyd didn't need to be a rocket scientist to understand what her favourite patient was trying so desperately to ask.


"It's done, Captain," she sighed at the sheer shock, grief and pain that flickered across the pilot's face. Noting the sudden change she quickly guided him to the bed when she realised he might collapse from shock. He was shaking dreadfully now, his breath was coming out in gasps and the nurse was sure he was having a nerve breakdown.


"Easy Murdock, it's going to be alright," she rubbed her hand up and down his left arm, trying to carefully sooth his rattled nerves, "I'm here for you, Hector, there's nothing to be afraid of,"


The captain suddenly pushed away from her, his tears streaming down his long face and trying desperately to stop the inevitable sobs from penetrating his vocal cords.


"Get away from me!" he snapped and pushed his slender body even further away from the nurse, but the wall behind his bed was preventing him from going the whole nine yards.


Marinda Lloyd quickly realised her patient was losing touch with reality and was reverently becoming more and more violent. If she did not calm him down it was very possible he could induce the same fate upon himself as poor Mr. Anderson.


So taking out a small injection from her left lab pocket she efficiently stuck the needle into his exposed arm and waited for the drugs to take effect. It was almost immediate, his breath slowed down, his hands and body stopped shaking and he silently slid onto the bed.


"I'm so sorry," she whispered and left the room just as the world of dreams had claimed their prey for the night.


* * *


"How I would love to have him for myself,"


"Yeah, well that's great and all, but we don't have time for this!" The second whisper was urgent and maybe even slightly flustered, but the first voice seemed to be unhindered by the panic state of his comrade.


"Just a litte reminder…" a small black object glittered in the darkness of the locked room, the moonlight reflecting a heavy blunt point and shining black skin. It was brought down hard onto its victim, but the body did not stir as the object cracked a soft rib beneath its thinning fabric.


"I guess that little 'project' really did work," one voice sneered, the two occupants left the room with a hard slam from the door, but the remaining occupant did not seem to mind as the darkness in the room gave him solitude to hide his burning tears of shame.


* * *



To be Continued


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