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Book Notes

Book Notes

By Pam


Rating: G, no warnings

Summary: Inspired by the book excerpt. Murdock's eclectic

reading choices.  A response to ATSB's Quick Pick: Close.


* * * *


"Tarzan started to seek safety, as did the other members

of the tribe, and as he did so he heard a panther's scream

mingled with the frightened cry of a she-ape. Taug heard,

too; but he did not pause in his flight.


With the ape-boy, however, it was different. He looked

back to see if any member of the tribe was close pressed

by the beast of prey, and the sight that met his eyes filled

them with an expression of horror. . ."


"Good morning, Captain Murdock. Got your nose buried

in a book, I see." 


Murdock looked up with mixed feelings. It was nice to have

someone to talk to, but Tarzan's friends were in danger and

he really wanted to know what happened next.  He smiled

nonetheless at the aide who'd walked into his room.  "Hey,

Betty, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"


Betty hadn't been working at the VA very long, and she

giggled at Murdock's welcome. "Oh, Captain, you make

me feel so special, and all I'm here for is bring you this

magazine that came in today's mail."


Seeing what Betty had in her hand, he snapped the book

closed, heedless of marking his place. "Be still, my heart,

it's the new issue of Flying Journal! I wasn't expecting this

to show up until tomorrow." 


Tarzan would have to wait for another day. Murdock

hopped off the bed and grabbed the magazine from the

unsuspecting Betty before she could move so much as

another inch.


"Betty, I could kiss you!"  Seeing the startled look on

her face, he leapt back on the bed and said, "But don't

worry, darlin', I'm just gonna read my magazine."    


"Well, um, I hope you enjoy it, Captain."


And she scurried out of the room. 


* * * *


* * * *

The opening excerpt is from

Jungle Tales of Tarzan, Chapter 1: Tarzan's First Love,

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

* * * *


Book Notes by Pam



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