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Time To Make Some Memories

Author  LizB


Rating  G

Summary:  Face and Murdock enjoy a mushy moment.

Warnings:  Slash.  Nothing graphic though. 

Disclaimer: Don't own the guys.  Definitely not a cent made out of this!

Feedback:  Yes please!



"Heís a good looking guy, donít you think?"

The man walking his dog cheerfully waved and carried on his way.

Murdock shrugged. "Yeah, guess so. I have no need to play the field."

Face smiled. "Murdock, you never did play the field."

His companion smiled broadly back at him. "True. I have only ever had eyes for you."

"Yeah and I was too dumb to notice."

Murdock frowned. "One thing you have never been is dumb, Face."

"Iím not so sure. All those wasted years. Looking for something that was right under my nose all the time. You never gave up waiting though, Murdock. That says a lot about you."

"It says that I never settled for less."

Face sighed. "How did I ever get this lucky?"

"I am the lucky one. Iíd have waited for you until eternity."

Face ran his hand behind Murdockís neck and gently squeezed pulling him closer. "Youíre a good man. You deserve better."

Murdock stared into his loverís blue, blue eyes. "I keep telling you there is no one better. No one more tender. No one more giving. No one who is more willing to share their life with me Ö their body with me."

"Not only share it but give it willingly." Face almost whispered.

The sun slid behind the hill. The only visible light came from the cabin in the valley. Face was sitting on the couch his hands wrapped round a mug of coffee. Murdock watched him intently from the kitchen. The last few days had given them the peace and quiet they had craved for so long. Face had had a chance to recuperate from the bumps and bruises of their last mission. It would be over far too soon. Hannibal was already making plans. Another mission. More danger. More death. More destruction. Murdock wondered how many more times they could escape almost certain death or serious injury. He wondered how many more times he would be willing to take that risk.

"Murdock? You going to stand there forever staring into space?" Face enquired.

"Just watching you, baby." Murdock replied, smiling.

"Watching and thinking, eh?"

"You ever want to just give it all up, Face. Take our chances somewhere?"

Face tilted his head to one side and thought. "You think Hannibal would ever let us? He'd be losing the best pilot he ever had."

"And the best scam artist." Murdock added.

"I don't know what I see in the way of a future in all honesty. As long as you are a part of it I guess it never really seemed to matter. I had never really thought about us settling down somewhere. A life in suburbia. Just you, me and a mortgage."

"I like the sound of the you and me bit." Murdock stated. "Not so sure about the mortgage though."

"You think we could scam our way through life then? Always moving from place to place. No roots?"


Face stretched and put the coffee cup down on the floor. "You mean you'd do that if I asked?"

"Sure." Murdock stated without hesitation.

"You would really spend the rest of your life on the run with me? You have to be kidding."


Face got to his feet and wandered through to the kitchen. "I keep telling you I got lucky the day we met. It just took me far too long to realise just how lucky. You are an amazing man, Murdock. Complex, complicated, adorable ...."

"And don't forget cute." Murdock reached out and gently kissed Face's cheek.

"Yeah cute and sexy as hell." Face pulled him closer. "Let's forget how little time we have left here. Let's just turn off the light, shut the bedroom door and make some memories."

And that was just what they did.



Time To Make Some Memories by LizB



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