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Title: To Dye For

To Dye For

By Pam


Rated G, no warnings.

Summary: A response to ATSB's Quick Pick: Tie.  Murdock gets

crafty in the kitchen of Face's apartment. 


* * * *


". . .fuchsia. . .yellow. . .turquoise. . .purple. . .fuschia. . ."


"What's the fool doin' in the kitchen?"


"He said he wanted to work on something he learned in a craft

class at the VA the other day."


". . .a lot of fuchsia and a little yellow make red, . . .red

and yellow make orange. . ."




"I don't know.  He promised not to make a mess."


". . . fuchsia. . . red. . .orange. . .yellow. . .

green. . . turquoise. . . blue . . .purple. . .fuschia. . ."


"Whatever he's doing, Face, it certainly sounds, um, colorful."


"Maybe I'd better check, and see if he can quit for a while

since you guys are here for the meeting."


". . .yellow and turquoise make green, . . . a lot of turquoise

plus  a little fuchsia makes blue, . . . turquoise plus fuchsia

makes purple, . . ."


"Murdock,. . . What the. . . !?  My kitchen!  My clothes!"


"Hey, Face, how do you like 'em?"




"Now, don't get excited, Face.  It took me a couple of tries

to get the hang of it, but these tie-dyed t-shirts are going

to be a great addition to your wardrobe."




To Dye For by Pam



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