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Slow Learner II -- The Run In

Slow Learner II -- The Run In

By Jullian Gray and Jes Parker


Rated: NC-17

Summary: Frankie shows back up and makes Face's life a living hell

Warning: Slash H/F language, violence, mention of rape, *again for those who like Frankie, you won't like this*

Spoiler: Slow Learner

Special thanks to: Jenny for all her medical advice, Debbie, and Shee for making this readable.




Part 1


How could things have gone from terrific to absolutely horrible in such a short period of time? Hannibal sighed as he watched as a handcuffed Templeton Smith was shoved into the back of a patrol car along with a very irate Frankie Santana. In a matter of seconds Face was man handled out of the back of the car. Hannibal groaned as he watched his husband get kidney punched by a cop sending him to his knees. Face was on his feet in a matter of seconds yelling at the cop who had hit him. Hannibal watched as the blonde was hit in the gut then he received a hard blow to the back of the head, driving him back to the ground.


"Damn it kid, keep your mouth shut." Hannibal growled as he watched Face get kicked repeatedly in the stomach as he lay on the ground. Hannibal couldn't take anymore he had to do something to protect the man he loved. He started to take a step into the intersection when BA grabbed him by the upper arm.


"You can't help him man, we'll bail him out in just a little while. You go over there right now and you'll end up in jail just like him."


"Damn it BA, they have no right to treat him like that, he was just defending himself." Hannibal growled as he tried to pull out of his Sergeant's grip.


"Man you just going to make things worse if you go over there." BA tightened his grip on his CO. "We'll meet them down at the station bail him out and…"


"Son of a bitch!"  Hannibal jerked out of BA's grip as he watched the police pick up his now unconscious spouse off the ground by the cuffs that held his hands secured behind his back, suspending the blonde from his recently dislocated shoulder.


"Hannibal calm down, you ain't going to be able to help him if you're arrested."


"To hell I can't!" Hannibal yelled as he started to storm across the street as they threw Face into the back of another squad car.


"Grab him fool." BA yelled at his own lover as he the pilot pulled up in the van. Murdock jumped out the driver's side door and went after the Colonel. When he grabbed a hold of the older man he was almost rewarded by a fist in the face, but was saved at the last second by BA, who grabbed Hannibal's arms.


"Look man they are already pulling out. If we leave now we can get to the police station the same time they do. You got to calm down."


Hannibal closed his eyes and took a deep breath, BA was right he could help Face a whole lot better if he was on the outside, but it just hurt so damn bad to see him treated this way. Especially when it wasn't even the kids fault, all he had been doing was protecting himself, 'and don't you forget that either John' he told himself.


"Alright lets go."  He sighed as he climbed into the passenger's seat. "But don't let that car out of your sight." Hannibal added pointing to the police car that was carrying Face.


"Not a problem man."


"What happened when we left to get the van?" Murdock asked as he moved to the back of the van.


Hannibal reached into his pocket to pull out a cigar then cursed when he realized that he had crushed his last one and Face had the rest in his jacket pocket.


"It was a perfectly good night shot all to hell, is what happened." Hannibal growled.


"Figure that much, come on Hannibal, one minute I go to get the van the next they are loading Face into a cruiser. What happened?"


Hannibal leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes, once again he thought of a perfect evening ruined….


The team was seated in a booth in the back of one of their favorite Italian restaurant celebrating their new life as free men.


"You going to eat that?" Murdock asked as he reached across the table to spear the last shrimp on Face's plate.


"No, go ahead I'm stuffed." Face shook his head as he leaned back in the booth. He smiled as he felt Hannibal's arm go around him and pull him into the older man's side.


"Maybe later." Hannibal leaned over to whisper into Face's ear.


"Promise?" Face raised his eyebrow as he looked up into a pair of bright blue eyes.


"Oh most defiantly." Hannibal kissed Face softly on the mouth. "But you need to eat more kid, you're going to turn into skin and bones."


"Lean, Hannibal it's called being lean." Face laughed as he felt Hannibal's finger's poke him in the ribs.


"What ever you say, slim." Hannibal laughed as Face shot him a dirty look.


"You just stick with "kid" and we'll both be happy." Face growled.


"Come of Faceman, you want to tell me again how you did this?" BA asked as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand still not believing what he was seeing.


"Am I, not the best supply officer you guys ever had?"


"Yeah, you the best Face, but this, how did you do this?"


"I got to admit this kid, it is one hell of a surprise to get these." Hannibal added as he looked down at his own presidential pardon. 


"It was easy. Stockwell gave us the missions, I just made sure that I kept really good notes on all our missions and his activities. You should have seen the look on Colonel Decker's face when he saw me alive, and I handed the files over to him. Well the next thing I know I'm talking to a General, then a Senator, and another Senator. We all sat down had a nice long chat and I cut a deal right then and there. Next thing you know I'm holding in my hand three presidential pardons."


"Is that when you vanished to for those weeks?" Murdock asked as he looked over at his best friend.


"Yeah, I was giving testimony to a congressional panel."


"You know I'm still not happy about you disappearing the way you did." Hannibal reached over to turn his lover's handsome face to look at him.


"Me either." BA looked directly at Face.


"Sorry guys, but I had to do it alone. I didn't want any of you guys getting caught if something went wrong." Face looked into Hannibal's piercing blue eyes.


"And just how do you think I…we would feel if something happened to you?"  Hannibal asked as he tenderly kissed Face on the lips.


"You weren't worried about me were you?" Face smiled at his lover, a gleam in his eyes.


"I always worry about you, sunshine." Hannibal whispered as he kissed Face again. "It's my job."


"These two fools like to have drove me nuts look'en for you." BA huffed. "Wouldn't give me a minutes peace."


"Oh come on big guy you was just as worried, there wasn't a day that went by that you didn't threaten Facey's life."


"You threatened my life?" Face turned to look over at BA


"Yea, you didn't come back in piece I was going to kill you."


"It doesn't matter it's done and over with, I'm back, and we are free men." Face leaned back into Hannibal's side a smile spreading across his handsome face.


"And if you ever pull a stunt like that again and I'll personally kick your ass. Do I make myself understood Lieutenant?" Hannibal warned as he squeezed Face's shoulder. 


"Yes, sir." Face sighed, knowing that Hannibal was not playing this time. "But I forgot to tell you all the best news. Not only do we get our pardons we also get all our back pay with interest, plus any extra we would have been entitled to due to promotions. Of course Murdock will also be getting a good bonus for his help in keeping us alive." Face smiled over at his best friend.


"Man, that's unreal." BA looked over at Face in disbelief.


"You've got to be kidding." Hannibal moved so he could look directly at Face.


"I haven't even begun." Face's smile widened as he produced two cigars out of his jacket pocket. He handed one to Hannibal and stuck the other in his own mouth. "I feel that we are entitled to a whole lot more, I mean, Stockwell held us prisoners. The mental anguish we all went through when they put us in front of that firing squad. All the time BA's mom thought that he was dead." Face shook his head as he thought of how it must have been for Mrs. B to think that her only son was dead. He could still remember the sound of relief in Father Maghil's voice when he had called for the 1st time. "I know it's not going to be much but I figure about 20 million dollars a piece should be a good place to start."


"Twenty million?" Hannibal looked at Face in shock his cigar falling out of his mouth.


"A piece." Face beamed as he picked up Hannibal's cigar and placed it back in his lover's open mouth. "Our names are cleared and our ranks reinstated. Though I can honestly say that I have no plans of opting back up. Though if you want Colonel I could try real hard to get you promoted to General. How would you like a star instead of your bird?"


Face watched as a smile spread across Hannibal's face, and a sparkle appear in the blue eyes. "General Smith does have a nice ring to it."


"Ahhh man, Face now there won't be no living with him." BA growled.


"Well there is no guarantee I can get it, but if Hannibal wants it bad enough I'll have the lawyer throw it in when we sue."




"The twenty million is given, but I think that they owe us a whole lot more. I plan on suing the government for everything that they owe us."


"Don't you think twenty million is enough?"


"No, I don't think that it even scratches the surface, they owe us for all the years we had to look over our shoulders all the years we had to hide…" Face's voice was starting to rise, the pain of all the years on the run cutting through the happy front he was putting on.


"Face…" Hannibal started but the younger man cut him off.


"Damn it Colonel, you could have had a family" Face turned his head to look away from Hannibal. "You could have had so much more." He whispered softly.


"No Tem, " Hannibal reached over to take the younger man's face in his hands. "I've got the best family anyone could ask for." Gently he stroked Face's cheeks with his thumbs. "And as long as you're with me I have everything I could ever need." Leaning forward placed a gentle kiss on the younger man's lips. "I love you Tem. I've loved you since the first time I saw you and nothing would have or will ever change that."


Face closed his eyes as he sighed heavily and leaned into his lover's touch. He stayed that way for almost a minute before lifting his head and turning to the rest of the team.


"Alright we'll talk about that later, let's not spoil tonight." Face raised his champagne glass. "To freedom." The other men raised his their glasses. "To freedom."


They all settled back into the booth and Hannibal wrapped his arm over Face's shoulder.


"Gentlemen, if you don't mind I think I would like to continue this little celebration at home alone with my little conman."


"We'll go get the van." BA said as the team rose to leave, then without warning he grabbed Face and scooped him into a big bear hug. "Thanks little brother."


"You're welcome." Face squeaked out as BA squeezed harder.


"Sergeant, I'd like him in one piece tonight." Hannibal laughed as he slapped the big man on the back.


"Sorry." BA sat Face back down on the ground then patted him on the back hard enough to almost knock the smaller man down.


"Not a problem." Face smiled but moved to stand behind Hannibal.


"Come on you mud sucker, you going to kill him with your gratitude." Murdock laughed as they moved toward the front of the restaurant.


"I guess it's a good thing I didn't tell him that his momma is coming out this weekend." Face smiled as he watched his friends go through the front door.


"Kid, you are something else." Hannibal laughed as he through his arm over Face's shoulder while the two of them made their way up front.


"You really think so?"


"Oh, with out a doubt." 


"Good then you can get the check." Face laughed as he hurried out from under his lover's arm and out the front door.


Hannibal shook his head as he made his way over to the register to pay their bill. "How was everything tonight Mr. Smith?" Anthony asked as he noticed Hannibal standing at the counter.


"Everything was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better evening." Hannibal thought of the sparkle in Face's eyes and how happy the kid had looked when he had told the team the good news, the delight in his handsome face when he spoke of their freedom. 'Never again.' Hannibal thought, never again would they have to worry about looking over their shoulders. Hannibal sighed deeply as he realized that he would never have to worry about what would happen to Face if they were captured and put back into prison. 


"Colonel Smith?"


"I was just thinking Anthony, could I get a bottle of champagne to go, we have some celebrating to do tonight."


"You wait right here I'll have it chilled in 10 minutes then bring it right out."


Face smiled as he leaned up against the building and waited for the rest of his team to come out. He took a deep draw off of his cigar as he thought of how great his life was getting ready to become.


All the years they had to look over their shoulder and worry about the military and now they would be free to do whatever they wanted to do, as a couple. Face took another draw off the cigar as he looked down at the gold band that was on his ring finger. Hannibal had put it there many years ago with the promise that he would always love and care for Face no matter what. And after what Hannibal had said to him this evening it made the simple little band mean even more to him, Face smiled as he remembered the look in his lover's blue eyes.


Completely lost in his own thoughts Face didn't hear the other men approach him.


"Son of a bitch." Frankie Santana stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed the blonde haired man dressed in the gray suit leaning against the building smoking a cigar.


"What man?" one of the young men with Frankie asked as he almost ran into his friend.


"See that man over there?" Frankie pointed toward Face.


"The pretty boy?" 


"Yeah him, that fag cost me everything, cause of him I had to run for my life."


Frankie thought about when Stockwell had found him tied up in the closet. He had been so pissed he had almost killed him then and there. Stockwell had made it real clear to him that he was nothing and without the team he was worthless. So he had run as hard and as fast as he could. He had made his way back to LA but had been afraid to go back to the studios to get a job. So he had turned to the street gangs to help him survive. Now he was staring at the one man who had caused him all his trouble one skinny fag by the name of Templeton Peck.


"What do you say you go over and introduce us to him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind donating a little money to our cause." One of the boys smiled as he looked at Face. "He should be a nice easy mark."


"Don't let him fool you he's quick." Frankie absently rubbed his throat as he remembered the time Face had damn near snapped it.


"He may be quick but we got him outnumbered."


"Alright let's go." Frankie smiled as he felt his confidence grow.



"So is that how you suck Johnnie's dick?" Frankie sneered as he walked up to Face.


Santana watched as Face's jaw tightened the muscles in his tan face became taught. Slowly the blonde turned his head to look at him, his blue-green eyes becoming hard and cold.


"You still letting the old man fuck you faggot?" Frankie continued to laugh too stupid to notice the dark rage growing in the other man's eyes.  Face waited. He wanted to grab Santana right then and there but he knew he had to wait…


"Come on fag ain't you got nothing to say?" Frankie took a step toward Face ready to insult the other man again when Face made his move. His hands moved so fast that no one saw them as he grabbed Santana around the throat. As soon as they were on Frankie's throat he began to apply pressure. 


"I should have killed you a long time ago." Face growled as he squeezed harder. "But I promised Hannibal that I wouldn't, and I've kept every promise that I ever made to him. But this one is getting harder and harder to keep every time I see you."  Face could see the other men move out of the corner of his eye so he spun Frankie around making sure that he kept Frankie between him and the others.


"I'm going to tell you this one time, and one time only get the hell out of my face, because if I ever see you again I'll kill you. I'll hate myself for breaking my promise to Hannibal, and he'll be upset with me for a long damn time, hell he may never forgive me, but I think it will be worth it." Face squeezed harder cutting off Frankie's airway, "I know what Stockwell was going to have you do to the team. I saw the file Frankie, when were you going to do it Santana? In our sleep or was it in during our last mission? You going to take us out one at a time or all at once?" Face kept his grip tight for several more seconds as he stared into the other man's now terrified eyes. Once he was sure he had gotten his point across he shoved Frankie backwards.


As soon as Frankie was free he staggered back grabbing his throat.  "You faggot…Frankie tried to snarl but it came as a gasp as he grabbed his bruised throat.


"Now I don't have any problem with any of you." Face turned to look at the other men. "So I suggest you just leave now and I won't think a thing about the company you keep."


"Hey man we got no beef with you." One of the men held up his hands as he started to back up. They were just about out of Face's perceived threat zone when Frankie screamed and tackled Face around the waist slamming the blonde against the corner of building. Face bit back a scream as he felt his right shoulder pop out of its socket. Before Face could recover the other men were on top of him slamming their fists into his body.


It took Face a moment to recover, but when he did he fought with a vengeance. The first man he grabbed a hold of Face slammed his fist into the man's nose, breaking it instantly. With one man disabled Face grabbed a hold of the next one while sweeping he leg out knocking another man to the ground. Face knew he was taking a hell of a beating, but kept swinging his mind on one thing and one thing only getting a hold of Frankie Santana.


Office Kelly couldn't believe that he was seeing a street braw right in the middle of the restaurant district   He pulled the car over to the corner and got out "Break it up!" he yelled as he existed the vehicle. As soon as the gang saw the cop they all took off running, except for one who was slamming his fists into the right shoulder and side of a blonde headed man who was laying on the ground returning the blows just as hard and fast with his left hand.


"I said break it up!" Kelly yelled as he approached the two.


Face could hear someone yelling and he felt the pressure and the blows of the other men stop. But it didn't matter to Face, at this point he was in pain and enraged, all he was concentrating on was getting a hold of and killing Frankie Santana.


"Break it up!" Kelly grabbed onto Santana and pulled him off Face. As soon as the weight was off of him Face jumped to his feet and tackled Frankie knocking the officer to the ground in the process. Kelly instantly called for back up and went after Face, he grabbed his nightstick and wrapped it around Face's throat and pulled Face backwards off of Frankie.


Face didn't know who had him but he wasn't going to be kept away from Frankie. He grabbed the nightstick with his good hand and flipped the officer. While Face struggling with officer Kelly, Frankie look advantage of the opening. He kicked Face hard in the stomach going for Face's old injuries. Frankie's problem was that Face was completely healed and in top physical condition, Frankie managed to get several get hits in before more cops arrived on the scene to break them up.


"Get on the ground!" Kelly screamed at Face as he struggled to get free." Get down!" Kelly applied more and more pressure trying to get the blonde to go down but Face continued to struggle. One of the officers kicked his feet out from under him and Face fell on his dislocated shoulder. He screamed as the pain threatened to overwhelm him. Another officer helped pin Face to the ground while a fourth cuffed his hands behind his back causing pain to race up his shoulder and arm.


This was the sight that greeted Hannibal when he came out of the restaurant. He dropped the champagne bottle and ran toward the police who had Face pinned to the ground. He was almost to his fallen partner when several officers stepped in the way.


"You need to stay back sir."  One of them held his hand up to stop him.


"That's my son." Hannibal automatically slipped back into the old cover the team always used.


"You need to stay back, sir." The cop repeated.


"Damn it, I want to know what's going on that's my son! Why are you arresting him?" 


"Sir as soon as I know something I'll let you know. Now if you would please stay back." Hannibal watched as Face was drug to his feet, he could see the bruises, scrapes and cuts that covered his partner's handsome face.


"I know what happened." A soft voice called to his right. Hannibal turned to look at a small woman.


"Excuse me?"


"I saw what happened, that nice looking man in the suit was standing there minding his own business when a bunch of hooligans came up to him. One of them started calling him names and he got upset so he grabbed him. The next thing I see is six of them beating on him. The poor dear put up a heck of a fight. Those boys are bad news, they have been terrorizing this area for weeks."


"These people who attacked him did you see which way they went?"


"Up the street, but the one who started it is right there." The lady pointed toward the other man that the police were cuffing.


Hannibal looked over and couldn't believe his eyes. As big as the city of LA was how in the hell did Frankie manage to run into Face.


Hannibal's thoughts were interrupted when he heard Face scream and dropped to his knees as one of the officers tried to pick him up off the ground by the hand cuffs. Hannibal tried to get past the cop again but was forced back. "You heard her, he was attacked, he was just defending himself!" Hannibal shouted as the cops dragged Face to his feet.


"Sir, we will get everyone's statement. If it is true, your son will be released. Now if you would just stay back out of the way."



"You know the rest from there." Hannibal sighed as he leaned back in the van's seat.


"How bad is Face hurt." Murdock leaned forward in his seat so he could see the patrol car containing his best friend.


"I don't know. I could tell that his shoulder was dislocated again, then the damn cops knocked him uncon…" Hannibal stopped as a thought went through his head.


"Hannibal…Colonel? …" Murdock called out softly.


"BA we need to get to that station before that patrol car."


"What's the matter Colonel?"


"If Face wakes up injured, and they take the cuffs off of him…"


"He could kill one of them." Murdock finished his eyes full of fear.


"I'm on it man."  BA stomped down on the accelerator.


As soon as the van pulled up in front of the police station Hannibal jumped out and ran through the front doors.


"I need to see your Captain, Now!" Hannibal yelled as he entered the building.


"Calm down sir." The cop behind the desk stood to look at him.


"I need to talk to you Captain!" Hannibal repeated.


"Sir, you need to relax and tell me what is going on and if I feel it's that important then I'll get him for you."


"Let me make this plain and simple for you. Two men are about to be brought into this station, one of them was a Green Beret, he is currently unconscious, but if he wakes up he could kill someone! Now I need to see your Captain Now!"



"Why the hell are you bringing this guy into my jail?" The Sergeant on duty growled as he looked down at the unconscious man who was being drug into the holding area. "He's bleeding all over the place. Hell, he should have gone to the hospital instead of being brought here."


"Shut the hell up Marcus, they're probably going to release him in an hour or two. The way it looks this punk started everything…" the cop motioned toward Frankie. "So just take the damn cuff off him throw him in a cell for a few hours till I can get the paperwork processed."


"Fine." Marcus sighed as he reached down to unlock Face's cuffs.


Face could feel himself being dragged through the camp. He had just been beaten by the VC, the bastards had dislocated his shoulder again, but he had a surprise. They thought that he was out of it, now all he had to do was wait. He heard the key go into the lock…wait…wait…any minute now he would hear the click…


"NO!" Hannibal yelled as he ran into the room as fast as he could. He watched as Face's eyes flashed open. He could see the hardness that was there and he knew that if he didn't get there in time they would all be in trouble.


Face heard the click at the same second he heard the man scream. No not just a man. Hannibal. They couldn't have taken Hannibal. That was why they had taken him. He had made sure that they took him instead of the others. Well the ones who had him now would never hurt anyone else on the team. He was going to make sure of that.


It was that split second that Face was lost in his thoughts that saved office Marcus's life. That one little second gave Hannibal just enough time to grab Face's wrists as the younger man tried to bring them up. He pinned Face's arms to his back and sat down on his legs "Lock the cuff!" Hannibal ordered the officer as he fought to hold Face down.


The cop looked at the older man in complete disbelief.


"Damn it I can't hold him much longer! Lock the cuff back!" Hannibal yelled as he struggled with Face.


Murphy pulled the key back out of the handcuff and closed the cuff back. Once Hannibal was sure that Face was secure he turned his lover over while still sitting on his legs.


"Stand down, Lieutenant!" Hannibal shouted as he forced Face to look up at him. When Face's expression didn't change and his body stayed ridged Hannibal yelled again. "I said stand down! Do not make me repeat myself Lieutenant Peck!" Hannibal watched as Face blinked several times. His deadly gaze wavering. "I gave you a direct order, Lieutenant Peck! Stand down! Do I make myself clear? Stand Down!"


"Colonel?" Face blinked but his eyes were still hard.


"I gave you an order Peck! Stand down!"


Hannibal felt Face's body began to relax but his eyes still held the hardness of a trained killer.


"Name and rank!" Hannibal ordered.


"Peck, Templeton A. First Lieutenant, sir!" Face barked out.


Hannibal looked closely at Face as the blonde continued to stare back at him.


"Who is your commanding officer Lieutenant?"


"You are, sir!"


"Who am I?"


"Colonel Smith, sir!"


"If I get off of you am I going to have any problems from you Lieutenant?"


"No sir!"


Carefully Hannibal stood, he reached down and helped Face to his feet. "Tell me what happened to you." He demanded as he straightened the younger man's suit jacket



"Colonel Smith I was…I… was" Face started to respond then stopped and looked around. Hannibal watched as confusion filled the younger man's eyes. Face shook his head just before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed. Hannibal quickly grabbed Face and lowered him back to the floor.


"I'll call an ambulance." Officer Murphy moved to the cell door.


"That won't be necessary officer." Hannibal called out as he watched his lover's eyes flutter open. Gently he reached down to stroke Face's hair out of his eyes. "You with me kid? Hannibal asked softly.


"Hannibal?" Face whispered his voice full of confusion and pain. "What's going on?"


"I was hoping you could tell me that." Hannibal continued to stroke Face's hair trying to some type of reassurance and comfort.


Face looked around him for the first time and noticed that he was in a jail cell. There were other inmates gathered around the bars looking at him, but none of them were saying a word. They were all just looking at like he was some type of bug under a magnifying glass. Face tried to reach up and run his fingers through his hair but grunted in pain when his wrists pulled against his dislocated shoulder. Slowly fear began to creep in to his mind, what if the government had lied to him what if it was just a plot and Frankie was there to get them back…


Hannibal watched as the fear began to build behind Face's eyes, he could imagine what was going on through the younger man's mind when he woke up in the holding cell. Prison was not the type of place for someone with Face's looks. They both knew what it was like from the first time the Army had sent them away and he would not see Face go through that again. 


"Easy Tem." Hannibal moved to help his lover sit up. "Officer can I have the keys."  Murphy was going to argue but he remembered what the blonde haired man had done so he handed the older man the keys.


"Okay kid I'm going to take off the cuffs, your still with me right?"


"Yes sir." Face sighed as he nodded his head. Hannibal started to move around Face then changed his mind. He pulled Face forward so that the younger man leaning against his chest. Reaching around he slid the key into the lock and opened the cuffs. Quickly he grabbed Face's arms and brought them to the side of his lover's body. He heard Face whimper in pain as his right shoulder shifted in it's socket. "I'm going to pop it back into place." Face barely had time to nod yes before Hannibal had moved so he could snap the shoulder back.


Hannibal moved as fast as he could to put Face's shoulder back into it socket. Once again he caught Face in his arms as the younger man slipped into unconsciousness from the pain. He held Face in his arms and rested the blonde's head on his shoulder as he stroked his lover's hair not caring about the jeers and whistles that were now coming from the cell next to Face's.


When he felt Face began to stir he tightened his grip keeping the younger man close to his body. "Be still, give your body a few minutes to recover." Hannibal whispered in Face's ear, he felt Face nod and his body relax in his arms.


"Hannibal, is he alright?" Murdock ran over to the couple, BA close behind, still mumbling under his breath about how long it took to find a place to park.


"You want to answer that, kid?"


"I want to go home." Face moaned into Hannibal's shoulder.


"Your wish is our command Facey." Murdock moved to stand on one side of Face and BA moved to stand on the other. "Ready big guy." BA nodded as they reached down to help Face to his feet.


"Watch his shoulder guys, I just got it back into place."  Once Face was on his feet BA wrapped his arm around his waist. "Lean on me little brother." BA was shocked when Face nodded his head and allowed the big man to support most of his weight. BA looked over at Hannibal and Murdock in concern.


"I have a feeling the adrenaline rush is gone." Hannibal reached over to put his hand on the back of Face's neck and squeezed it gently.


"Mr. Smith." Hannibal looked over at as the chief police came into Face's cell.  "I'd like to thank you for your help."  The chief looked at Face. "And I apologize for the way your team member treated by my officers."


"Don't worry we won't be filling a complaints, I just want to take my man home." Hannibal looked over at Face who was leaning heavily on BA.


"Your Lieutenant wouldn't consider pressing charges against the men who attacked him would he. Those thugs have been terrorizing the neighborhood for months. If your man would press charges we might be able to turn that area around."


"Face, it's your call kid."


"I'll do more than press charges, I'll even help you catch the rest of them."


"We'll help you catch them." Hannibal smiled as he walked over to put his hand on Face's shoulder. "But first we need to get you home and see how bad a beating you took."


"We have the other eye witnesses statements, if we could just get yours Mr. Peck. We can get you out of here in about half an hour. While we're here in the holding area can you identify the man who you were fighting with when officer Kelly first came on the scene?"


"Not a problem he's that greasy son of a bitch right there." Face pointed over to Frankie as the came up to the bars.


"You can't let them go, don't you know who they are? That's the A-team; the government wants them."


"You're wrong punk," the chief looked over at Frankie. "In case you haven't heard, these men were proved innocent and given presidential pardons."


Frankie looked over at the team in complete disbelief. Face moved out of BA's grip and moved over in front of the cell that held Frankie. "I see you underestimated me again." Face smiled as he watched the Frankie open and close his mouth. "That's right I got the team our pardons, but I also know what you were going to do so as you can imagine I didn't include you in my negotiations." Face leaned in just a little closer. "Have a nice life rotting in jail."  Face winked at Frankie as he turned to leave.


"Faggot!" Frankie spat at Face.


Before anyone could react Face moved forward and grabbed Frankie through the bars. He pulled the other man forward and slammed him against the cold steel. Hannibal was instantly beside Face, his hands wrapped around his partner's wrist. "Let go Face. He's not worth it."  When Face still didn't let go Hannibal tried another tactic. "For me Tem, let go of him for me."


Face looked over at Hannibal then back at Frankie. "Alright John, for you."


Face let go and Frankie jumped back away from the bars. "You saw that he attacked me!" Frankie screamed at the police.


"I didn't see a thing, now if you gentlemen would please follow me we'll get Mr. Peck's statement and you all can be about your way."


"Johnnie please don't go! I need to talk to you! Please!" Frankie yelled as the team walked out the door.


Hannibal felt Face tense under his grip. "Easy kid, I'll just be a second."


"Don't do it." Face warned his voice just barely a whisper.


"It won't take long, I promise. I'll listen to what he has to say then we'll go home."


Hannibal was surprised when Face shook his hand off his neck. "You do what you have to do." With that Face straightened and moved away from BA and Murdock to walk out of the holding area on his own.


Hannibal sighed and turned to walk back to Frankie. "You better make this quick, Santana." Hannibal growled as he looked over at the other man.


"Look I know that Face doesn't like me and he has good reason to, but you have to help me Johnnie. I had to run for my life. Stockwell was going to kill me…"


"Guess you should have come with us, huh."


Hannibal started to turn but Frankie reached out between the bars and grabbed Hannibal's jacket.


"Please Johnnie… I didn't mean to cause you guys so much trouble it's just I was scared. I didn't know what to do."


"You have about two seconds to get your hands off of me, Frankie."


Frankie looked at Hannibal then let go of the Colonel as if he had been burned. "I'm sorry…it's just…please Johnnie…I could help you guys catch the gang…"


"Frankie, stop…"


"Please Johnnie! Stockwell will kill me if he finds me!"


Hannibal sighed and shook his head. "I'll talk to the guys, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you."


"Please Johnnie," Frankie took a deep breath. "Tell Face I'm sorry, I didn't mean to treat him the way I did, I guess I was just jealous of all the attention that you gave him."


"Like I said I'll talk to them." With that Hannibal turned and left the holding area to rejoin his team. As he walked through the station, he found them in the chief's office. Face was sitting in a chair with Murdock kneeling in front of him rubbing his hands, while BA was rubbing his shoulders quietly talking to him.


"What's going on?" Hannibal asked as he looked down at Face.


"Nothing." Face whispered as he looked up at his partner. 


"It ain't nothing." BA turned to look at the older man. "He's got something on his mind and he ain't wanted to talk."


"Face?" Hannibal reached over to touch Face's shoulder but the younger man only pulled away from him.


"Did he talk you into saving his sorry ass?" Face looked up at the Colonel.


"He made some valid points." Hannibal shrugged. "He could help us find out where the gang is hiding out. It could cut our work in half."


Slowly Face rose to his feet Murdock reached for him as he swayed. "You need to make up your mind right here and now John." Face moved to look his lover in the face. "It's either him or me."


"Face, you're not being reasonable, he could help…"


"No, I do not want him in my home! I do not want him near me or anyone that I love!" Face yelled as he moved to leave the office, he only made it a few steps before he collapsed against the doorframe.


"Face!" Hannibal quickly moved to grab a hold of the younger man before he fell to the floor.


Face looked at his lover for a minute then shook Hannibal off, his anger building to the point he couldn't think straight.


"Just leave me alone Colonel!" Face pulled himself upright, turned on his heels, and stormed over to the captain's desk, he grabbed the statement he had just filled out and ripped it in half.


"Face!" Hannibal reached for the younger man, but Face stepped out of his reach.


"You do what you have to do Colonel! You're going to do it no matter what I say, but let me warn you right here and now! Don't you dare bring that son of a bitch anywhere near my home, because I'll tell you right now, I'll put a bullet through his fucking head!" With that Face shoved his way past Hannibal and stormed out of the office.


"Mr. Smith?" the police captain looked at the men in his office.


"He has a bit of a temper." Hannibal sighed as he thought of how pissed off Face was. "Murdock, see if you can get him to calm down."


"You're going to do it aren't you Hannibal?" Murdock looked at the older man in disbelief.


"Do what?" BA looked over at the Colonel and his own lover.


"He's going to bail Frankie out, that's what he is going to do!" Murdock yelled.


"You got to be kidding me! Hannibal, you can't be serious." BA stared at the older man his mouth open.


"You know Hannibal you don't have to worry about Face being pissed off at you because he isn't the only one!" With that Murdock marched out of the office after his best friend.


"Hannibal how can you even consider bailing Frankie out. The way he treated Face. Man he damn near killed him on the last mission we went on." BA shook his head. "Not to mention the names. You heard what he called Face right there in the jail."


"BA I know what you are thinking, but Frankie could lead us to this gang. It would cut down on a lot of time."


"I can't believe you doin' this, after all the stuff he said to Faceman." With that BA turned and walked out of the room.


Hannibal sighed heavily as he ran his hand over his face. He knew the team was right he shouldn't listen to Frankie, and he should just let the other man rot in jail. But he also knew with Frankie's help he could have the thugs put behind jail in no time and then the team could go back to living their new life.


"Mr. Smith, do you mind telling me what is going on?"


Hannibal looked over at the police captain. "I need to know what it will take to bail Mr. Santana out.



Murdock found Face sitting outside on a bench in the front lobby his head in his hands.


"Face, you all right?" Murdock moved to sit down beside his friend and put his arm around this friends shoulder.


"Why won't he listen to me?" Face shook his head. "If he just knew what that son of a bitch was going to do to us…" Face stopped abruptly when re realized what he had said.


"What do you mean what he was going to do to us?"




"Don't say nothing Face, you know something that you aren't telling us and maybe just maybe Hannibal would listen to you if he had all the facts."


"It doesn't matter what I say to him!" Face jumped up. "He's on the jazz and that is all that matters to him! He's got a case and something to fight and it doesn't matter what I have to say so…forget it…just forget it!"  Face started to move on down the hall but before he could take two steps he was grabbed by a set of strong arms.


"Ain't no one going to forget noth'n. Now what aren't you telling us?" BA growled.


Face turned to look at BA his blue-green eyes blazing. "Let go of me!"


"No, you started to say something now spill it." BA tightened his grip on Face's arm.


"BA, maybe you should just let him go." Murdock moved to stand next to the big man. He could see the anger building in his young friends face, his fist flexing at his side.


"No, he's got something to say now he needs to spill it."


Face wasn't just angry right now he was getting pissed, he was tired, he hurt, and now he was pissed, pissed that he had gotten into a fight on what should have been one of the greatest nights of his life. Pissed at Hannibal for not listening to him, and now he was pissed at Murdock and BA for not letting him go when all he wanted to do was to be left alone.


To BA and Murdock's surprise Face took a swing at the big man, catching him right in the jaw, out of sheer shock BA let go of the conman.


As soon as BA let go of him Face stormed out of the police station, never once looking back.


"You okay big guy?"  Murdock moved so he could look at BA's jaw.


"Can't believe he hit me." BA shook his head as he looked at the door Face had left through.


"We need to find Hannibal." Murdock looked at BA his worry for his best friend etched on his face.



"Let me tell you right now Frankie, I'm not doing this for you I'm doing it for the people in that neighborhood. And if you so much as look at Face cross-eyed I'll let him at you and when he's done with you, I'll personally drag your sorry carcass back to jail. Do I make myself clear?"


"Sure Johnnie, I understand. I promise I won't do nothing to bother Face."



Face started walking, he wasn't sure where he was going but he knew he had to get away from the others. He knew that Hannibal was going to spring Frankie and it was going to be up to him to protect the team again.



"What the hell do you mean he hit BA?"


Hannibal looked at Murdock as if he had finally gone completely over the deep end.


"I'm telling you Hannibal, there is something wrong with him. Face ain't himself." BA shook his head.


"How so?" Hannibal looked out the van window as he scanned the streets for his missing partner.


"He's…I don't know…he's"


"Aggressive." Murdock leaned forward in his seat. "He's overly aggressive."


"Yeah that's it.  You remember how he would get when they would try and take one of us from the cage back in the camp."


Hannibal leaned back in his seat, how could he forget. Face would purposely antagonize the guards so they would take him instead of the others. He couldn't count the number of times they would come into the cage to take Murdock, BA or himself and Face would take a swing at one of them.


When the guards would finally bring Face back, bloody, beaten and battered, he would hold the younger man in his arms and ask him why he would do such a damn fool thing.


"Protect the team." Was the only thing Face would ever say. Hannibal would try to get Face to back down, but the next time the guards would come Face would go after one of them again. Only when Face became almost completely incapacitated, and half dead did Hannibal managed to make him to stop.   


"He's just like that again, and I got a feeling it has something to do with old Frankie boy back here." Murdock looked over at Frankie who was trying to make himself small.


Hannibal turned his steely gaze on Frankie. "You want to tell me what's going on Frankie?"


"I don't know what you're talking about. I've been on the run since you guys left me tied up at the compound."


"Face has to know something that he isn't telling us and I'm betting it has something to do with you. So if there is something that you need to tell me I suggest you tell me now."


"Honestly Johnnie I…"


"There's Face." BA yelled as he pulled the van up to the curb.


Hannibal turned around to look out the window where BA was looking; sure enough sitting on the beach was his missing blonde haired partner.


"Alright, I'm going to see if I can get Face to talk to me. You two take Mr. Santana and make sure he stays put and away from our Lieutenant until I can make sure Face is calmed down."


"Sure thing, Colonel." BA turned to smile back at Frankie.



Face wasn't really surprised when he found himself on the beach, he didn't know why but he always seemed to end up there when he was upset but it just felt right. There was something about the sound of the tide, the constant roar of the waves as they crashed against the shore. It just seemed to settle his nerves and allowed him to relax so he could think.


Face knew that no matter what he said to Hannibal he would spring Frankie, Hannibal cared about Frankie, he had tried hard to make him part of the team to get the others to accept him. Face knew that the feelings weren't sexual, more of a father son bond.


Face sighed heavily; Hannibal would bail Frankie out so the team could get the gang behind bars quicker, making the streets safer. The only problem was that when Hannibal was on the jazz he had a bad habit of watching what was going on around him and not what was right under his nose.


Hannibal waited until the van left before he approached his partner. He could tell by the way Face was sitting on the sand staring out at sea that he was completely lost in his own thoughts. He knew that he was going to have to be careful; if he startled the younger man he could find himself in a world of hurt.


"Is this a private party or can anyone join you?" Hannibal called out making sure he was just out of Face's reach. He watched as Face straightened his back, the tension building in his shoulders.


"You did it didn't you?" Face asked not even bothering to look up.


"Face, I don't want to get into this with you right now. You're beat up, tired and you need to get some rest. Once you've had a hot shower and a few hours sleep you'll…"


"Where is he, now?"




"Where the hell is he Colonel?" Face snapped as he turned to look at Hannibal, his eyes bright with anger.


"You need to calm down, Lieutenant." Hannibal warned not liking the way Face was acting or the lack of respect he was getting from the younger man. "I don't know who you think you are, but it's going to stop…"


"Damn it, Colonel I asked you a question where the hell…"


In two quick steps Hannibal crossed over to where Face was sitting, reaching down he grabbed a hold of Face's shirt and pulled him to his feet.


The second Face was on his feet he took a swing at the older man. Thanks to BA and Murdock's warning Hannibal was ready for him. Hannibal blocked the punch with one hand and grabbed Face's wrist with the other. Before Face could make another move Hannibal twisted Face's arm up behind his back. He wrapped his free arm around Face body and pulled the smaller man forward pinning Face to his chest, Face's other hand trapped between them.


 "That's it Lieutenant, not one more word out of your mouth, not one more aggressive gesture. If you want to talk to me as your lover or yell at me as your friend that is fine, but you will not, I repeat will not disrespect my rank is that understood."


When Face didn't respond Hannibal pulled up on Face's wrist and pulled him in closer.


"I asked you a question Lieutenant, do I make myself clear?" Hannibal growled.


"Sir, yes sir." Face snapped back.


Hannibal let go of Face's waist and used his leverage on the younger man's arm to keep him pinned to his chest. With his now free hand he grabbed Face's jaw and forced his lover to look at him. "Damn it, Face, knock it off!"


"Let me go." Face grounded out through clenched teeth.


"Or what you going to take another swing at me?"


"I don't want to hurt you John…"


Hannibal looked into Face's eyes he could see the anger, hurt and pain in his lover's face; he sighed deeply as he realized that he had put every one of those emotions there.


"Then don't."


Slowly Hannibal slid his hand from Face's jaw to the back of Face's head he moved slowly to keep Face from becoming any more agitated than he already was.  Leaning forward, he captured Face's lips kissing him gently. As he leaned into the kiss Hannibal let go of Face's wrist and wrapped his arm around his partner's waist. When they finally broke off apart he forced Face's head to his shoulder.


"I know you're worried about Frankie…" When Face started to tense Hannibal reached down to rub the back of Face's neck. "But I promise you kid, I won't let my guard down around him."




"Trust me Tem, if I think he's going to put any of us in danger, I'll personally drag his butt back to jail."


"Hannibal you don't know what he's capable of doing. If you would just listen to me for…"


"Face, I promise, BA will make sure he behaves himself while he's with him and Murdock, and I'll keep a close eye on him when he's with me."


"John, please…"


 "Don't worry kid it'll be a piece of cake."


Face sighed as he allowed Hannibal to hug him, knowing once again the team's safety was falling on his shoulders.



Face looked at the clock then over at his lover, Hannibal had fallen asleep just a little over thirty minutes ago. Taking a deep breath Face eased out of the bed and quietly made his way out of the bedroom. Once out of the bedroom, Face went straight to the living room sofa. Kneeling down he pulled out a pair of jeans, black t-shirt, and tennis shoes that he had hidden there earlier when Hannibal had been in the shower.


Quickly he stripped off his pajama bottoms and dressed in the clothes. Quietly he made his way out to the garage. Reaching back behind some boxes he retrieved the case that contained his sniper riffle.  With the riffle case in his hand he placed it in the vette before opening the garage door by hand to keep the motor from making any extra noise.


Once done, he popped the vette into neutral and pushed it out of the garage before pulling the door down behind him; Face pushed the car several more feet allowing it to coast halfway down the driveway before he started it. Once he pulled out of the driveway, Face made a beeline to BA and Murdock's apartment.


Face parked the vette a few blocks away for his friend's apartment, grabbed the case out of the passenger's seat and jogged the rest of the way. Once across from the apartment Face climbed the fire escape of the adjacent building. He stealthily moved to the corner of the building so he could look directly into his friend's apartment.


With years of experience under his belt Face assembled the riffle on the dark rooftop with no effort. When Face looked through the scope of his riffle he had to bite back on his anger by what he saw. There sitting on his friend's couch was Frankie Santana, his feet propped up on their coffee table with a sandwich in one hand and a bottle of soda in the other smiling like a Cheshire cat.


"Don't go making yourself at home." BA growled as he poured a glass of milk. "As soon as we put that gang of yours behind bars you are out of here."


"Come on guys we had fun together didn't we?" Frankie tried his best smile but it wasn't working on the two men.


"Let me think about the last fun we had together." Murdock looked up as if he was deep in thought. "Hmmm… Facey got a hole ripped in his side and damn near died because you couldn't follow orders."


Frankie tried to look innocent but it wasn't working with the other two men.


"Look I don't know what kind of sad story you told the Colonel but it isn't going to work with us."


"I didn't do anything, I had to run for my life just like you did. Stockwell was going to kill me, I know he will if he finds me."


"Let me tell you now, you mess with Faceman and I'll take care of it for Stockwell." BA growled as he moved past Frankie on his way to the master bedroom.


Frankie swallowed hard as he looked at the big man. "So who am I bunking with?"


"You have the spare room." Murdock smiled as he put his arm around BA, waist. "Me and the big guy share a bed."


Murdock laughed as he watched the expression of disgust appear on Frankie's face.


"You got a problem with that sucker?" BA growled as he pulled Murdock close to him.


"No." Frankie squeaked out.


"Told you he wouldn't." Murdock smiled as he tugged on BA's hand pulling the other man into the bedroom.


Face watched as the lights went off in his friend's apartment, leaning over he pulled a night vision scope and switched it with the one that was currently on the riffle. Once they were switched he shifted on the rooftop getting into a more comfortable position for the long night.


Face glance at his watch, 4:30am, he was hoping that BA or Murdock would wake soon; he needed to get back to his own house before Hannibal woke. Slowly a smile crossed his handsome face. Reaching into his pocket Face pulled out his cell phone and dialed the apartment. On the third ring a sleepy yet angry voice answered.


"This better be an emergency." BA growled.


Face pushed the button on his phone ending the call. A few minutes later a light came on in the kitchen and BA's large figure appeared in the kitchen; Face waited a few more minutes to make sure that BA was not going to return to bed. Sure that his friends were safe, Face packed up his riffle and climbed off the building. He quickly made his way back to the car and drove back toward his own home. He was almost there when a thought crossed his mind, there was no way he could push the vette back into the garage.  Face quickly changed his direction and drove to a small bakery just a few miles from their home, he ordered Hannibal's favorite pastries then continued back to his house.


Face pulled the car back into the garage and quickly hid the riffle behind the boxes where it had been earlier. He sighed in relief when he noticed that Hannibal didn't appear to be awake yet, Face made coffee and sat down to wait for his lover to wake, he didn't have to wait long before the bedroom door opened and the Colonel came out.


"You're up early this morning, sunshine." Hannibal smiled at Face then grimaced as he took a sip of the coffee. "One of these days you're going to learn to make this stuff." He muttered under his breath.


"I heard that." Face glared at Hannibal as he took a drink then made a face. "Okay I admit it's a little strong this morning."


"So what are you doing up?"


"I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd get breakfast." Face smiled as he pushed the bakery box toward the older man.


Hannibal raised his eyes as he opened the box and looked inside. "What did I do to deserve this, I thought you were pissed at me?"


"I'm still pissed at you." Face smiled as he pushed his finger into one of the cream filled pastries and pulled it out with the white filling stuck to the end of his finger. "But I'll let you make it up to me later." Face leaned forward and dabbed the cream onto the end of his lover's nose.


Before Hannibal could say a word Face stuck his finger in his mouth and seductively sucked the rest of the cream off it. The next thing Face knew he was being pulled out of his chair and thrown over Hannibal's shoulder as the older man growled in his ear. "I'll make it up to you now."


After a very exciting morning with Hannibal, Face called Mrs. B, he told her not to come out until the case was over. She wasn't too happy about Face's decision but agreed that it was probably best.


Face pulled his jacket more securely around himself as he shifted his position on the rooftop; getting ready for yet another long night on watch. Now almost two week had past since Hannibal had sprung Frankie, and Face was starting to wear thin. He had spent his nights on the rooftop watching over BA and Murdock while waiting for Frankie to show his true nature. He had spent his days helping the rest of the team trying to catch the gang moving their dope and stopping them from terrorizing the neighborhood.


Face looked through the scope to make sure he that his target was still on the couch. As he adjusted the site he notice that his hands were shaking. 'Damn.' He berated himself for not eating again. He had been so upset about Hannibal putting Murdock and Frankie together by themselves that he had been unable to eat. Instead he sat quietly in the booth of the diner and listened to BA tell Hannibal what a great job Frankie was doing. He pushed his food around his plate as he felt his anger building, after ten minutes he had to leave so disgusted that the rest of his teammates couldn't see through the little weasel.


He knew that Frankie was up to something and if he had to sit on the rooftop till hell froze over, he was going to do it.  He was going to see to it that his friends were safe.  Face watched as the lights in the apartment slowly began to come on first in the master bedroom then in the bathroom.


"You're getting good BA." Face smiled as he looked at his watch. For the first few days, Face had called his friend's apartment at 4:30 so he could get back to his own home. Now BA was to the point that he was waking automatically at 4:25. Now that he was sure that BA was up Face once again packed his equipment and headed home.


Face parked the vette out front and quietly slipped into the house. He made his way into the living room when the voice of his lover startled him.


"Where have you been?"


"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up." Face swallowed as he looked over at the glowing end of his lover's cigar.


"I asked you a question Lieutenant, where have you been?"


"I couldn't sleep so decided to take a drive." Face smiled.


"You've been driving since 2:00 this morning?" Hannibal stood up and walked over to Face. "Now where the hell have you been?"


"Look I told you I couldn't sleep." Face tried to turn away but was grabbed by Hannibal.


"Don't lie to me!" Hannibal snapped as he grabbed Face's arm and jerked him back around. "This isn't the first time you've snuck out in the middle of the night! Now I want to know where the hell you've been!"


Under normal circumstances, Face would have given in to the other man. He would have told Hannibal where he had been, how he felt and why; but this wasn't normal and he wasn't feeling himself. He was tired, shaky, and his nerves were on end. So he did what he always did when he felt like this, he turned defensive.


"I told you that I couldn't sleep! What do you want a fucking account of every minute I'm away from you?"


Hannibal was completely taken aback by Face's out burst. He couldn't believe that Face had talked to him like that. He knew something was wrong but now his own anger was rising as Face stared at him, the young man's blue-green eyes full of defiance and anger.


Hannibal tightened his grip on Face's arm to the point of being painful. "You're lying to me and I want to know…"


"Get off me!" Face yelled as he broke free of Hannibal's grip. "If you don't want to believe me then that is your problem!"


"What's his name Face!" Hannibal words came out as a demand instead of a question.


"Oh that's it, is it? I can't sleep for a couple of nights so I go out for a drive and I'm cheating on you!" Face was so mad and hurt he couldn't have stopped himself if he had wanted to. "That's it. I'm just a fucking whore that cats around on you as soon as your back is turned!"


"Face I didn't say…" Hannibal looked at Face in shock as he watched the pain flash in his lover's eyes.


"No you didn't have to say anything! It's been this way since we met! Every time I go out somewhere it's the same thing; and you know Colonel I'm tired of it! If you can't trust me then to hell with you! I love you John Smith I have loved you and only you since we first met but I can't take it anymore the constant suspicions being accused of cheating, of stepping out on you!"


Hannibal stared at Face as the younger man continued his tirade still not believing that the words were coming from his lover's mouth. Realizing how much he had hurt his partner Hannibal reached for Face again, but the younger man slipped out of his grip and shoved him backwards.


"NO!" Face shook his head as he stepped back out of Hannibal's reach.


"Face…" Hannibal tried to reach for him again but Face was now backing toward the door.


"NO! I've had enough!" Face was starting to shake his anger in full swing as he rode the adrenalin surging through his body. "I'll be at my post this afternoon. If you need me sooner contact Murdock or BA!" Before Hannibal could say another word Face stormed out of the house jumped into his car and sped out of the drive.


Hannibal ran out the door after the younger man but he could only watch as the white vette peeled out.



Face made it two blocks before he had to pull over. He was shaking so hard that he couldn't hold onto the steering wheel.


"What have I done?" He whispered to the man in the rear view mirror. Part of him wanted to go back to the house to beg Hannibal to forgive him to take him back; but another part of his was screaming louder, screaming that he wasn't wrong and he shouldn't have to apologize for being right, for protecting his team.


As Face continued to look at himself, the anger began to build again. He was right damn it. He was doing what Hannibal should be doing. Damn it Hannibal should believe him not some punk! Face looked at the angry man in the mirror again then snapped the mirror off of the windshield as he realized he didn't like the angry eyes staring back at him.


"Face, we need to talk." Hannibal called out softly as the team broke up from the briefing they had just had. Hannibal had noted that Face only looked at him once during the whole meeting, preferring to look at the wall or one of his other teammates instead of him.


Face stopped in his tracks when he heard Hannibal's voice but he didn't turn to look at the other man "We have nothing to talk about Colonel."


Hannibal reached out and put his hand on Face's shoulder. "Look kid I know…


"Don't touch me." Face jerked away still not bothering to turn around.


Hannibal sighed as he dropped his hand. "I'm a sorry about what I said to you the other night, but I worry…"


Face swung around to glare at Hannibal "No Colonel, the problem is that you don't trust me!" Face closed his eyed as he fought to stay angry. As much as he wanted to accept Hannibal's apology and be held in the other man's strong arms he knew that he had to keep his lover at a distance. If he didn't keep Hannibal at a distance then he would let the other man take control of him again. When Hannibal pushed hard enough Face would cave in and this was one of those times that he knew that he couldn't let it happen.


"Face, I'm sorry…"


"Well now that's the other problem!" Face put his hands on his hips as he continued to stare at his lover. "You're sorry now, but the next time I can't sleep or you see me on the street talking to someone you'll jump down my throat again. Well I can't deal with it anymore. Hell Colonel, do you have any idea how many times you've accused me of cheating on you over the past fifteen years?" Face stared into his lover's blue eyes.

Hannibal looked at Face and shook his head no. "Too many." He whispered.


"Why did you ask me to commit to you if you didn't trust me?" Face looked at Hannibal then dropped his head. "You use to trust me, John" Face whispered as he felt the pain creeping into his heart. "You use to value my opinion as your partner and your Lieutenant, now…" his voice trailing off as he fought back the tears and pain that threatened to overwhelm him.


"Tem, Please just come home we can work this out." Hannibal reached out again to put his hand on the younger man's arm but Face once again moved out of his way.


When Face looked back up at Hannibal his eyes were cold and hard. "You know I don't have time for this right now. I need to be on patrol in half an hour and I still need to grab something to eat."


"That's something else I want to talk to you about. I know you're not sleeping, you've got dark circles under your eyes and if your not sleeping I know you aren't eating."


"Have you looked in the mirror lately, Colonel?" Face snorted as he started for the door. "I'm not the only one who's sporting black circles, and as far as my eating habits go you let me worry about that."


"Face, stop we're not finished yet." Hannibal called out as Face grabbed a hold of the doorknob.


"God, I hope not, John." Face said softly as he hung his head and went through the door.


Suddenly Face's words hit him and Hannibal ran after him; the younger man was half way across the parking lot and climbing into his car before Hannibal caught up with him.


"Tem, please kid, talk to me." Hannibal pleaded as Face slid into the drivers seat.


"What is there to say?" Face looked up at him and once again Hannibal could see the pain in his lover's blue-green eyes. "You're sorry? I know that, but I just can't…"


"Tem, just come home, I'll move my stuff out of the bedroom. I just need to know that you're safe. I really worry about you kid."


"The military isn't looking for us anymore Hannibal. You don't have to worry, I'm a grown man."  Face sighed as he started the car.


"At least tell me where you are staying."


"I don't think that is a good idea right now." Face put the car in drive and slowly began to pull forward.


"I could order you to tell me."


Face flashed him a sad smile. "I still won't tell you, but if it helps you sleep at night. I'm alone when I'm not on patrol." With that Face pulled the car out of the parking.


Hannibal watched his lover go. His heart ached as the white car pulled out of sight. How could he be so blind, why did he let his own insecurities and jealousies come between them?


The next few days for the team were tense. Face showed up for each of his shifts but refused to talk about where he was staying and when Hannibal tried to get anything out of him other than business he would completely close off.


And God only knew that Hannibal had tried to get him to talk. He had begged; he had yelled; he had even ordered the younger man to talk to him, but Face wouldn't budge; his perfect lips stayed sealed. Hannibal's only hope now was that once the case was over and Frankie was gone he could get Face to come home and they could work out the problems between them. The only good thing was that BA had been able to follow Face one night and he now knew where his lover was held up.


Hannibal sighed as he stretched out in the large empty bed, he tried to keep his mind on the case but it was hard not having Face there to bounce ideas off of. Face always kept him in check, oh the younger man would let him run when he was on the jazz but Face always had a way of bringing him back.


Hannibal was terrified that Face wasn't eating or sleeping enough. The kid had been looking more and more tired and warn out each time he saw him, but Face wasn't talking and any attempt to make him only clamed him up.  Hannibal reached out and grabbed his lover's pillow; he closed his eyes as he inhaled Face's scent; maybe he should go to the hotel and talk to Face. What would it hurt?


"You're coming home when this is over kid, even if I have to drag you back by the hair." Hannibal sighed.


With any luck, the case would be over tomorrow. The team had set the gang up. They would be waiting for their supplier to come in to their warehouse in the evening and the team would lock them in with nowhere to go until the police arrived. Hannibal smiled as he thought about the look on the punk's faces when they were busted in their own warehouse and his lover back in his arms where he belonged.


Hannibal shifted in the bed again trying to get comfortable; he never realized how big the bed really was until he was the only one in it. It had always been the perfect size with Face there curled up into the front his body, or asleep with his blonde head resting on his chest. After tossing and turning another few minutes he got up dressed deciding that he would go to the warehouse and check things over one last time.



It was 2:00am and Face was currently kneeling on the rooftop looking through the scope of his riffle his sights focused on the back of Frankie Santana's head. "Just one shot. Would make my life a whole lot easier." He sighed then lowered the scope. 'No,' Face shook his head. 'For you John, I won't.' Face sighed again, it wasn't that he couldn't pull the trigger, he could blow Frankie's brains all over the wall and not think a thing about it. But he knew what it would do to the others so he pulled himself together and shoved the thought out of his head.


Face looked at his watch, three more hours, just three more hours and Murdock and BA would be by to relieve him and Frankie. The good thing was that he had been on the stakeout with Frankie all night which meant that the little bastard wouldn't be on patrol with anyone else today. That would give him the chance to go his hotel room and get some real sleep instead of having to stakeout BA and Murdock's apartment.


Face rubbed his eyes again, God he was tired. He hadn't been able to get one good night sleep since the whole mess had started. If he wasn't pulling a shift on the stakeout, he was watching Murdock and BA to make sure that they were safe. When he did get a chance to lay down he tossed and turned unable to get comfortable. He missed the warmth and security he felt when he slept in Hannibal's arms, not having to worry about anything, knowing that the older man was there for him.


"Stop it, Peck!" Face hissed at himself, this was not the time or the place to be thinking that way. He had to stay focused, and alert. Once the case was over and Frankie was out of their lives he could make amends with Hannibal and the team. But not right now, right now he had a job to do.


Face watched as Frankie moved out from behind the crates and made his way up the escape ladder towards him.


"Hey, Face I brought some coffee."  Frankie smiled as he walked across the rooftop to sit opposite Face.


Face looked Frankie up and down then turned his attention back to the warehouse they were staking out.


"Come on Face, I know you have to be cold." Frankie poured two cups and held one out to Face.


"I'm not your friend Frankie, so stop trying to be mine." Face growled.


"I know if you had your way I'd be rotting in jail right now."


"No, if I had my way you'd be feeding worms in a shallow grave." Face flashed a dangerous smile at Frankie.


"Come on Face, if you'd just give me a chance I can show you that I can be apart of the team…"


Before Frankie could react Face was on top of him pinning Santana to the ground, their face's only an inch apart. "Let's get something straight right here and now. I know what you were going to do to the team, my friends, my family! So don't you dare even think that when this is over that you will be hanging around! As soon as this case is over you need to disappear, because if you don't get lost on your own I'll make you vanish!" With that said Face released Frankie and stood back up.


"You don't understand," Frankie sat up and looked at the blonde "I had to, Stockwell was going to kill my dad." Frankie tried to explain which only made Face angrier.


"And that is suppose to make everything alright!" 


"No it doesn't but it was my dad, he's the only thing I have." Frankie begged Face to understand.


"And the team is all I've ever had. So don't try any of that 'whoa is me' crap!" Face glared at Frankie his blue-green eyes blazing into brown ones.


"Face I…"


"You could have come to us Frankie! We would have helped you, damn it, that was what we did until you fucked up and handed us over to Stockwell in the first place!"


"Face I'm sorry I …"


"Shut up, I don't want to hear it." Face waved Frankie off as he began to break down his riffle and pack it in its case. "Save it for one of the other guys because I don't have any use for you."


"Why are you so high and mighty, if I'm such a bad guy why didn't you tell Hannibal about me?" Frankie shot back.


Face spun around and glared at Frankie again. "Because it would have broken his fucking heart. He was starting to think of you as a son, he'd talk about taking you under his wing, that maybe with a little work and training you could really be a part of the team." Face laughed and shook his head. "If he only knew huh?"


"I didn't know he felt that way, he was always riding me, constantly correcting me." Frankie looked up at Face in amazement.


"He was trying to make you a better man." Face turned and closed his case. "Fat chance in that."


"If I had a chance I could prove to him that I could be a part of the team, I could show him what I could do, I could…"


Frankie never got the chance to finish the words before Face punched him in the jaw sending him crashing to the ground with an infuriated Templeton Peck standing over the top of him.


"Don't you even fucking think about it!" Face bent down and grabbed Frankie by the front of the shirt pulling him off the ground so they were once again staring eye to eye. "As soon as this case is over I want you gone! I don't care where you go, or what you do, but I don't ever want to see you!" Face growled as he shoved Frankie back to the ground before he started to walk back across the rooftop.


"Screw you, If Johnnie thinks I can be a part of the team, then I'm going to show him I can be a part of it!" Frankie yelled at Face's back.


Face stopped dead in his tracks, without saying one word he set down the case and pulled the 38 out of his shoulder holster, pulling the hammer back he pointed the gun straight at Frankie's head. "Should have done this a long time ago." Face slowly began to pull the trigger back.


"Face NO!"  Murdock yelled as he climbed on top of the roof and ran toward Face.


Both Murdock and BA had notice how tired and worn out Face had looked lately so they had decided to relieve Face early. Now as he looked at his best friend getting ready to blow a hole in Frankie's head he was glad that they had gone through with their plans.


Face closed his eyes and lowered the gun; it wasn't that he couldn't pull the trigger it was the fact that he didn't want Murdock to witness the bloodshed. His friends still didn't think that he was capable of cold- blooded murder and he wanted them to always believe that.


"Face, hand me the gun." BA moved to stand beside Face and slowly held out his hand.


Face turned to look at BA but didn't let go of the firearm.


"Come on little brother, you don't want to shoot no one." BA held out his hand.


Face looked over at BA and smiled. "You're wrong, I do." He stated flatly as he as he lowered the hammer then put the 38 back into his shoulder holster. "I'll see you guys at 10:00 p.m." Without saying another word Face picked up the riffle case and headed toward the fire escape.


Murdock started to go after him but BA placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. "Let him go."


"He needs help…." Murdock started to protest, but BA just shook his head.


"He needs Hannibal." The big man clarified.


Face pulled his car into the valet parking section in front of the LA Hilton.


"Have a good night on the town, Mr. Peck."


"Dusk till dawn, those are my hours." Face gave a weak smile as the valet parkers took his keys.


The man smiled as he climbed into the white vette and watched the blonde walk into the hotel. Now that was the type of man he wanted to be. Rich good looking, fancy sports car and not a care in the world.


"Home sweet home." Face sighed as he threw his jacket on the couch and headed toward the bar.


He knew that he shouldn't drink anything but he needed something to calm his frayed nerves so he could get some sleep. He could honestly say that he hadn't been as tired as he was right now in a long time. It was like part of his brain had shut down and he was running on pure instinct and adrenalin. He knew that he was going to have to get some sleep and soon before his own body decided that it was going to get it for him.


Face poured himself a shot of bourbon and swallowed it enjoying the burn as it went down his throat and heated his stomach. Face started for the couch then changed his mind and took the bottle with him. Sitting on the couch Face kicked off his shoes and leaned his head back on the couch, closing his eyes, he took a deep breath then froze.


There hanging in the air was the smell of cigar smoke and his lover's cologne. Face swallowed as he opened his eyes and scanned the suites living room, there sitting in the corner was Hannibal, the Colonel's blue eyes staring straight into him.


"What are you doing here?" Face's eyes hardened, he missed Hannibal but he didn't appreciate the intrusion into his personal space right now. He had come to the hotel to get away; he needed his space right now more than ever.


"You're slipping, Lieutenant." Hannibal stated without moving from the chair he was sitting in.


"I wasn't expecting to have someone in my suite." Face was starting to get pissed.


"I'm not talking about the suite, Face."  Hannibal rose from the chair and made his way across the room to stand in front of his lover. He stared down the younger man and what he saw worried him.


Face was extremely pale, causing the dark circles under the blue-green eyes to stand out. Though Face was immaculately dressed, his clothes seemed to hang on him, an obvious sign of weight loss.


"I want to know what happened on the roof this morning."


Face groaned inwardly, though on the outside he kept a cool indifferent look. He knew that Murdock or BA would call Hannibal but the last thing he expected was to have to explain it to the Colonel this morning and as far as he was concerned he wasn't going to.


"Look, I'm tired and I don't really want to talk about it right now, so if you'll just go home I'll give you a full report later." Face turned to look away but found himself being pulled off the couch by the front of his shirt his face only inches from the Colonel's.


Hannibal was livid, he knew Face was under a lot of stress because of Frankie, hell they all were, but he would be damned if the younger man thought he was going to dismiss him.


"I don't really give a shit what you want, Lieutenant. I asked you a question and I want an answer!"


"I told you that I would call you later, now let go of me." Face growled his voice low and dangerous.


"You were caught pointing a gun at another team member!"


"He's not a fucking team member!" Face screamed in Hannibal's face as he tried to push the older man off of him.


"Just who the hell do you think you are?" Hannibal tightened his grip. " I asked you a question and expect an answer. Now what the hell was is going on with you!"


"Screw this," Face tried to shove out of the older man's grip but Hannibal still managed to hold on to him. "I don't want to talk about it! Now let me go!"


"I don't give a crap what you want, and I'm not going any damn where until I get some answers!"


Face glared at Hannibal but the other man wasn't backing down.


"Fine! You want the truth, you want to know what my problem is well how about you think this over! A few weeks ago, I was your second in command, but that seemed to go by the wayside when you stopped listening to my suggestions! Then I thought I was still your partner but since now my opinions no longer meant shit to you I don't know who I am!" Face snapped as he finally managed to pull himself out of Hannibal's grip.


"You care to explain that statement?"


"Explain?" Face laughed bitterly as he began to back away. "What the hell is there to explain? I told you that I didn't want Frankie near the team, I told you he was bad news, but did you listen to …"


"So now you control who is on MY team!" Hannibal reached out and snagged Face by the upper arms, his grip so tight it was leaving bruises in the younger man's flesh. "I don't know who the hell you think you are lately, but you seem to forget who is in charge!"


"I've never forgotten who was in charge. How could I ever forget? You make it real damn clear to me every chance you get!" Face spat as he once again tried to pull away. "Now get off me!"


"Just what is that suppose to mean, Lieutenant?" Hannibal narrowed his eyes.


"You know exactly what it means!" Face yelled. "You use to care about your men and listened to them, now consequences be damned as long as you can be on the jazz again! You don't give a shit about anyone else or their safety all you care about is getting that damn rush again!" Face yelled as he struggled to get out of Hannibal's grip.


"Is that how you feel about me?" Hannibal was hurt, he couldn't believe the man he loved and cared so much about felt this way about him.


"Come off of it Colonel, this doesn't have a damn thing to do with how I feel about you personally. This has to do with the team and how you've been acting."


"How I've been acting?" Hannibal laughed at Face. "Screw my actions, let's talk about you pointing a gun in Frankie's face! How about that?" Hannibal tightened his grip as he pulled the smaller man closer to him.  


"What the hell does it matter?  It's not like you would listen to me anyway!  Now get off me!" Face screamed.  He'd had enough; he was tired, emotionally spent, and this was going to end right now, if it didn't, he wasn't sure how much longer he could stay in control of himself.  Using all his strength, Face twisted his body to the right, effectively breaking Hannibal's grip on his arms.


Now free, Face turned to walk away, but Hannibal grabbed him by the back of his shirt, tearing the material as he spun Face around.


"I'm not finished with you!" Hannibal barely had time to duck as a fist was thrown in his direction.  As he went to one side, he saw Face's left come up.  Even moving as fast as he could, Face still managed to land a glancing blow on his chin.


Out of pure instinct, Hannibal ducked low and swung back, hitting Face in the gut.  His second blow landed on the side of Face's jaw knocking him to the floor.  Before the younger man could completely recover, Hannibal was on top of him, sitting on his waist, his hands on Face's wrists, holding them to the floor above the blonde's head.  His lower legs were over Face's thighs keeping the younger man from getting any leverage.


"Get off me!" Face yelled as he tried to throw Hannibal's weight off of him.


"You're not moving from this spot until you tell me what the hell is going on.  I want answers."


"I'm warning you Colonel, get off of me." Face's voice was now low, his eyes blazing as he glared up at the older man.  He was losing control, and he knew it.  He didn't want to hurt Hannibal, it was the last thing he ever wanted to do, but he knew he had to get away from him. 


"You are not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell your problem is." Hannibal tightened his grip to the point it was now painful.


Without warning, Face moved his head forward with lightening fast speed and head butted Hannibal; stars flashed across Hannibal's vision but he still managed to hold on to Face.  When Face tried to head butt him again, Hannibal forced both of the younger man's wrists into one hand, and with the other grabbed Face around the throat, keeping him from rising up again.


"That's enough!" Hannibal leaned forward to apply more pressure on Face's wrists as his errant lover attempted to get up.


Face was now out of control, he was so pissed off that he couldn't think straight if he wanted to. He tried everything he could to get out from under the Colonel, but no matter what he did, Hannibal managed to move opposite him keeping him pinned to the floor.  The more he tried and failed, the more upset he became.  His mind was screaming to escape, warning him that he was in danger and if he didn't get away now, he would be hurt.


"Get off!" Face screamed out again as he tried to shift his legs to get leverage, but Hannibal was already shifting his body so that he was pushing Face's thighs farther apart, preventing him from moving them.  For Hannibal, it was nothing more than keeping the younger man down, for Face, it was one more thing that made him more vulnerable.


Face's anger was beginning to abate as the adrenaline began to leave, leaving his mind and body running on nothing more than his almost completely depleted reserves.  The anger Face had been running on was starting to turn to fear, he wanted up off the floor, he didn't like being held down. It reminded him of too many other times he had been trapped and unable to move, a man pinning him to the cold hard floor, his clothes torn.


Suddenly, other feelings, sights and sounds began to invade his troubled mind, hands touching him, fingers probing, stroking, pain…he tried to block them out, but they wouldn't stop coming. "Let me up," the words escaped Face's throat in a strangled cry.


"You want me to let you up?  Then you know what you have to do," Hannibal growled in the younger man's face as he fought to keep Face pinned to the floor where the younger man couldn't cause him any more physical damage.  He couldn't believe that Face was acting this way, and he would be damned if he was going to be assaulted by his lover.


'No more!' Face's mind cried, 'no more!' Images of other men, and different situations ran through his mind as those words brought back a rush of fear.  He knew what he had to do.


Suddenly, all of Face's struggling stopped.  Hannibal watched as the color drained from his lover's face, and he instinctively relaxed his grip.  That was all that Face needed.  He sprung to life, moving faster then Hannibal had seen him move in years.  He twisted, flipping Hannibal off of him.  His right leg came up, and he twisted it around Hannibal's body.  Hannibal froze.  Cold fear suddenly rose up his spine, but as quickly as it came, it dissolved into a fit of anger, as Face hesitated for a brief second, and then shoved Hannibal away with his legs.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Hannibal demanded, springing to his feet.  He watched Face jump to his, his chest heaving. 


"Get out!" Face hissed, his voice low and even, just barely controlled.


"You need to -" Hannibal started to growl, anger overwhelming him.


"I don't need anything, except for you to get the hell away from me!" Face's voice was even, but his eyes gave him away.  A barely controlled rage filled them as his whole body began to shake. "Damn you John, leave!"


Hannibal stared at Face, not believing the words that had just come out of his lover's mouth.  His jaw tightened as his own anger continued to warp out of control. "If that's how you want it, Peck, fine. I'm out of here!"


"I didn't ask you to come in the first damn place!" Face snapped back.


"Fine!" Stung, Hannibal stormed to the suite door and jerked it open.  At the last moment, he turned to face his lover and leveled his gaze.  His anger getting the best of him, he opened his mouth and let the hurtful words fly, "But let me tell you something right now, don't bother showing up tonight at the stakeout.  In fact, don't bother showing up ever again!"


Face's eyes widened slightly.  Hurt by the words, he nearly doubled over with the pain that they inflicted, but instead, he narrowed his eyes.  "Kiss my ass Colonel.  It's not like you ever cared any fucking way!"


Hannibal glared at the other man, his face turning red as his anger built to the point that he no longer cared what he said as long as it inflicted the most pain possible. "Fuck you, you little bastard.  I never should have brought you on the team to begin with. " Without waiting for a reaction, Hannibal marched out the door, and slammed it behind him.  It rattled in it's frame, the noise resounding around Face as he stared at the door in shock and anger.


"That's fine because I don't need you!" Face yelled at the now quiet door.  He spun on his heel, and stalked across the room.  Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks. His body refused to move one more step as the last of his adrenaline and energy ran out.  He felt heavy and weak, exhaustion rushed over him, and then, as his body began to shut down, his mind started to process the words they had just exchanged. "Oh God, what did I do…" Face started to shake as his lover's last words filtered through his mind once more, and this time, the full impact of their meaning hit him full in the chest.  His knees gave out, causing him to collapse to the floor. "Oh God…" he buried his head in his hands as exhaustion and his emotions overtook him. 





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