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Freed Bird

Freed Bird

By Pam


Rated G, no warnings

Summary:  A different spin on an annual news "event," which has

Face feeling aggrieved.  A response to Lupe's 15 Minute Challenge

at ATSB.





"Free as a bird."


Hannibal looked around his newspaper. "What? Did I

miss something, Face?"


They were in the kitchen at Langley a few days before

Thanksgiving, Hannibal and Face sifting through the

morning paper while BA and Murdock finished making



"It's just. . . just. . . You know, it's the same thing every

year, and I know it's coming and I still get suckered into

reading it and feeling like I do right now."


BA set platters of pancakes and sausage at the table,

as Murdock passed out coffee and juice. "What you

talking about, fool?  Even the fool usually makes more

sense than you're making right now."


"Hey, big guy, Face is just feeling. . . I don't know.

What are you feeling, Face?"


Hannibal had put down the sports section. "Lieutenant?" 


"Hey, it's not that big a deal. It's just that every year

the President makes a big show of pardoning the

White House Thanksgiving turkey, and it's all over

the news, and everyone has a big laugh and feels

so good about it, and I. . . I always think, why does

a stupid turkey deserve a pardon more than I do? 

Why does a stupid turkey get more consideration

than any of us does?  Why does a stupid turkey

get all the attention? Why does a stu-"




"-pid turkey get. . ."






"You know how things are."


"Yeah, I know. Life sucks."


"Just. . . eat your breakfast before it gets cold."   




(15 minutes)

Freed Bird by Pam



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