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Not Long Left Part 1 Not Long Left Part 1
by Master Splinter

Summary: With the imminent destruction of earth, the A-Team have their own problems saying goodbye

Warnings: Extremely emotional, character attempts suicide

Rating: PG-13



Part 1:  The Broadcast

The A-Team van sped along the highway, gaining speed on the straight road, steadily moving towards the motel in the distance. BA maneovered the van into the motel's small car park, and the team dismounted, stretching.

Upon entering the motel, the team found all the occupants completely entranced with the television set. Thinking nothing of it, Face went to book a room.  The men all looked up at the newcomers briefly, and then turned to the television set again.

Hannibal smiled, and walked over to a younger man "What's going on?".

"You don't know?" He turned to Hannibal, his eyes bright with unshed tears.

Hannibal looked worriedly towards the rest of the team, and focused his attention towards the television set.



Ten minutes ago, heads of nations all over the world met to discuss the possibilities of a comet hitting the earth.  The comet, described as five times the size of the one that wiped the dinosaurs from the earth, is heading on a direct collision path with the earth, further developments as they occur throughout the rest of the week. The military is rumoured to be sending some of the best pilots from all nations to eliminate this threat with nuclear weapons".


Hannibal looked at Murdock.  "My god! What the hell?".

Murdock smiled "I should sign up for this tour, Colonel. My all time dream is seeing space, even if I die out there".

Hannibal looked away in shame, feeling only a protective urge to manipulate Murdock's statement, so he would remain with them. Murdock belonged with them, not in space.  It was one place they would not be able to 'be there' if Murdock needed them.

"Hannibal, I belong there for this one" Murdock said, as if reading Hannibal's mind.

Face looked distraught.  "How much time is there left, Colonel?".

"Three months before it hits" Hannibal said after looking at the figures on screen. "Not much time to say our goodbyes".

BA looked at Hannibal with fear  "I gotta go see my mama, Hannibal. I gotta be with her".

Face turned and looked at BA, his eyes bright with tears "BA?". BA didn't hear, and he briefly gave Hannibal a quick hug - then turned away.

Hannibal nodded, his heart breaking as he watched BA leave instantly, and start up the van.  "Good luck soldier" Hannibal said, his voice small and distant.

"I gotta go, I'll get a taxi.  Head to the nearest military point" Murdock said softly.  "That way I can ask to sign up". Murdock left the motel quickly, unable to say goodbye.

"Murdock?"Face said, his voice breaking with hurt. Murdock didn't hear Face at all and he turned away, breaking Face's heart instantly.

Hannibal watched the Captain leave.  He had his own plans to make instantly.  His family members he hadn't seen in years, he would visit them all now.  He sat heavily at a table in the motel, a plan running through his mind. He had old friends to consider, places in America he hadn't seen yet.

"Hannibal?" Face whispered. Hannibal didn't hear, his mind dedicated to his plan.

The only person who stood shaking, and totally alone was Face. Murdock and BA hadn't even said farewell.  His only family in the world hadn't even said goodbye, and he had no-one really to say goodbye to other than them.  Feeling the abandonment keenly, Face walked outside to the corvette.  He sat inside leaning his head against the steering wheel.  He was all alone, left at the mercy of his own demons by the team he thought he could rely on with his life.   Seeing a ravine as deep and deadly as his prediciment, Face revved the engine.  The car raced towards the ravine, and Face let his hands leave the wheel, lifting his arms high in the air.  He cried out in wonder as he tipped his head back in total freedom, his tears flowing more freely than ever in his life, and said, more to himself than to the person addressed "Murdock, I CAN fly!".


Not Long Left by Hannurdock



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