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Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

by Closetfan


Rated: G

Summary:  When Murdock is captured, someone's bitten off more than he can chew and doesn't even know it. 

Warnings: implied torture, but noting icky. 

Disclaimer:  the standard stuff




He took a deep breath, surveyed the damage and exhaled with satisfaction, a small smile playing across his lips.


One down, Packard congratulated himself. And possession of this one was sure to bring in the others, and they would fall victim too, one after the other, like a line of dominos.

Sure, it had taken a few days to break this guy. But he'd taken one highly intelligent, but semi-rational human being and reduced him to a muttering, irrational heap.


Packard was very satisfied with himself.


Huddled in the corner, the man looked smaller than when Packard had initially captured him. A five-day growth of beard shaded his pale face, and he rocked - slowly, constantly - while carrying on an animated conversation with someone not there. His hands alternated between expansive gestures and twisting his ball cap like he was wringing it dry. As a matter of fact, Packard was sure if he listened carefully, he could hear one side of an argument, the thin, raspy voice patient but firm.


Since his reality break a day and a half ago, the man had given him no more trouble,  He hadn't seen the man eat or sleep in the last 36 hours.  In fact, he seemed not to recognize that Packard was there at all.  The man simply kept up a steady monologue that should have been a dialog.

Packard's self-satisfied revere was interrupted by the unexpected rumble of an engine. It was loud.  Too loud for a car, too powerful for most trucks.


The man in the corner stopped muttering, cocked his head and listened

There was a pounding on the front door, and shouting, then the sound of automatic gunfire as the door broke in.


Packard looked around in panic. He had no weapon with him; since he'd become confident in his prisoner's collapse, he hadn't felt the need. Now the rest of his prey was unexpectedly barging ferociously down the hall, and armed to the teeth from the sound of it.

The other man turned his head slowly, exhausted eyes burning brightly into Packard's.


"There they are." He grinned, and all indications of mental imbalance disappeared. Standing stiffly he placed the by-now wrinkled cap on his head.


"Back here, guys!" he called. He stood defiantly in front of Packard, drew his arm back and smashed his fist into Packard's face with surprising strength.

"It's never as easy as you think it's going to be," Murdock hissed, standing over the now unconscious figure.




Sucker Punch by Closetfan



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