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Home for the Puppies 1-5

Home for the Puppies 1/? 2000
by Susan Owens

Rated G
Warning : None
Summary : Murdock must find  homes for the four invisible puppies Billy brings home.
Disclaimer : I do not own the A-Team but the  puppies are mine.
Copyright 2000
Author's notes : I hope you enjoy this Comment welcome .


Home for the puppies

Murdock stared at his dog Billy sitting there  on the floor with four puppies playing with him.

"You know  Billy I know  for a fact that you are  a boy dog so where did these puppies come from."

Billy did not answer he just wagged his tail. Murdock paced back  and froth he knew he could not keep five dogs in  the VA.Inviaslbe  or not .

He  turn to Billy "There just  one  thing to do find homes for the puppies. I'll called Face if anyone  can help he can." Murdock pick  up the phone and  dial Face's new number soon Face answer. "Face I need you now I got a problem and only you can help."

Face was concern "Murdock what's wrong? "

"Face I can't tell you  over  the phone But it very important please hurry."

Face hung up the phone and turn to  Hannibal and BA.

"Murdock in some source of trouble ."

"What kind  of trouble?" asked  Hannibal.

"I don't know but it sounds  serious ."replied Face.

Hannibal check  his gun "We are going  with you ."

Face  nodded and  they all headed  for the van. BA drove as fast as he could what was so  wrong that the fool could not tell Face over  the phone.

Soon they arrived and went  inside .Murdock  was waiting in the  waiting room. Face  ran over to him.

"Murdock ! What wrong?"

Murdock stared for a moment  then he replied "This is what wrong . I need to find these puppies a home."

He  lift the cloth from a basket  by his foot. The A-Team look down into a empty basket. Murdock signed "I know you are asking yourselves where did the puppies  come from. I don't know because Billy a boy dog. But I woke  up and  there  they were." They just stared .Suddenly BA grab Murdock by the collar. "You called  us down for this." "BA let go  of Murdock order Hannibal. BA let go  and Murdock move away 'Yet let go of me he replied .Besides I asked Face to come down it not my fault you two came down." Face stared at the basket ."Murdock how are we going to find homes  for invisible puppies?" Murdock put his arms around Face if anyone  can do it Face  you can." Face  shook his head "I am sorry Murdock I can't help you .Not even my  talent can find homes  for invisible puppies." Murdock hung his  head "Face  I thought of all people you  could help me  find these  puppies homes. Look at them Face they need someone to love  them." He pick up one  of the puppies ."Look at those eyes Face and then say you  don't want to help." Hannibal laugh as he watch  the expression on Face's face . "What do  you say Face? Let's help Murdock find a home for these cute puppies."Hannibal said Face and BA just roll their eyes. Hannibal pick up one  of the  puppies "Captain we will all help you find a home for the puppies Murdock smiled  at his  Colonel   Home For The Puppies Part Two

Face  and BA just rolled their eyes at Hannibal.

"Hannibal you can't be serious .How can we find  a home for invisible puppies?" asked Face .

Hannibal just smile "Look at him  Face look at those eyes . How can  you not help?"

He  held the invisible puppy at Face.  Face  shook his  head  "Well he  is kind of cute."

"Cute ! yell BA .There  is  nothing  there .No dog and no puppies."

Murdock held  Billy close "Don't pay any attention to that mean mudsucker  .We will find  homes for the puppies."

"Well guys let head for the flea market and set up a booth."

BA shook his head ."I am not coming I want no part of this."

"Good then you can stay with Billy .He hates good byes."Replied Murdock .

BA swung at Murdock but he  duck in time and climb into the  van  on  the driver side. 'Come  on  guys let's go."

The other two climb in and they drove  away with  BA yelling "You  are all a bunch of fools."!  

Soon they arrived at the  flea market and they set up the booth .People walk by to see what was inside a sign said invisible  puppies free to a good home invisible puppy food goes with the puppy. House trained was underlined.

One  old woman stood looking at the sign .She walk inside .

"Hello I am interested in one  of the puppies."

Murdock walk over  to her ."Yes Ma'am  here I will show you the puppies ."

The  woman smiled "I always had  a dog but my landlord won'tallow pets."

"He  shouldn't mind  these ."replied Murdock .

The woman smiled and  look into the box.

"Is the black and white one taken?"

Murdock lifted the puppy out of the box and  gave  it to the woman .'It is now  "he replied.

She held the puppy close "Thank you I think I will called her Fluffy."

Murdock smiled  "Thank you and  tell your friends about the  puppies  we got three left."

"Oh I will thank you again."

The woman left carrying  her puppy .Face and  Hannibal enter the booth .

"Well I gave  one  of the puppies away."Replied Murdock.

"You did ?" asked a surprise Face .

"Yeah," replied Murdock "Now there are  only three left."


Home  for the Puppies Part  Three  

Face stared at Murdock "You gave one of the puppies away?"

"Yeah Face. Why does that surprise you? I mean just look at them . Who wouldn't want them ?"   Hannibal clasp Murdock 's shoulder . "Great job captain and  I am sure we will find homes  for the other  three."

Murdock smiled at Hannibal "Thanks  Colonel , I know we will."

Hannibal return the smiled and  then turn to Face.

"Well  Lieutenant It's your turn to stay with  the puppies while Murdock and  I get something to eat."

"Now  wait a minute  Hannibal .You can't expect me to stay in this empty booth . I feel  ridiculous."  

Murdock look hurt . "Face it not empty it  has  the puppies in  it."

Face just stared at Murdock and plead with Hannibal again . "Hey why  don't I take Murdock to have lunch and  you can stay with  the  puppies."

"Oh aren't they adorable ." They hear a soft  feminist voice say. Hannibal  immediately walk over to her.

"Yes they are aren't they .Here why don't you hold one."

Face  also walk over to her. "I think  I can do this Hannibal ."He  replied though grinned teeth.

"That okay I know  you are hungry I can take care of this Face."

Face started to protest but Murdock grab him by his arm.

"Come  on Face .I'm hungry Let's go ."

Murdock them pulled Face away and  headed to get something to eat.

Hannibal return back  to the young lady who was holding  a pup.

"I would like  this cute black one .But  I know nothing  about taking  care of a invisible puppies." She replied batting  her eyes at Hannibal.

"Well that comes  with the services .I would be  more and willing  to show you how to take care of the puppy."

"Oh that would be wonderful  Thank you ."

Hannibal smiled as he held out  his arm The  lady took it and  together they left.

They meant  Murdock and  Face  on  the way.

"Hey where are you going  Hannibal ?"asked Face.

"Face this lady needs some pointers  on  how to take care of this  puppy . Now  you don't want  her to raise this puppy wrong  now do you? I am just helping her out. There  are  two puppies left I am sure you will find  them good homes."

Murdock stood there  with a big smiled on his face.

"Isn't that just  like the  colonel  always thinking of other  ,even little puppies."

Face turn to his friend. "Murdock do me a favorite."

"Yeah Face . What that?"

"Shut  up"


Home for the Puppies Part Four

Murdock and Face headed  back  towards the booth. Suddenly Murdock  got excited and he ran to where the box was. He bend down and began to  look around.

"Murdock what wrong?"asked his friend.

Murdock looked up "Face look the box has been turn over the  puppies are gone" he whined

Face shook his head "Murdock they are just puppies ..They couldn't have gone  very far. Let look around the booth."

Murdock nodded and got down on his knees and began  to call for the puppies.

"Here Brownie,here Lucky Strikes."

"Brownie ,Lucky Strikes? You name the other two?"

Murdock look up  at Face "Actually I name them all.I need to keep track  of them."

"But you weren't going to keep them."replied Face.

"I know but I just did."

Murdock  suddenly smiled "Face I found Brownie. He picked  up  the brown puppy .

"Now we got to find Lucky Strikes."

Face look around "Let's look again maybe he here"

Murdock shook his head "No Lucky Strikes is not here and he's too little  to leave on his own .Which means someone took him."

He suddenly grab Face fear in his eyes.

"Face someone got Lucky Strikes . We have to find him."

Face shook his head sometimes he hated dealing with Murdock and this was one of those times.

"Come  on Murdock I am sure Lucky Strikes is here let's just look again."

Face got no  answer Murdock  had left the  booth and was now looking for the puppy. Face sighed *Why can't I have a normal life  like everyone  else.*

"Hey Murdock wait up."

Murdock stop and waited for Face. Suddenly he heard the sound of a puppy whinning. He  turn to Face.

"Face did you heard that? It sounds like Lucky Strikes"  

Face stared .He had heard it but that was impossible .

"Murdock wait a minute."

But he was too late Murdock  was arguing with  a man in another  booth who  was selling real puppies Cocker Spanials.

"Sir began Murdock I think you have one of my puppies. I am sure  it was an honest mistake."Murdock  smiled at the man.

The  man look confused. "One of your puppies? These puppies  are  mind. They are  prebreed Cocker Spaniels."

Murdock shook his head. "Not those the one  in the box with  them .You must have thought he was yours.The  white one  with the black ring around his eyes and black tip tail ."

The man stared all his puppies were tan color cocker Spaniels.

"You are nuts now get out before  I call the flea market manger."

Murdock start foward "I just want my puppy."

The man grab Murdock and pull him away from the box .

"If you want one of the puppies .That will be  $200."  

Face decided he better help Murdock,before things got out of hand. He walk over to the man and Murdock and gave the man his best Faceman smiled.

"Sir I think  I can explain all this."

But before  Face  could the man turned  around and sock Face right  in the eye . Face was now  beyond the  point  of no return .This morning had been terrible ..First they were  helping Murdock  give  away invisible puppies,then Hannibal took a young lady right from under his nose and now this man had hit him in  the  eye. He  had enough and hit the man right back knocking him down .The man look daze but not hurt. Face  turn to Murdock .

"Did you  get Lucky Strikes?"

Murdock  with  a huge smiled on  his face nodded his head. The man looked. The guy in the  baseball cap and brown leather jacket had nothing in his hands. He stared. Face smiled down at the man .

"Next time let him  have his puppy."

The man just nodded  his head. Face and Mutrdock  walk away .Murdock  seem to be stugling .

"Here Face take Lucky Strikes I can't carry them both." . He handed Lucky Strikes to Face.

'You  know Face you  save Lucky Strikes and I don't think he  will go to anyone else.I think  you  should keep him."

"Murdock I don't have time to  care for a puppy."

Murdock smiled at Face "It not that  hard Face."

"I don't know I mean how big will he get?"

Murdock again smiled "He will get as big or as small as you  want. When I am happy  and not scared Billy is small enough to hold. But when I am scared and having nightmares Billy is huge and can chase the nightmares away."

Face smiled at Murdock "Okay Murdock I'll keep Lucky Strikes .I wonder what BA will say  about  two dogs in his van."

Murdock smiled "He 'll get used to it. Come on let's take care  of that black eye of yours.You know Face you  look just like Lucky Strikes now."

Face smiled and the two men walk away with the puppies.


Home For The Puppies Part Five ...The  Final Part

As Murdock and Face were heading back  toward their booth .They saw a woman trying to calm down her young son.

"Timmy please stop crying ,we can not have a dog .Your father and sister are allergic to them."

The  little boy kept right on crying. Murdock look at Face . Face signed he  knew  whta Murdock had plan. he whisper low to him.

"Murdock you just can't give that child an invisible puppy .He wants a real one."

Murdock grin at his friend "Believe me Face  he  at a young stage that he can see the puppy."

Face thought for a moment. "How do  explain the other two people that took a puppy."

Murdock thought ."The  old woman I guess loneiness ..the young woman  no ideal."

He then walk over to the woman  and her  son carry Brownie. The  minute Timmy saw Brownie he let out a loud noise .

"Oh mommy look at the puppy that man is holding ..Please may I have him ?"

Timmy mother  stare at the  man she saw no puppy.But her son was petting it.

"Isn't  a child imagenation just wonderful?" asked the blond hair man with the  other man. My friend  and I here ,pointing  at Murdock we are giving away an invisilbe pets for children that can't have real ones .. "

The woman stared "Excuse  me ?"

Murdock step in "It help  the child and you as well he gets a pet and you  have no worries taking care of a invialbe  pet is easy .So could your son please have this puppy."

She  look at her son he seem to  be  holding something. "Oh what harm will it do ."

Timmy what are you going to called your new puppy." she asked.

Timmy smiled at his mother he look at her and the two men Then he spoke his head held high ."I am going to name  him Brownie."

Murdock  nuge Face "See I told you  it was a good name."

They  watch the  mother and her  son leave then head back to Face's car and back  to  where  they were staying.

As they enter the room Face saw Hannibal  on the couch. "How was your date " Hannibal smiled  "Well she owns a invisilbe cat  and bird too by then time I left the puppy was chasing the cat."

BA  growl he had  just came in carry a sandwich  and a glass of milk.

"So did you find homes  for the puppies ?"

"Yes replied Murdock he gester toward Face .

"Faceman took one of them."

BA suddenly grab Murdock "You  listen to me fool ..There is no dog and Face has no puppy."

Murdock look around BA shoulder. "Oh no ? Then how do you explain that?"

BA turn around and almost faint at  what he saw. His milk glass was turn over and something was lapping it up and his sandwich  was being carry away. He  stood there frozen while Hannibal ,Face, and Murdock just stood there laughing

The End    


Home for the Puppies by Susie Owens
A Home for Duke by Susie Owens



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