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Foraging for Lunch

Foraging for Lunch

By Pam


Rated G, no warnings.

Summary:  Hannibal sends the team on a practice drill.  Inspired by the

memory of some not-so-gourmet, on-the-road meals.  A response to

ATSB's Quick Pick: Moon.


* * * * *


Hannibal opened the door and climbed into his customary

seat, tucking the grocery bags on the floor between his feet.

"Okay, guys, everyone got the goods?"




"Mission accomplished, Colonel."


"Hannibal, was this really necessary?"


"No, not today, Lieutenant, but one day it might be."


"I know, but foraging for food in a grocery store just

doesn't have the same caché as doing it in the wild."


"You go with the available resources at zero hour,

which today found us at. . ."


"Piggly Wiggly."


". . .Piggly Wiggly, in and out, in five minutes. Gotta stay

sharp.  Report, Sergeant.  Meat?"


"One loaf of bread, two cans of Spam, one jar of mustard."


"No ketchup, Big Guy?"


"Didn't have time, and we got a bunch of those little

packets in the glove box."


"Fruits and vegetables, Lieutenant?"


"Three tomatoes, four bananas, three apples, one orange."


"Very admirable selection.  Dessert, Captain?"


"Two boxes of moonpies."


"That's it?"


"What more do we need, Face?  Moonpies are one of

nature's perfect foods.  I agonized a minute or two about

whether to get original chocolate or all-natural banana,

and decided to go with one of each."


"Okay, chocolate and banana moonpies it is, and I've got

a gallon of milk and a six-pack of Dr. Pepper."


"A veritable feast, Colonel."


"Indeed, Captain, indeed."


"I'm not sure a Spam sandwich qualifies as a feast, Murdock."


"You know where we were the last time zero hour came

around, Face.  This beats nuts and berries and tree bark

jerky any day."


"On second thought, I think you may be right."


"Ah know the fool's right, and that don't happen very often."


"I love it when a plan, and the Spam sandwiches, come







Foraging For Lunch by Pam



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