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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

Author:  LizB


Rating:  G

Summary:  Face, Murdock, a grinning pumpkin and mush!

Warnings:  Slash but nothing graphic. 

Disclaimer: Don't own the guys and certainly no money made here!

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The pumpkin grinned through its toothless mouth. The candle inside it flickered in the gentle evening breeze. It didn’t look menacing though and Murdock couldn’t help but smile back at it. He parked the rented Jeep and slid out of the driver’s seat.

The door to the cabin opened slowly. Face wandered out and leant on the porch railing. “You any idea how good you look by moonlight?”

Murdock smiled. “Don’t look so bad yourself.”

Face smiled, the sort of smile that always managed to melt Murdock’s heart. He stood for a moment just staring at the man before him. He was dressed in blue jeans and a checked shirt. Face’s smile told him exactly how pleased he was to see him.

“So you coming in or are you planning on spending the whole evening just staring at the porch?”

Murdock laughed. “The porch? You’re kidding right?”

Face seemed genuinely surprised. “There isn’t much else up here to be looking at, is there?”

Murdock strolled up the three steps to the porch and slid an arm round his companion’s waist. “You know better than that.” He whispered in Face’s ear.

Face buried his head in Murdock’s neck. He wanted to remember this moment. It was always the same the first few minutes the two men were back together. Back together and alone. Murdock pulled him closer. The gentle evening breeze rustled what remained of the leaves on the trees. Somewhere a long, long way away an owl hooted.

It was Face who pulled away first. He pulled Murdock by the hand into the cabin.

“I cooked.” He stated. “Hope it’s OK. I don’t do this nearly often enough.”

Murdock loved that insecurity. It was one of Face’s most endearing traits.

“It’ll be great. Just as it always is.” He replied.

Face let his hand go then, almost unwillingly. “You want a beer?”

“Sure. I’ll get them. You concentrate on whatever that is on the stove.”

Murdock grabbed two beers from the fridge and prized the tops off. He slumped into an armchair near the fire. “You know we should do this more often.”

“I know.” Face replied. “It’s not for want of trying on my part I can assure you.”

Murdock smiled. “I know, baby.” He put the beer down beside the chair and strolled over to the stove. “How about we forget the main course and go straight to the dessert?”
Face grinned. “You trying to lead me astray, flyboy?”

“Maybe.” Murdock moved closer. “Anyone ever tell you you’d make a great domestic goddess?”

Face laughed loudly. “You say the most romantic things. Go sit down and stop distracting me.” He gently pushed him in the midriff.

Murdock peered into the saucepan. “Sure smells good.”

“Sit.” Face said more forcefully and pointed in the direction of the armchair.

It had been a good meal. Murdock leant back in the chair and stared hard at the pile of used plates, knives and forks. “I guess I get to wash up.”

Face nodded. “Seems only fair.”

“Humph.” Murdock sulked. He slowly pushed his chair backwards and stood up. Sidling round the table he eventually stood behind Face. Reaching forward he started to massage his shoulders. “Too much tension.” He stated.

“Washing up.” Face said.

“Too much stress too.” Murdock continued.

“Murdock.” Face said, trying to hide a smile.

Murdock leant further forward and slid both palms down his lover’s shirt. “Come to bed.” He whispered in his ear.

Face closed his eyes. He could feel Murdock’s warm breath on his neck. His hands continued their downward descent.

“Mur …..” Face swallowed. Murdock was now nibbling on an earlobe. Any thoughts of the washing up had gone. He sat still enjoying the attention that his lover was foisting upon him.

Murdock moved round in front of him squeezing himself between Face’s chair and the table. He slowly sank to his knees. Face slid forward in the chair pushing his groan closer to his companion.

“Not here.” Murdock said. “I want to do this properly.”

Face opened his eyes. The look of longing and want in Murdock’s eyes was only too evident.

Face nodded but didn’t speak. Wordlessly the two men climbed to their feet and headed for the bedroom. Face went in first waiting for Murdock to follow him. He reached back with a foot and pushed the door almost silently shut.

Outside the pumpkin seemed to have an even broader smile.



All Hallows Eve by LizB



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