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Not On His Watch

Not On His Watch

Author: Sockie


Rated: PG

Summary: Musings by Murdock.

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the guys or make any money off this. 






One, two, three…


Murdock counted the rings silently in his head. Three... it had been three days since their last mission ended. Three days since he had let the team down. Three days he had been laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, and ignoring the phone.


He knew it was Face calling him- calling to say it was not Murdock’s fault. That the helicopter Face had scammed was not a good one. It was old, worn-out. But Murdock knew Face had scammed worse choppers before. Heck, he himself had scammed worse choppers before. But he had always managed to keep them in the air… until now.


Four, five, six…


Six… the guys had six MPs on their tails as they skidded to a stop beside the waiting helicopter. Murdock already had the blades turning, waiting to take off. Hannibal and Face quickly hoisted BA into the passenger seat, climbed in, and they were off. The MPs shot uselessly into the air, and for a moment, they were home free. Until the Army helicopter appeared. 


Seven, eight, nine…


Nine… for nine hair-raising minutes, Murdock successfully dodged the Army chopper. He used every evasive technique in the book, as well as a few he had made up himself. But in then end, it had not been enough. He miscalculated the distance between the chopper and the trees. Well, technically, he calculated correctly; but the helicopter did not handle quite the way he expected. He clipped the top branches and they next thing he knew, they had crashed onto the ground.


Ten, eleven, twelve…


Twelve…for twelve hours, they outran, out-maneuvered, and out-smarted the MPs. Thankfully, none of them were seriously injured in the crash. The jolt had even woken up the groggy BA. They managed to escape into the forest before the Army chopper doubled back and landed. And Hannibal and the jazz saved them again. 


Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…


Fifteen… He had been with the guys for fifteen years. It had been a good run; no, a great run. He had more fun with them than anyone else in his life. And over the years, they had become his family. But it was time to let them go. They were better off without him. They needed a pilot they could trust, not some crazy loon who used to be able to fly. And although it would kill him to stay locked up in the VA, knowing they were going on missions without him, it had to be done. He would not risk them getting captured, or even killed, again. Not on his watch.


Sixteen, seventeen…


And finally, mercifully, the ringing stopped.





Not On His Watch by Sockie



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