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Stakeout Visitor

Stakeout Visitor

By Pam


Rated G, no warnings.

Summary: Something catches BA's attention while he's

on a stakeout. Response to ATSB's Quick Pick: Jam.



* * * * *


BA checked the time again.  It was ten minutes later

than it had been the last time he checked.  Sitting on

stakeout wasn't his favorite thing to do, but he knew

the others were busy putting the finishing touches on

their part of Hannibal's plan.  He giggled to himself

at the thought of that fluorescent pink paint, and he was

suddenly glad that he and his van were safely out of

the way.


His stomach growled, and he looked at the time again

and sighed.  It'd been a long time since those burgers.

Maybe. . .


And that's when he saw it, a movement off to the side. 

He watched as a shadowy figure approached, slowing

a bit as he got closer.  BA could see a package in one

of the man's hand, and tensed, as the man raised his

other hand and. . . waved, then ran the rest of the way

and jumped in the passenger seat. 


"Fool! What're you doin' here?" BA said as menacingly

as he could while whispering. 


"We stopped for a snack, and I thought you might be

hungry, too, big guy.  I brought you a carton of milk

and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." Murdock

brandished the bag just out of BA's reach. "Unless,

of course, you don't want it."


"Gimme that bag, fool, and thanks."






Stakeout Visitor by Pam



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