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Lover’s Triangle

Lover's Triangle

By Jullian Gray


Rating R

Summary: Halloween Challenge: Sorry I'm not giving anything way. ;o)

Warning: Slash H/F, hurt, comfort and a little blood

Special thanks to Jes for once again correcting my mistakes




"I'm not going in there, Face."


"Oh come on Murdock, it's just a house."


"I'm telling you, it's haunted."


"There is no such thing as a haunted house." Face rolled his eyes, still not believing that he was having this argument with the other man, he looked at his watch, for thirty minutes. "God, Hannibal is going to kill me if I don't get my position set up," he mumbled to himself.


"Face, one hundred years ago to this Halloween night, three people were murdered in that house…" The pilot reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out an article from the morning newspaper on the house, part of their tribute to Halloween and the cities most haunted houses. "Look Face, the guy even looks like…" He tried to shove the paper into the younger man's hands, but Face just pushed it back.


"Yeah, yeah, and it's been sold and resold, and now it's abandoned, because it's haunted; you've told me this about a million times already, but it still doesn't matter. Hannibal needs me to be in a place where I can cover him, and that's exactly what I plan on doing!" Face's voice began to rise as he thought about the time he was wasting having this conversation, yet again.


"Face, it's not just about the murder, there have been people who have disappeared, all of them blonde haired men, blonde haired men who have gone into that house and never come back out!"




"And the people that died, weren't just murdered…"


"I know, you told me, the woman's husband caught her with another man so he killed her and her lover, then killed himself. Now, are you coming with me or not!"


"Face, he beat the guy to death, then cut him up with an axe before…"


"Murdock, I don't have time..."


"Please Face, don't go in there, there has to be another place…"


"There is no other place. I need to be up high so I can have an unobstructed view."


"Can't you do it from the ground, or over there?"


"Murdock, I need to be up high." Face then turned to point to the brightly lit, yellow Victorian that his friend has just motioned to a second before. "As for that house, what am I going to do, go up to the house, knock on the door and say, Hello, I'm the neighborhood sniper, can I borrow your upstairs bedroom window for a few hours?"


"Face, you don't understand..."


"No, you don't understand, Hannibal needs me to do my job, and if I don't go now, I'm not going to be there for him. Now let go of me." With that, Face jerked his arm away from the other man.


"Please Face…"


"I'll meet you guys at my apartment an hour after this is over." Face picked up his rifle case and marched into the abandon house.


"God, please watch over him," Murdock begged as he ran back to the van, not wanting to be anywhere near the old abandoned building.


A few minutes later, Face found the master bedroom upstairs in the front of the house. He smiled as he took in the great view of the building across the street. He now had a perfect view of the adjacent home's living room, and the street below. Within a matter of minutes, he had his sniper riffle out of its case, assembled, and ready to use. Glancing at his watch, he noted he still had a few minutes before Hannibal was due to show up.


Having a few minutes to take a quick breather, Face sat back and took in more of his surroundings, truly looking at where he was, instead of the quick glance he had given the room when he had first entered.

"Haunted." Face shook his head, and then cringed when he saw the peeling floral wallpaper. "In need of an interior decorator maybe, and a cleaning crew, but haunted..." Face sighed and rolled his eyes before turning his gaze back to the house across the street.


Five minutes later, Hannibal rolled up in front of the house across the street. "God you're looking good, Colonel." Face sighed as he watched his lover get out of his vette. A few months ago, Hannibal had decided to put an end to his middle age spread; he had started jogging with Face every morning, and was now eating better. Now, the once softening middle was firm and hard like when they had first met in Vietnam. Currently, Hannibal was dressed in a dark blue business suite that Face had bought especially for him. The suit highlighted the older man's broad chest and muscular build, while the blue powder tie set off the color of his eyes.


"Get your head out of the gutter, Peck." Face shook his head as he thought of undressing the older man in their room later tonight. Putting his mind back on business, Face scanned the area for any threat to his commander and lover.


Thirty minutes later, Hannibal emerged from the house carrying a black briefcase in his hand. Without giving away Face's position, he glanced at the abandoned house, before climbing into the car to drive away.


Face watched the street carefully for another twenty minutes. When he was sure the Colonel wasn't being followed, he began to breakdown his riffle, and put it back in its case. He was almost finished, when one of the lens covers fell out of his hand and rolled across the room into the open closet.


"If that isn't my luck." He sighed as he got to his feet, making his way over to the closet. He got down on his hands and knees so he could search for the cap. Feeling around, he laid his hand on something that felt like the cap. As he pulled if toward him, he heard something in the top of the closet fall. Before Face could react, everything went dark.




Hannibal Smith looked down at his watch for the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes. He was doing a good job at keeping himself calm, but as each minute passed, it got harder and harder.


"Face said he would meet us here, right?" he asked Murdock, who was standing by the window staring at the dark October night.


"Yes sir, he told me that he would meet us here after we got done." Murdock turned to look at the others, his eyes full of concern. "But…" Murdock shook his head as he turned back to the window.


"What aren't you telling us fool?" BA scowled as he noticed his friend's body language.




"Captain, if it involves Face, I want to know now." Hannibal moved to stand behind the pilot.


"You guys wouldn't believe me, so what does it matter?"


"How do you know unless you tell us?"


Murdock just shrugged his shoulders.


"Please Murdock." Hannibal reached out to lay a hand on the other man's shoulder. "If it concerns Face, I need to know."


"The abandoned house he used for his position, is haunted."


"Oh come on; you know, every time I think you've gone as far as you can go into crazy land, you come up with something new." BA threw up his hands and rolled his eyes.


"BA." Hannibal shot the man a warning look when he noticed sadness filling Murdock's eyes. "Why do you think Face is in danger?"


"Hannibal, the house is haunted," he stopped as if that explained everything.


"And how would that be dangerous to Face?"


The pilot sighed deeply. "Way back before the turn of the century, there was a married couple who built the house, an army Colonel and his wife, well it turns out that the Colonel's Lieutenant was having an affair with his wife. The Colonel came back from a trip early and caught them getting ready to run away; he killed his wife and her lover, before killing himself.


"I still don't see what this has to do with Face."


"Come on Colonel, don't you find it…"


"Murdock, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not married, and I'm in love with my Lieutenant."


"Do you think ghosts care about that?" the pilot asked him with all seriousness. Suddenly, Murdock remembered the article that he had stuffed into his pocket. "Look Hannibal, the paper did a story on the house for Halloween, this is the photo of the couple and her lover."


Hannibal took the crumpled paper from Murdock. When he looked at it, his heart nearly stopped. If it hadn't been for the old fashion clothing, he would have sworn he was looking at a photo of Face himself, and if he looked just right, the woman looked a little like Amy.


"Jesus, did you show this to Face?" Hannibal asked as he gave the article to BA, who had moved to stand beside him.


"I tried, but he was running behind and was afraid that he wouldn't be set up in time. Hannibal, I tried to talk him out of going into the house, I really did, but he said there was no such thing as haunted houses…I should have gone in with him…I…"


"Stop, I'm sure he's perfectly fine, he's probably just had car trouble, or hell, with Face, he might have stopped off at a market to get something. I'll go back to the house and see if he's still there. You two wait here, if he shows up, call his car phone."


Murdock started to protest, but Hannibal rested his hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure he's fine. I'll call you guys as soon as I find him."


"Sure Colonel." Murdock agreed.




"Timothy? Are you alright?"


"What hit me, a bus?" Face moaned as he blinked back against the harsh light that shined in his eyes.

"I'm afraid I did. I'm sorry love, I didn't know it was you, why are you here so early? I wasn't expecting you until midnight."


"Then why did you?" Squinting against the light, he saw a blonde haired woman kneeling beside him; she was wearing a white lace dress that looked like it went out of style ages ago.


"I didn't mean to Timothy, I came around the corner and didn't recognize you by your clothes…I hit you with a vase, I'm so sorry love, please forgive me."


"Do I know you?" Face asked as he slowly tried to sit up, he made it halfway into a sitting position before he stomach rolled and his vision swam. Instead of sitting, he rolled to his side and put his hand on the side of his head where the pain was now throbbing with his heartbeat.


"Oh no, I've hit you so hard I've made you forget me," the young woman wailed.


"Please don't cry." Face looked at her as he fought to make his eyes focus. "I'll be alright." Forcing down the urge to vomit, he made himself sit up. "Just don't cry."


When she saw him sitting, the tears that were spilling from her bright green eyes slowed.


"I thought I killed you Timothy."


'I wish I was dead,' Face thought as he touched the side of his head and winced at the pain it caused. "I don't mean to upset you, so please don't cry, but do I know you?" 


The young lady stared down at him for several seconds as she blink back tear. "My name is Emily; we've been lovers for over a year now. You come every night that my husband is out of town on business," she explained as she knelt down to touch his cheek. "But tonight we planned on running away." Taking out a white handkerchief, she dabbed at the blood that was now running down the side of Face's head. "Remember, you said we would go back east and you would take care of me, you do remember, don't you Timothy?"


Face shook his head, then moaned when stars danced into his line of vision. 'Great, I've got a concussion and I'm trapped with a nut.'


"Emily, I'm sorry, but I don't remember, and my names not Timo…"


"Oh Timothy," she wailed as she threw herself into Face's arms. "You can't go back on your promise! You just cant!"


As the woman sobbed into his chest, Face looked around the room; to his shock, he noticed it was the same room he had been in just a few minutes ago, except now everything was fresh and new. "Please Timothy, you can't leave me here, I can't stand to stay with Jonathan any longer, he's so mean to me."


"Jonathan?" Face asked as he continued to scan the room. When his eyes landed on a painting of a man and woman over the large brass bed, he felt his stomach do a slow roll and his breath caught in his lungs. The young woman, Emily, was standing beside a man sitting in a chair; the man she had her hand resting on, was his lover. "John…" he whispered.


"Yes, your memory must be coming back. My husband is U.S Army Colonel Jonathan Smithton. You used to serve with him in the cavalry, that's where we met, he brought you home with him on one of his leaves, remember?"


"No, no, no…" Face shook his head, then stopped when the world began to spin. "This is all wrong…"


"Maybe I should get a doct…"


The roar of a man's voice cut off Emily's words. "What are you doing here, Lieutenant?"


"Jonathan!" the woman screamed.


Face looked up to see his lover dressed in an early 1900's suit, complete with Stetson and cigar. "This is so messed up," Face moaned.


"He's come to take me away from here." Emily stood up and declared to her husband. "Away from you!"


"That true, Lieutenant Peckley?" The man took a step toward Face. "You think you are man enough to take my wife from me?"


"Hannibal, I…" Face shook his head again, what was he going to say? He had no idea what to say or what to do.


"I hate you Jonathan!" Emily yelled as she moved to stand closer to Face. "You always…"


"Shut up woman!" Hannibal roared as he moved closer to Face, who was still having a hard time comprehending what was going on around him. "I want to know what he has to say about all of this!"


The blonde could only stare into the angry face of the man who looked like his lover. He didn't know what to say or do. He wasn't having an affair with this man's wife; he wasn't having an affair with anyone, he was more than content with his own love life.


When he didn't respond, Smithton stormed over to him and grabbed him by the front of his shirt and jerked him to his feet. "Answer me boy, are you sleeping with my wife?" the older man roared into his face. The world spun and everything became gray around the edges as Smithton started to shake him. "Answer me! Damn you, you little bastard, answer me!"


"Hannibal…I…no…I…wouldn't…steal" As his world began to go black again, Face answered the only way he knew how. "I love you…" The words died on his lips as he watched the Colonel's face go dark with rage. 


The Colonel raised his fist to hit Face, when a man's voice yelled behind him.


"Don't you touch him!"




Hannibal drove back to the to the spot where Face had parted his scammed car a few blocks from their target house. Quickly, he jogged back to the abandon building, making sure that he stayed in the shadows as much as possible. When he reached the abandoned house, he noticed a faint glow in the upstairs window. His hopes that it was Face increased, though part of him was now irritated that the younger man was careless enough to leave a light on where anyone in the neighborhood could see it. As he started up the steps, he noticed movement in front of the house. A slight smile lit his lips when he noticed Face was at the bottom of the stairs looking up.


As quietly he slipped into the house and behind his lover who had all of his attention on the shouting match that was going on upstairs.


"What's going on Face?" Hannibal asked softly. "Why are you on your way…" his words caught in his throat when the blonde turned around to look at him. From a distance, the younger man had looked almost identical to his lover, but now that they were staring at each other eye-to-eye, he could see that this was not Face.


"Jonathan," the blonde whispered, his eyes going big with fear. "I thought you were upstairs with the other…"


Though still in a little shock by what he was seeing, Hannibal quickly recovered.


"What other?" he asked as he took in the younger man. He noted that even though he looked a lot like Face, his clothes were different, they seemed to be from an era long past.


The blonde shook his head. "I'm sorry about Emily, I never meant for her to fall in love with me, it's you…"


"What other!" Hannibal demanded as he grabbed the front of the blonde's suit.


"The man upstairs." The blonde shook his head and lowered his eyes. "The one that always pays for me being too much of a coward to tell you how I feel about you."


Hannibal was going to ask another question, when he heard the screaming coming from upstairs. "Face." He grabbed the blonde by the back of his jacket and pulled him up the stairs with him. When he reached the bedroom at the end of the hallway, he froze. There was a man who looked just like him about to punch his lover in the face.




"Don't you touch him!" Hannibal yelled, his anger building as he noticed the side of Face's head was covered in blood.


Smithton turned his body just enough so that Face could see that his Colonel was now standing in the doorway.


"Hannibal!" he called out. Face tried to move toward his lover, but Smithton grabbed him around the throat and pulled him back against his chest.


"Who are you?"


"I said let him go," Hannibal ordered, his anger increasing by the second.


"Why should I?" The other Colonel glared at Hannibal as he tightened his grip on Face's throat.


"Because I have something you want." Hannibal pulled his outstretched left arm forward, and Timothy came into sight. With his left hand, he pulled his .40 out of his holster and pressed it into the younger man's temple. "Now let go of him," Hannibal's voice was now low and flat, devoid of any emotion.


Face looked at Hannibal and the blonde haired man who looked so much like himself, that they could be twins. "Hannibal?"


Hannibal dropped his gaze from his look alike for just a second so he could look at his lover's confused eyes. "It's alright kid," he reassured Face before turning his gaze back to the other man. "Now as I see it, we both have something the other wants. You give me back my Lieutenant unharmed, and I'll give you yours."


"The bastard is sleeping with my wife, what makes you think I want him?" Smithton growled as he flexed the hand around Face's throat.


In response, Hannibal pushed the barrel of his gun farther into Timothy's head. "Because I know how I feel about my boy, and I have a feeling you feel the same way about yours."


"No, I'm not one of those…"


"I'm not either, but true love doesn't give a damn about what sex you are." Hannibal stepped farther into the room, shoving Timothy in front of him. "But, then again, if you don't care what happens to this one, I'll just blow his brains out, and you can give me back my Lieutenant, and well both be happy." Hannibal started to pull the trigger back on his .40.


"No!" Jonathan yelled as he let go of Face's throat, but still kept his other hand on his shoulder. "Don't hurt him." He shook his head. "I've tried to deny how I've felt about him for centuries, but I can't anymore. I was so angry at finding him here with Emily, not because of their affair, but that he was with her, instead of me."


"I was only with her so I could be near you," Timothy stated softly.


He tried to step forward, only to be stopped by Hannibal. "This is all very touching gentlemen, but you still have something that belongs to me." Hannibal motioned toward Face, who was really starting to look bad.


"A trade then sir, the one you love, for the one I love." 


"Deal." Hannibal moved forward to meet Smithton. He re-holstered his gun as they moved forward.


"I'm afraid that your lieutenant is a little worse for the wear." The other man stated as he supported most of Face's weight.


"Won't be the first time." Hannibal sighed softly as he reached out to take Face into his arms.


"No, no, no!" Emily yelled as she looked at the four men. "This is not how it's supposed to happen." She stomped her foot. "You are supposed to fight to the death over me!"


"Get over it lady, you're not all that," Face muttered as he reached up to touch his still bleeding temple.




"She looks like Amy," Face added.


Hannibal shook his head as he turned to see the woman now standing with her mouth wide open. "Be nice kid, she just lost her husband."


Face turned his gaze to the two men, who were now in each other's arms, the two gazing into other's eyes. "She never had him," Face stated softly as he turned to look up at Hannibal. "Trust me, I know that look." 


"You better." Hannibal smiled as he leaned forward to kiss Face tenderly on the lips.


"No!" Emily screamed at the top of her lungs as he charged toward them. Face wasn't sure where in the hell the axe came from, but he pulled against Hannibal, knocking them both to the ground before the enraged woman could plant the axe blade into his lover's back. As they landed, Face took the full impact of the fall, his head colliding with the hardwood floor. Light flashed behind his eyes and everything went black.


Hannibal heard the scream and felt Face pull him forward, but he was unable to stop their forward momentum as they fell. He watched as Face's head impacted with the floor and heard the sickening thud, just before his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Realizing that Face was now incapacitated, he covered as much of his lover's body with his own, trying to protect him as looked for the woman who had attacked them.


He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and turned to see that Smithton and Peckley were struggling with the woman. The older man had his wife by the waist while the younger man was trying to wrench the axe from her hands. All the while, she was screaming at him, "This is all your fault! If you hadn't come into the house, it would be like it always was! He would have been mine, just like all the others!" Hannibal stood up and walked over to screaming woman. He grabbed the axe and helped pull it out of her hands.


"You knew they loved each other, didn't you."


"He was mine, and you took him from me!" she shrieked in Hannibal's face as he tried to launch herself at him.


"He never belonged to you." Hannibal looked over at Face, then Timothy, who was staring at Jonathan, his bright blue-green eyes full of love and fear. The older man was looking at Timothy, his eyes reassuring the younger man that everything would be all right. "Neither or them."


"No, you took them from me!" she strained against Smithton, trying desperately to get at Hannibal. "This is all you're fault!"


Hannibal looked at her for another minute, and then shook his head. "What are you going to do now?" he asked Smithton.


"We will deal with her, then spend the rest of eternity as we should have spent our lives," he told Hannibal as he turned his gaze to the younger man.


Hannibal nodded as he turned and looked at the younger man, "Take care of him, Mr. Smithton." Then he turned his eyes to his own lover, who was lying unconscious on the floor. "He'll love you with his entire heart, and give you everything he has to give."


"Thank you." Smithton looked at Hannibal, then Timothy. "I plan on making things right."


"You can't do this!!!" Emily screamed as she tried to pull out of her husband's grip.


"Come Emily, you have done enough damage." Smithton pulled her back toward the bedroom door with Timothy helping him. Hannibal watched as the three began to glow as the light of their bodies increased. He closed his eyes against the blinding light. A few seconds later, the room became dark, and he opened his eyes.


The bedroom was now dark and dreary; its wallpaper was peeling from the walls, and everything was covered in dust. A soft moan brought Hannibal back to his senses. Quickly, Hannibal moved to kneel beside Face.


"Easy kid." Hannibal gently lifted Face's head off the floor so that it was cradled in the crook of his arm.


"What happened?" Face asked as he reached up to touch his temple.


"What do you remember?"


Face closed his eyes for a second and thought. "I dropped my lens cover to my scope, it rolled into the closet. I went to get it and something fell, must have knocked me out…" Face rubbed his head again. "Had the strangest dream…there was this man who looked like you, who thought I was you…I don't know, everything is so messed up…I can't think straight…"


"It's alright kid, you've got a concussion." Hannibal stroked the hair out of his lover's eyes. "What do you say we get you home and into our bed?"


"Sounds great." Face sighed as he leaned into Hannibal's touch. "I need to finish packing up by riffle." 


"I'll get it." Hannibal kissed Face lightly on the forehead before moving to the case to finish securing the sniper riffle. When he was finished, he helped Face to his feet. Carefully, Hannibal wrapped his arms around Face's waist and helped the younger man toward the door. As they started to exit the room, Hannibal noticed a painting leaning against the wall. Looking at it closer, he saw it was of the two men he had just met. The younger man, who looked like Face, was standing next to his Colonel, who was sitting in a chair, the blonde's hand resting on his older lover's shoulder.


"Hannibal…I don't feel well," Face whispered as he moved his hand to his pounding head.


Hannibal turned his attention back to his own lover. "Lean on me kid." Hannibal adjusted his arm so that he could support more of the smaller man's weight. He had thought about picking Face up and carrying him, but remembered the poor condition of the stairs, and decided against it.




"You need anything else kid?" Hannibal asked as he stroked Face's now clean hair out of his eyes while the younger man finished swallowing the last of the hot tea Hannibal had given him.


"No, I'm fine." Face yawned as he handed the cup back.


"Tell me about the ghosts Face," Murdock asked for the tenth time since they had come through the door.


"There is no such thing as ghosts." Face rubbed his still throbbing head. "For the last time, I was reaching for my lens cover and something fell and hit me. The next thing I remember, Hannibal was kneeling over me."


"It was ghosts Face, they knocked you over the head and tried to take you away with them to the great grave…"


"That's enough!" Hannibal snapped; when everyone turned to look at him, he changed his tactic. "You're hurt Tem, and you need to rest." Hannibal turned his blue-eyed gaze to the pilot "and you don't need to add to the nightmares that he already has."


"Yes sir." Murdock sighed as he realized that there would be no more of this discussion.


"Murdock, I promise you, I didn't see any ghosts, all there was in the house was peeling wallpaper and water stained floors."


"Sure Facey," Murdock answered, as he rose from his seat on the other side of the bed. "If you guys don't care, I think I'll go watch the last of the wolf-man movie that's on."


"Just keep the noise down," Hannibal commanded as he moved to cover Face up with a quilt that Mrs. B had given the couple as a gift for Christmas last year.


"Sure Colonel." Murdock moved to leave the room, then stopped at the door. He noticed the Hannibal had moved closer to Face, one of his hands was resting lightly on the younger man's chest, while his other hand began to stroke the blonde hair. Face's eyes were already closed, his breathing slow and even. As he studied the couple closer, he realized that something had happened in the house that Hannibal wasn't telling any of them.


The Colonel had always been protective of their Lieutenant, but when things went wrong, and Face got hurt, another side of their leader came out. He became extremely protective of Face, and openly aggressive toward anyone who he thought might cause his lover any type of pain.


"You two have a good night," Murdock called out softly.


"You too Captain." Hannibal turned to look at him. "And Happy Halloween."





Lover's Triangle by Jullian Gray



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