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The Club II

The Club II -- Black's Revenge

By Jullian Gray


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Hannibal's worst nightmare comes true when a past enemy kidnaps Face.

Warning: Slash, H/F, language, mention of rape, torture and bondage.

Special Thanks to Jes who keeps me going, and Deb who is a Saint of a beta.




Part 1


Black watched the small TV screen in his cell. He was taking great interest in the report as it was all about the men who had put him in his current predicament. The A-team. His world had been ruined by the A-Team. Black shook his head as he turned off the TV still not quite believing it.  How had he been so stupid? He should have known that the blonde and his master were too good to be true. He had never seen any slave obey that well. 


Leaning back on his bunk Black looked at the small collection of photos that were taped to the wall beside his head. It had taken him years to collect and create the small shrine. Each picture had been carefully clipped from news articles or magazines; most were in black and white, but there were a few in color and all were of the same person. One Lieutenant Peck, the most beautiful blonde haired blue-eyed man he had ever seen.


"You just wait for me beautiful; I promise you'll be with me soon." Black smiled as he looked down at the parole letter in his hand then back at the blonde. "Very soon."




Hannibal watched in horror as the scene on the videotape played out in front of him. His mind still couldn't comprehend what was happening to his lieutenant. He watched Face scream as the man behind him continued to rape and beat him, and his heart broke as the man he loved began to scream, at first Face's words were incoherent then he began to scream "Hannibal" repeating his lover's name over and over. At last, Black stopped his brutal assault and allowed Face's, now unconscious, body to slid off the table and fall to a bloody heap on the floor. Then Black walked over to the camera with a twisted smile on his lips. "You lied to me, Colonel Smith, but don't you worry I'll have him trained like you said he was. In fact, by the time I see fit to send this tape, he won't even know his own name. " With that the tape stopped and snow danced across the screen.


Murdock sat with his hat in his hands his head hung low tears falling from his eyes soaking the carpet. His need to find Face and take away his pain flooded his mind, they had to find him, they had to make everything right again.


BA sat next to him clenching and unclenching his fists, his anger overwhelming everything. All he could think about was killing the man who was raping and torturing his little brother. The team had to find Face; if they could find him, he could protect him.


Hannibal continued to stare at the screen though it showed nothing but snow. His mind at a complete loss as his heart broke from the sorrow it was feeling. How could he have let this happen? He was supposed to protect Face; he was supposed to keep him safe. This wasn't suppose to happen not to him, not to the man he loved. They had just gotten Murdock back to a half way normal state and now he was going to lose… 


"NO!" Hannibal yelled as he picked up an ashtray and threw it across the room, before getting to his feet. He would not think that way, he would not let these people win, and he would get Face back if he had to tear every building in LA down to find him.


"Hannibal, what are we going to do?" Murdock looked up at him, his brown eyes lost.


"I need to know one thing Murdock, can you hold yourself together through this?"


"I'll try."


"Try isn't good enough Captain; I need a yes or no."


Murdock looked over at BA and could tell that the big man wanted the same answer that the Colonel did. "Yes sir, for Face's sake I can do it."


"BA, you know where we have to go. I suggest you brief Murdock." With that, Hannibal left the room.


"BA, what's going on?" Murdock stared at his own lover in shock.


"This ain't going to be easy man." BA took a deep breath as he reached over to pull the pilot into his arms. "It happened seven years ago when you were still in the VA. We were hired by a club owner to find his missing partner and find out what was happening to his clients…"  BA watched as Murdock hugged his knees to his chest while he finished his story. "…So this guy Black got 7 years for kidnapping the night club's partner."


"And nothing for what he did to Face." Murdock shook his head.


"Face is a felon, you know he can't press charges."


"It's not fair." Murdock looked at BA with tears in his eyes.


BA shook his head. "Life ain't fair man."


Hannibal looked out over the ocean, trying to get his thoughts together. Face had been missing for eight months, no sign, and no clues as to where he was; he had gone out jogging one morning on the beach and never come back. They had tried to find him God how they had tried, to find him. The team had torn the beach and the surrounding areas apart trying to find their missing team member, but they have gotten nowhere. Face had simply disappeared.


And now…now this…eight months of worry and fear was all justified in a thirty minute videotape that had appeared in the mailbox this morning. If the time/date stamp was right on the tape then it had been filmed just a few days after Face had been abducted. Hannibal scrubbed is face with his hands; was Face still fighting Black, or had Black made good on his promise? He knew that he had to go back and watch the tape. He had to look for clues, but he just couldn't, how could he watch Face be raped…how could he watch him suffer…how could he look into those blue-green eyes filled with pain…listen to him screaming his name…


"Damn it Smith, get a hold of yourself, if you don't find him he'll just keep suffering at that bastard's hands." Hannibal growled at himself as he forced himself to go back into the living room to watch the tape again.




Black smiled as he watched his pet curl up into a ball on the floor in a corner of the room. It had been hard to break the young blonde but in the end, he had done it. Black snapped his fingers and the naked man quickly moved to kneel in front of him, his head lowered.


Black reached down to stroke the blonde's head, "You are a good slave aren't you. You know your former master is getting a real treat tonight. " He smiled when the blonde looked up at him with hope in his eyes. "He's getting to see what a perfect pet you have become."  Black smiled as pain flashed in the blue-green eyes. "I see you still remember." Black's smile widened as the blonde began to tremble even harder. "Now I'm going to give you a choice you can sleep in my bed tonight or take your punishment, you know the rules." 


The blonde looked over at the bed, then over at the leather belt that hung on the wall. Slowly he made his way over to the belt on his hands and knees; he looked over at Black who nodded. The blonde rose up, got the belt off the wall, and brought it back to Black. He presented the belt to his master then knelt to receive his beating.


Black stood up and grabbed a hold of the collar that was fastened around the blonde's neck. Once he had a firm grip on the collar, he proceeded to beat the blonde across the back and buttocks. When the young man's flesh was red, and welts began to show he released the collar and handed the belt back to the blonde. He watched as the man made his way across the room hung up the belt then came back to him. Again, he kneeled in front of Black waiting for him to give a command. Reaching down he stroked the blonde's cheek.


"You know all you have to do is get in the bed with me and I wouldn't be forced to beat you." Black sighed as he watched the blonde drop his head. "Go to bed." Black snapped his fingers and pointed back to the corner of the room. The blonde crawled back to the corner and settled down for the night. He whimpered softly as his back and buttocks made contact with the hard floor. Yes, he knew that Black wouldn't beat him if he got in the bed, but if he did that he would be volunteering his body to the other man, and if he did he would lose what little bit was left of Templeton Peck. But if the team had seen the tape of him why was he trying to hold on? They wouldn't want him back. Hannibal would never want him after this; slowly the last of Face's resolve began to fade, until only a thread of him existed.


Hannibal watched the tape again, he made himself look past the physical abuse Face was being put through and focused on the things around him. He could see that Face was in an enclosed room; there was no natural light. The walls appeared to be cinder block, the ceiling had wires running through it, and there was floor joists.  A flash of light caught his eye and Hannibal realized it was a mirror. Hannibal moved closer to the TV and began to play the tape back one frame at a time. He had been wrong. There was a window and he could see a pool, yes, it was a pool with palm trees around it, and son of a bitch, he could see the Hollywood sign.


"Where are you, kid?" Hannibal pulled back to look into Face's tortured eyes. "Give me some clues baby." He reached up to touch the screen; he looked at his lover for a few minutes before he rewound the tape and began to play it again. This time he began to pay attention to what Face was saying.


Hannibal closed his eyes and listened to Face words, it was so hard to block out Black's grunting and the slaps of leather on bare flesh. Hannibal concentrated hard blocking out everything but the sound of Face's voice. As he listened, he realized that Face was speaking in several different languages, switching between, French, German, and Vietnamese. Quickly Hannibal grabbed a pen and began to write down Face's words.

"That's my boy." Hannibal looked at the address, pride for his lieutenant filling his heart.  "Let's go we have an address!" he yelled as he made his way toward the garage.




"Go answer the door!" The master yelled at his slave. As the younger man rose up to answer the door, the master smacked him hard on the ass. "Move it." The younger man lowered his head and hurried to the front door. Before he could open it, the door burst open and three men stormed through. The slave and the white haired man stared at each other for a brief second before the slave dropped his head.


Hannibal looked at the young man standing in front of him, his heart leaped into his throat as he made out the blonde hair. Then it sank as he realized that the half naked man standing before him was not his partner.


"Damn it slave, who the hell is it?" The slave's master came storming into the hallway. "Who the hell are you people?" The master yelled at Hannibal. In three quick strides, Hannibal was across the room with the man's throat in his hands him slamming him into the wall.


"Where the hell is he?" Hannibal snapped as his hand tightened around the man's throat.


"I don't know who you're talking about!" the master yelled as he tried to get out of Hannibal's grip.


"Let me say this so you can understand me." Hannibal pulled out his automatic and stuck it to the man's temple. "Where is Black and the man he brought here?"


"He's not here…Black… took him…once he was…was…" the man stopped when he saw the anger building in the blue eyes.


"Once he was what?" Hannibal's voice became low and dangerous as he pushed the automatic harder into the man's skull.


"Broke." The man whispered.


At that point it was everything Hannibal could do to keep from pulling trigger as his hand tightened even more.


"Can't…breathe…" The man clawed at Hannibal's hand.


"That's not going to be a problem for you in just a few seconds if you can't tell me where he is." Hannibal loosened his grip just enough to let the man catch his breath.


"I don't know where he is at, Black took him once he was…bro…trained the way he wanted him."


"Where is Black?"


"I don't know."


"Not good enough!" Hannibal snarled.


BA watched in horror as Hannibal's fingers tightened on the trigger of the gun. He quickly reached over and grabbed the Colonel's wrist jerking his hand up just before the round came out of the end of the firearm.


"Let me deal with him." BA growled as he snatched the man out of Hannibal's grip and pulled him across the room.


Once the two men were across the room Murdock moved up to Hannibal. "You could have killed him."


"I still might." Hannibal snapped as he shoved past the pilot and made his way over to the blonde haired man.


Murdock could only look at him in complete disbelief, he knew that Hannibal had been hurting since Face disappeared, they all had. There hadn't been a day that had gone by that he hadn't gone out to the beach and looked for his friend. He missed Face terribly; they all did, but he hadn't realized just how bad the Colonel was until right now. Hannibal had always kept his emotions under tight control only allowing the team to see what he wanted them to see. The only one he ever truly opened up to was Face and Face had been gone for so long. Hannibal had closed off from him and BA, now Murdock was afraid that he might snap if they didn't find Face soon.


Reaching into his back pocket, Hannibal pulled his wallet out, as he walked over to the blonde haired man who was now huddled in a corner.


"Have you seen this man?" Hannibal asked his voice softer as he bent down in front of the man.


"Yes, sir." The man looked over to his master seeing that the big black man had him occupied he turned back to the silver haired man. "You're Hannibal aren't you?" his voice just above a whisper.


"Yes." Hannibal raised his eyebrow.


The man smiled, as he looked the older man up and down "He knew you would come. He kept telling me that you would come for him. I didn't believe him, but he said you would find him."


Hannibal felt his heart drop at the other man's words. "Where is he now?"


The slave's smile instantly disappeared and he dropped his head. "Black took him away once…he broke…" the slave took a deep breath. "He's not the same as you remember him. There is nothing left of the man that Black brought in here."


"Don't say that." Hannibal snapped, but calmed back down when the man cringed back away from him.


"Do you have any idea where Black might have taken him?"


"No sir, but there are addresses in my master's office."


"Alright, son, I just have one question. You staying here or are you going with us?"


"I'd like to leave with you," Hannibal watched as the other man dropped his head. "I thought this would be fun and exciting, but after what I've seen." The younger man shivered. "I never want to see any of these people again."


 "You've got five minutes to get your stuff together. We'll be leaving here as soon as we search the house."


"Yes, sir." The man quickly got to his feet then stopped. "Sir? "


Hannibal turned to look back at him. "They kept him down in the basement…I can show you where if you like."


"I would appreciate it." Hannibal flashed a quick smile at the man as he laid his hand on his shoulder. "What's your name, son?"




"Murdock, check upstairs, BA if he doesn't tell you anything important kill him." Hannibal turned back to the former slave. "Jim, lead the way."


When the two got to the bottom of the stairs Hannibal recognized the mirror up against the wall that he had seen in the video.


"Black would beat him everyday, but he wouldn't give up. He almost killed Black twice. If it hadn't been for the Masters I think he would have." Jim said softly. "Finally they locked him in this room." The man pointed to an open door off to one side of the main room. As looked inside he could see it was the size of a broom closet. "They left him there for four months straight, tied and blindfolded…Black would barely feed him, and when he did he would put it in a dog dish, and shove it through the little door in the bottom so he couldn't touch anyone" Jim shuddered. "He tried to hold on for you Sir, he really did try but… what they did to him…." The man hugged himself.


Hannibal closed his eyes as he thought about how Face must have tried to hold on, hoping that he the team would find him. Hannibal slammed his hand against the wall as he thought about what he was going to do to Black when he found him. "Bastard!" he yelled as the pain he was feeling began to build.  He looked up when he felt a light touch on his arm.


"Don't be angry at him sir, he really tried."


"I'm not angry at him, I just want him back." Taking another deep breath, Hannibal once again clamed himself down. "Jim, go back upstairs and wait with my team. I'll be up in a minute."


Slowly Hannibal made his way around the basement, the hell torture chamber; he didn't want to imagine what they had done to his lover in this room. There were whips, leather belts, cattle prods, studded collars, dilos, vibrators, tables with leather restraints and chains hanging from the walls, and ceiling. He made his way back to the closet that Face had been locked in and he could feel the anger building once again.


Four months with no contact, he couldn't imagine how Face must have felt. Hannibal could still remember how he would hold him after he would be in the box for a week while they were in the camps. There were times that he thought Face would not make it out with his sanity intact.


 Realizing that he wasn't going to find any clues to his lover's whereabouts he turned to leave when something shiny caught his eye. As he moved into the room, he was almost overcome by the smell of sweat, blood, urine and feces. Holding his breath he reached down to pick up the object that caught his attention, moving back out into the main room he held it up to the light.


 It was the small gold cross that Face had worn around his neck. Face had told Hannibal that Father Maghil had given it to him before he had left for Vietnam to remind Face that he always had to have faith, no matter what. God and faith would get him through whatever the world threw at him. Hannibal had only seen the chain off of Face's neck one other time. It had been torn from his throat when they had first arrived in the POW camp by a NVA solder. Hannibal had made sure that Face got his cross back before they left the camp. Now Hannibal clutched the small cross tightly until it bit into his palm. "I'm so sorry, Tem."


"Hannibal, we have Black's address!" Murdock yelled as he started to run down the stairs. "We found his address! BA says we can be there by nightfall!"


"Don't come down here, Captain!" Hannibal commanded. Murdock didn't need to see what had been done to Face. Hannibal opened his hand and looked down at Face's cross. "Hang on kid." He fastened Face's chain around his neck before going back up the stairs to his two remaining teammates.




The blonde looked over at his master then at the belt on the wall; if he tried real hard, he could remember another time. A time before this master, a time when he had been with another, a time when he had been …happy…was that the word he was looking for happy.


When his master nodded, he reached up and pulled the belt off the wall. Slowly he made his way back to his Master on his hands and knees; he bowed his head as he presented the belt to the man.


"You're moving awful slow tonight slave." Black stood up so he could tower over Face. Black reached down, grabbed the blonde by the hair, and forced his head up. "You wouldn't be having some type of thought in your pretty little head would you?" With that, he slapped the blonde hard across the face with the leather belt. "I own you!" Black released Face's hair as he struck Face again, knocking him to the ground. "I own you! Your master gave you to me because he knew you were worthless! Damaged goods!"  Black continued to yell as he picked up the belt and began to beat the blonde across his back and buttocks. The slave tried to curl up into a ball and protect himself but this only infuriated his Master further.


Black grabbed Face by the hair and pulled him up to his knees. He grabbed the collar around Face's throat and pulled him over to the bed. "I will not have you disobey me! You will not resist me! I own you!" Black shoved the blonde down onto the bed face first. He spread Face's legs so that he had full access to his inner thighs. "If you move I will give you a beating like you have never had before!" With that, Black brought the leather belt down on the soft flesh of Face's inner thigh. The blonde wanted to scream, but he knew that would make his master even madder at him causing his punishment to be even worse. So he did the only thing he could think of, he bit down hard on his lip. When he felt the second blow, he tasted blood as his teeth broke the skin.




"This is it!" Murdock yelled at BA as the van slowly made its way down the street.


"Shut up fool, I see it!" BA snapped back. He looked back at his lover and felt bad when he saw the look on the pilot's face. "Sorry man." BA apologized. He was just so mad at himself for allowing Black to get his hands on Face. In the back of his mind, he knew that none of the team was responsible for Face's kidnapping but he still couldn't help think that he should have been there to protect Face. Then when the video had come, he knew that Black was taunting him for not doing his job. It was Hannibal's job to plan, Face's job to get them things, Murdock's job to keep everyone laughing, and it was his job to protect them. And he had failed in his job; he had failed miserably.


"You with me Sergeant?" Hannibal asked as he put his hand on BA's shoulder.


"Yeah, man lets go get Face back."



Face tried to move but he couldn't, his lower legs, buttocks and his inner thighs burned so bad that he just couldn't move.


"You have thirty seconds to get off of that bed before I consider that as your acceptance to sleep with me." Black smiled as he watched the smaller man try to move, he could see the pain and fear in the man's eyes which made him smile even wider.


Face whimpered as he tried to move again, he didn't want to be in the bed. He knew there was a reason that he didn't volunteer himself to his master, but right now, he couldn't remember. All he could feel was pain, and he wanted it to just stop, he needed it to stop. Using the last of his strength Face pulled himself off the bed and fell in a heap on the floor.


Black watched as he his slave struggled to get himself into a kneeling position. He knew that there would be no way that the man could kneel. He was surprised that he had even made it off the bed. Black smiled as he knelt down and ran his hand over the hot bruised flesh of the blonde's buttocks. When the young man whimpered, he smacked the red cheek with one hand as he grabbed the collar with the other. "You know I've had enough."  With that, he jerked Face to his feet and shoved him back onto the bed. Face screamed in agony as his muscles and skin protested the sudden movement.    




The team made their way over the large privacy wall and across the front lawn. They split up with Hannibal and BA making their way around to the back while Murdock took guard in the front of the house, and waited for them to return.


"There is a light on upstairs on this side but, it don't look like there is any one home." BA reported as he met Hannibal on the backside of the house.


Hannibal nodded "It's completely dark on this side. I'm starting to wonder if this is a wild goose…" Hannibal's words died when he heard the scream. "Face!"


Before Hannibal could move, BA had picked up a wrought iron lawn chair and threw it through the sliding glass door. Both of men were through the door and heading up the stairs before the chair had stopped sliding across the floor.


Black was just about to shove his penis into Face when he heard the glass of the patio door shatter. He could hear the heavy footsteps as they came up the stairs. He just had enough time to grab Face by the collar and pull him in front of him before the bedroom door crashed open.


Hannibal ran down the hallway toward the light that was shining under the bedroom door. It was everything he could do to force himself to think as he rushed down the hall. He told himself that his first job was to make sure that the room was safe for them, to enter to look for any possible dangers to him or the rest of the team. His second job was to secure the room. His third was to check for Face.


All of this planning went out the door when BA kicked the bedroom door in and Hannibal saw Face. All Hannibal could see was his lover's eyes; his beautiful blue-green eyes were filled with nothing but pain and despair, Face looked completely devastated.


"I'm impressed Mr. Smith." Black tightened his grip on Face's collar forcing him to move back against Black's body. "I didn't think I had left any clues for you."


"You underestimated my Lieutenant." Hannibal looked at Black his eyes and voice deadly. "Now, let go of him."


"Oh I don't think so Mr. Smith. You see I know that as soon as I let go of this little beauty you'll attack me." Black ran his free hand over Face's buttocks his finger's sliding over Face's opening causing Face to whimper. "How about that we pay a little game, if you can get him to come to you then you can have him."


"No, I won't play games for him. I just wanted you to let him go because I didn't want to get your brains all over him." With that, Hannibal raised his automatic and squeezed off a shot. The bullet pierced Black's skull before he even had time to register what Hannibal had done. He staggered a half step then fell to the ground pulling Face down with him, collapsing on the injured man.


BA could was glad that Hannibal had pulled the trigger killing Black, his only regret was that he hadn't been the one to do it. He turned to look at the older man but noticed that he was already moving toward their fallen friend.


Hannibal ran over to his lover and rolled the corpse off of him. He dropped to his knees and carefully pulled Face into his arms. "Face?" Hannibal looked into his lover's eyes and saw nothing but fear.


The blonde looked up at the silver haired man as he was lifted up into the other man's arms. He was now terrified, he didn't know what was going to happen to him now. He remembered Black telling him that his master had traded him and now his master was dead, dead at the hands of the man who was now holding him. What was going to happen to him now? If he was a bad as Black kept telling him then what would this man do to him? Unable to cope with what was happening the thin thread that separated Face and the slave snapped. 


"Tem? Templeton, don't do this baby." Hannibal watched as Face completely closed down. He cradled Face to his chest. "Please don't do this baby, please."


BA moved to kneel beside the two men; he placed his hand on his commander's shoulder. "We need to get going, I'm sure someone heard the shot." 


"BA! Hannibal!" Murdock yelled as he ran up the steps two at a time. He had heard the glass door shatter and by the time he had made it to the back of the house, he heard the gunshot.


Hannibal nodded as he stroked Face's hair out of his eyes. "Stop Murdock; he doesn't need to see this."


BA squeezed Hannibal's shoulder. "I don't blame you." BA took a deep breath before he continued. "I'm just sorry that I stopped you the first time you had a chance to kill him." 


Hannibal only nodded his head as he shifted Face in his arms so he could access the damaged that had been done to him. "Bring the van up the drive. I don't think he is in any condition to walk."


Hannibal waited until BA left the room before focusing his attention back on Face.



BA quickly made his way down the hall, he grabbed a hold of Murdock as the pilot tried to get past him.


"Let go!" Murdock yelled as he struggled with the big man.


"Hannibal will be out with him in a minute."


"Let go!" Murdock yelled again.


"Damn it, listen to me!" BA shook his lover to get his attention.


Murdock stopped struggling to look at the other man. It was so rare to hear BA curse that it stopped him cold.


"We need to bring the van up to the house. Face is in bad shape, you hear me, he's going to need all of us to help him, but right now we need to get him out of here, and that means you going to get the van and bring it up here while I open the gates."


Murdock looked past BA to the room at the end of the hall. He wanted to see his friend so bad; he needed to know that Face was alive, need to see him with his own eyes.


"Please BA"


BA closed his eyes; it was rare that he could deny his lover anything but this was one of those times.


"We need to go get the van." BA stated as he grabbed Murdock by the arm and pulled him down the hall after him.



 "Face." Hannibal looked down at the younger man in his arms, when he got no response he began to talk to let Face know what was going to happen to him. "I have to get you out of here. I'm going to wrap a blanket around you and then I'm going to pick you up." As he spoke, Hannibal moved into action stripping the blanket off the bed and covering Face's battered body. Shifting his position Hannibal moved so could pick the smaller man up into his arms.


Face whimpered when Hannibal's arms made contact with his battered body but made no attempt to move or speak. Carefully Hannibal carried Face from the room and out of the house that had been his living hell.



Murdock waited in the van for Hannibal and BA to return with Face. He had promised the big guy he would stay in the van until they returned with their friend but it was getting harder and harder as each second passed.


He loved Face more than any of them could possibly imagine, if he had been given the chance he would have shown Face how much he loved him. But the blonde had made it clear that he could only love him as a brother. That his heart belonged to Hannibal and only Hannibal. At first he had been angry, until he discovered that he could live with this as long as he could be close to Face. Later on, he had sat and talked to BA about his feelings and discovered that he wasn't the only one who felt a more than brotherly love toward their young friend.


Murdock still wasn't sure how it happened but later he and BA found themselves in each other's arms. How did that old song go? "If you can't be with the one you love then love the one you are with"…'Snap out of it, fool' Murdock berated himself, he had to keep it together, he had to keep his hold on reality. Face was going to need him.



"Van's out front." BA informed Hannibal as he met him at the front door. "You need any help with him?" BA offered but he already knew the answer.


Hannibal only shook his head as he made his way past the big man on his way out the door.


"Lord, please help us." BA offered a prayer to God as he followed his commander out the door.




Murdock watched as Hannibal approached the van with Face in his arms. It was everything he could do to keep from rushing the older man to get to his friend, but he knew that if he didn't keep himself under control, Hannibal would send him back to the VA and there would be nothing BA could do to stop him.


Taking a deep breath Murdock opened the sliding door, steadying himself for the worst, and if he thought he was ready, he was sadly mistaken.


It wasn't Face's physical appearance that disturbed him; he had seen the younger man in far worse condition when they had been held as POW's. What unnerved him was Face's eyes, not only were they filled with pain, but the blue-green orbs were also filled with fear and defeat. He just didn't look like their Face.


"Facey?" Murdock reached out to touch Face, but quickly pulled his hand back when Face flinched away from him.


"Murdock, get a sedative from the med kit."


"You sure about that Colonel?" BA asked as he stepped up behind Hannibal. "We don't know if that bastard has given him anything."


"His heart is beating like a trip hammer; I can feel it against my chest. If we don't get him calmed down he could have a heart attack right here in the driveway." Hannibal stated calmly so he wouldn't startle the frightened man in his arms. "One other thing, no sudden movements Captain."


"Yes sir." Murdock slowly moved to the back of the van and grabbed the team's medical kit. He quickly dug through it and found a syringe and the powerful sedative they used to render BA unconscious before flying. Carefully he filled the syringe with just enough of the medication to help his friend slip into unconsciousness. It was times like this Murdock was glad of his field training in Vietnam. God knows it was one of the few good things he had learned to do.


"Okay Facey just one little pin prick and you'll feel a whole lot better." As gently as possible Murdock injected Face with the drug. The only response Face gave was a soft whimper when the needle pierced his skin.


The three men waited until Face shut his eyes and became limp in Hannibal's arms before moving him to the floor of the van. Mercifully Face remained unconscious during the drive home, and as the team bathed him and dressed his wounds. He started to come around as they dressed him in pajamas, and laid him in the bed, but he quickly fell asleep as his ravaged body gave into its injuries and fatigue.


"What now Hannibal?" Murdock sat on the opposite side of the Colonel who was looking down at Face and stroking his hair.


"We let him sleep as long as he's able to, then get him fed. After that we take it day by day."


"Do you think he'll come back to us?" Murdock looked down at Face then back up to his commander.


Reaching out Hannibal gently brushed back Face's hair from his eyes. "He has to." He whispered as he fought back the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes.



The blonde woke to a strange feeling, there was something soft covering his body and he was warm for the first time that he could remember. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around; he was in a big room painted in a soft tan color. One wall was made entirely of glass with a perfect view of the ocean. Off to the side of the glass wall there was a large set of French doors that lead out onto a deck. As he looked around, he noticed a dresser with several photos on it.


There was one of him and a silver-haired man standing together, their arms over each other's shoulders, and they were smiling. Was this man his old master and if so why had he traded him to Black when they looked happy in the photo? What had he done that was so bad that he had been traded?


The one next to it was one of him beside the silver haired man with two other men; if he tried real hard, he could remember seeing them a long time ago, a time before he was afraid of everything, before he had become property. The blonde shook his head it was wrong to think like that, he had always been property, Black had made that point to him on many an occasion. In fact, he should stop thinking right now, he told himself, and he was going to get into trouble for it. He knew if he got caught if he would be punished for thinking.


But then his eyes came to rest on the nightstand beside him and he had to look at the photo sitting on it. It was another photo of the silver-haired man. He was dressed in a gray suit, no tie, the top three buttons were unfastened, his hands in his pockets leaning up against a pillar.


"You took that of me last fall, when we were in Rome." A soft voice behind made him jump. The blonde turned his head to notice the silver-haired man lying on the bed beside him. Suddenly he was consumed with fear, as he noticed he was lying in the bed wearing clothes. He wasn't supposed to be on the furniture; he wasn't supposed to have clothing on. What was going to happen to him now? How bad was he going to be punished for this?


Hannibal watched as Face woke. He noted the way the younger man's eyes scanned the room, each time they would stop on an object in the room. It wasn't until Face turned to look at the photo on the nightstand that he realized what Face was doing. As he watched his lover he decided to make his presence known, a decision he instantly regretted when Face turned to look at him, fear plainly written on his bruised face.


Taking a deep breath, Hannibal decided to continue hoping to put Face at easy. "We were at the Temple of Athena, do you remember?" He asked softly.  Face didn't answer but continued to stare at him his eyes wide. "I have one of you by the fountains, you want to see it?" He was hoping that Face would answer but when he didn't Hannibal moved to retrieve the picture from his side of the bed. As soon as he turned his back, Face bolted from the bed, rushed to a corner of the room, and began to tear off the pajamas that were covering him. Hannibal could only stare as he watched a now naked Face huddle in the corner, his entire body shaking.


As the blonde looked over at the other man he knew what he had to do, this was his old master and he was being tested. He had traded him to Black because he had been ungrateful; he had disappointed his master too many times. Maybe just maybe his old master had missed him and was now willing to give him another chance if he could prove to him that he was worthy, that he was willing to obey his rules.


And the Blonde remembered the rules; Black had made sure he remembered the rules. No speaking ever, No clothes, No getting onto furniture, No eating until given permission, No going to the bathroom without permission, No sleeping unless told, No eye contact with anyone except the master, No physical contact with anyone but the master, and most important of all he was his master's property; an object to be used as his master saw fit.


The Blonde dropped his head, but he couldn't help sneak a glance from beneath his eyelashes.  When he did he noticed the look of shock in the older man's eyes and suddenly he was terrified by what he saw. The master looked disappointed and sad, had he messed up so soon? What was he going to do if his master sent him away? Suddenly he knew what was wrong, he had been caught breaking a rule and he had to be punished.


Quickly he scanned the room for the leather belt that always hung on the wall in Black's bedroom.


As he looked around, he felt his fear begin to grow when he didn't see the belt on the wall. Then he saw it. It wasn't the belt that Black used and it was still looped through a pair of pants, but it was still a belt that this master could use.


The Blonde hurried across the room on his hands and knees. He pulled the belt from the pants and brought it back to the master. With his head hung, he presented the belt to the silver-haired man, all the time his mind praying his old master would take him back.


Hannibal watched in horror as Face crawled across the room on his hands and knees before pulling the belt from his jeans then bringing it back to him. His heart broke as Face hung his head so only the top of his blonde head was visible, his thin arms holding up the belt for him to accept.


"No, oh baby no." Hannibal cried out as he looked down at the man he loved. How could Face think anything like this, how could he even begin to think that he would want to hurt him?


The blonde knew he shouldn't look up but the sound in his master's voice made him look anyway. He was scared when he saw the tears in the other man's eyes. What had he done wrong? Hadn't he done what he was supposed to do, and if he had failed what would his punishment be for such a horrible mistake…the room his brain screamed. As he thought about being locked in dark room he began to shake, he couldn't go back to the room again, he would rather die than be locked back in that room.


Hannibal watched as Face began to shake violently, quickly he jumped from the bed and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, pulling him tightly to his chest. "No Face, I'm not mad at you, you haven't done anything wrong." He took a deep breath to calm himself; he knew that it would only agitate Face even more if the younger man knew how upset he was. He held Face in his arms until he felt the younger man stop shaking "Come on baby let's get you in some pajamas and back into bed." No sooner had the words left his mouth than Face began to shake again.


The Blonde didn't know how to react. One minute he was kneeling in front of his master the next he was being held in his arms. His master telling him that he wasn't bad for being on the bed or in clothing, maybe it was a test to see if he would do it again. It had to be a test; masters didn't allow slaves in there bed unless they wanted to use them. Did his master want him, he was so confused, his mind reeling as he tried to process what was happening to him.


Hannibal held Face as the shaking worsened, he tried to calm the younger man down but everything he said only made it worse. Suddenly Face stopped moving his body becoming completely limp in his arms. 


"Face?" Hannibal pulled his lover back so he could see his face, as he looked down he noticed that the young man's eyes had rolled into the back of his head. Hannibal checked Face's pulse and sighed when he felt a fast but steady pulse under his fingertips.


Carefully he moved so he could lift Face and place him onto the bed. Once he had his lover covered with a blanket, he went to get the med kit that Murdock had brought from the van. He quickly found the sedative and a syringe, once filled to the proper dosage for Face's current weight he returned to the bed and injected it into Face's arm. He sat back and stroked his lover's hair all the while deciding what he needed to do to get the man he loved well.


"You're going to be alright." He reassured Face. "I promise you Tem, you are going to be alright."


"Murdock, BA I need one of you to sit with him for a while. I need to get some answers." Hannibal stated as he walked into the living room. He made his way over to the bar and poured himself a shot of whiskey, which he swallowed in one gulp.


"Sure thing Colonel." Murdock jumped up and ran into the bedroom, to sit with his friend.


"What's going on Hannibal?" BA looked over at his commander noting the strain on the older man's face.


"He woke up a few minutes ago…" Hannibal started then stopped, how was he going to explain this?




Hannibal looked down at the glass in his hand "He's terrified; when he woke I thought he knew where he was…" Hannibal poured himself another shot, but didn't drink it. Instead he turned the glass around in his hand looking at the amber color. "Who I was." He whispered.


BA watched as Hannibal downed the second shot. He could see the pain his friend was in and could only imagine what had happened in the bedroom to put the older man in this type of state.


It was several minutes before Hannibal was able to continue. "He was looking at the photo he took of me in Rome, when I turned to show him the other one he bolted to a corner and ripped his cloths off. Next thing I know he's holding a belt for me to beat him with." Hannibal looked back down at his hands. "He expected me to beat him."


BA looked at Hannibal not believing what the other man was telling him. He couldn't, wouldn't believe. "Not Face, he knows you wouldn't hurt him."


"The man in there isn't Face," Hannibal closed his eyes as he fought back against the pain in his heart. "Face, is gone."


"No," BA glared at Hannibal, he was lying, he knew the young man just as well as anyone else and he knew Face was a fighter. He knew that Face would never give up. "No!" BA yelled at Hannibal as he grabbed the older man by the front of the shirt. "You take that back. He's in there; I know he is."


Realizing what he had said Hannibal tried to calm the big man down. "Easy BA, I didn't mean it to come out the way it sounded. He's lost, our Face is lost, and it's going to take some time and a lot of effort to get him back."


BA slowly began to loosen his grip on the Colonel as the older man continued to explain his plan. "I need to get a hold of Shawn Fulmer see if he can give me any ideas on how to get through to Face."


"Right, anything I can do, Colonel?" BA asked as he let go of Hannibal's shirt.


"Go check in on Murdock, Face will sleep the rest of the night but I'm worried about our Captain."


BA nodded as he turned to leave then stopped. "I'm sorry man, I know how bad you hurtin' right now and I'm sorry."


Hannibal swallowed hard as he felt his emotions threatening to overwhelm him again. "I'll get him back; I promise I will get him back."



An hour later Hannibal hung up the phone with Fulmer then quickly called Jim, the man that the team had rescued from the house where Face had been held captive. When he was finished, he sat down heavily on the couch and for the first time since the whole mess had started, he let the tears flow.


When Hannibal finally got himself under control he went back to the master bedroom to tell the others what he had found out. As he came into the room, he noticed that Murdock was sitting on the bed beside Face holding one of his hands, while BA sat in a chair rubbing the pilot's back.


"Hannibal?" Murdock looked up at the Colonel his brown eyes full of hope.


Hannibal only shook his head as he moved to sit on the opposite side of the bed, reaching out he began to stroke Face's hair.


"I talked to Fulmer; he told me a lot of masters give their slaves rules to go by. If they break those rules they are punished." Hannibal closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he continued. "I also managed to get a hold of Jim, the guy from the house where we found Black's address." Both BA and Murdock nodded, neither of them liking where the conversation was leading. "Black had a set of rules for Face, he…he…" Hannibal stopped as he remembered what Jim had said about how Black would punish Face for even the smallest infraction of his rules. "The bastard…" Hannibal couldn't continue. He looked down at Face and wondered how his lover was still alive.


"Colonel?" BA looked over at his friend, he could see the older man shaking and tears leaving wet trails down his face.


"I…I…don't… want…can't… treat him like that?" Reaching down Hannibal pulled Face into his arms and held him tight to his chest.


"Hannibal, what are you talking about?"  BA continued to stare at Hannibal.


"According to Fulmer the only way to get our Face back is for me to become his master. To make him follow the rules that Black gave him then slowly change them."


"Why can't you just tell Face you are his new master and these are his new rules?" Murdock looked at Hannibal not believing what he was hearing.


"Because it will put Face into shock. That is what happened to him earlier this evening when he woke up. He was overloaded with what was going on around him. We have to change things slowly; allow him to get used to one thing before we change something else."


"You mean that you have to treat him like Black did…" BA was shaking with anger.


"No…" Hannibal looked down at the man in his arms then at the men standing around the bed "no…not treat him like Black; but we have to make him follow the rules."


"Hannibal, I don't think I can make him…" Murdock started.


"Then you need to go back to the VA!" Hannibal snapped.


"You can't mean that." Murdock looked up the Colonel. "I'm his best friend…"


"And I'm his partner, and I will not lose him because you can't do what needs to be done!"


"Hannibal don't you think you're being too hard on him!" BA looked over at the pilot noting the pained expression on his face.


"To hard on him! Do you have any idea what this is doing to me? You have no idea what the rules are that Face was forced to follow, the… thing…things…that were done…to him…when…. he…he didn't…" Hannibal couldn't go on. He buried his face into the blonde hair of the young man in his arms and wept.


BA looked at the sight before him; he had often wondered how the Colonel truly felt about Face, if he really loved him or if it was just an infatuation for the younger man. There were times he had seen Hannibal treat Face like dirt, yelling at him for seemingly no reason, or ignore him completely. But now as he watched Hannibal cling to Face, he could see the depth of love the older man had for his young friend. He could feel Hannibal's pain as he watched him hold onto Face. Quietly he moved to sit on the bed beside his friends, reaching out he placed his hand on Hannibal's shoulder and squeezed.

"What do we have to do?"



At first, Hannibal didn't respond; he couldn't have even if he had wanted to. The pain in his heart was too great to think about doing anything but holding on to his lover. Finally, he managed to pull himself together enough to respond. "We have to decide what rule we want to change first. Once he has that down we go onto the next, hopefully somewhere along the way Face comes back to us."


Murdock didn't want say the next words but he had to know. "And if he doesn't Colonel? Then what?"


"He will." Hannibal growled, but stopped when he felt BA squeeze his shoulder.


"He just wants to know."


Hannibal looked down at Face and sighed deeply. "If he doesn't, then I'll make his life as comfortable as possible, so he won't be afraid all the time."


Murdock nodded as he looked down at Face. "What are the rules Colonel?"


Hannibal took a deep breath before he started. "No speaking ever, No clothes, No sitting on furniture, No eating until given permission, No going to the bathroom without permission, No sleeping unless told and No direct eye or physical contact with anyone except his master. To put it in bluntly he has no control over everything in his life."


"My God." BA whispered as he looked at Face.


Hannibal continued to stare at Face not wanting to take his eyes off the young man for fear something else would befall him. "The question is what rule do we change first."


"What do you think Hannibal?"


"Clothing. I think if we allow Face to have clothes he won't feel so exposed and vulnerable. You two have any suggestions?"


"What about getting on the furniture, you can't expect him to sleep on the floor?"


"I was thinking that would be next. We'll take a mattress out of one of the guest rooms and put it on my side of the bed. I'll let him know that is his spot to sleep in. Once he is use to wearing clothes again and is getting himself dressed we'll move onto that."


The other two men nodded even though they didn't like what they were going to have to do at least they had a plan.


"We're going to have to set up a schedule to make sure we feed him and get him to the bathroom. If we mess up and forget he is the one who suffers." Hannibal took a deep breath. "Now the hardest part of this. What is his punishment for breaking the rules?"


"What do you mean punishment? If he breaks a rule that's a good thing right?" Murdock asked in shock.


"It's good for us, Murdock, but not for Face. According to Fulmer, we have to bring him around slow. Give him boundaries and structure, if we just let him go Face will feel like he isn't wanted or cared about."


"This is just so messed up." Murdock shook his head. "I don't think I can do this."


"And you don't have to Captain.  In fact I think it might be best if for the first couple of weeks it was just me and Face."


"Hannibal you can't…"  BA was furious. He wanted to help Face. He could understand Murdock wanting to go back to the VA; this was a lot of stuff to drop on the crazy fool, but he could handle it if he could help.


"Just a few weeks Sergeant, just long enough that I can get him used to the house and his surrounding. Once he is settled I'll call you."


"I can help!"  BA started to protest but was quickly cut off.


"I know you can and you will, but give me some time with him."


BA was going to protest farther when Murdock softly spoke. "BA, could you take me back now?"


The big man looked over at the pilot and for the first time he noticed how utterly lost he looked. He could see the man shaking as he looked at Face and Hannibal.


"Sure fool." BA rose from the bed and went over to his friend. Reaching out he pulled Murdock into a tight bear hug. "He's going to be alright man." He reassured the pilot.


"He has to be." Murdock clung to the big man as he fought to hold onto reality.


"You call me everyday and tell me how he's doing." BA turned to Hannibal as he led Murdock out of the room.


"Every day." Hannibal reaffirmed as he looked back down at Face.


The blonde slowly opened his eyes and looked around, once again he found himself on a soft mattress instead of the hard floor, but this time something was different. As he lifted his head, he noticed that the mattress was on the floor and he was covered with several thick soft blankets. He was about to sit up but was startled by a voice.


Hannibal watched as Face began to wake and look around the room. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself for what he had to do.


"Thought you were going to sleep all day." Hannibal moved to kneel beside Face. He wasn't surprised when the younger man dropped his head and turned away.


"Easy k..." Hannibal started to call Face by the nickname he had given him when they first met in Nam then decided against it. Kid was like Tem; it was a name that he had given the younger man as a term of affection. It was not something he wanted to have to stop using when Face became better because it would remind him of this time in their lives. "Easy boy." Hannibal said softly as he remembered what he had called Face the first time they had pretended to be Master and slave.


At the sound of his master's voice, the blonde scrambled to his knees and lowered his head.


Hannibal closed his eyes and took a deep breath fighting his every instinct to pull Face into his arms and hold him. He decided to try an indirect approach to see if he could get through to Face before he had to go any further.


"You have no idea how I've missed you boy." Hannibal reached out and stroked Face's hair. "You were never meant to be taken from me." When Face still didn't respond Hannibal tightened his fingers in the blonde's hair and forced his head up. "Black had no right to touch you, you belong to me."


The blonde looked up into the intense blue eyes staring down at him then quickly broke eye contact when he remembered his training. Inside his heart was hammering in his chest. Was this old master the one he sometimes remembered in his dreams?



Even though Hannibal knew he shouldn't, he pulled Face into his arms and hugged him tightly. "I never gave you up; I would never give you away." Hannibal whispered in the blonde's ear.


The blonde was in complete shock, was it possible that his old master really hadn't given him away? Had Black been lying to him about being traded?


Hannibal could feel Face begin to shake in his arms and decided that he had pushed his luck as far as he could. Reluctantly he moved Face back so the younger man was once again kneeling before him.


"I know Black changed your rules boy, he didn't allow you to do things that I would let you do, so we are going to change them back."


The blonde began to tremble at this, how could the rules be changed? He had worked hard to learn them. How bad would he be punished for not being able to remember the new ones?


Hannibal's heart began to break as he watched the fear build in Face's eyes. "Easy boy, I'm not going to force everything on you at once. We are going to start nice and slow. As soon as you have one down we will start another." Hannibal took a deep breath before he continued. "And I will punish you if you break my rules, do we understand each other?"


Hannibal watched as Face lowered his head, giving him no response.


Assuming Face understood him Hannibal continued. "Here is your first new rule. You are allowed to wear and will be wearing clothing at all times, except when you are in the shower and I tell you not to."


The blonde's head shot up his eyes wide in disbelief. He couldn't believe this was a rule, Black had insisted that he stay nude at all times. He had not even been able to cover himself with his hands, in fact he couldn't remember how may time he had been beaten for trying to cover his genitals from other men's glaring eyes.


Reaching out Hannibal stroked the hair out of Face's eyes. When Face dropped his gaze Hannibal signed. "Look at me boy." He ordered softly. When Face looked up Hannibal continued. "I will lay your clothes out for you every morning, and you will get dressed. At night I will lay out your bed clothes and you will change into them" Hannibal stroked Face's cheek as he spoke the next words. "When I tell you it is bed time you will get in your bed here on the floor beside me and go to sleep. Do you understand?"


Again Face gave no response, but he continued to look into his master's eyes. If he tried real hard he could remember being with this master, but it was so long ago.


"Now as for punishment, Black did things to you that I never would have inflicted on you and I feel that you have suffered way too much already." Hannibal watched as the fear began to build in his lover's eyes and he remembered what Fulmer had said about Face needing stability and structure. "That being said you will still be punished for breaking my rules, but it will be much less severe then what has been inflicted on you."  He pulled Face to him again. "I don't want to hurt you boy, so I expect you to obey just like you use to."   Hannibal reached up and forced Face's head to his shoulder before he spoke again. "I know you can do this, and I promise to be patient with you."  Hannibal held Face for several minutes before he pulled the smaller man back to look at him.


"Now I want you to lay down while I put some more medicine on your wounds." Hannibal smiled as Face quickly moved to comply. "That's my boy." Hannibal smiled as he stroked Face's hair for several seconds before he started to treat the wounds. When he was finished he turned Face over and spread ointment over the cuts and bruises on the front of his body; once done he moved to the dresser and pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms and boxers. "I want you to get dressed then come into the kitchen." Hannibal laid the clothes down on the mattress beside Face then turned to let his lover get dressed on his own.


The Blonde looked down at the clothes lying beside him; he still couldn't believe what was happening. Was it possible that he was back where he belonged? Did his old master really want him back? Reaching out he touched the clothes, with his fingers. Closing his eyes, he tried to remember wearing them before, but all he could see was Black screaming at him. The Blonde began to shake, he wanted to do what his master said but part of him was terrified that it was all a trick. That Black was putting him through another test, he would see him in clothes, and beat him or worse yet put him back in the room. He didn't want to be alone again; even the physical abuse was better than being left alone.






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