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Family Musings

Family Musings

By Pam

Rating: G
No Warnings
Some quiet reflection from Hannibal and Face. Takes place

after certain events in "Family Reunion." A response to ATSB's

Quick Pick: Pop.

* * * * *

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"A penny?
  That was the going rate when I was a kid.
You'd think the rate would have gone up since then."

"Changing the subject, are we, Colonel?"

"Am I that transparent or are you that good?"

Face sat down on the top step beside the other man,
and a few seconds passed before he answered. "Maybe
I'm trying to convince myself that my mind reading
abilities are better than they have been the past few
days. I mean, I pride myself in being so intuitive and
perceptive, and you know what?  I was totally clueless
about everything going on around me. Totally clueless."

Don't beat yourself up, Face.  But for the fluke of
Murdock seeing that picture, none of us would have
been any wiser about Bancroft even now."

"But. . ."

"No buts. He'd have just been one more client passing
through our lives."

A flock of geese flew over then, honking their right of
way, and floating down on the lake, still in perfect vee

"If only Murdock's landings were always that smooth.
If only our lives were as carefree and uncomplicated as
those geese live.  If only. . ."  Face pressed his hands
to the floorboards of the back porch deck and started
to get to his feet, but sat down again when Hannibal
touched his shoulder.

"You haven't heard the answer yet."


I'm not even going to charge you a penny for my
thoughts.  I'm. . . sorry how things worked out, Face,
and I'm feeling guilty because I've been sitting here
wishing I could see my own dad one more time. Pop
was a great guy and I wish you could have known him."

Face nodded, but didn't say anything, and neither did
Hannibal. They sat there side by side, as the late afternoon
sun weakened and the breeze off the lake grew cooler.

They'd get up in a while, but not yet.


Family Musings by Pam



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