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That Four Letter Word

That Four Letter Word
By: Junkfoodmonkey

Rating: PG
Summary: There's a word men find hard to say. A missing scene from Firing Line.
Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, I don't make any money from this.

That Four Letter Word

"Hannibal, is this gonna work?"


Hannibal almost said: "Sure, BA", but he stopped. He looked at the capsule in his hand. Would this drug really make them appear dead? Where the hell had Murdock and Frankie got hold of it? And afterwards? Who would get the team's 'bodies' away from the army?


There'd been no time to ask Frankie all those questions as he'd knelt there pretending to be the priest and gave them the plan. Best just follow the instructions and hope to god Murdock had all the bases covered. Hope to god that they'd all be discussing the details later on.


Hannibal looked back up into BA's wide eyes. Hannibal guessed the real question BA wanted to ask. Didn't dare ask.


What if it doesn't work?


"If it doesn't -" Hannibal paused, looking at his men. He wanted to put his hands on their shoulders, but they were all still shackled. "If it doesn't then we'll never know it. But we know this; we know we're innocent."


Face groaned. "I wish I was a bit more innocent. I wont say I wasn't happy to see Murdock and Frankie, but that means no real priest, no last rites, no confession, no chance -" His voice started to rise.


"Face." Hannibal reached out and squeezed Face's hand. "I know you, kid, you'll just scam your way right past Saint Peter."


Face took a deep breath, bringing himself back under control.


"Only a few minutes now," BA said.


"Okay." Hannibal took a breath. "Here goes. I have to say some things. I guess you know it anyway, but, well, I love you." He shook his head. "Damn, I can't believe I said it. I love you both like you were blood. Now if this plan does work and you ever mention this again, I'll have to hurt you."


"Okay." BA gulped. "I guess, so long as we're never mentioning this again, if we're alive after this, then yeah, I love you guys. You're my brothers."


There was a moment of silence, and then Face spoke. "I can't say it." His voice shook. "I can't say it when I actually mean it, only when I don't." He looked down. "I feel it, I'm sorry, but I can't say -" he choked off.


"S'okay, brother," BA said in a gentle voice. "We know what you feel, s'okay."


They heard the rattle of keys. Hannibal's mouth went dry.


"Look at me, Face, BA." They both looked into his eyes. "If this is our time, then it's our time. We accepted death a long time ago. Walk out there with your heads high and show the world how the A-Team dies."


He held out his shackled hands and they each took hold of one and of each other's. For a long moment they just stood, hands clasped. Their hands sweated and shook. Then their jailer spoke and the three men stood up straight and didn't tremble any more as they walked out to their execution.




That Four Letter Word by Junkfoodmonkey



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