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Ain't Quite Right 1-2

Ain't Quite Right...1/?
by Caz aka The Coot of Doom

Rating: Overall R-NC17. This part- PG
Summary: Where's Murdock? I can't say too much without giving the plot away. What I can say is that something wasn't quite right at the VA and now Murdock is in trouble because of it...
Warnings: Non-con m/m, slash, violence, flash backs.


Glancing at his hand, Hannibal shifted his gaze to the clock on the wall before bringing the motion 360 and scrutinising BA, watching the other man for the slightest hint of an expression as he sat opposite. It had been an interesting challenge, one that the colonel had enjoyed immensely he mused introspectively, trying to hide the smile in his twinkling blue eyes as the slightest hint of a frown appeared on the large black man's face.

"Sorry BA. Sweet but no cigar!" He grinned, throwing the five cards he held onto the table, trademark cigar dangling from his mouth. BA scowled and threw his cards down too, only out of annoyance and frustration rather than elation.

"I ain't never gonna get the hang o' no card games Hannibal. They're for fools like you and the crazy man to play." He growled, getting up from his seat and stalking to the window. "And where the hell is that fool anyway man? Face shoulda' had him here ages ago."

Pushing the cards back into a neat pile Hannibal shuffled the deck before placing them in the centre of the table for whenever the guys next felt like a game of poker. "Relax sergeant." He instructed cheerily, pushing his chair back from the table and joining BA at the window, peering out into the parking lot. "They're probably on their way here now."

"Yeah well they'd better be man ‘cos we got a mission and I ain't gonna be late just ‘cos of that sucka'."

Glancing at his watch Face sighed in frustration, trying his best to stay in character as the nurse before him tapped away at her computer for information.

"Nurse," He started, only to be interrupted.

"Please Doctor, call me Melissa." The woman virtually purred at him. Face smiled and started again. "Melissa, it's very important that I have an opportunity to speak with Captain Murdock about this. Dr. Richter has agreed for his patient to accompany me." He said, only a little impatiently, turning on his winning smile in an attempt to woo her over. It seemed to work as she went back to typing for another moment or so. He wondered what the hell had induced him to use the forward approach and enter through the front door instead of using one of the other ways in. If he didn't hurry up Hannibal would start to wonder where they'd gotten to and they'd promised the Becketts that they'd be in Little Rock as soon as they had retrieved one of their team members. If this was any indication of how the mission was going to go, he wished he'd stayed in bed.

"Ah, Captain Murdock, HM." She stated as the information finally appeared on screen, pulling Face from his musings. "Oh but...I'm sorry Doctor Ford, but Mr. Murdock is no longer at the facility - I have the signed transfer order here." The brunette informed him in her most apologetic tone, unable to tear her eyes away from the good looking man in front of her. Face did a double take. "Transferred?! There must be some mistake!" He exclaimed incredulously. "I'm sorry sir but there's not. Is there anything else I can do for you doctor?" The young woman asked hopefully, in a tone that said that she wasn't just talking about professionally. Any other time Face would have jumped at the opportunity, but to say he had a lot on his mind after that piece of information was an understatement. There had to be some mistake.

"When was he transferred?" Face queried, only just managing to keep his cover in his shock and barely noticing the woman now.

"He was signed out yesterday morning. It doesn't say where he was being taken to though. Should I get Doctor Richter to call you when he comes in?"

Face wracked his brain, for once uncertain of what to do. He could try and give her the slip - get to Murdock's room and see what he could do from there, but why would she lie about Murdock being transferred? It would be pointless. Richter wasn't at the VA so he couldn't speak to him. Murdock would have said something about being moved to a different hospital. Damn. What was going on?


"'s - " He patted his pockets, feeling for the cards he'd had made up to fit his new persona, finding them in his inside pocket. "- here's my card. Let me just jot something down here for him..." He plastered a smile to his features to cover the other emotions present, pulling out a pen from the same place and turning the card over, hoping that Richter would see it and realise Doctor Harold Ford was really Face. Handing the card to the nurse he smiled again before leaving the VA and jumping into his ‘vette. On the third ring the call he'd placed to a motel in town was answered by a Texan.

"Hannibal, it's Face. We have a bit of a problem." He stated in a slightly worried tone. The Texan's voice flowed smoothly into the dulcet tones of Colonel John ‘Hannibal' Smith as Face pulled out of the VA parking lot and tore towards their hideout.

"Hello Melissa, any messages this morning?" Dr. Richter asked as he moved past the reception desk on his way to his office.

"Just a memo about that patient in love with his shoe, oh, and a Doctor Ford came to speak to one of your patients - Mr. Murdock? I told him he'd been transferred." She held out the card Face had given her and Richter accepted it, a puzzled look on his face.

"What do you mean transferred?" He queried with a frown, glancing at the name on the card.

"The transfer you authorised before the conference yesterday, they took him yesterday morning..." She trailed off at the shocked expression on the psychiatrist's features, the transfer order in her hands.

"Let me see that." He ordered, holding out his hand for the paper, his colour blanching as he looked over the form.

"Is everything alright Doctor?" The young nurse asked anxiously, wondering if she should get him a chair as he turned Face's card over in his hands and read the words. Did Billy go too? - F. With a shake of his head he looked up, a thousand thoughts racing through his mind.

"No. No it's not. Hold all my calls and get the dean of the hospital to my office right now. Find out which orderlies were on duty yesterday morning and who assisted with the transfer of my patient. That's not *my* signature." He indicated to the bottom of the form where somebody had scrawled Dr. Richter, before looking at the card again. If Face had been there then the transfer order couldn't be one of their scams to break him out and that meant they'd be wanting to know where Murdock was. Right now Richter didn't have a clue what was going on. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘lost a patient'.


Part 2

Notes: *__* Denotes thoughts.


*This isn’t my ceiling.* Upon realisation of which Murdock cautiously cracked open his other eye, wincing at the intensity of the light that glared at him from overhead and wondered if the room was indeed swaying or if it was just him. The way his head throbbed he logically assumed that it was the latter as he blinked his surroundings into a slightly better focus, gingerly turning his head to get a better understanding of his situation. He wondered how long it would take for Richter to come along and undo the restraints he assumed were holding him down, except…Murdock frowned, thought almost an impossibility as the room span violently and his vision began to narrow, his heart beat and the rush of blood in his head the only perceptible sounds. Something wasn’t right, but he barely had time to realise that before the darkness descended..

"I warned you, I submitted my report and you ignored it! Who knows where the hell he is or what the hell he’s doing!" Richter fumed, pacing the small confines of his office in anger and frustration, oblivious and not at all concerned that the man he was ranting at could have his job in an instant.

"DOCTOR Richter, you made very serious allegations of malpractice and incompetence without sufficient evidence to back them up. There was nothing the hospital board could do and personally I know that Dr. Porter was, is, a very capable psychiatrist. The man certainly isn't mad." The Dean of the hospital added with a pointed glare in Richter's direction, dark eyes daring him to contradict that statement. Reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, arrogant enough to believe that Richter had finished, he had barely even reached for a lighter when the psychiatrist had picked up the ‘No Smoking' sign from his desk and waved it at the Dean, trying not to smirk too much. *How's that Asshole?* The action made him feel marginally better as he outwardly took several deep calming breaths.

"What's one mental patient anyway?" The Dean continued nonchalantly as he twisted the cigarette between his fingers. Richter turned cold eyes on the man who was supposed to run the VA, pure anger running through his veins at the comment, as he slowly advanced on the seated arrogant, self-obsessed, ego-maniacal excuse for a human being, his voice dangerously low.

"That ‘one mental patient' is a good man who's been failed by the system too many times! You give me one good reason why Jack Porter forged my signature, abducted-" The Dean cast a startled look at him, shocked by the use of the word. "Now just you-you hang on a minute Richter." Richter held up a silencing hand that broached no objections. "ABDUCTED my patient, and took him to an undisclosed location and then maybe I'll stop thinking the worst, but until then or better yet we findMurdock, it's my duty to worry. You screwed up-" He punctuated the point with an almost violent stab of his finger towards the Dean before continuing, "-and now you're trying to cover it up, but if that certifiable sonofabitch does _anything_ that sets Murdock back or hurts him in anyway, there are people who would be more than willing to make sure that the whole country knows what's been going on here recently." Mentally he postured that telling the team was not something he was particularly looking forward to, but he should have stopped this a long time ago.

The Dean's face darkened. "Is that a threat doctor?" "Yes it is, and there are 7 members of staff more than prepared to back me up."

Nothing more needed to be said.

"The nurse said she'd pass my card on as soon as Richter got in, he should call soon." Face informed BA and Hannibal as he sat down on the end of one of their beds.

Pulling a cigar out of his breast pocket the Colonel leant back in his chair and lit up, blowing a soft cloud of blur-grey smoke into the air. "What exactly did the nurse say?" He queried. Face ran a hand through his hair. "Just that he'd been transferred out of the facility yesterday morning but the transfer order didn't say where. I don't like it - he would have gotten word to us before he left Hannibal, Murdock wouldn't just up and leave." Face watched the older man as he mulled over the little they knew.

"Perhaps it's simply that he didn't have time Lieutenant," He held up one gloved hand to forestall the obvious argument from the blond, smoking cigar still clamped firmly between his teeth.. "But I agree with you that it's unlikely. We'll give it another 30 minutes or so and if the good doctor hasn't called by then, how about we all go look around the VA?"

Face relaxed slightly, glad to see that Hannibal agreed all was not as it should be and knowing that BA would be behind them no matter what. All they could do now was wait and a little over ten minutes later BA reached out to answer the phone.

"Yeah man, he's here." The big guy growled. Hannibal took the proffered handset. "Dr. Richter, you want to tell us what's going on?" Something told him that he wouldn't like what the man was going to say.

Somewhere Murdock screamed.






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