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Driver's Ed

Driver's Ed

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rated: G

Summary: Which of the team is the best driver? Triple Drabble 300 words.

Disclaimer: The A-Team doesn’t belong to me, I'm not making any money from this.




"Well it's obvious, ain't it?" BA said. "I'm the best driver of the four of us. No argument."


Murdock seemed to think it was arguable. "I happen to think I'm a pretty good driver."


"You're a pretty crazy driver. An' I don't care how many times you saw Cannonball Run, fool."


"Okay, so maybe I'm not quite as good as you. Not my fault. I feel limited in two dimensions. I keep wanting to climb, or dive."


"That why you dove my van off that dock?" BA asked then gave Hannibal a dirty look. "Least you did it by accident…"


"I'm not one to boast," Face lied. "But anyone who's seen me handle that 'vette has a good idea of who the best driver around here is."


BA snorted. "That thing didn't catch my van even when it weren't me driving."


"And I wasn't driving the Corvette. If I had been…"


"If you had been you'd have slowed down to schmooze some girl and lost sight of the van before the first corner." BA smirked.


"Well I wasn't driving. Hannibal was. Anything to add, Colonel?"


"Only that I was driving while you boys were in diapers."


"Do tractors count?" Murdock asked. Hannibal ignored that.


"So my experience obviously puts me ahead."


"Your vast experience helped you roll that Lone Star cab onto its roof, huh?"


"Positioned just right to absorb the impact of the one you crashed, saving you and your fare from possible serious injury."


"Don't even try and pull that!" Face protested. "No way did you…"


Sirens. Much too close for comfort. BA floored the accelerator and the van took off so fast that Murdock's desire to climb was very nearly fulfilled.


"So, you was saying… who's the best driver?




BA smiled at the chorus. "Darn straight."




Driver's Ed by Junkfoodmonkey



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